Last Name First Name Area Department Position(s) Victims Actual/Alleged Force-Death Shoot-Death Shoot/no Death Force Dom Viol DWI Drugs Sex Resign Fired Acquit Arrest Indict Suicide KOD Brief Note Case Settlements Notes ID Field1

Andrew Rossi was suspected of shooting in Ignacio
AA_Brief Note Data shown might not be current as things change over time Lawsuits/Charges can be dropped later Officers can move/change depts/areas

can be a moment in time, reflecting a given article, case, event or issue

Ackerman Steve Hobbs, Lov LCSO-Lea Cnty Sheriff's Sheriff N/A

X Deceased KOD 2017/01/17 N/A N/A
Car accident while on duty related business
Adair Aaron Los Alamos Fire Dept. Captain


2015-Settled suit sex harassment for Jessie Noah. 2013-Suit filed. Noah v. Los Alamos County settle date 4/1/2015
Case 1:13-cv-00526-CG-ACT Document 1 Filed 06/05/13

Case 1:13-cv-00526-CG-ACT Document 1 Filed 06/05/13

Case 1:13-cv-00526-CG-ACT Document 1 Filed 06/05/13
Aguilar Brent Clovis Clovis PD Officer-K9


2019/05-Excessive Force accusation.4 other excessive force lawsuits, one includes K-9 dog deployment possibly on innocent people; several times K-9 dog involved.

2019/05/28 https://www.krqe.com/news/new-mexico/clovis-police-officer-involved-in-deadly-2018-shooting-named-in-new-lawsuit/2035475714Clovis. Clovis PD. Officer. Force. Issues 2014-2018. Three pending lawsuits as of 10/2018. Father is Dan Aguilar, Chief Investigator for 9th Judicial District.  Aaron Chavez Shooting deemed justified.  Jorge Corona - force issue
Aguirre Michael Silver City GCS-Grant County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff's Deputy;Sergeant/WNMU Campus Police Officer

2017/03-incident involving forced crash/knife pulled/aggrav battery 20 counts, possession controlled substance,child abuse,dom viol-family members incl kids/fleeing scene;2016/06-former deputy faces more charges;2006-bar fight

Issues 2017-2018. Was working as an officer for the Western New Mexico University Campus Police  Multiple issues, numerous charges, Sentenced to ten years (2018)   
Ahrensfeld Brad Albuquerque APD-Albuq PD Officer


2009-arrested for tip off of friend about upcoming police investig into narc sales;2011-prison sentence;2012-upheld US Court Appeals felony obstruction of justice conviction;Attorney says Ahrensfeld innocent and govt acted unethically over Ahrensfeld.
$2,000, $10,000, $25,000, $40,000, $20,000
Multiple issues -force, abusive handling (ie, wrist fracture, another shattered wrist, stomach kicking) ignored proof of cleared warrants, name calling
Alvarado Vicente Albuquerque APD Officer

2004-undercover officer w/ Steve Flores-Syra Roman said they raprd her;KOB-TV ran coverage and was sued in 2007 by Alvarado 2008/09/08 Alvarado vs. City of Albuquerque; 2007/07/13 Avlarado vs. KOB-TV
Lawsuits vs. City of Albuq and KOB TV. Rape issue dropped     
Alvarez Jose Enrique Socorro Socorro PD Lieutenant


2012-arrested for alleged official oppression-TX Rngers investigation

HQ (Texas Rangers/Texas Public Safety EXEC WARRANTS, opp drug
Anaya Justin Snta Rsa, Snta Fe Snta Fe PD Detective, Officer

Might have been around low grade police antics in his early years

Possibly previously Officer Santa Rosa/Santa Fe.  Earlier: Santa Rosa, if same person , older material in Santa Rosa was about possible early police activity attending a crime scene (see Troy Pino case below) as uncertified officer in Santa Rosa and being around officers not doing their work right    
Anders Billy Cloudcroft Otero Cnty Sheriff's Sergeant



Shooting w/Death: Execution of handcuffed killer; imprisoned

Sergeant at time of 2004 execution incident;  2006 Mar indicted, imprisoned, 2007 Prison Release) Shot, executed handcuffed Killer. Indicted One Year of Prison.  Victim Earl Lee Flippen.    
Armendariz Julia Albuquerque APD Lt.

INFO - one of lawsuit against ex-Chief Pete Kassetas see Pete Kassetas
Armijo Leonard Bernalillo area Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept. Deputy Sheriff

2017/12/05-lawsuit ACLU 2017-STATE OF NM CO. OF BERNALILLO 2nd JUDICIAL DIST COURT SHERESE CRAWFORD, Plaintiff,vs. BERNALILLO COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS, a governmental entity of the State of New Mexico, Deputy Sheriff LEONARD ARMIJO of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department, individually, and Deputy Sheriff PATRICK RAEL of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department, individually,


Cause No.


Armijo Ernest (Chris) Vaughn Vaughn PD Chief


2012-Delinquent child support-arrested and indicted

Multiple issues, Felony in Texas
Armijo Anthony Espanola Espanola PD Officer


2016-Shooting/no Death: during chase-Richard Borrego/Candace Montoya;opioid crisis warning to public-news;

Hit Pedestrian, Found Not Guilty. former Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Deputy.  (Rio Grande Sun article 02/2017) Signs of police brutality with Greg Esparza, seems cleared.  Spat with Cory Atencio-internal affairs investigation.  (See Greg Esparza, Cory Atencio)
Arredondo David Deming HCSO Deputy Eckert, David

2013-named in lawsuit by David Eckert 2016/09/14 David Eckert, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. Deputy District Attorney Daniel Dougherty, Defendant-Appellee, City of Deming; Bobby Orosco; Robert Chavez; Officer Hernandez; Hidalgo County; Hildalgo County Sheriff Officers David Arredondo, Robert Rodriguez, Patrick Green; Gila Regional Medical Center; Robert Wilcox, M.D.; Okay Odocha, M.D., Defendants. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit--Decided. No. 15-2204, Eckert Plaintiff.
Illegal search/probe. Victim Eckert
Artis Jeremy Hobbs Hobbs PD Officer

2017/10/05-Filed lawsuit as Plaintiff against Hobbs PD and various officers over targeting non-whites in quotas Ellis et al v. Hobbs Police Department et al
One of three who filed lawsuit against Hobbs PD over racial discrimination and retaliation in 2017. Jeremy Artis is Caucasian.  See Ellis, Robinson   
Atencio Cory Espanola Espanola PD Officer



Avila Greg Albuquerque APD Officer-Under Cover

Deceased 2015/08/24

Babcock Todd Albuquerque APD Detective Miller, April; Lymon, David

2019-Babcock took stand in David Lymon case (Lymon shot officer Daniel Webster in Oct 2015) (2015/03/13) Case Filed Babcock v. Albuquerque Police Dept, No. 13-CV-1179 MCA-WPL
In the eighth day of trial Friday, prosecutors called long-time APD Detective Todd Babcock to the stand.2019/04/06-KRQE - https://www.krqe.com/news/prosecution-tries-to-undermine-lymons-self-defense-claim-in-murder-trial/
Babcock testified about being called out to the scene of the shooting in the Walgreens parking lot at Central/Eubank. The detectives says he interviewed witnesses and police officers, and prepared warrants and looked for evidence—including a jacket Lymon was said to be wearing, which was never recovered.
Baca Joseph Santa Fe Snta Fe PD Officer



2013/08/05-arrested negligent use of firearm; arguing with wife Santa Fe Police Sgt. Andrea Dobyns

Incident in Chama, 2013 Negligent use of firearm issue. Arrested 2013/07/27 by New Mexico State Police. See Dobyns.
 Incident in Chama, Weapon issue in 2013 Negligent use of firearm issue. Arrested o7/27/2013 by New Mexico State Police.
 Incident in Chama, Weapon issue in 2013 Negligent use of firearm issue. Arrested o7/27/2013 by New Mexico State Police.
 ncident in Chama, Weapon issue in 2013 Negligent use of firearm issue. Arrested o7/27/2013 by New Mexico State Police
Baca Sam Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Chief 1985-1990

2007 news article indicates possible abuse dating back 40 yrs

Possible Intel Misuse: question of accessing intelligence info on opponent Ken Schultz (05/10/1987);  2007/12/15 alb jrnl article Ex Police Chf in Messy Divorce in the ledger - https://www.theledger.com/article/LK/20071215/News/608121614/LL/
Bader Drew Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Daniel Gonzales; 2012/06/20-Santiago Chavez

2010/10/19 Officer Bader with Officer Ramon Ornelas shot and killed Daniel Gonzales; 2012/06/20-nonfatally shot Santiago Chavez

Baker Isaiah Las Cruces Las Cruces PD Officer Beck, Jillian & Andrew; 2019/05/08-ACLU lawsuit Osbaldo Flores

2019/05-ACLU lawsuit involving Osbaldo Flores over excessive force, Jonathan Davis other officer involved; 2017-other lawsuit involved Jillian Beck and husband with officer Joseph Campa.
$1.4 million (Beck lawsuit) 19
Baker Troy Santa Fe Santa Fe PD Sergeant

Head of Santa Fe Police Officer's Association

Balding Daniel Ruidoso RPD Ruidoso Police Department Patrolman; had been w/dept 4 yrs at time of child solic. Charge


2019/09/20 Ruidoso News-charged with child solicitation electronic device

Barde Daniel Belen NMSP (New Mexico State Police) Officer


Child Abuse, DWI

Benard Tom Albuquerque APD Officer

Aggravated battery w/deadly weapon

Benner Gregg Anthony "Nigel" Rio Rancho Rio Rancho PD Officer

X Deceased KOD 05/25/2015

Traffic Stop. Benner was a four-year veteran of the department and was a retired Air Force veteran.
Bernal Brian Vaughn Vauhgn Police Department Acting as Officer not certified

2012 issues coincided with Vaughn police chief Armijo Ernest Chris

Black David Otero County-Alamagordo, etc. Otero County Sheriffs Dept. Sheriff; Deputy Chief Cloudcroft; Law enforcement over 24 yrs.

INFO-2019/05/30 editorial in Las Cruces Times addresses manpower transfer and increase in crime in Otero County (response to Governor Grisham's sending 50 police officers to Alb. From rural areas)

Blea Christopher Cuba, Rio Arriba County
Officer, past NMSP officer

Not to be confused with Farmington area Christopher Blea. Domestic violence charges. Was put in prison and released on a technicality.

2019/09 Rio Arriba Sheriff's Office arrested Blea on battery and assault;
Blea Christopher Farmington FPD - Farmington PD Detective Chavez, Michael Shot & injured by officer


Shooting/no Kill (Chavez, Michael-2014-Lawsuit) 2015/08/18: CHAVEZ v. CITY OF FARMINGTON Civ o. 15-171 JCH/SCY.

