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BLM-8b Black-Centric Media Photos and other Anti-White Modes       
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  They’re lying and cheating, over and over! They want attention - fight back constructively with gusto BLACK-CENTRIC ADVERTISING - NO OR FEW WHITES IN SIGHT Corporate Media Photos on Home Pages and More:  Acknowledge, See, Question Who is Doing This and Why?  Is it anti-racism or is it totalitarianism, like Big Brother in a New World Order? These companies show a high number of light brown through black images in widespread advertising at major outlets, universities and more - seems to be a deliberate attempt to remove or lessen visibility of fair-skinned Caucasians - watch for cult-like behavior in this    IN THIS SECTION  BLM-8b List of Companies with an emphasis on black/dark brown ads (see Brief List below)  A   AARP     ADYEN     AETNA    APUS/AMU (American Public/Military University System)     Auto Zone    B   Bank Mobile     Blue Cross Blue Shield     C   Capital One     Census  (NM, SJC)    City Market (Kroger)    CMS Hub     Credit One  K   Krogers Food Chains (Smiths, City Market, Fry’s, etc.)     M   Microsoft         P   Paypal     R   REI     Ross     S   Smith’s (Kroger)     Staples    Starbucks     U   United Health Group     US Bank    T   Target     W   Walmart    X   Xfinity      etc….   Black-Owned Marketing Companies      Walmart and Target’s primary marketing companies     Comments Also see BLM-8a Black-Centric Media  See also: BLM1-23 List of Topics ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIST OF COMPANIES A AARP extracted from internet 2020/11/09 ADYEN extracted from internet 2020/10/27;( Ebay stopped using paypal in preference for adyen an amsterdam company.https //www vox com/2018/1/31/16957212/ebay-adyen-paypal-payments-agreement); there are few photos on website of this nature, this stands out as particularly visual and theatrical, as if you are stepping into a room in which people are engaged in serious business as entrepreneur-like creative thinking session, two blacks larger as toward the front, muted whiter skinned fellow in back, but he looks like he could be Middle Eastern, Hispanic “or something else or between” AETNA   Aetna: two black grandparent looking figures with black baby who might be grandchild extracted from internet 2020/11/09 APUS American Public/Military  University System Watch for:  corporate trajectories as linked business interests to various corporations retaliation against students or faculty who speak out against APUS o Abusive, controlling military link, they might be doing it in military training schools too o a black/MPM bullying online, some of it covert o replacing online people with someone else who is not disclosed o someone might know how to attack students psychically or psychotronically maybe old Wicca knowledge passed down White South lines maybe a veteran/active duty person’s military paramilitary/paranormal training being used against students in the cyber forum look who has been getting into the student’s file or secretly watching the student in his/her interactions with other students, paying attention to what that student writes even in a social setting (like personal asides or comments alongside scholarly responses to class questions); if the student is white, how many minorities have been accessing the student’s file?  Watching for “correcting” behavior that are put-downs.  Watch for “waiting to get even” in the next class to teach that student “a thing or two.”  That is, they became angry during one class and decided to redouble efforts at retaliation in the next online class - people are waiting to punish and bully the student before he/she gets there because they know his/her name is on the course roster. Old White South issue as well as a black/MPM one Watch for current or past connection to Bank Mobile, as well as earlier Banks, for student loan refund processing to students as third party intermediary; both entities have shown BPM-centric photos and/or “calling cards”, including Black Lives Matter types of lingo.  Investigations should follow the lines of corporate trajectories of both entities.  Something is off at American Public/Military University. Pay attention to any connections to Georgetown University and other regional colleges or universities with known activity with Radical Islam and the old communist/leftist thing that goes back to at least the Vietnam War.  Identify whether students or instructors at APUS are associated with mosques in Virgina and/or West Virginia.  