BLM-1 Denouncement  Of Black Lives Matter
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  They’re lying and cheating, over and over.  They want attention - fight back constructively with gusto BLM SECTION TOPICS LIST BLM 1-24 IN THIS SECTION    BLM-1 (here) Denouncement and Refutation    Music Selection #1:  Choose to Love by J-Calvin of Durango, Colorado o Refutation and Denouncement: Stop BLM - Enough is Enough Start Here - A citizen’s letter to support blacks, but not Black Lives Matter (Sky High dot com-2020/07/30) Stop Black Lives Matter List of Points What is Wrong with BLM, Main Problems and Supporters of BLM Main Problems/Supporters of BLM in a Nutshell o Millions Have Died in Other Nation Takeovers - BLM affiliates or actual members often connected Take a Stand, o Face Down the BLM Crowd o Native Americans part of the BLM problem, a fact that should not be forgotten now or later o Black Lives Matter and Indian Country (Moved from Front Page 2020/11/20) o Some Articles expressing the anti-BLM point of view BLM-2 Responsiveness: What to do about Back Lives Matter Music Selection #2:  India     BLM-3a Funding: Groups of Concern, incl terrorists, funding  Music Selection #3:  Blues, Jazz  BLM-3b Funding, cont: Groups of Concern, Terrorist funding, cont.    Music Selection #4 Female Musicians: Violinists, Cellists, etc. BLM-4 Old Black Panthers Music Selection #5: South Korea BLM-5 Nationwide Riots  Music Selection #6  Jews BLM-6 Oregon Riots 2020   Music Selection #7: Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Netherlands  BLM-7 Resources  Music Selection #8: Kenya   BLM-8a Black-Centric Media  Music Selection #9: USA  BLM-8b   Black Centric Media cont. Photos Music Selection #9:  Japan BLM-9 Starkes   Music Selection #10  Peru BLM-10 CAIR complicity  Music Selection #11  China BLM-11  Radical Islam  Music Selection #12: Dissident or Human Rights Oriented The Universal Language of Music    BLM-12 govt     BLM-13 Support     BLM-14 Case Study Iraq vs. USA: BLM Related Riots vs older 2007-2009 Iraq War Zone Baghdad-Fadhil BLM-15 Russia-History     BLM-16 Maps of BLM Riots 2020     BLM-17 Police Chiefs-Black Problems and Issues BLM-18 Attorney Generals-Black     BLM-19 Mayors-Black      BLM-20 Governors-Minority, Leftist, Very Liberal or BLM enabling/supporting BLM-21 What Is Wrong With Kamala Harris     BLM-22 Obama: Unresolved Problems With Him     BLM-23 Indian Country Problem for USA  BLM-24 Lawsuits against BLM Notes Notes - Personal - Black Lives Matter   Black Lives Matter input from bulk of #1 News/#2 Personal Notes Jews/Israelis -possible biases  (Also see Notes #1-News and #2/Personal)  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REFUTATION AND DENOUNCEMENT:  STOP BLM - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Start Here Sky Hi News dot com 2020/07/30  Letter: BLM movement isn’t about black lives.  By John Erwin, Fraser https //www.skyhinews com/news/letter-blm-movement-isnt-about-black-lives/ Excerpt: Don’t be fooled … there is a difference between “black lives matter” and BLM. As decent, law- abiding Americans, we believe that black lives matter, we believe that all lives matter, but BLM is a Marxist political movement whose mission statement is to overthrow the government and destroy America.  BLM is choosing which lives really do matter, namely only black people killed by police officers. Why don’t the black officers who have been hurt or killed matter to BLM? Why don’t the black business owners whose properties were looted or destroyed matter to BLM? Why don’t the black children gunned down and killed in the big cities matter to BLM?   Because the true purpose of BLM is not to end racism or police brutality, it is to burn down America, according to their leaders (three Marxists and a convicted terrorist, Susan Rosenberg). BLM is not a civil rights organization; it is a racist organization. BLM is not an organization that helps people; it is an organization that harbors a disregard for individuals’ property and life.  People are afraid to confront BLM because it will make them look like racists, or worse, fear for their lives. In fact, BLM participants are the true racists and socialists who will stop at nothing to tear down our country. Support Black people, but denounce the evil BLM movement for what it is before the hate and destruction they cause is irreversible. Don’t be fooled and don’t be afraid! https //www.skyhinews com/news/letter-blm-movement-isnt-about-black-lives/ Stop Black Lives Matter! Refutation, Denouncement.  Discussion covers core peaceful BLM protests as well as those who might have piggy-backed or exploited the BLM protests for their own agendas.  It is understood not everyone who rioted was directly associated with BLM, but BLM protesters knew better from past experiences getting out of hand - from riots to police officers getting killed - and should have found another way to express their concerns.  In addition, Black Lives Matter prerogatives in their published charter show a tendency to support their agendas at the expense of others.  