Civ No. 15-171 JCH/SCY.

Civ No. 15-171 JCH/SCY.
Light incident; Cell phone in Chavez’s hand, not a gun;
Bludworth Jeff Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Vincent Wood

2013/07/05 Officer Bludworth along with Officer Katherine Wright shot and killed Vincent Wood 2011-NM Court of Appeals
State v. Bludworth No. 31, 193(NM Ct of Appeals)

Brachle Greg Albuquerque APD Lieutenant


Shooting (Fellow Officer Jacob Grant)

Bralley M.G.(Mark G.) Albuquerque APD Officer

Has a police related website What's Wrong With This Picture?- https:mgbralley-whatswrongwiththispicture.blogspot.com 2016-$59k settlement; 2013-Bralley v. Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education (Other Civil Rights) Case Number:1:2013cv00768; 1985- Bralley v. City of Albuquerque 699 P.2d 646 102 N.M. 715; $59K
Brandau Mike Gallup Gallup PD Officer Paul Fitzjerrell

Fight W/Later Alleged Suicided Person

Gallup. Possible mixed case evidence (see Garrity Law), in connection with Paul Fitzjerrell case.  Officer/brother in fight w/ same suicide Fitzjerrell
Briseno Mike Farmington FPD - Farmington PD Officer Juan Mata


quit force 2014;See also David Monfils 2011: Mata, et al v. Briseno, et al Case Number:1:04-cv-01334; 2011/03/31-Case Decided Juan MATA, Plaintiff–Appellant, v. Ron ANDERSON, Sgt., Defendant–Appellee. No. 10–2031;2012/03/15: Mata v. City of Farmington
No. CIV 10-0366 JB/LFG
Brown Christopher "C.J." Albuq, Roswell APD, Roswell PD Detective Christopher Torres


2011/04/12-Detective Brown shot and killed Christopher Torres; See also Richard Hilger

Brown Josh Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer

2010/08/17 Officer Brown shot Enrique Carrasco struggle dom.viol parking lot

Brown Eric Albuquerque APD Officer-Tactical Team Chris Hinz

2010/06/10-Shooting by Officer Brown with Officer Anthony Sedler Chris Hinz

Buckner Ryan Albuquerque APD-Criminal Intelligence Unit Sgt

2010/02/03-cited “recent credible and multi-source information” of an “Aryan Brotherhood plot to kill an Albuquerque police officer.”

Burns Larry Jal JPD Chief


See Joshua Terrell fired filming Burt sex ambulance

A New Mexico police chief was suspended from his job recently after cameras caught him having sex with woman in back of ambulance. Police chief, Larry Burns, also serves as the town of Jal’s Emergency Medical Services Director.
Burt Darryl Albuquerque BCSO Sheriff's Deputy


1995+ indictment 34 counts sex abuse minor

Sex-minor-same sex; indict/prison-1995. Multiple issues as deputy and after no longer associated with police department w/cocaine/heroine/other issues.  See also Sheriff Ray Gallagher/cover-ups/indictment, etc.
Byford Blake Santa Fe SFPD Officer

2015-Cautionary Letter by Law Enf. Acad Board regarding Byford

Campa Joseph Las Cruces LCPD - Las Cruces PD Officer Beck, Jillian and Andrew

Brutality 2014/09/23: BECK v. BAKER No. CV 14-67 KG/WPL. $1.4 million
Settlement 2014.
Candelaria Lawrence Albuquerque APD Officer

Older Material-See Real Crimes

Older material on this officer found on Real Crimes, along with Leonard Candelaria.
Candelaria Leonard Albuquerque APD Officer

Older material-See Real Crimes

Older material on this officer found on Real Crimes, along with Lawrence Candelaria.
Candelaria Samuel Albuquerque APD Retired, Detective Narcotics

Written material on narcotics investig

Narcotics investigator. 6 years undercover detective. Retired after 22 years.  Information on book and experience.   
Capehart Daniel Farmington NMSP - New Mexico State Police Officer - Patrolman


2018-arrested and charged with distribution of methamphetamine and marijuana. Imprisoned

Albuq Jrnl-2018/07/02-"State Police Officer Arrested For Drug Trafficking" Excerpt: According to the criminal complaint, he stole drugs seized during arrests and gave them to women with whom he was romantically interested, including a “flirtatious,” “texting” relationship with a 16-year-old female who was a passenger in a friend’s vehicle stopped for a traffic violation. Capehart all
Carillo John Arthur Albuquerque APD Deceased KOD 1987/02/22

X Killed during investigation of domestic violence

Killed by physicist of  Sandia Labs, wife called in reporting she'd been beaten.  Officer Carrillo had served with the agency for 6 years
Carlos Louis Espanola Espanola PD Former Chief

Excess Force Lawsuit

Carlson Timothy Bernalillo area DPS - NM Dept Public Safety DPS SID (Special Invest. Div) agent-former "S.B." - Ex-Prostitute


Fired by the DPS; Prostitute case shows up possible history WA rape; as of 2016/06 2 cases still open despite a dismissal of other charges; 2012 Arrested on charges later dismissed; 2014-settlement $300K to ex-prostitute over Carlson's forcing sex on her;
$300,000 262
Carter Russell Albuquerque APD-SWAT-ROP/Repeat Offender Projec ROP t Detective Jeremy Robertson; 2012-Gary Atencio; 2005-John Loche;2007-Jay Martin Murphy

2016-Involved in Jeremy Robertson shooting; 2012/03/21 Officer Carter shot and killed Gary Atencio

Suit/Shoot/Felony/Body Cam tamper allegations. Previous tactical officer 2002, K9 unit;  Several police-related shootings.  Arkansas- Incurred a felony after a bar brawl in Arkansas during DOE training.  Jeremy Robertson shot and killed while Carter was in now-disbanded Repeat Offender Project. s shootings.
Castillo Victor Portales Portales PD - Public Schools School Resource Officer



25 years prison;SEX - with minor

astillo pleaded guilty in March to 17 of 34 charges, including sexual exploitation of a minor, criminal sexual contact of a minor, criminal sexual penetration of a minor and tampering with evidence
Champlin Matt Santa Fe Santa Fe PD Officer

2010 March incident at Walmart-man killed, 3 other officers involved

Alb. Jrnl-2011/12/30-115 officers on possible sanctions list per Dept of Safety-  https://www.abqjournal.com/77853/115-officers-on-possible-sanctions-list.html
Chan Tai Santa Fe Santa Fe County Sheriff's Deputy Martin, Jeremy

2014-Shot/Killed deputy Jeremy Martin;Fired; he pleaded not guilty.It happened after a bar fight that escalated after the two went to a hotel. They had come thru Las Cruces after transporting a prisoner off in Arizona. DA Mark D'Antonio involved in case. Irma Palos lawsuit::2017/03/31 Valdez &White file whistleblower lawsuit against Las Cruce Police Dept.
Chavez Timothy Albuquerque APD Officer


2005-rape allegation 14 yr old girl; Fired;2007-Rape dropped;

Officer Chavez met a female thru Live Links, had sex with her; turned out she was 14, he indicated he thought she was 18 and that the sex was consensual. Possible forced rehire as of 2009.
Chavez Victoria Louise Farmington Farmington PD Officer

1992/07/09-Killed On Duty Gunfire-was checking vacation house

Older Material.  One of the few officers in Farmington Killed on Duty.
Chavez Reynaldo Albuquerque APD Records Custodian

2016- lawsuit - whistleblower-participated in records involving several high profile cases; this issue deserves detailed attention

2016/01 - cop files lawsuit against APD after fired; [question was Chavez a cop as well as a record keeper for APD?] - http://truthvoice.com/2016/01/abq-cop-files-lawsuit-claims-coverup-abuse-and-corruption/
Chavez Peter Espanola Espanola PD Officer

2018/03-named in 3 complaints.

Chavez Gordon Albuquerque Corrections Probation Officer


2014-sentenced prison; 2013-pleaded guilty sexual assault Justice dot gov 2014/03/03Former State Probation Officer Sentenced to Prison for Sexually Assaulting Woman Under his Supervision- https://www.justice.gov/usao-nm/pr/former-state-probation-officer-sentenced-prison-sexually-assaulting-woman-under-his
FBI-2013/09/03--Former New Mexico Probation Officer Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault and False Statement Charges
Chavez Jose Hatch Hatch PD Officer KOD (2016/08/12)

X Traffic Stop. Officer shot to death.

Chavez Levi Albuquerque APD Officer Tera Chavez


2015-Acquitted murder of wife Tera Chavez.

Chavez Robert Deming Deming PD Officer Eckert

Victim stopped for running stop sign; pat down/probes-lawsuit (2016/09/14 - Decided) No. 15-2204
David Eckert, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. City of Deming; Bobby Orosco; Robert Chavez; Officer Hernandez; Hidalgo County; Hildalgo County Sheriff Officers David Arredondo, Robert Rodriguez, Patrick Green; Gila Regional Medical Center; Robert Wilcox, M.D.; Okay Odocha, M.D., Defendants.

David Eckert, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. City of Deming; Bobby Orosco; Robert Chavez; Officer Hernandez; Hidalgo County; Hildalgo County Sheriff Officers David Arredondo, Robert Rodriguez, Patrick Green; Gila Regional Medical Center; Robert Wilcox, M.D.; Okay Odocha, M.D., Defendants.

David Eckert, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. City of Deming; Bobby Orosco; Robert Chavez; Officer Hernandez; Hidalgo County; Hildalgo County Sheriff Officers David Arredondo, Robert Rodriguez, Patrick Green; Gila Regional Medical Center; Robert Wilcox, M.D.; Okay Odocha, M.D., Defendants.

Force involving anal probe of Eckert; See The Blaze for possible alternative police view that Eckert had hidden drugs in anal cavity before.Deming Police Officer Robert Chavez had Eckert exit his vehicle, and patted him down. A lawsuit filed by Eckert says this was “without reasonable suspicion.”
Christesen Ken Farmington San Juan County Sheriff Shane Utley

Helped fight drug ring; has had lawsuit Utley et al v. San Juan County Board of Commissioners et al. 1:14-cv-00357 $500,000
Spurred investig/catch dept. drug rings.  Suit against Christesen/$500K County settlement involving Utley, Haws, Wilcox.
Clifton Michael Las Cruces Las Cruces PD Officer


2014-misdeamonor charges hit-and-run,evidence tamper,resigned

Coate Caleb Farmington Farmington PD Officer

Domestic Violence/fired-2011,beat girlfriendI

Coffman Rod Hobbs Lea County Sheriff's Office Sheriff


https://www.oaoa.com/article_61b5aa2a-7164-586f-b417-124f311277dd.html 47
Conley Bill Albuquerque, Angel Fire, Colfax County Albuq, Angel Fire Search & Rescue Chief, Patrolman, etc. Linda Daniels - assoc. w/her case

Retired after 32 years in law enforcement w/diverse experience

Additional info Facebook as of 2019/06/10: 2004-2012-Elected 2 terms Colfax County Commissioner, 2002-2012-Elected 2x Board of the South Central Colfax County Special Hospital District. Serving as chairman on the Board of Kit Carson Energy Inc., and as a charter member on the Board of Directors for Angel Fire Search and Rescue from 1990 until 2013. Plus a Charter member of the Angel Fire Rotary.
Contreras Mario R. Dexter Dexter PD Chief


2015-Charged with stalking; avoids jail-time on appeal.