Be prepared to be on alert to old “white school” histories linking both states (they used to be just Virginia) and that region in which English, British, slave trade families, pre-colonial, colonial, Washington, Jefferson, etc. Revolution and Civil War eras might play a part in family lineages among the collegian and political set, any blacks in white family lines, and under-table deals between blacks and whites.  One thing to look for are separationist, anti-American agendas, a certain religionist core, KKK and their ilk, and an old pro-British link, but watch for anything that has an Old South, and an Old Virginia or regional, tendency.  It could hook up with the American military and certain family lines and traditions in that area.  APUS (American Public University home page all minorities, top line of multi-photo box that cut off a white male on the front row seen below at the end of line and other whites seen in the full box of photos  below this top line only when the box is clicked;  This was seen repeatedly on the main page where online students sign in to get to their classes.  By only seeing darker skinned minorities, the school, purposely or not (it is probably not an accident) making it look like the only students worth being the next voice of the university are persons of color.  This ignores the white veterans and employees who are hooked into employer-connected college tuition benefits, as well as other white students paying on their own dime, whether it is through financial aid (student loans have to be repaid) or not.  It is probably a good idea to check who is in charge of advertising for clubs associated with the university, as well as who is their primary media company.  APUS is an online school that likely has students in all of the states in the United States, and has several related corporate, call center or administrative offices across state lines although they are primarily centered in West Virginia.  It is believed Virginia and Oregon are two other states they have offices in. AUTO ZONE Black female advertised “Now Hiring Drivers” on front door of Durango, Colorado Auto Zone.  Only ad on door. Photo taken 2020/11/18. B Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Extracted from Internet 2020/11/10, it was a popup ad for BCBS on Military Times; its a rotating photo, but the first thing you see is the blacks when you come to Military Times, it was on the top of the page C Capital One Capital One Black Female home page/retrieved 2020/04/01 CAPITAL ONE - Olive or Brown Skinned Couple Capital One black female side and eye-catching through business garb and unusual haircut, getting a foreground shot although the other one is facing front 2020/04/05 CENSUS Aztec, New Mexico in front of San Juan County Administrative Complex. Photo taken 2020/09/21.  The census billboard has since been taken down.  There was an ad campaign by the federal government.  See some articles below.  Photo shows three minority children, one of whom could pass as a Mexican national.  The same ad was shown on a large yellow school bus at the business complex near 30th and Main Street in Farmington, New Mexico - the complex includes San Juan College offices.  The problem with this ad is it gives the wrong idea that education in Aztec, Farmington  San Juan County, and all of New Mexico are just about brown-skinned people when half the population is white.  Some have suggested they are trying to encourage counts from minorities fearful of participating in the census.  Census signs should not be encouraging minorityism as a political statement.  Another census sign shows a white male married to a Hispanic with mixed race kids.  This is still a pointed form of government-connected advertising in New Mexico.  Many whites exist not connected to the tribes or the Hispanic population, and this is OK.  Their presence is important, too.  Part of the problem with New Mexico is a series of several years of Hispanic governors, a Hispanic Attorney General, and Navajos taking over the hourly and management government jobs in the Farmington area.  There is a lot of cronyism and illegal reverse discrimination in hiring practices in all of this.  The above census sign should offend any white person paying attention to racial turfing in advertising in San Juan County as well as the nation and globe.  CAIR has been seen messing with the Census in California.  CAIR is an Islamic organization linked to Hamas- based terrorism.  There are also concerns illegal aliens are getting counted for the census, election votes and probably other things.  