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Government Leaders Border States as of Jan., 2023 Comments PF Opinion: Arizona does a better job than New Mexico in fighting border problems, but it has been infected by leftists; the newest Democrat leaders in Arizona do no service to the hard-working people on the ground at the border fighting illegal immigration and trying to protect the borders. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NUMBERS of Senators and Representatives ARIZONA Arizona has two senators in the United States Senate and nine representatives in the United States House of Representatives. Arizona is a state in the United States. NEW MEXICO New Mexico has two senators in the United States Senate and three representatives in the United States House of Representatives. New Mexico is a state in the United States. TEXAS Texas has two senators in the United States Senate and 38 representatives in the United States House of Representatives. Texas is a state in the United States. CALIFORNIA California has two senators in the United States Senate and 52 representatives in the United States House of Representatives. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BORDER DISTRICTS PER STATE Texas 16th Think “El Paso” Texas's 16th congressional district of the United States House of Representatives includes almost all of El Paso and most of its suburbs in the state of Texas. 23rd Think “Most of Texan southern border except El Paso” The 23rd district runs along the majority of Texas' border with Mexico, north of the Rio Grande. It stretches from western San Antonio to El Paso, encompassing numerous county seats and towns of regional economic importance. The district is predominantly rural. d%20district%20runs%20along%20the%20majority%20of,regional%20economic%20impo rtance.%20The%20district%20is%20predominantly%20rural. 34th, 15th, 28th Newsweek 2022/09/28 Battle to Win the House Plays Out in 3 Key Border Districts in South Texas BY ADRIAN CARRASQUILLO south-texas-1747256 34th Wikipedia The district is currently represented by Vicente Gonzalez (D-McAllen), who was redistricted there from Texas's 15th congressional district.[6] Texas's 34th congressional district is composed of the area on the Gulf Coast between Brownsville and Corpus Christi, the latter of which being situated in the neighbouring 27th congressional district, with a portion turning inland into the rural portions of the state.[7] In addition to the City of Brownsville, other major towns in the district include Alice, Beeville, Harlingen, Kingsville and San Benito. [34th District Info extracted from Internet 2023/01/29] TexasView dot org Texas Cities That Border Mexico (1248 Miles) You can find many Texan cities along the 1248-mile-long stretch of the southern Texas-Mexico border. Several of these towns are twinned with Mexican cities across the border. These border towns share much of their food, culture, and traditions with their Mexican counterparts. SENATORS Arizona Senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema Independent Since Jan 3, 2019 Junior Senator Mark Kelly Democrat Since Dec 2, 2020 … New Mexico Martin Heinrich Democrat Since Jan 3, 2013 Next Election in 2024 Ben Ray Luján Democrat Since Jan 3, 2021 Next Election in 2026; showing strong signs of leftist tendencies including pro-Mexico and pro-immigrants legal or illegal Texas John Cornyn Republican Since Nov 30, 2002Next Election in 2026 Ted Cruz Republican Since Jan 3, 2013 Next Election in 2024 California Dianne Feinstein Democrat Since Nov 10, 1992 Next Election in 2024 Alejandro “Alex” Padilla Democrat Since Jan 20, 2021 Next Election in 2028 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REPRESENTATIVES Arizona-Representatives 9 representatives in the US House of Rep Dist 6 and Dist 7 border Mexico: CD6: Old CD2 Area: From southeastern Arizona (excluding the border town of Douglas and liberal enclave of Bisbee) taking in Green Valley and wrapping around the north and eastern edges of Tucson to Casa Grande and Safford. Incumbent: Ann Kirkpatrick (D) — not seeking re-election Status: “Highly competitive” but Republican leaning. Worse for Democrats. CD7: Old CD3 Area: Southwestern Arizona, stretching from Yuma to Avondale, south through most of Tucson and running along the U.S.-Mexico Border through Nogales and Santa Cruz County to Douglas and Bisbee on the southeastern edge of the state. Incumbent: Raul Grijalva (D) Status: Safe Dem district. First District David Schweikert 1st Dist R Since Jan 3, 2023 (next election in 2024) Second Eli Crane 2nd Dist R Third Ruben Gallego 3rd Dist D Fourth Greg Stanton 4th Dist D Fifth Andy Biggs 5th Dist R Sixth Juan Ciscomani 6th Dist R Seventh Raúl Grijalva 7th Dist D Eight Debbie Lesko R Ninth Paul Gosar R Arizona Agenda dot substack 2022/01/03 Here's your Arizona redistricting cheat sheet As we head into a new election year, here's what you need to know about the new districts. California New Mexico-Representatives First District Melanie Stansbury, Democrat (PF Opinion: She is white, but makes sure she is shown with mostly people of color in at least one photo) Second District Gabe Vasquez, Democrat [PF Opinion: Likely sympathetic to Mexican immigrants. Probably not supportive of white residents in the state. Will be mostly working for Hispanics, Latinos, Native Americans and non-whites in the state. “Equity in the Outdoors* is more focused on non-whites rather than keeping it neutral (the outdoors is for everyone, but he had to bring race into it). He does have some negative press] Previous executive director of the Hispano Chamber of Commerce de Las Cruces rationalizing rioting in the summer of 2020, and comparing the Trump administration to the Ku Klux Klan.