For the purposes of this discussion, “BLM” stands for Black Lives Matter.  Keep in mind “BLM” also is used for Bureau of Land Management in other contexts. List of Points What is Wrong with BLM, Main Problems and Supporters of BLM Hammering America through protests that often wind up riots with destruction and violence - no matter who is actually to blame for the actual riots Low-reaching approach to power and power symbols Keep in the back of your minds that Black Lives Matter might actually be created and controlled by one of two white groups as pay-backs: far right whites along with a few odd minorities as a way to get back at America and others for eschewing Naziism, the KKK, etc. or white (or whitish) Jews paying America or others back for the Holocaust for a variety of reasons.  If true, part of it could be sort of a “ramming down your throats” thing Undeniable connection to gangs, cartels, urban terrorists, narocterrorists and in general any international terrorists with anti-American agendas Funded by anti-American groups with a lot of money, making it hard for the average citizen to compete Not considering the real problems in black communities, many of which are in majority black population cities. Black surround sound:  surrounding whites in white-on-black cases with blacks in political, police, judicial, etc. positions.  This includes Brown/LGBT surround sound in areas with less blacks.  However, even in areas with less blacks in a city, you need to watch for black/brown/LGBT “players” or dishonest influences around a case.  Habitual, blatant lying about white-on-black cases, blocking and changing evidence, bribing witnesses, extortion Links to Muslims with anti-American agendas Links to Black Power groups from places like South Africa, Somalia and other African or Middle Eastern nations A corresponding affiliation with “brown” power movement groups, including Native Americans and Hispanics, Latinos and Chicanos Media “Surround Sound” Black/Brown Preference:  Newspapers, Magazines, College media, Bank and Credit Card Company media Denial of complicity with dangerous groups like cartels and terrorists Leftists;  Gangs, Cartels;  Terrorists; Black/Red/Brown Power Movements bent on Domination and Takeover - Duplicity:  not just the advertised “kindness and peace” or demands for “”justice” Denial of racism toward whites, including white cops ; allowing themselves to lie and be hateful toward a large group of people: we cannot trust our news enough to support protests and riots Taking it out on all whites, many of whom never did anything to them; by extention, they are taking out on all America, which includes all races.  All Americans are suffering from the Black Lives Matter Movement from the violence, damages to property, and loss of historic and artistic monuments. Refusing to have a real two-way discussion.  It’s all one-sided. “Reparations” - demands for are extremely dangerous.  When you look at the Black Lives Matter website on their charter, you will find outlined a demand for reparations which hands over the shop to these guilt-manipulating bandits. “Living Wage” Mandates on the Black Lives Matter website charter section might include an overall economic demand which includes reverse discrimination in hiring blacks in the sense blacks hire only or mostly blacks, put themselves in management positions, and take over every business and operation they get their hands on.  The next in line to get jobs below will be other darker skinned non-whites, or those like Hispanics and Native Americans with known support of their Black Power related movements.  You can start getting a feeling for a takeover using several suggestions found on this website. Religious or Leftist Extremists trying to make everyone the same   Denial of complicity with dangerous groups; denial of connection with (or domino affected) full-scale riots, destruction and violence Hidden agendas using reverse racism to drive emotion/built to “let Dracula in the door”; Softening - weakening USA to move more players into previously stabilized areas; No realistic vision for “what next” - extremists with power mongering agendas are what next; Repeated tendency to snuff speech of anyone who objects; destroying historic monuments also happened in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere by Islamic Extremists who moved in and took over; Surround sound - they have placed players in almost all media outlets and in many colleges - infowars.  The same Black Lives Matter supporting messages are found across the board.  This is extremely sad and totally dangerous. The problem with Native Americans Also see BLM/Native American problem for USA section Native Americans are greatly complicit in this awful movement; when will Native Americans realize they are losing what was left of their ethnic roots by becoming a melting pot movement with Black Lives Matter?  Black Lives Matter and the extension of black power movements are effectively wiping out the rest of Native American sacredness.   Native Americans are supporting the wrong allies.  