Illegal aliens need to be kept from such counts in the USA. Census dot gov 2020/01/14   Census ads unveiling https //www census gov/newsroom/press-releases/2020/2020-census-ads-unveiling html Excerpt: Communications effort employs multi-language ads, partnerships and trusted voices The U.S. Census Bureau today shared highlights of a $500 million public education and outreach campaign featuring more than 1,000 ads designed to reach 99% of all U.S. households and communicate the importance of responding to the 2020 Census. The Census Bureau conducted extensive research to create the “Shape your Future. Start here.” campaign to show that responding to the census is easy, safe and important. https //www census gov/newsroom/press-releases/2020/2020-census-ads-unveiling html 2020 Census Paid Media Campaign https //www census gov/about/business-opportunities/opportunities/2020-opps/2020-census-paid-media.html The Hill 2020/02  Census Bureau spends millions on ad campaign to mitigate fears on excluded citizenship question. Justine Coleman https //thehill com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/483485-census-bureau-spends-millions-on-ad-campaign- to-mitigate-fears Excerpt:  The Census Bureau is spending millions of dollars on an ad campaign seeking to assure members of the Latino community that their information will not be shared with local or federal authorities.  The ads, which are a part of the bureau’s $500 million campaign, are focused on mitigating fears regarding a lack of confidentiality, following the push for the now-excluded citizenship question from the 2020 census.  The entire advertising campaign with 1,000 ads will continue over the next five months, including $50 million targeting Latino populations, $40 million focused on African Americans and $20 million on Asian Americans, according to Culture ONE World, a Washington-based ad agency, Politico reported.  Several of the ads are directed at minority populations, particularly the Latino community, because of the bureau’s concerns that the 2020 census will undercount these populations, according to Politico.  A January report from the bureau found fears over a Trump administration-supported citizenship question could decrease the number of Latinos willing to participate. The census count affects redistricting and federal grant spending until 2030.  The ads, focused on reducing anxiety about confidentiality in the wake of the citizenship question and stressing the safety of the census, run in Spanish and in markets with high Latino populations. Culture ONE also told Politico that several will air in so-called sanctuary cities, where officials decline to share information with federal immigration authorities. https //thehill com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/483485-census-bureau-spends-millions-on-ad-campaign- to-mitigate-fears Washington Post 2020 Political interference threatens the census. Here’s how to protect it. Note from PF:  This is a pro-liberal, anti-Trump article but gives info on census https //www washingtonpost com/opinions/2020/09/08/census-political-interference-door-knocking-field- work-pandemic-effects/ Opinion | The census should remain in the hands of the president - The Washington Post Also: alt. view from conservative view: www washingtonpost com CITY MARKET (KROGER SYSTEM) Durango, Colorado only ad of its kind there.  “Career With Promise”  jobscitymarket dot com job ad with photo of black female seen  to left as you come into the main entrance to the store, it’s in the breezeway/entryway with the shopping carts.  CMS Hub CMS Hub Black female has most of the light while being front & center,   and only portion of white male seen and to side retrieved 2020/09 D-E-F G-H-I J-K-L M Microsoft MICROSOFT - Black in eye-catching red and slightly larger & closer photo draws more focus to her N Navient NAVIENT Black one fully facing front;white male muted only back area shown muted; off-white female seems to be taking secondary role to black New Mexico Health Connections New Mexico Health Connections black facing front & in center, eye-catching by being taller OSLA  Osla Black male: this photo often seen on home page/screen shot taken 2020/03/27 OSLA - a mixed group, the Black male on right is the  only figure whose face is really visible, facing front P-Q PAYPAL Extracted from Paypal 2020/10/27 https://www.paypal.com/us/home R REI REI - Black female front and center; other races seen only  with hair-covering caps or parts of faces, profiles, or otherwse mostly top of head REI - Both black female figures running together center of page Ross There is to be a suspicious emphasis of black ads on the windows facing the outside parking lot S-T SAN DIEGO STATE -  Black Male with Hispanic Woman you see more of the Black’s face/body San Juan College, Farmington, New Mexico Left  Three Photos off Hwy 516/Hwy550 that runs north-south between Farmington, NM and Durango, CO. Top Two Photos: I am SJC-San Juan College- Success Matters: The picture here only shows one person, a Native American, likely Navajo, saying “I am SJC.”  The photo below shows the sign’s orientation along the highway as seen from Navajo Lake’s entrance - you can’t see the sign too well, but it’s off in the distance to the right of the hwy.  