[1 * Growing up, Gabe lived on both sides of the border and spent much of his time in his Grandfather’s TV repair shop in the Chaveña Neighborhood of Ciudad Juarez. Third District o Teresa Leger Fernandez, Democrat Texas-Representatives All representatives serve until the end of the current Congress on Jan 3, 2025. Nathaniel Moran 1st District Republican Since Jan 3, 2023 ------------------------------ Dan Crenshaw 2nd District Republican Since Jan 3, 2019 ------------------------------ Keith Self 3rd District Republican Since Jan 3, 2023 ------------------------------ Patrick “Pat” Fallon 4th District Republican Since Jan 3, 2021 ------------------------------ Lance Gooden 5th District Republican Since Jan 3, 2019 ------------------------------ Jake Ellzey 6th District Republican Since Jul 30, 2021 ------------------------------ Lizzie Fletcher 7th District Democrat Since Jan 3, 2019 ------------------------------ Morgan Luttrell 8th District Republican Since Jan 3, 2023 ------------------------------ Al Green 9th District Al Green Democrat Since Jan 4, 2005 ------------------------------ Michael McCaul 10th District Republican Since Jan 4, 2005 ------------------------------ August Pfluger 11th District August Pfluger Republican Since Jan 3, 2021 ------------------------------ Kay Granger 12th District Republican Since Jan 7, 1997 ------------------------------ Ronny Jackson 13th District Republican Since Jan 3, 2021 ------------------------------ Randy Weber 14th District Randy Weber Republican Since Jan 3, 2013 ------------------------------ Mónica De La Cruz 15th District Mónica De La Cruz Republican Since Jan 3, 2023 ------------------------------ Veronica Escobar 16th District Democrat Since Jan 3, 2019 ------------------------------ Pete Sessions 17th District Republican Since Jan 3, 2021 ------------------------------ Sheila Jackson Lee 18th District Democrat Since Jan 4, 1995 ------------------------------ Jodey Arrington 19th District Republican Since Jan 3, 2017 ------------------------------ Joaquin Castro 20th District Democrat Since Jan 3, 2013 ------------------------------ Chip Roy 21st District Republican Since Jan 3, 2019 ------------------------------ Troy Nehls 22nd District Troy Nehls Republican Since Jan 3, 2021 ------------------------------ Ernest “Tony” Gonzales 23rd District Republican Since Jan 3, 2021 ------------------------------ Beth Van Duyne 24th District Republican Since Jan 3, 2021 ------------------------------ Roger Williams 25th District Roger Williams Republican Since Jan 3, 2013 ------------------------------ Michael Burgess 26th District Republican Since Jan 7, 2003 ------------------------------ Michael Cloud 27th District Republican Since Jul 10, 2018 ------------------------------ Henry Cuellar 28th District Democrat Since Jan 4, 2005 ------------------------------ Sylvia Garcia 29th District Sylvia Garcia Democrat Since Jan 3, 2019 ------------------------------ Jasmine Crockett 30th District Jasmine Crockett Democrat Since Jan 3, 2023 ------------------------------ John R. Carter 31st District Republican Since Jan 7, 2003 ------------------------------ Colin Allred 32nd District Democrat Since Jan 3, 2019 ------------------------------ Marc Veasey 33rd District Democrat Since Jan 3, 2013 ------------------------------ Vicente Gonzalez 34th District Democrat Since Jan 3, 2023 ------------------------------ Gregorio Casar 35th District Democrat Since Jan 3, 2023 ------------------------------ Brian Babin 36th District Republican Since Jan 6, 2015 ------------------------------ Lloyd Doggett 37th District Democrat Since Jan 3, 2023 ------------------------------ Wesley Hunt 38th District Wesley Republican Since Jan 3, 2023 ------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GOVERNORS Arizona Katie Hobbs Democrat showing signs of leftist tendencies New Mexico Lujan Grisham Democrat shows signs of leftist tendencies Texas Greg Abbott California Gavin Newsom Democrat shows signs of leftist tendencies -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTORNEY GENERALS Arizona Kris Mayes, Democrat CNN 2022/12/29 attorney-general/index.html California Rob Bonta Governor Newsom Swears in Rob Bonta as Attorney General of California Published: Apr 23, 2021 Bonta makes history as California’s first Filipino American Attorney General general-of-california/ New Mexico Raul Torrez, Democrat worked for the Cesar Chavez Foundation in Los Angeles before attending Stanford Law School, earning his Juris Doctor.[2][ In 2008, Torrez was chief counsel to Ben Luján, the speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives, and then he served as a White House Fellow in the class of 2009–2010 during the presidency of Barack Obama.[ (Wikipedia) Texas The current officeholder, Republican Ken Paxton, has served in the position since January 5, 2015. (continued from above right) The Sorry State of Affairs in New Mexico Whites are considered mere subjects, not equal American citizens and residents The American state of New Mexico is largely “gone” and has become a brown nationalist- fascist space by de-evolving to its feudalistic roots while pretending to be the guys and gals in white hats bringing anti-Covid expertise, modernism and money to the state - to the browns in the state that is, of course. It’s all about Hispanic and tribal identity politics. They’ll have sex with whites in a heartbeat but won’t give them jobs, and if they give them jobs, they hide them in the back rooms so that mostly browns and blacks are seen by the public. They give whites different rates of pay like as instructors at colleges, will let the mafia types attack the white police officers for money and humiliating publicity stunts. My suspicion is that white males are being attacked sexually in various