Contreras Mark Silver City Silver City PD Captain Nikke Bascom

2016/04/21 Deceased from suicide followed by his murdering ex-girlfriend Nikke Bascom

2017-Family of victim seeks justice in cop murder/suicide
Cook Andrew Albuquerque APD - Albuq PD Officer Aaron Renfro

2010/01/09 Traffic stop/officer shot/killed Aaron Renfro in self-defense a fleeing suspect who pulled a gun.

Shooting 1/9/2010 killing Aaron Renfro.  Cook was cleared by a grand jury nine months later.
Corvinas Clint Alamagordo Alamagordo PD Officer Joseph Moreno (also killed)

Deceased-KOD 2016/09/02 shot by suspect w/3 active arrest warrants Traffic Stop. Suspect ran, officers Corvinus and rookie foot pursuit, shots exchanged, Corvinus shot but managed to shoot back and kill suspect. Corvinus succumbed to wounds at hospital.

Cosban Steve Santa Fe Santa Fe PD Officer

2010 March incident Walmart killed a man with 3 other officers

Alb. Jrnl-2011/12/30-115 officers on possible sanctions list per Dept of Safety-  https://www.abqjournal.com/77853/115-officers-on-possible-sanctions-list.html
Costales Samson (Sam) Albuquerque APD - Albuq PD 2001 Retired APD; Rehired. Al Unser Sr

Retired; Whistleblower in Al Unser, Sr case.2007 federal lawsuit. 2009/03/31-Samson Sam Costales v. Schultz Civ No 07-827 MV/Act, District Court D. $662,000 damages retaliation,$200,00 legal fees, etc.,additional monies settled w/others outside court
2007-federal civil rights lawsuit filed APD Chief Ray Schultz, Sheriff Darren White and James Badway, an APD officer and police union official, defamed, slandered and retaliated against him after his testimony.
Countryman Levi Farmington San Juan County Sheriff's Deputy

Drug Ring

Drug ring. Cartel participation.  Countryman, a blonde white male  and Tarango were in close cooperation. Part of the ame was to arrest cmpetitors.
Cozart Sean Albuquerque USMS (United States Marshall Service) US deputy marshall April 2014-Gilbert Angelo Serrano shot

2014/04 shooting of Gilbert Angelo Serrano; 2019/02-lawsuit; Gilbert Serrano also sued in another case involving State of New Mexico, governor, corrections. 2019/02/05-Serrano v. United States of America, Cozart and others, No. 18-2006
Currell Duane Albuquerque APD Officer



Alb Jrnl 2004/03/29 by Chris Vogel excerpt: Officers Christopher Chase and Duane Currell were indicted for allegedly abusing people during traffic stops. In an unrelated incident, Currell resigned after he was accused of coercing a woman into exposing herself, then grabbing her during a traffic stop, according to an APD investigation.
Darby Andy Bloomfield Bloomfield PD Officer

2012-Family Files Lawsuit over son Ernest Yazzie , Darby included in it. Federal Lawsuit filed
Dart Frank Farmington FPD - Farmington PD Detective

Retired; Sued Farmington PD and Chief Kyle per Whistleblower Act. 2018/07/23 FRANK DART v. CHIEF KYLE WESTALL CITY OF FARMINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT CITY OF FARMINGTON $200,000 emotional pain and suffering; $4,000 economic damages
 A New Mexico Court of Appeals ruling upholds a San Juan County jury's verdict in favor of a former Farmington Police Department detective who successfully sued under the state whistleblower protection law
Davis Jani Taos Taos PD Sergeant

Ran for Taos County Sheriff (Republican, only contender)

Davis Robert Earl Albuquerque APD - Albuq. PD Detective Jose Farfan

1970s burglarly ring, possible murder(s). Extensive crimes, multi-state. Fired. Sentenced. Imprisoned 69 yrs.Civil lawsuit by family yrs later-alleged son's murder

See also Robert Todd Hobson. Alb Jrnl -2016/09/0 City sued over man's death [and alleged coverups] involving Davis's crime ring; Alb Jrnl-2005/12/17: a rogue Albuquerque cop and notorious prison escapee, was supposed to be in prison for years to come. The New Mexico Supreme Court recently upheld his original 69-year sentence for prison escape and running a burglary ring.
Davis Jonathan Las Cruces Las Cruces PD Officer Osbaldo Flores

2019/05/08-ACLU lawsuit in behalf of Osbaldo Flores against the city of las cruces over excessive force

Dear Jeremy Albuquerque APD - Albuq. PD Officer Mary Hawkes shot by Jeremy Dear

2014-Shot Mary Hawkes-his lapel camera unplugged;Chased Hawkes; Dear says she pointed a gun at him, he fired in self-defense; Court case-cleared. Fired-reinstated.
DeBaca John Santa Fe SFPD - Santa Fe PD Officer Roberto Mendez Ortega


2013-Officers John DeBaca/Stephen Fonte-shot at Roberto Mendez-Ortega; 2014-Santa Fe Grand Jury originally found shooting not justified; 2015-DA cleared, not indicting officers.

Mendez was in a stolen SUV pulling away from police when they shot at him. Mendez later caught in robbery in 2013.  See also Stephen Fonte.
Delgado Israel Socorro Socorro PD Officer

2012-arrested for alleged official oppression and tampering with govt. records

Texas Department of Public Safety with Texas Rangers, some of whom were undercover agents, involved in extensive search and 4 subsequent arrests in this small New Mexico town.  
Disney Michael Albuquerque BCSO-Bernalillo County Sheriff's Deputy

1996-5 yr veteran of sheriff's office until drug conviction;1998 acquitted of threatening Special Agent Mike Marshall 2001/06/19-Decided. United States v. Disney. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit.No. 00-2195.
Selling drugs.  
Dobyns Andrea Santa Fe SFPD - Snta Fe PD Lieutenant/SFPD's public relations officer

2015-she and police husband Joe Baca resigned immediately from force regarding video cam footage and incident at an Allsups

Incident in Chama involving rough housing: drinking, shooting, domestic violence with husband, Officer Joseph Baca. (2013 Chama Incident)
 Incident in Chama involving rough housing: drinking, shooting, domestic violence with husband, Officer Joseph Baca. (2013 Chama Incident)
 Incident in Chama involving rough housing: drinking, shooting, domestic violence with husband, Officer Joseph Baca. (2013 Chama Incident)
Doty Richard Albuquerque Private security? USAF USAF law enforcement

A Richard Doty investigated shoplift incident helped provide evid.; same Doty USAF law enforcement/UFO research? Lots of controversy on the UFO related material involving Doty. 2001/04/03 - Decided: STATE of New Mexico, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Joseph ESTRADA, Defendant-Appellant. No. 20,829.
Loss prevention officer at Dillards: See Joseph Estrada and 2001/04/03-State v. Estrada
Doyle John Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer 2011-Nicholas Blume

2011-Excessive Force involving Nicholas Blume

Drutok Walter Albuquerque APD Officer Errika Carrasco, Vivian Martinez; Royal

2010-Carrasco issue: force/mace/lawsuit;2011- Royal-civil rts lawsuit;2010-Donaldson v. Drutok-civl rts lawsuit. 2011/02/10-Royal v. Drutok: 1:2011cv00130; 201009/15-Donaldson v. Drutok: 1:2010cv00854; 2010/04-Carrasco v. Drutok: Civ 09-378 MCA/LFG; Incident 2008/05/8 alleged victims say officers used excessive force including Mace after first investigating issue around vehicle ownership
Alb. Jrnl-2011/12/30-115 officers on possible sanctions list per Dept of Safety-  https://www.abqjournal.com/77853/115-officers-on-possible-sanctions-list.html
Duran Jantzen Alamagordo vicinity NMSP-New Mexico State Police Officer 2019 Benjamin Diaz officer traffic stop related shooting/killing

Officer as of 2019 Benjamin Diaz traffic stop related shooting/killing.

Duran Donald Santa Fe Santa Fe PD Sergeant


Fired, certification revoked for domestic violence, history of lawsuits involving excessive force.

Early Paige Los Alamos Los Alamos County Detective

2016-lawsuit settled with two other officers settle date? 2016/02/04 $2 million
2016- https://www.ladailypost.com/content/breaking-news-former-los-alamos-police-officers-receive-2-million-settlement-case-againstAs part of the settlement the County rescinded Foster’s termination and offered the three Plaintiffs reinstatement to their former positions (which they declined).
Economidy Byron “Trey” Albuquerque APD Detective Jacob Mitschelen


Note: Two shooting incidents involving Economidy.Traffic Stop fatal shooting. Lawsuit/Settled.2011-Described his job as "Human Waste Disposal" comment on Facebook resulted in brief suspension and transfer from Gang Unit to Field Serv. Bureau
2011/02/09 shooting of Mitchselen in back and buttocks; summary of police shootings; also shot Kenneth Ellis III; Ellis was later shown to be a member of the Aryan Brotherhood;and that gang planned to retaliate against police for Ellis' death; - https://www.abqjournal.com/community-data/apd-under-fire-incident-summaries
Eden Gordon Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD. Prev. US Dept. Justice-8yrs; Chief 2014-2017+?previous US Marshal/Dept Justice; Reynaldo Chavez

He had been investigating APD police abuses at US Dept of Justice before appointed as APD Chief 2016/01-Reynaldo Chavez Whistleblower lawsuit included Chief Gordon Eden.

Edison Jim Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer

2013-non-fatally shot Shaine Sherrill along with two other officers

Eichel James Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Alfred Redwine

2014/03/25 Officer Eichel shot and killed Alfred Redwine

Eiskant Mike Santa Fe Santa Fe PD Sergeant

2013-Federal Lawsuit: City of Santa Fe sued by 8 women who said he harassed, stalked and attempted to imprison-2015this lawsuit settled; 2012 charged and convicted in a case;2011-retired with full benefits.
Ellis Brandon Hobbs Hobbs PD Officer

2017-African-American officers Brandon Ellis and Vasshawn Robinson, as well as Caucasian officer Jeremy Artis, seeks actual and special damages, along with punitive damages against a number of defendants from the City of Hobbs and Hobbs Police

Emmert, Jr. Richard Farmington Farmington PD Officer

2016-accused of raping 13 and 14 girls earlier in time- felony charges;victims changed testimony on who did it, causing dismissal; 2016-Emmert was found not guilty of rape, molestation.