They are supporting groups who dominate their people in their own countries.  There are no civil rights there.  People have been thoroughly brutalized in those places.  What part of this equation do Native Americans not see about Black Lives Matter?  Is it too far away for them to realize that Islamic and cartel bullies have totally dominated those places?  Again, what part of this equation do Native Americans not get?  Are they so enthralled in taking out America that they don’t care that Islamic and cartel bullies want to fill the void?  Look at Saudi Arabia. Look at Iran.  Look at Syria.   Look at most of the Middle Eastern and Islamic countries, as well as Mexico and Latin America.  These places are Bully Zones.  You do not want that ugliness taking over the USA just because you have a beef with the history of America!   MILLIONS HAVE DIED IN ISLAMIC, AFRICAN NATION,SOVIET, CHINESE AND BRUTAL CARTEL TAKEOVERS OVER THE YEARS  The first to go are usually liberals, leftists, intellectuals and LGBT and anyone who dissents; women are often brutalized and raped in large numbers; children are abused and misused and grow up in mind-controlled territory from that takeover point onward TAKE A STAND, FACE DOWN THE CROWD - NO TO BLM Although the only solution is a cosmopolitan approach, there is a time and place when you need to Call a Spade a Spade. That is, sometimes a person must choose not to be a doormat and to stand up to bullying.  Although many in the BLM movement feel they are standing up to white discrimination, the truth is, they are being bullies.  Many are linked to dangerous groups.  Our objective is love, but we must not let Black Lives Matter and their affiliates bully us into submission. It is not a peaceful movement although it talks peace.  It is not about kindness although it says “Be Kind.”  The messages put up everywhere about peace and kindness are deliberately provoking, and they are controlling while linked to hidden agendas.    They are about one group trying to dominate others into submission.   Their idea of kindness is “Do it My Way, or Else.”  Behind the gooey language are iron fists, literally and symbolically. The arguments are one-sided.   It is likely “members” are watchers, keeping tabs on anyone who speaks up and out against BLM around town.  You might not know you are being eyed, but you are; they might be acting like thought police.  This is a precursor to a communist or Islamic State system; the members are bullies even if you don’t fully know it yet.  They are trying to texturize your experience according to their narrow agendas and if you don’t conform, or if they decide they do not like you, watch out, they will get you one way or another, sooner or later. Most violence against blacks is by blacks.  African, Middle Eastern, Mexico, Latin America and other regions have dictatorships (which includes cartel-controlled spaces) which got that way by killing off large numbers of the population, including leftists, liberals, intellectuals, college students and LGBT.  Takeovers of more moderate regimes were swift in most, if not all cases. Many minority Hispanic cops have harmed the public in New Mexico, but these stories do not get as much coverage as those involving fair-skinned Caucasian cops.  (At the same time, many minority policing personnel in that state and elsewhere have worked in coordinated teams to catch drug traffickers and otehr criminals).  Most police officers need to be credited for the difficult things they deal with while doing their best.  Undermining our police and national security is not where it’s at. When studying BLM riots, almost immediately identify the who, where and history of state and nearby Islamic mosques. ARTICLES The Daily Coin BY NATURAL NEWS · 2020/07/02  Black Lives Matter is a full-blown CULT, and its supporters are mindless FANATICS  by: Ethan Huff for Natural News https://thedailycoin.org/2020/07/02/black-lives-matter-is-a-full-blown-cult-and-its-supporters-are-mindless- fanatics/ Excerpt: Every guilt-ridden white person out there who has joined up with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is convinced that he or she has taken the moral high ground while everyone else is still mired in racism. But as pointed out by social justice theorist James Lindsey, BLM adherents are actually cult members who fail to recognize how they have been co-opted into joining a newfangled religion, which we would contend is marked by racism against whites and black supremacy. According to Lindsey, there are three stages to the cult-joining process: initiation, indoctrination, and reprogramming. He also delves into the mentality of cult members, the deprogramming process, and how to leave a cult – which is helpful information for those who eventually come to the realization that they have been duped. During the initiation phase, potential cult members are baited through exploitation of emotional vulnerability. In the case of BLM, this might take the form of asking the cult initiates, “Did you know you’re complicit in racist systems?” the purpose being to shame these initiates into believing that they need