ways and pressured to “do as the Romans do” by being negatively influenced by corrupt cynical HIspanic/tribal types in the police and possibly New Mexico FBI departments. The Attorney General’s office is a joke as it only about Hispanics. The blacks will think the answer is to put more blacks in New Mexico from this discussion, but a black controlled state is also a corrupt state when you look around the nation. Black controlled areas are crime-ridden with black cronyism in political strongholds that are just about blacks. The answer is a “good mix” which does in fact include white people, and not just one kind of white people. Everyone wants whites to do that good mix until such time it becomes all black, Hispanic or tribal, then none of these wants a good mix any longer. The need is to get blacks and Hispanics/tribal types to be as ethical and professional in these matters as they wanted the whites to be. I am not seeing such ethics in the state of New Mexico, but a black-controlled space is not going to end these problems in New Mexico, either. But blacks will read this concern over Hispanic/tribal power games and will of course think the solution is about them - about putting in more blacks. New Mexico lost what tiny bit was left of its more balanced and pro-American approach overall after the winter 2022 elections, keeping bland repeats like “Governor” Grisham or bringing in yet more radical non-white supporters and leftists - or white liberals. White Hispanic/tribal yes men types like Martin Heinrich had earlier been raised to “Senior Senator” when the Mormon Udall retired. Udall was not really about white people in general, but about Mormons and extended Navajo tribal/Mormon connections. The state of New Mexico is largely reverse-racist overall, but mostly in its hiring practices, college and health care. Its bad attitudes toward white Americans is only matched by Hawaii and parts of Illinois, Minnesota and black-controlled southern or eastern states. It is unquestionably one of the most reverse-racist places in the country. Losing the last normal American political leader hold-outs was a very disappointing turn of affairs in New Mexico, which has truly become a weak link in the union and a national security threat to the rest of the country. It does not hold up its part of border protection compared to other border states like Arizona and Texas, or the comparatively few more honest California types. My message to New Mexico is this: The American system is the better system. Nothin’ like the good ol’ USA. New Mexico is not the land of enchantment; it has become the land of reverse-racism and reverse-racist politics, reverse-racist colleges; reverse-racist medical care, reverse-racist governmental hiring practices. It is the land of sourness and egos, revisionist history (people like to pretend Queen Isabella is a saint - she’s the female tyrant behind the Jewish Inquisition. It is also the land of Hispanic machismo where women are treated like second class citizens and are often raped and bullied, or women become lesbians, bisexual or downright butch It is the land of Hispanic and tribal, Catholic and Mormon, incest and all kinds of domination/submission behaviors and sexual abuse. It is the land where you never hear a white answer the phone in what should be AMERICAN government offices in Santa Fe. It is also the land where they won’t give whites a job but will have sex with whites in a heartbeat, particularly to show dominance and to “prove” they are not reverse-racists. It’s the land where whites are treated like subjects of a HIspanic/tribal kingdom, not fellow American citizens. It’s the land where Hispanics and tribal groups try to pretend to themselves and everyone else they do it better than Americans when they don’t do anything but reverse-racism as a form of brown fascist nationalism. New Mexico is largely “gone” and the only way back is to declare a state of emergency and send American federal loyalists in to grab the various agencies that have been taken over by the rebellionists and rejectionists, and also for the other states to put maximum pressure on New Mexico, including using veto powers whenever possible. There are a good number of people waving US flags In San Juan County in the northwest part of the state, with the city of Farmington as the hub, but they cannot keep up with the Hispanic/tribal identity politics and pro-Mexico stances because of their religious and family distractions. Republicans there are spending too much time on anti-abortion and telling other people how to have a religious experience and to put pressure on single white women who do not conform to their views. San Juan County needs to get real on the national security and border protection problems and stop distracting themselves over trying to use religion and large extended family networks to try to get everyone to conform. While they “do” religion and “family”, the state and nation are falling apart. With a few exceptions, they are not doing their share in protecting this nation against border invasions because they are too busy putting up anti-abortion signs. They need to get their heads out of the airy fairy world and away from the “aren’t we just one big incestuous family” hypocrisy. The large racially intermixing groups are a disappointment because without the people realizing it, they are creating brown fascism. The whites just disappear in New Mexico when there is racial mixing. It is not share and share alike, but fade into the woodwork. If you are white, don’t have sex with Navajos and Hispanics unless you want to become invisible and lose control of your kids. This is no joke! You will lose your American heritage and sense of personal identity! Do not take this warning lightly!