Esparza Greg Espanola Espanola PD Sergeant Gino Tapia

2017-tort claim by Gino Tapia against Greg Esparza for excessive force;2018-tort by Gino Tapia again for malicious prosecution

Espinoza Gerald Belen Belen PD Sergeant Benjamin Tellez


2010/06/04 cleared of shooting of Benjamin Tellez. 2014/05/20-Filed-US Court of Appeals-Luis Tellez v. City of Belen; Sergeant Gerald Espinoza.No. 13-2123 (D.C. No. 1:12-CV-00542-JCH-KBM) (D. N.M.)

Esquibel Mike Belen Belen PD Officer

Suicide while under child sexual abuse investigation

Estrada Cassandra Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Teupell

1997etc-Involved in Scott Finley case as female rookie witness to police collusion, tried to lock up Finley's gun

Etsitty Lawrence Navajo Reservation NPD Navajo PD Officer


2009/01/25-incident involving sexual abuse of woman in his custody;2012 sentenced, pleaded guilty. Civil Rights Division Press Release Number: 12-1324. See Dept of Justice 2012/11/06Former New Mexico Navajo Police Officer Sentenced to Over Four Years in Prison on Sexual Abuse Charges
Sexual issue, prison - 4 years and barred from police. False statements to FBI.   Forced and handcuffed woman.
Fay Damon Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Detective Retired

Paul Romero v. Damon Fay, Bob Stover, Chief of Police, and Albuquerque, City of John Doe, Albuquerque Police Officers, 45 F.3d 1472 (10th Cir. 1995)
From forensictraining.us: Damon Fay is a 24-year veteran investigator and Sergeant for the Albuquerque Police Department in New Mexico. He was a primary case agent for homicides, police officer involved shootings and major violent crimes cases for 14 of his career years.
Finley Scott Albuquerque Bernalillo County Sheriff's Sheriff's Deputy

1995/03/02-pleaded guilty violating restraining orders;1995/04-in exchange for pleading guilty, domestic violence charges of assault, battery, cruelty to children dropped-final conclusion 10 days in jail;

Fisher Matthew Albuquerque APD Officer 2015-John O'Keefe-fatally shot by officer Oates and Fisher


2015/01-fatally shot John Edward O'Keefe with officer Michael Oates

Flores Steve Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Undercover

Jul 13, 2007 · Vicente Alvarado and Steve Flores were undercover police officers for the City of Albuquerque in early 2004 Alvarado v. KOB TV (brief case title): full case title-Vicente ALVARADO, Yvette Alvarado, Steve Flores, Priscilla Flores, Thomas Gutierrez, Beverly Gutierrez, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. KOB-TV, L.L.C. (Channel 4 News), Defendant-Appellee.No. 06-2001.
Decided: July 13, 2007

Fonte Stephen Santa Fe Santa Fe PD Officer Roberto Mendez


2013-shooting of Roberto Mendez unarmed in fleeing SUV reported stolen by mother, at Santa Fe Allsups, grand jury first indicated shooting not justified, later, later a special prosecutor did not pursue charges against officers

Foster Randy Los Alamos Los Alamos County Former Commander

2016 settlement reached with Mills, Paige settle date? 2016/02/04 $2 million 241
Fox Jim Albuquerque APD Officer Santiago Chavez, James Boyd

Associated Shooting Victim/Suspect Santiago Chavez, who under police gunfire committed suicide. (2015/05/13) Case No. 1:15-CV-408 Hernandez v. City Of Alb, Jim Fox, Moises Grossetete, etc.
2015/05/19-WSWS-Santiago Chavez case-family charges SWAT team drove son to suicide.https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2015/05/19/albq-m19.html  2015/08/17-Jim Body case-
Francisco Phillip Navajo Reservation Navajo PD Chief

2016/07/11 Phillip Francisco named Navajo Nation PD Chief

2019--https://www.daily-times.com/story/news/local/navajo-nation/2019/07/11/i-have-not-quit-navajo-police-chief-phillip-francisco-continues-service/1709295001/;  https://navajotimes.com/reznews/new-police-chief-degree-18-years-experience/ “He’s worked with San Juan County Sheriff’s Department, City of Aztec and now he’s working for the city of Farmington … and his education component, those are the biggest things,” said Delmar. “We’re very excited and looking forward to working with him.”
Frazier Dale Farmington San Juan County Sheriff's Deputy Donovan Tanner

2012-pleaded guilty after flashlight beating of Donovan Tanner

Fuchs Brian Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Ralph Chavez

2014/05/22 Officer Fuchs along with Officer Ryan Graves shot and killed Ralph Chavez

Gallagher Ray Albuquerque APD Sheriff

1992-indicted on 6 criminal charges

See Alb Jrnl article 1992/11/25 Grand Jury Indicts Sheriff on 6 Charges.
Gallagher Patrick Las Cruces, Santa Fe, NYPD Las Cruces PD;Santa Fe PD 2017-hired as Las Cruces PD Police Chief-Santa Fe PD-Police Chief;

Previously worked in New York City Police Dept. 23 years

Gallant Eric Espanola Espanola PD Sergeant;2017-Espanola acting chief

2018/03 named in 2 complaints, one rudeness, the other allegedly facilitated a NMSP officer getting fired.

Gallegos Gilbert Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD APD spokesman

Gilbert Gallegos is found mentioned in various articles as a spokesman for APD

Gallegos Jason Espanola Espanola PD Officer

2018/03/01 rehired despite colleagues' protestations, letter

Gallegos John B Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Lieutenant Internal Affairs Unit

Earlier years: found in Kait Arquette

Earlier years, note from realcrimes.com/kaitarquette.arquettes.com on Kait Arquette: Lt. John B. Gallegos, supervisor of the APD Internal Affairs Unit, was caught burglarizing a liquor store while on duty. (Gallegos was a field officer at the scene of Kait’s shooting.)
Galvin Jerry Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD 1998-brought in as chief for reforming dept.

Galvin was likely a newcomer who clashed with old ways and as such did not last long

Garcia Richard Las Cruces LCPD Las Cruces PD Officer Russ Flynn


2014-Fired over brutal beating of handcuffed arrestee Russ Flynn with fellow officer Salcido

Garcia Mike Albuquerque APD Albuqurque PD Sgt.

*2004: Albuquerque police Sgt. Mike Garcia was charged with having sex with a 12-year-old girl. His trial ended after the jury failed to reach a verdict.

Garcia Michael Las Cruces LCPD Las Cruces PD Detective who had specialized in child crimes and sex abuse issues Diana Guerrero

2014/11/19 sentenced to 9 yrs prison + 5 yrs supervised release; 2014-found guilty of sex abuse of a minor, a high school Excel program's LCPD intern
$3 million/Guerrero 89
Garcia Holly Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Detective, Undercover

Involved as driver in 2015 meth undercover op involving Lt. Brachle's life threatening, multiple shooting of fellow officer Jacob Grant

Garcia Esther Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Patrol

Garcia Jennifer Albuquerque APD Albuquerque Former IA (Internal Affairs) Commander

Altered documents-Alb. Police Officers Assoc. filed complaint

Garcia Mike Albuquerque APD Officer


*2004: Albuquerque police Sgt. Mike Garcia was charged with having sex with a 12-year-old girl. His trial ended after the jury failed to reach a verdict.

Garduno Tom Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer

2003-Garduno's name shows up in Law Case Phillip R. Hatheway, Plaintiff-appellee, v. John P. Thies and Shannon Mcguire, Defendants-appellants, 335 F.3d 1199 (10th Cir. 2003)

https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/F3/335/1199/515651/ Detective McGuire and Officer Thomas Garduno approached the door with guns drawn. Officer Garduno then knocked on the door.
Garrison Larry Portales Portales PD Officer


2015-Fired; 2015-17 letters to police chf supporting Garrison.2016-lawsuit includes proof garrison accused of falsifying documents.

Geier Mike Rio Rancho, prev. Albuquerque Rio Rancho PD, prev. APD Chief Rio Rancho PD, Prev. Chief APD Justin L. Garcia motion dismissed 2017

Served 43 years in police work before becoming Chief Rio Rancho Police Dept. 2017 motion dismissed: Garcia v. Geier et al, No. 1:2016cv01141 - Document 33 (D.N.M. 2017)
Gigante Brandon Deming DPD Deming PD Chief Retired 2016/05/27; 2013 became Deming Chief.

2016/05-with Gigante's retirement, Bobby Orosco appointed Chief

Gigante had been in the DPD police system 21 years before retiring.  He replaced retiring chief Michael Carillo.
Ginger James R. Albuquerque APD Related Police APD Reformer Monitor, Not Police Officer

2015-nationally recognized expert on police reform – as the Independent Monitor of the Settlement Agreement entered into by DOJ and the City of Albuquerque to reform APD.

Gloria Stan Albuquerque Office of Attorney General; prev. APD (narcotics) Special Agent Office of Attorney Gen; prev Narcotics detective APD.

Goff Jim Albuquerque Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept. Sheriff's Deputy

2010-ran off loud Christian protesters, apparently exhibited strong anti-Christian/religious sentiments; apparently incited crowd, didn't use good crowd control tactics

Goke Marvin Albuquerque NMSP New Mexico State Police Officer


2015-fired for missing a hearing over his DWI arrest of Angela Torres whose case was dismissed because of this.