guidance on how to change. Systemic racism, of course, is a completely made-up concept that serves the interest of denigrating whiteness while elevating blackness. And it is precisely the emotional vulnerability that is being used to exploit masses of mostly white people into hating themselves, as well as others like them with similar skin tones. “Be an anti-racist,” might be the pitch, followed by, “Help us dismantle the system and build a better world.” This type of baiting convinces the initiate that he or she has the power to bring about systemic change while taking credit as some kind of “hero” for the black cause, making white people with white guilt feel better about themselves. Once the white initiate has been initiated, next comes the full reprogramming After breaching this “feel-good” threshold, the cult initiate is advanced to the indoctrination stage, where he or she is brought into the “inner circle,” so to speak. After humiliating the white initiates through declarations of “white fragility” and other anti-white concepts, these easily-duped whites are told to cut ties with those who do not agree with them and basically commit to the new cause without wavering. For white members of BLM, this can look like publicly denouncing one’s own whiteness, or publicly shaming one’s white friends in heartless acts of betrayal. This demonstrates that the initiate has moved on from the initiation phase to the indoctrination phase, where he or she will then learn the ways of higher-level activism. “This process progresses over time, usually months, demanding more costly sacrifices, costly signals, and doing work for the cult and its doctrinal mission,” Lindsey writes. “Costly sacrifices and signals are particularly powerful displays of commitment, and when the mark rationalizes these objectively bad decisions and the cognitive dissonance that doing them causes, they nearly always rationalize themselves much further into the cult.” Later on, the cult member is advanced to the full reprogramming stage where he or she is plunged in to see the world fully through the lens of cult doctrine. No longer is the cult member having to be told what constitutes “rightthink” or “wrongthink,” but instead is now able to start declaring it without the training wheels because, at this point, “woke” cult thinking comes naturally. “Having a critical consciousness occurs when one is able to see the ‘problematics’ in everything, where ‘problematics’ are any deviation or potential for deviation from the cult doctrine anywhere in any aspect of society,” Lindsey adds. “This includes in speech, writing, institutions, thoughts, people, systems, knowledge, history, one’s past, and society itsel Sky Hi News dot com  [more in Start Here above] 2020/07/30  Letter: BLM movement isn’t about black lives.  By John Erwin, Fraser https //www.skyhinews com/news/letter-blm-movement-isnt-about-black-lives/ https://turtleboysports.com/black-lives-matter-is-a-cult/ Crisis Magazine SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 The Occult Spirituality of Black Lives Matter DAN BURKE https://www.crisismagazine.com/2020/the-occult-spirituality-of-black-lives-matter Youtube Podcast Chris Shelton interviewing Adrian Lee Oliver, a black male concerned about radicalization of BLM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hypRsww0pD4 #BlackLivesMatter #AdrianLeeOliver #criticalthinking 2020/07/17  Sensibly Speaking Podcast #255: The Cult-Like Core of Black Lives Matter ft. Adrian Lee Oliver This podcast between the two men talks about cults in general, their characteristics, as well as BLM and how it seems to be a cult, too.  Chris Shelton was in a Scientology cult for a number of years, and Adrian Lee Oliver felt he was in a family based cult run by his schizophrenic black mother who taught them to not trust any form of authority.  Updates:  2020/11/26  Chris Shelton interviewing Adrian Lee Oliver added; Sky High News letter added;some editing and moving; 2020/10/19 edited menu; 2020/10/16 page had a problem, it was fixed today; 2020/10/05 Maps moved to BLM16 BLM Riots/Protests 2020;   2020/10/01;  Page Started 2020/08/30
The Magic of a Good Mix #1 Choose to Love The Universal Language of Music We need a cosmopolitan* approach which seeks integration, not divide. J-Calvin Choose to Love Youtube song video (2018) https //www youtube com/watch?v=g4v6SpMKDQU Note from PF:   The basic idea is  to love one’s self first, then love others.   By using a multi-racial platform to present this lovely song, all of the musicians work together to complete the whole.  All are equally vital to the finished composition’s effect and success.  This is the way it should be in life. *not a Utopian ideal cosmopolitan approach; the definition here means responsibly and maturely working together while retaining individual differences. It does not mean a dissolution of all nations borders for global communism or socialism.  It doesn’t mean trying to make everyone the same, or trying to enforce one set of ideas using draconian measures.
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