Bottom photo: Only four minorities seen (no whites) advertising San Juan College on hwy 516/550 just south of Super S Gas/Convenience store on same side of road,  slightly north of Cedar Hill, NM and just south of the COlorado border. There is another long-term sign up the same hwy closer to the Colorado border only showing four minorities seen  This is an obvious overt form of Racial Turfing.  The college used to be a friendly open space for all races, but has become Navajo-centered over the years.  Few people notice the turfing for what it is in the area; too many whites at the college are of the liberal sort who think whites need to take a second stage as long as they themselves have a job, and there are too many Navajo leftists at the college who supported Black Lives Matter protests locally.  Video seen on home page of San Juan College website shows only Navajos and Hispanics; you get fleeting glimpses of one or two whites (fair-skinned Caucasians).  San Juan College used to have a lot more whites; the college is state funded but it’s acting like a private for-profit college favoring certain students over others.  The college did not used to be Navajo, Hispanic and minority centered.  It’s lost its openness, it feels like a network of control.  Watch for this ugly behavior in other colleges.  The reverse discrimination is nasty and dangerous.  They feed into their own reality and will not accept dialogues, no reciprocity., and it is likely the Navajo and Hispanic bias is in campus security and law enforcement.  New Mexico has a long list of mostly Hispanic cops who have broken the rules and the laws; as New Mexico descends further and further into being a third world country state, these minority cops will only get worse.  As they get rid of the white cops, no one will be left behind to stop their antics against other whites or themselves.  That is, people with alternative views are being wiped off the landscape in New Mexico.  San Juan College likely is associated with dishonest minority law enforcement and media.  Campus Security is mostly minority controlled on that campus, and on many if not most campuses in the state of New Mexico.  San Juan College has players who are central to the MPM in Farmington and the Four Corners, which includes Durango, Colorado 45 miles north. Watch this college carefully for reverse discrimination and minority preference across the board, including from white faculty and administrators part of the clique.  This little college used to be an open and friendly space for all races, but in later years shifted to what feels like a primarily Navajo centered place.  The college HATES people to say this, they hate it.  They have a proven track record of trying to shut people up about this.  One way to look for minority preference and reverse discrimination is to walk around the college and see who is there.  If you are seeing mostly Navajos, know this was not the way it used to be.  It used to be very mixed racially.  Something has happened.  The next thing to look for is who is getting what jobs where - especially the lower end, entry level, hourly positions, including student aid jobs.  The third thing to watch for is advertising.  This is a key way to identify the approach of the college.  If you are mostly seeing Navajos, Hispanics or other minorities in their ads, including website home page videos or photographs, billboards along the highway, front pages of class schedules or student or community informational magazines, this is a red flag.  The college hates people to say things like this and there could be retaliation for this post.  Most of it comes from Navajos who are trying to control not only the college but the entire Farmington and perhaps Four Corners Area.  They are part of the Minority Power Movement, with Navajo and other minority leftists protesting in the Black Lives Matter parades in Farmington and Durango.  The college does not want the public to denigrate Navajos associated with leftists or minority power movements.  The media, especially The Durango Herald, seems to be highly supportive of BLM and was part of the game to only put out one side of the story. Again, San Juan College has people who will try to remove this post.  They will likely act ugly.  San Juan College needs to go back to being an open, friendly and non-controlled space, one not so Navajo-centered.  A strong number of whites live in the area not directly linked to the Navajo Nation.  The college needs to stop acting like a portal for the Navajo Nation.  The Navajos have their own community colleges elsewhere.  San Juan College needs to actively demonstrate it is not only giving advantages to the Navajos.  This includes grants, scholarships and positive behavioral responses.  