Golson Lou Albququerqe APD Officer Christopher Cook

2015-Traffic Stop-Officer shot 3x leg by later apprehended suspect

Deputies with the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office arrested the suspect, Cook, 36, around 4 a.m. without incident.Sgt. Aaron Williamson also involved in apprehension of suspect.Deputies with the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office arrested the suspect, Cook, 36, around 4 a.m. without incident.
Gonzales Christopher Santa Fe Santa Fe County's Sheriff's Dept. Sheriff's Deputy


2017-arrested and charged with felony domestic violence charges in Albuquerque

Gonzales Gilbert Grants Prison System Cibola County Lt. Douglas Edmisten

2018-Gonzales linked prison neglect/aincluded medical staff member Casey Salvador and subsequent death of inmate
$5 million
2018/01 --- Cibola County, New Mexico agreed to pay $5 million to settle a lawsuit over death of jail prisoner repeatedly denied medical treatment despite vomiting/defecating blood.-- https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/news/2019/jan/8/5-million-settlement-lawsuit-over-preventable-death-new-mexico-jail-prisoner/
Grant Jacob Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Detective


Shot/seriously injured by fellow officer Lt. Brachle during a meth drug bust, Fellow Officer Holly Garcia was a driver 2016/03/24--GRANT v. CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE EX REL. ALBUQUERQUE POLICE DEPARTMENT and Greg Brachle Civ. No. 15-0918 MCA/KBM. $6.5 million
Graves Ryan Albuquerque APD Albuquerqe PD Officer Ralph Chavez


2014/05/22-Officer Graves w/ Officer Brian Fuchs shot and killed Ralph Chavez

Green Patrick Deming Hidalgo County Border Drug Task Force. Deputies David Eckert

2013/01 traffic stop violation pull-over/subsequent pat down/drug check; issue escalated to extensive search incl. of private personal body areas. Ended up in a lawsuit. Gained national attention. 2016/09/14-Case Decided-David Eckert, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. Deputy District Attorney Daniel Dougherty, Defendant-Appellee, City of Deming; Bobby Orosco; Robert Chavez; Officer Hernandez; Hidalgo County; Hildalgo County Sheriff Officers David Arredondo, Robert Rodriguez, Patrick Green; Gila Regional Medical Center; Robert Wilcox, M.D.; Okay Odocha, M.D., Defendants.

No. 15-2204

Griego Jason Cuba Cuba Police Department Chief - now retired

2013-see also Reserve Officer James Sanchez; lawsuit by this officer against Hawaii's Maui police for alleged illegal arrest; was on vacation and providing security for a NM businessman

Griffin Matthew "Matt" Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Michael K. Howard

Older Material-1988 and 1989- "Ninja Bandit"; series of 5 armed robberies (bank holdups) and at least one 1989 murder of Michael K. Howard; sentenced 80 yrs prison.Transferred in 2008 to another prison; eventually put in solitary confinement.

Grossetete Victor Espanola; Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer


2015-fired for alleged brutality; by age 28 Grossetete sued 4x on alleged brutality lawsuits raise questions about police vetting.Grossetete also sued alleging retaliation by Chief Richard Gallegos and Deputy Chief Miguel Maez.

Grossetete Moises Albuquerque APD Sergeant. Retired.


2018-Charged with DWI after retirement. Victim/Suspect Santiago Chavez. See also Jim Fox. (2015/05/13) No. 1:15-CV-408 Hernandez v. City of Albuq., Jim Fox, Moises Grossetete, etc.
Grover Tom Albuquerque Albuquerque PD Former APD officer later attorney

In 2012 said Civil Rights lawyer Mary Han possibly murdered in 2010

Gutierrez Jose Santa Fe SFPD Santa Fe PD Officer former; might later have become a juvenile probation officer


2014-resigned after issues over tackling a cab driver to ground;2015-suspended certification by Law Enforcement Academy, preventing rehiring by police dept's in NM for 6 months.

Guzman David Albuquerque Albuquerque PD Officer June 1976 until his resignation in August 1998

Older Material-2000-Plaintiff David Guzman brought suit against defendants Joseph Polisar and Martin Chavez (collectively "Defendants"), respectively the former Chief of Police and Mayor of Albuquerque 2000/09/15-Filed Court Appeals 10th Circuit-Guzman v. Polizar. DAVID GUZMAN, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. JOSEPH POLISAR, Chief of Police; MARTIN CHAVEZ, Mayor,Defendants-Appellants. No. 99-2060

(District of New Mexico)

(D.C. No. CIV-97-1279-MV)

Chicano Police Officers' Association, the Latino Peace Officers' Association, and the New Mexico Peace Officers' Association.
Guzman Daniel Albuquerque Albuquerque PD Officer son of David Guzman was a member of Chicano Police Officer's Association


2017/04/14 hired at APD. 2017/09 Fired. Lunged at possibly light inciting camerman 2019/05 contests firing.

He had been caught on camera sizing up, then lunging at veteran KOB-TV cameraman Rick Foley. But Guzman's attorney on Tuesday, arguing before a hearing officer, suggested Foley had an "attitude" and was shining a blinding light in the officer's face, which could have hampered Guzman's law
Hackett P. Albuquerque APD Albuquerque Police Dept. Officer K-9

2014/06/20 Cunningham v. StateNo. CV 13-0142 JAP/WPL, Consolidated with No. CV 13-0314 JAP/WPL. ;DANIEL GUTIERREZ, Plaintiff - Appellant,v. 2005/05/03-Ct of Appeals 10th Circuit: P. HACKETT, Albuquerque Police K-9 Officer;Defendant - Appellee, THOMAS GARDUNO, Albuquerque Police K-9 Sergeant; CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, Defendants.

Hansen Whitey Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Chief 1980-1985

Older Material 1990/01/19-Filed Court of Appeals 10th Circuit- Van Bering Robinson v. John Maruffi, Joseph Polisar, Clarence Kraemer and Eloy Whitey Hansen, Chief of Police, Docket Number: 86-1148,895 F.2d 649
Harger Shane Jemez Springs Jemez Springs PD, Taos PD Chief/Jemez, ex-officer/Taos


Charged with rape of 19 year old detained in Jemez Spr. Area.

It's suggested here that this is a convoluted and complex issue likely needing further detailed review to identifys  antics involving both disclosed and possible non-disclosed players.
Harris, Jr. Joseph Rio Rancho NMSP Officer

2019- found guilty disorderly conduct; became officer elsewhere 2018-accused of assaulting business owner; father was deceased SergeantJoseph Anthony Sr of Sandoval County.

Harris, Sr. Joseph Anthony Rio Rancho Sandoval County Sheriff's Office, previous Rio Rancho PD Sergeant

X 2009-Deceased KOD 2009/0716; Sandoval County-6 yrs; Rio Rancho PD-20yrs;

Hart Phillip Gallup Gallup PD Former Gallup Police Chief fired 2017/08

2019-Whistleblower secretly recorded audio; he was fired; controversy over picking up intox and taking to detox, etc.

2019/03/22-gave a state court his cellphone with 43 audio files containing secretly recorded conversations he had with the city manager.Hart was fired in August as he and the city of Gallup were embroiled in year-long legal disputes. https://www.abqjournal.com/1294920/ex-police-chief-turns-over-audio-file-in-whistleblower-case.html
Haycox Charles Bernalillo County Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office Officer Disney, Mike Lee (case link)

Older material. Involved in the Michael Disney case in terms of supposedly repeating a threatening comment and intention involving DEA agent Mike Marshall. See Disney and Marshall.

Hearn John Albuquerque APD Officer-Undercover Minott, Frank


Older Material, Shootout

Heatley Paul Albuquerque APD Officer Vice Peter Klunck

Older Material - 1990s Heatley was one of several officers investigating prostitution associated with case State v. Mayfield
Annotate this Case

900 P.2d 358 (1995)
120 N.M. 198

Hebbe Steve Farmington FPD Farmington PD; Anchorage PD Chief-Farmington; 2015/11/09 lawsuit filed by Christopher Winterhawk against Hebbe and Officer Jon Lillywhite

Hebbe seems to have been in both the Anchorage PD and Alaska National Guard-Guard corruption scandal at least near end of Hebbe's tenure at Anchorage PD; 2015-John Lillywhite officer under Hebbe-Christopher Winterhawk Lawsuit; Wrongful Arrest Lawsuit/Winterhaw-settlement $30k 2016-Officer Jon Lillywhite involved:Winterhawk v. City of Farmington et al
1:15-cv-01074 | New Mexico District Court filed Nov. 2015
$30,000-Winterhawk 253
Herimosillo Sergio Albuquerque USMS United States Marshalls Service Deputy Marshall

see Serrano v. US; See also Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents of Federal Bureau of Narcotics; 2019-lawsuit involving Gilbert Serrano over a police shooting also involving US Dep Marshall Sean Cozart Serrano v. Cozart, Herimosillo and others No.18-2006; see also Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents of Federal Bureau of Narcotics

Hernandez Unknown Deming Possibly Deming PD Officer Eckert, David

2013-listed in David Eckert lawsuit;"Officer Chavez and an Officer Hernandez took Mr. Eckert to Gila Regional Medical "; his first name is omiitted in the court records for some reason 2016-Appeals/Decided Case No. 15-2204 Court of Appeals US 10th Circuit -Decided: September 14, 2016;Appeals US Case 2:13-cv-00727-CG-WPL Document 1 Filed 08/07/13 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF NEW MEXICO



v. CV


Hernandez Paul Albuquerque USMS United States Marshalls Service Deputy Marshall Camacho, Edgar -Alvarado

shot and killed Edgar Camacho-Alvarado; NMSP investigated shooting; mother had lawsuit demanding 10 million and a federal civil rights lawsuit. Mother claims officers shot wrong man. Attorneys say he was shot 4 times in back.

Herrera Leon Springer Springer Police Dept. Police Chief

2015-pleaded guilty in a case designed to discover and prove if he was doing things along the side involving drug related money and transportation; he was caught by other officers pretending to be drug dealers

2015/10/16-Alb Jrnl-Caught by undercover state and federal agents investigating the Colfax County deputy’s cooperation with drug transports in return for cash.https://www.abqjournal.com/661096/ex-springer-police-chief-pleads-guilty-to-helping-deputy-steal-from-officers-posing-as-drug-couriers.html
Hill John Albuquerque APD Albuquerque Police Department Officer


2019/08-fired for unnecessary force by APD Chief Mike Geier; misdemeanor charge of battery

Hill Mike Albuquerque APD Detective Aragon-Hill, Dennis-2012/04/19-shot no death by officer


2012/04/19 Detective Hill non-fatally shot Dennis Aragon

Hindi Steve Albuquerque APD Officer

2016 - finding of a state Law Enforcement Academy administrative judge who ruled that an Albuquerque police officer fired amid accusations he tried to intimidate a civilian police investigator didn’t commit “conduct unbecoming of an officer.”

Hobson Robert Todd Albuquerque APD Detective Farfan, Dino

Late 1970s: Involved in burglar ring/serious crime spree with APD detective Robert Earl Davis. Alleged Victim Jose Farfan/civil lawsuit by family.

Hollier Jeremy Albuquerque APD Albuquerque Police Dept. Officer Fuentes, Len-2010,officer shoot/kill

2010/07/2-Shooting by Officer Jeremy Hollier of Len Fuentes who threatened with a knife

Howard Sara Farmington San Juan County Sheriff's Deputy Wilson, William

See also Dwayne Simpson; she fired 4 rounds at the killed suspect William Wilson at a traffice stop in which Wilson pulled a gun.

Huerta Raul Socorro Socorro PD Communications Shift Supervisor


2012-arrested for alleged marijuana delivery.Texas Dept of Public Safety involved.

