POLICE FACTOR is about connecting the dots and providing a diversified resource and educational platform for a variety of thinkers and investigators.  Laws and legal protocols are here to protect us from people playing God with the rest of us, but they are also designed to protect us from becoming power players, too.  Not created by a police person or policing expert, but by a concerned citizen from a grassroots activism perspective, Police Factor encourages creative thinking and the ever-developing, well-nuanced American.  Covered: -Topics List start here  List of Topics-1 -What’s good about USA -Positive aspects of the American police force and various security agencies -Real and alleged police abuses -Real and alleged victim case list, with some more detailed cases -A few primary states covered; New Mexico has been covered in more depth, but Colorado has recently been given more attention, as well as Oregon.  Hawaii is more of a back-burner topic, having spent some time there off and on and seeing a few disturbing tendencies. -Books, Article and Website links can help us compare and contrast resources, authors, perspectives and biases in an easier organizational format; this can help us identify competent as well as tainted or incomplete news; also we can see material about the same individual or group over time and space In the interests of transparency, because religious and politics have become a source of divide between the major political parties in the US, this is the platform and bias of this website: Church and State Separation, but Republicans and others concerned with maintaining core-level American values and principles, along with personal, local, national and global security, must unite.  This is not an anti-abortionist platform, and maintains that Americans have the right to follow their own consciences and decide what is right for them.  In addition, late-term abortions do seem to be murder and it is agreed strict legislation is needed for that to make sure it is only performed during high risk situations.  It is the belief here that anti-abortion unfortunately gets mixed in with narrow attitudes about women, women’s rights, controls over women, and bad attitudes toward women.  People can be using anti-abortion to sneak in the door other anti-female issues.  Religious authoritarianism along these lines is not part of late-term safety measures mentioned above. As you can tell by the number of sexual abuse cases discussed across religious and secular lines, the subject is taken seriously. This is a Republican registered writer who, as a Church and State Separationist, takes a largely secular approach, but here and there uses spiritual language in the form of an occasional prayer, like the Lord’s Prayer and certain psalms or poems, because it is felt to invoke universal qualities for seeking something beyond - whether it is the soul’s yearning for eternal peace and fulfillment, or the daily desire for an end of strife, violence, lack and despair. Contact: info at policefactor d-o-t com
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