Whites students on campus need not be part of the MPM mindset or cliques in order to feel at home and part of the flow.  Whites who walk to the beat of a different drum on campus need not feel like "odd man out" - that is, people who speak up and against what feels like minority preference should not experience retaliation from the college.  San Juan College under other administrations was better and was normal. It had an open-cosmopolitan feeling which included fair-skinned people.  Going onto that campus today you would think few whites live in the area. You would feel it is an extension of the Navajo Reservation.  We have needed a change for several years, but we particularly need change now.  The college likely has some militant Navajos when whites speak out about these issues, including in campus security.  They will try to fight anyone with a different point of view.  Some whites on campus are married to Navajos who think this ugly behavior is par for the course, because they believe Navajos were a poor down-trodden people now coming into their own.  Whites who support the BLM reparations mode are wrong, because reverse discrimination has gone too far the other direction. Whites do not have to keep giving reparations; they don't owe, owe, owe forever and ever for what happened to Navajos or other minorities in history.  I want the old San Juan College back, one in which diversity is real diversity: one that includes a solid, balanced number of fair- skinned students and student employees.  I wait to see what kind of hostile response comes from the college over this. SMITH’S  (KROGER SYSTEM) Farmington, New Mexico STAPLES Office Supply Farmington, New Mexico - as of early Fall of 2020 and before during the course of the year, black (African American, etc.) - centered media has been found prominently inside this store.  One way is with life-sized  black photos as full-body figures standing and smiling; the media used is something like  flat cardboard/plastic - they are not dummies - and they are standing fairly near the cash registers at the front of the store and down aisles further back into the store.  You look around and don’t see any white ads.  Most of the workers are Native American or Hispanic.  There has been a longterm white manager in the store, someone who has been seen at Office Max in earlier years, but chances are the next time you look, a minority manager will be in his place - something that has been seen all over the city.  WHITES BEWARE.  STARBUCKS Extracted from on 2020/10/27   https://wifi.starbucks.com/ Target Large photo of blacks inside the store - seems to be larger than the other ads with the intention of being more attention grabbing Thoughtco United Health Group WALDEN UNIVERSITY Walden University on Thoughtco  White male is muted, slightly smaller seeming in background, white female is also muted, hard to see behind letters of subtitle,  deferring to black female as if what she has to say is important;  black female is in sunlight and has a characteristic Afro seen in many of these types of ads; what is going on here is that a mixed race couple of some context - friendship, business, etc. - have heads geared and angled toward the centered African American female, who is meant to grab most of the attention, and to be seen as having an ear-catching thing to say to the other two.  She is placed in primary position, the other two are taking secondary roles of watching and listening to her.  Watch for this type of thing all across media using black models in their ads.  You might see whites, but where are they and what are they doing in contrast to the black?  Turbo Tax U US Bank US Bank black couple home page 2020/03/31 US Bank olive or brown skinned couple home page V-W-X Vanilla Gifts VanillaGift dot com check balance page extracted 2020/04/02 WALMART Haworth (as of 2016 article) Seen in MEDIA USED BY BIG CORPS below Media Post 2016/09/29    Walmart Selects Haworth For $900 Million U.S. Media Accountby Steve McClellan  @mp_mcclellan, https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/285829/walmart-selects-haworth-for-900-million-us-medi.html WALMART - Home Delivery On home page for Online Order/Delivery Membership page Black Male and child, on home page, first thing you see when you go to the link seen here [extracted from internet on 2020/10/13 https://www.walmart.com/plus here are some other pages: https://www.walmart.com/plus/faq on the FAQ sheet on 2020/10/30, you see no whites but several minorities pictured] WALMART - Black Male and Less Than White Female XFINITY Xfinity Wifi Black woman drinking coffee ad  been up a long time   BLACK OWNED MARKETING Ruby Slipper dot com  Black-Owned Marketing Companies https://www.rubyslipper.com/black-owned-marketing-agencies/ KSW Social Media Management www.kswsocialmedia.com