2012/10/31-law report dot org:  http://lawreport.org/ViewStory.aspx?StoryID=9569
Hughes Daniel Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Martin, Armand

2016/12 - Hughes cleared; 2014/05/03-Shot and killed Armand Martin

https://www.abqjournal.com/community-data/apd-under-fire-incident-summaries 2016   https://www.abqjournal.com/916876Alb      More than two and a half years after Martin was shot and killed by a SWAT officer at his West Side home, District Attorney Kari Brandenburg announced in a news release on Wednesday that her office will bring no charges against officer Daniel Hughes, who fired the fatal shot.       Jrnl summary of police shootings- https://www.abqjournal.com/community-data/apd-under-fire-incident-summaries  
Huntsman Robert Albuquerque APD Asst Chief

2016-Included in Whistleblower's lawsuit by Reynaldo Chavez along with Chief Gordon Eden

2016/01 whistleblowers lawsuit involving an employee who was fired and subsequently sued chiefs, supervisor Bill Slausen and former City Attorney Kathryn Levy blocked information from getting to public and other parties- http://truthvoice.com/2016/01/abq-cop-files-lawsuit-claims-coverup-abuse-and-corruption/
Ielacqual Paul Albuquerque APD Officer former

provided input on how officers cope as an ex-APD officer in connection with investigating behavioral health issues in connection with police shootings, etc. in http://publichealthnm.org/tag/paul-ielacqua/

Jasler Natalie Albuquerque APD? Officer?

Older Material in Kait Arquette/Real Crimes; Jasler apparently hit a woman trying to view a family member's deceased body and then arrested the same person suggesting aggravated assault on a police officer

Jenkins Ken Las Vegas Las Vegas PD Deputy Police Chief-former

2019/07/23-Jenkins filed discrimination lawsuit 2019/07/18-Filed Jenkins v. City of Las Vegas et al, No. 1:19-cv-00656, D.N.M.
Johnson Tim State-Wide NMSP Chief

2019 April replaces former Chief Pete Kassetas,

Jones Aaron T. Valencia County Valencia County Sheriff's Office Detective Chavez, Levi

2015/07/15-Levi Chavez v. Aaron Jones Case 1:15-cv-00619-KBM-KK
Info: Aaron Jones believes Levi Chavez killed his wife Tera Chavez.  
Julian Aaron Rio Rancho Dept. of Public Safety Officer

Older Material 2002: on Kait Arquette/Real Crimes-was indicted for five felony counts of child abuse. The DA failed to send a Grand Jury Target letter so all charges were dropped.

Kassetas Pete Santa Fe central office, covered state of New Mexico NMSP New Mexico State Police Chief - Former Martinez-Jones,Monica; Armendariz, Julia; Suggs, Michael Ryan

2019-lawsuit settled against Kassetas; Kassetas was sued by two female and one male subordinates accusing him of preferential treatment of other deptartmental females shortly before he left.
Settlement Amount Undisclosed-Confidentiality Clause 121
Katz Marshall Albuquerque Albuquerque Aviation Aviation Police Chief

had 37 years in police related work; retired in 2016; before he left, he instigated an investigation into missing drugs confiscated at airport; previous yr he'd been suspended 45 days for asking aviation employees to perform personal tasks

Keith Sandy Albuquerque APD- Albuq PD Officer Boyd, James

2014/03/06-Famous Case-Officers Keith and Dominique Perez shot and killed homeless man James Boyd, Lawsuit/Reinstated

Kelley Leah Albuquerque APD Albuq PD Officer Barr, Chandler-2010

2010 Officer Kelley non-fatally shot Chandler Barr 2014/10/31--https://www.abqjournal.com/488862/officer-testifies-in-excessive-force-case.html

Killinger Bryan Los Lunas (UNM), Albuquerque UNM Valencia campus police dept. Sergeant, Command Officer Shane, Jackie

Lawsuit involving Shane 2000/11/12-Shane v. Killinger; 2001-Shane filed lawsuit civil rts violations and tort claims for assault, battery, false arrest, false imprisonment;2003 jury in favor of plaintiff, damages, etc. awarded $41,000 at least $41,000
Lamendola Nicholas Questa Questa, previously Taos Chief, prev. deputy in Taos

Controversial: became chief of Questa shortly after being dismissed from Taos PD; he had been involved in high speed drunk driving and he sued Taos over his questionable drug test Lamendola sued Taos over steroid use issue: See article-2017/10/14-- https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/taos-case-highlights-steroid-use-among-cops/article_175d614a-a4e3-50a0-b40a-cf7d170da517.html
2015/08/26: article headline "Questa hires dismissed deputy as police chief"-- "Less than one month after being dismissed from the Taos County Sheriff’s Office, a former deputy has found a new job as chief of the Questa Police Department." from https://taosnews.com/stories/questa-hires-dismissed-deputy-as-police-chief,30487
Lampiris-Tremba Brett Albuquerque APD Albuq PD Officer Ellis III, Kenneth Ellis

Lawsuit over Officer Killinger's shooting death involving Iraq veteran Kenneth Ellis;According to police, Lampiris-Tremba shot Ellis once in the neck after the veteran pointed a gun to his own head. See also Byron "Trey" Economidy;
$10.3 million 124
Largo Houston James Casamero Lake - location of fatal shooting Navajo Division of Public Safety, Tribal Police Officer

2017/03/12-KOD - succumbed to gunshot wounds while investigating a domestic violence call

2017- Officer Largo had served with the Navajo Division of Public Safety for five years-rec'd Lifesaving Award and 2016 Indian Country Officer of the Year;also employed w/ Gallup PD and rec'd City Officer of the Year in 2011 - https://www.odmp.org/officer/23139-police-officer-houston-james-largo
Lattin Cody Santa Fe County, prev.Rio Arriba County Santa Fe County Sheriff's Dept; prev. Rio Arriba County Sheriff's Dept. Sheriff's Deputy; Detention Officer

Found Guilty driving while intoxicated; 2018/11-on leave after arrest for DWI;

Legendre Roger Albuquerque APD Albuq PD Officer Castill, Jose

2010/03/04 Officer Legendre non-fatally shot Jose Castillo

LeHocky Andrew Albuquerque APD Albuq PD Officer; 2014-APD School Resource Officer Marquez, Marlo

2005-Lawsuit involving Marlo Marquez in 1983 case involving police chase, excessive force involving police dog bites 2005/02/25-Appeal filed Marlo Marquez v. City of Albuquerque and LeHocky

Lewis Rich Albuquerque APD Albuq PD Detective Farfan, Jose Farfan- cold case investigation

Info/Cold case investigator of Jose Farfan murder assoc. with Robert Earl Davis/Hobson case.

Lillywhite John Farmington Fmgtn PD

Lopez Stephanie Albuquerque Albuquerque Police Officer's Association President

2015-faced child abuse and bribery charges;charges later dropped; child was a teen who was struck repeatedly in head and face areas;

Lopez Lee Espanola Espanola PD Officer

2018/03 complaint about rudeness.

Lopez Bert Santa Fe NMSP New Mexico State Police Officer


Fired after video surv. Showed him having sex with a woman on the hood of a car in full uniform

Lujan Damian Albuquerque APD Albuq PD Officer Paisano, Orlando-2011/06/26

2011/06/26 Non-fatally shot Orlando Paisano- or 7 0r 8 shots.2011-settlement $950,000

Lund Jennifer Albuquerque APD Albuq PD

Sued the department claiming it wasn’t responding appropriately to her breast pumping needs (Settlement $95,000), Victim is officer in Lawsuit over breast pumping issue,
Lytle John Belen BPD Belen Police Dept. Detective

2015-sentenced for excessive force as assault during an investigative stop and arrest; 5 yrs probation, forfeit law enfor cert, precluded from seeking employment as officer.

Maes Tomas Albuquerque NMSP Officer


2003-cleared for shooting golden retriever while off duty;

Maes David Albuquerque APD Officer


Malone Casey Farmington FPD-since 2002;2016- graduated from FBI school Lieutenant

INFO: Malone shows up in several articles involving investigating or responding to crimes in the Farmington, NM area.

Mariscal Michael Santa Fe SFPD Santa Fe PD Officer

2011/10 shooting incident involving the killing of Samuel Pauly;lawsuit by family

Marquez Hector Albuquerque APD Albuquerque Officer Snider, Andy

2013/12/08 Officer Hector shot and killed Andy Snider

Marshall Mike Albuquerque Drug Enforcement Administration DEA agent

Older material: late 1990s, article in 2000: Marshall involved in Disney's arrest. Sheriff's Deputy Michael Lee Disney (1996 conviction on drug charges); 1998-Disney accused of threatening Mike Marshall from a halfway house; 2000-Disney acquitted later.

Martin Jeremy Santa Fe Santa Fe County Sheriffs Dept. Sheriffs Deputy Chan, Tai

2017/03/29 - explosive lawsuit by a Las Cruces police detective who said she was hindered from a proper investigation into Chan's shooting of Martin. 2004/10-shooting occurred in a Las Cruces hotel after the two transported a prisoner to Arizona.

Martinez Cody Espanola Espanola PD Officer

2018/03-listed in 2 complaints, one of which was rudeness; commended for exemplary action handling a suspect who killed people during suspect's altercation with other officers.

Martinez Cisco Albuquerque APD Detective

Older Material 1998-accused of entrapment of 2 escort service girls and subsequently attempting sexual contact with them (touching, fondling).

McAllister Bruce Albuquerque APD Albuq PD Detective narcotics

2015/02 Bruce McAllister and wife indicted on child abuse charges. 1998/03/19-Court of Appeals 10th Circuit Marvin Brown v. Bruce McAllisterNo. 97-2035 (D.C. No. CIV-94-936)(D. N.M.)
2012 article - https://mgbralley-whatswrongwiththispicture.blogspot.com/2012/11/robert-merle-schwartz.html  1995 - 7/21/95: Albuquerque Journal: CITY TO PAY FIRED COP $450,000, BUT WON’T SAY WHY-- A legal settlement by the City of Albuquerque awarded Bruce McAllister, fired APD narcotics detective accused of robbing drug dealers and raping a prostitute, $450,000.00. McAllister said he was set up.
McClaskey Skyler Albuquerque APD Albuq PD Officer since 2006

2015 arrested with wife on suspicions child abuse charges. CHECK

McCormick James Carlsbad/Pecos Valley Pecos Valley Commander HIDTA Region VI Pecos Valley Drug Task Force (PVDTF(

INFO 2017 uncovered plot- https://www.policeone.com/Officer-Safety/articles/288965006-Several-NM-officers-targeted-in-revenge-plot/

McCoy Terry Farmington San Juan County Sheriff's Office Deputy Sgt as of 2014 Tanner, Donovan (R. Dale Frazier was indicted 2012)

2014-mccoy (sgt - deputy at time) says he saw firefighter daniel goldberg stealing stuff

2014-- https://www.firerescue1.com/fire-department-management/articles/1658821-NM-firefighter-and-deputy-take-aim-at-each-other/  2012-Terry McCoy included in a lawsuit by Native American Donovan Tanner
McCracken Mark Rio Rancho NMSP-New Mexico State Police Sgt at time of Melanie McCracken's death McCracken, Melanie-died 1995

Deceased-was a suspect in his wife's 1995 murder-very controversial issue

2011 - https://behindthebluewall.blogspot.com/2011/12/nm-remembering-state-police-sgts-wife.html  -  from behind blue wall:  "There has never been an official determination of what killed her, but the OMI [Office of the Medical Investigator] Chief's personal opinion is 'violent assault.' Melanie had been married 18 mo. to Mark McCracken, a New Mexico State Police sergeant. One of Mark's stories is that he found Melanie unresponsive and face down on their bed. He didn't call 911...
McDowell Sr John "Jack" Rio Rancho Formerly of NM State Police former State Police Officer

2014-found guilty of first degree murder slaying of James Chavez in July 2011; McDowell faced 30 years in prison at time of verdict.

2014 - https://www.abqjournal.com/506723/exstate-police-officer-found-guilty-of-murder.html  --  possible connection to Bandidos motorcycle gang. VillaGomez was offered immunity in return for his testimony.
Witnesses in the homicide were reluctant to cooperate due to fear of retaliation
McGuire Shannon Albuquerque APD Albuquerque Police Dept. Detective

1999 Subway robbery incident involving McGuire and another officer; Lawsuit by Hatheway 2003/07/18-Phillip R. Hatheway, Plaintiff-appellee, v. John P. Thies and Shannon Mcguire, Defendants-appellants, 335 F.3d 1199 (10th Cir. 2003)
US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit - 335 F.3d 1199

McKinney Roshern Grants GPD Grants Police Dept Sergeant


2016 marijuana stolen from police dept given to girlfriend and her father; incident caught on camera

McPeek Luke Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer

2013/10/26-Officer McPeek and others shot and killed Christopher Chase;2013/12/01 Officer McPeek along with Officers David Munoz and Jim Edison non-fatally shot Shaine Sherrill

Merriman Ronald Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Detective Arquette, Kait - detective possibly at scene

Older material: was apparently a detective at the crime scene of Kait Arquette

Ronald Merriman shows up in various ways over time.  In one way, he was apparently an officer who showed up at the car with the gunshot body of Kait Arquette around 11 pm on the now famous case:
Mills Scott Los Alamos Los Alamos County Commander

2016-Lawsuit filed by Scott Mills against Los Alamos Co. with two other officers
$2 million 243
Molina Adrian Grants area NMSP - Grants area Officer as of 2019-alleged rape alleged rape high school student raped


Molina Sonny Albuquerque APD Officer Hawkes, Mary - officer involved in case

2014 - involved in 19 yr old Mary Hawkes shooting case

Monfils David Farmington FPD Farmington PD Officer Mata, Juan

Lawsuit alleging officer brutality with Settlement involving Juan Mata & family; Juan Mata also appealed conviction of criminal libel settle date? 2005 $75,000 202
Montoya Elias Taos Dept of Public Safety Officer


2014-fired officer settles appeal, state mum on details

Montoya Pete A. Rio Rancho Rio Rancho PD Officer 1985-1995

faces 18 counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor, three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and one count of threats or bribery of a witness.

Montoya Shawn Springer Springer, was officer in Las Vegas, NM Police Chief

2009-Demoted to dog catcher-because of alleged earlier misconduct while he was a police officer in Las Vegas, N.M

Munoz David Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Sherrill, Shaine-2013/12/01

2013/12/01 Officer Munoz along with Officers Luke McPeek and Jim Edison non-fatally shot Shaine Sherrill

Najar Gilbert Silver City Assoc. Prof WNMU, Dir basic WNMU police academy; worked at APD 25 years began career in law enforcement in 1971

comment: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/02/02/son-deceased

Nikko Troy Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Garcia, Raymond

2011/06/04 Officer Nikko with Officer William Thomas and Officer Michael Oates shot and killed Raymond Garcia

Oates Michael Albuquerque APD Officer O'Keefe, John- shot w/death by officers Oates and Fisher

2015-Oates fatally shot John O'Keefe-see also Matthew Fisher; 2011 fatal shooting Raymond Garcia

Odonnell Kent Farmington/Arizona? FPD at time of alleged rape Sgt at time of alleged rape

Sex/Not Guilty/Charge Dropped. Woman from Navajo Nation said he raped her at her home in 2011. Later working in Arizona possibly a company called "Austere env. Risk security"?

There is a Kent Odonnell listed Blacksheep Tactical Training, Austere Env. Risk/Security; 2011 Article about alleged Navajo Woman rape by Odonnell -  http://www.indianz.com/News/2011/003879.asp
Oneil Craig Albuquerque Albuquerque APD

social media has anonymous apparently unsubstantiated material suggesting lewd behavior with adult stepdaughter.

Ornelas Ramon Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Gonzales, Daniel; Robertson, Jeremy-2014/07/22

2010/10/19 Officer Ornelas with Officer Drew Bader shot and killed Daniel Gonzales; 2014/07/22-Officer Ornelas along with Officer Anthony Sedler shot and killed Jeremy Robertson

Orosco Bobby Deming Deming PD Chief, previous Captain-appointed as assistant chief 2016/05

Upon Gigante's retirement, Orosco was appt. asst Chief.

Orr Cynthia Albuquerque APD

Orta Refugio Socorro Socorro PD Sergeant

Alleged official oppression during investig by Texas Rangers

Ortega Anthony Santa Rosa; Bernalillo Bernalillo PD 2010-Officer; Officer in Bernalillo PD;

In 2010 while working for Bernalillo PD as an officer, Anthony Ortega put another police officer, Rio Rancho spokesmanJohn Francis, who was in plain clothes, in an arm hold during a wine festival.

There is a Youtube video as of 2019/10/7 which suggests the following: Jul 24, 2011 · In Questa, New Mexico throughout the year 2000, there was a police officer named Chris Oskins who had many incidents of alleged abuse towards people and used excessive force against
Oskins Chris Questa Taos County Area Officer Rael, Leroy; Garduno, Glenn

See revised (2019/10/18) longer notes w/link

A 2011 submitted Youtube  video from one made in 2000 by a Matt James on the internet is a pantomimed version of an actual 2000 incident,it indicates Officer Oskins was guilty of brutality/sex abuse; it is linked to a current news clip/video which might be dubbed over, showing something else - namely, that he was operating professionally, self-protective and calm against great odds, as the suspects were talking back and grabbed a shovel to try to attack him.
Owens David Albuquerque

Pacheco Danny Espanola Espanola PD Officer

2018/03-named in 3 complaints but also complimented as exemplary;

Actual video shows a cop under harsh conditions with very difficult suspects protecting himself against two, using restraint. A Jul 24, 2011 video is a remake of the actual video.  The remake makes i
Palombi Valerie Roswell

Parsons Daniel Santa Fe Santa Fe PD Officer

2010 March incident at Walmart - man killed, 3 other officers involved

2011/12/30-Alb. Jrnl--115 officers on possible sanctions list per Dept of Safety-  https://www.abqjournal.com/77853/115-officers-on-possible-sanctions-list.html
Peck Jason Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Sergeant Solis-Mora, Dominick-2012/08/06


2012-non-fatally shot Dominick Solis-Mora during undercover drug sting

Perdue Jim Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Perez, Michael; Dennison, Parrish-2013/03/05


2011/08/30 Officer Perdue shot and killed Michael Perez;2013-Officer Perdue along with Officers Anthony Sedler and Aragon shot and killed Dennison;

2013-Officers Perdue, Sedler and Aragon shot and killed Parrish Dennison
Perez Dominique Albuquerque

Perez Robert Farmington

Perez Mario Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Macoldowna, Mark


2012/01/04 Officer Perez shot and killed Mark Macoldowna

Pestak Noah T or C

Pino Christopher Rio Rancho Rio Rancho PD

2009 retired after arrested for suspicion of DWI

2011/12/30-Alb. Jrnl--115 officers on possible sanctions list per Dept of Safety-  https://www.abqjournal.com/77853/115-officers-on-possible-sanctions-list.html
Pitzer Brian Albuquerque APD Albuquerque Officer Tenoria, Russell-2010/11/11; Ortega, Joaquin-2013/10/28


2010/11/11 Non-fatally shot Russell Tenorio; 2013-non-fatally s hot Joaquin Ortega

Polisar Joseph Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Chief 1994-1997

Porter Rodney Hobbs

Pressburg Charles Lake Arthur Reserve Police Officer

2017-shooting question while in Oregon involving alcohol levels and brother-in-law and

Rael Patrick Bernalillo Bernalillo County Police Dept. Deputy Sheriff

see also Leonard Armijo also sued in lawsuit involving ACLU - complaint for violations of NM Constit, tort claims act 2017/12/05--SHERESE CRAWFORD, Plaintiff, vs. BERNALILLO CO. BOARD OF COMM, a govt entity of the State of NM, Dep Sheriff LEONARD ARMIJO of the Bernalillo Co Sheriff’s Dept, individually, and Deputy Sheriff PATRICK RAEL of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department, individually, Defendants.

Ramsdale Rick Alamagordo Dept. of Public Safety Narcotics Undercover Agent

Caught with coke by other police officers.

Reynolds Ed Silver City

Rice Connor Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Box, Kenny-2012; Alexander, Dion-2012

2012/05/31-excessive force issues: stuns Kenny Box; hits Dion Alexander multiple times

summary Rice struck suspect after he said "I surrender"-  https://www.abqjournal.com/community-data/apd-under-fire-incident-summaries
Riedel Jonathan Dona Ana County Dona Ana County Sheriffs Offic Sheriff's Deputy

Son of a state district court judge; involved in aggravated assault w/roommate, failed to report incident to police

2011/12/30-Alb. Jrnl--115 officers on possible sanctions list per Dept of Safety-  https://www.abqjournal.com/77853/115-officers-on-possible-sanctions-list.html
Robinson Vasshawn Hobbs

Rodella Jr Thomas Espanola

Rodriguez Robert Deming


Rodriguez Victor Belen Belen PD Chief

2019- files sawsuit against City of Belen

Romero Randon Los Alamos LAPD Los Alamos PD Dispatcher

2015 suspended for one month certification over first time offense DWI

Romero Solomon Espanola

2015-recommended for permanent suspension by Law Enf Acad;2014-accused of stealing $170 from suicide victim and sending hostile texts to a superior;2015 charge of embezzlement by DA involving police weaponry for consumer goods (t-shirts)

Romero Jeremy Corrales BCSO-most current; prev. Dept of Public Safety, BCSO, Corrales Police Dept. Reserve Officer-BCSO; Previous Officer (Corrales); Previous Agent-DPS;

2014-car crash on-duty crash caused paralysis from waste down;2011-started out as rookie investigator with NM Dept of Public Safety; Allegations 2013 whistleblower complaint fellow agent in prostitute state issued patrol car.
2016-$900,000 whistleblower 218
Romero Peter Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Garcia Sr, Robert-2013; Cordova, Ryan-2020

2020/02/28 beating of Ryan Cordova; 2013-non-fatally shot Robert Garcia Sr

Romero Robert Albuquerque

Rosenbloom Robert Albuquerque area NMSP New Mexico State Police Officer

X 1971/11-KOD traffic stop by militant group carrying guns and bombs in car then hijacked plane to Cuba from Albuq Sunport in Albuquerque - see notes

Rupp Christopher Ruidoso



Salas Max
NMSP New Mexico State Police Detective Marin, Mario and Reyes

2018-Filed Appeals 10th Circuit-No. 16-2225 (D.C. No. 1:12-CV-00448-KG-KKcase includes Max Salas: MARIO D. MARIN; REYES MARIN, Plaintiffs - Appellants,v.GARY KING, Attorney General of New Mexico, individually; STEVEN S. SUTTLE, Assistant Attorney General of New Mexico, individually; HEATHER FERGUSON GREENHOOD; PATRICIA FEESER NORRIS, D.V.M.,Defendants - Appellees.
Salazar Keith Farmington NMSP New Mexico State Police Officer, Narcotics, Undercover

2007/12/07-Drug Ring involving another office Levi Countryman and a fugitive Tarango.

2008/12/10- https://www.abqjournal.com/news/state/apprison12-10-08.htm2007 Narcotics Traffic-Distribute/Sentenced/Prison 6 yrs 2008.  See also Deputy Levi Countryman and non-officer Daniel Tarango Jr.  Salazar resigned in 2007 in response to allegations.
Salazar Martin Las Vegas

Salcido Danny Las Cruces Las Cruces PD Officer Flynn, Russ

2014-Fired over brutal beating of Russ Flynn with fellow officer Richard Garcia 2016/05/31--Flynn v. City of Las Cruces, No. CV 15-00195KG/WPL. (long version-ROSS FLYNN and MARY ANN FLYNN, Plaintiffs, v. CITY OF LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, LAS CRUCES POLICE DEPARTMENT, OFFICER RICHARD GARCIA, OFFICER DANNY SALCIDO, OFFICER JOSHUA SAVAGE, OFFICER JUSTIN RAMIREZ, and OFFICER ABRAHAM MADRID, in their Individual and Official Capacities, Defendants)

Sanchez James Cuba Cuba PD Reserve Officer

See retired Chief Jason Griego re: 2013 Maui incident and subsequent lawsuit over being allegedly illegally detained and put in a holding cell; although the incident seems unfair, there might be other issues involved not being disclosed

Sanchez Kevin Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Owings, Mickey

2010/03/29 Officer Sanchez shot and killed Mickey Owings

Fatal shooting summaries- https://www.abqjournal.com/community-data/apd-under-fire-incident-summaries;  In September 2011, a grand jury found Sanchez justified in shooting Owings.
Sandoval Vidal Cimarron

Colfax County w/Ex-Springer Chief Leon Herrera, Fleecing/Indict/Theft/Govt Property/Drug
Sandy Keith Albuquerque APD Officer Boyd, James-2014/03/16 shot and killed by officer

Shot James Boyd; see also Officer Perez

Schultz Ray Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Chief 2005-2013

Scott Carroll Bloomfield

Sedler Anthony Albuquerque APD Officer-Tactical Team

2010/06/10-Shooting by Officer Brown with Officer Anthony Sedler Chris Hinz

Sena Lucas Santa Fe

Shirley Jake Lovington

Sholtis Tom Albuquerque

Sifuentes Alfonso Farmington Farmington PD SWAT Rossi, Andrew 2018/03 shot/killed by police officer

2018/03/06 Shoot and Kill Incident by Officer Sifuentes -At Motel 6 shot and killed aggravated battery suspect Andrew Rossi

2018/03/27--https://durangoherald.com/articles/215684armington police fired four shots at Bayfield man; 2018 /Alb Jrnl/Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe said in a video statement Rossi charged at Sifuentes with a knife and tried to stab the officer after Rossi fell from the ceiling, where he was hiding. https://www.abqjournal.com/1150693/family-of-man-shot-by-police-files-public-records-lawsuit.html
Sigala Joey Albuquerque Albuq. Police Officer's Assoc Past President; Stephanize Lopez replaced him in 2013

2013 Sigala who resigned amid controversy over a union practice of giving officers involved in shootings money; later fired over domestic violence charges. Charges later dropped after wife didn't cooperate.

Simpson Dwayne Farmington

(2018/07/05) District Attorney Office Ruled Officer Involved Shooting Lawful Necessary. By Joshua Kellogg.
Smelser Christopher Las Cruces

Antonio Valenzuela-2020/02-stranglehold killing by Officer Smelser X

Smith Gary Roswell NMSP New Mexico State Police Lt.

ended long 20 year career stealing and with felonies

2017/08/16 - he retired before fired but faces  felonies at time of this article https://www.krqe.com/news/state-police-lieutenant-accused-of-stealing-after-sergeants-turned-him-in/
Smith Martin Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Tillison, Daniel

2012/03/19 Shooting by Officer Smith of Daniel Tillison

Solano Greg Santa Fe

Soriano Mark New Mexico Region NMSP New Mexico State Police Lieutenant-Public Information Officer

INFO:2019/05/ responded to Sheriff David Black's editorial in Las Cruces Times regarding manpower shortage/allocation of personnel to Albuq. and increase in drugs/crime

Spencer Chris Farmington San Juan County Deputy US Marshal Marszalek, John

2014-John Marszalek shot at by officer while trying to knife himself in throat, later ruled homicide

Sprague David Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Sinkevich, Alexei

2010/10/31 Officer Sprague shot and killed Alexei Sinkevitch who threatened with assault rifle

Stephenson Zach Albuquerque APD Albuquerque Officer Marquez, Benjamin 2010

2010/04/10 Detective Zach non-fatally shot at Benjamin Marquez

Stepp Jennifer Albuquerque

Stinnett Alfred Clyde Ruidoso

Stout Glen Albuquerque

Stover Bob Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Died age 79;Chief 1973-1980;1981 sheriff; chief again 1990-1994

SWAT various officers Albuquerque APD SWAT various officers Harper, Larry

Older material see case involving shot Larry Harper who was apparently suicidal when family member called police for help; Larry Harper apparently was no longer suicidal or bothering anyone when he was shot. Harper V. The Albuquerque Police Department, U.S. District Court For New Mexico, cause no. CIV 96-1048 (1996).

Taylor Misty Farmington

Watched beating victim by another officer

Terrell Joshua jal

Thies John P. Albuquerque APD Albuquerque Police Dept. Detective

Lawsuit by Hatheway 2003/07/18-Phillip R. Hatheway, Plaintiff-appellee, v. John P. Thies and Shannon Mcguire, Defendants-appellants, 335 F.3d 1199 (10th Cir. 2003)
US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit - 335 F.3d 1199

Thomas William Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD Officer Garcia, Raymond

2011/06/04 Officer Thomas shot and killed Raymond Garcia with officers Troy Nikko and Michael Oates

Threlkeld Erik K Carlsbad

Tixier Tanner Albuquerque APD
Hawkes, Hawkes 2014 - Tixier was officer involved on case

2014 - one of the officers involved in the Mary Hawkes case and shooting. Officer Jeremy Dear apparently did the actual shooting.

Todd Shane Albuquerque area NMSP Sniper Carroll, Kendall-2013/03/19 shooting standoff, shot w/death by police

2013/03/19-Shot and killed Kendall Carroll

Torres James Albuquerque

Utley Shane Farmington

(2015/08/15)(2014/04/16) Complaint Filed
Case file: Complaint against San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen

Civ. No. 14-357 JCH/KKK.

(2014/09/29) Amended Complaint Filed
Case Amended Complaint 1:14-cv-00357-JCH-KK Document 38

Valdez Derrick Espanola Espanola PD Officer Isodorio Padilla

2020/Valdez/Padilla - excessive force and Padilla's lawsuit; see also Gabriel Wadt, also involved 2020/Padilla v. Espanolacity government, Sgt. Cody Martinez, and Officers Derrick Valdez and Gabriel Wadt
Varela Javier Socorro Socorro PD Detective

2012-arrested for alleged oppression/tampering w/govt records with intent to harm or defraud, aggrav. perjury during an investig. by Texas Rangers

Vasquez Mario Santa Fe SFPD Santa Fe PD Officer Pauly, Samuel

2011/10-incident of shooting of Samuel Pauly-see also Officers Ray White and Officer Michael Mariscal; Vasquez sued for taking photos of Pauly and sending to friends; Pauly's brother Daniel was involved in road-rage;

Vasshawn Robinson


Vernier Charles
NMSP New Mexico State Police


2014 resigns after fight w/repo man

Wadt Gabriel Espanola Espanola PD Officer Padilla, Isodorio

2020/Wadt/Padilla - excessive force resulting in Padilla's lawsuit; see also Derrick Valdez, also involved 2020/Padilla v. Espanola city government, Sgt. Cody Martinez, and Officers Derrick Valdez and Gabriel Wadt
Wallace Edmund Hobbs

Wallace Marianne Albuquerque

Wallace Sean Albuquerque APD Officer Gomez, Alan 2011; Cordova, Wayne 2010/01/29-non-fatal shooting by officer


2011/05/10-Shooting by Officer Wallace of Alan Gomez; 2010/01/29-non-fatal shot Wayne Cordova

Warman Brandt Farmington FPD Farmington PD Officer

2017/12/20-Officer shot and killed Frankie L. Anchondo; lawsuit by brother over information withholding by city of Farmington; lawsuit filed 2018/03/01

It appears Warman was trying to help a possible female victim who was screaming from a car window while in the car with the officer's later killed suspect. Officer followed vehicle and made a traffic stop.  It also appears the actual item in hand of the suspect was an electronic cig, not a gun.
Webb Chris Tularosa

Webster Daniel Albuquerque APD Albuquerque PD 2015/10/29 KOD Traffic stop shooting, succumbed to wounds in hospital, Army veteran

David Lymon killer of Webster, Savannah Garcia witness