Governmental Leaders of Border States (BORDERS-14)
NUMBERS of congressional leaders per state BORDER DISTRICTS PER STATE SENATORS o Arizona Senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Indep. Junior Senator Mark Kelly, Democrat o California Dianne Feinstein, Democrat Alejandro “Alex” Padilla, Democrat o New Mexico Martin Heinrich, Democrat Ben Ray Luján, Democrat o Texas John Cornyn Republican Ted Cruz Republican HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES o Arizona Dist 6 and Dist 7 border Mexico 9 representatives in the US House of Rep David Schweikert 1st Dist R Eli Crane 2nd Dist R Ruben Gallego 3rd Dist D Greg Stanton 4th Dist D Andy Biggs 5th Dist R Juan Ciscomani 6th Dist R Raúl Grijalva 7th Dist D Debbie Lesko 8th Dist R Paul Gosar 9th Dist R o California o New Mexico District 2 adjoins MExico District 1-NM Melanie Stansbury, Democrat District 2-NM(this district adjoins Mexico) Gabe Vasquez, Democrat o he is part Mexican, close ties to and support of Mexico o very strongly pro-Hispanic District 3-NM Teresa Leger Fernandez, D
Texas o Border Districts: 15th, 16th, 23rd, 28th, 34th; 1248-mile-long stretch o Mónica De La Cruz 15th Dist R o Veronica Escobar 16th Dist D o Ernest “Tony” Gonzales 23rd Dist R o Henry Cuellar 28th Dist D o Vicente Gonzalez 34th Dist D Texas REPRESENTATIVES Overall/Partial o Nathaniel Moran 1st Dist Republican o Dan Crenshaw 2nd Dist Republican o Keith Self 3rd Dist Republican o Patrick “Pat” Fallon 4th Dist Republican o Lance Gooden 5th Dist Republican o Jake Ellzey 6th Dist Republican o Lizzie Fletcher 7th Dist Democrat o Morgan Luttrell 8th Dist Republic. o Veronica Escobar 16th Dist Democr o Pete Sessions 17th Dist Republican o Sheila Jackson Lee 18th Dist Democr o Ernest “Tony” Gonzales 23rd Dist Rep o Henry Cuellar 28th Distr Democrat o Wesley Hunt 38th Dist Republican GOVERNORS o Arizona Katie Hobbs, Democrat o California Gavin Newsom, Democrat o New Mexico Michelle Lujan Grisham, Democ. o Texas Greg Abbott, Republican ATTORNEY GENERALS o Arizona Kris Mayes, Democrat o California Rob Bonta, Democrat o New Mexico Raul Torrez, Democrat o Texas Ken Paxton, Republican COMMENTS o Comments in general o Comments on the sorry state of affairs in New Mexico
The Sorry State of Affairs in New Mexico PF Opinion: We lost Yvette Herrell*, the last more moderate and pro-American Republican Representative in New Mexico. Sadly, Gabe Vasquez ousted her in the winter of 2022. *CIS 2022/01/13 What's Happening Along the New Mexico–Mexico Border? * Policy/Whats-Happening-Along-New- MexicoMexico-Border Parsing Immigration Policy, Episode 36 Excerpt: By Mark Krikorian (Exec. Dir CIS) and Rep. Yvette Herrell (Guest) Summary The border crisis was in plain view in September when Americans were stunned by images of thousands of migrant families huddled under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Less dramatic, but no less important, is a 180-mile stretch of border to the west, where New Mexico borders on Mexico, where illegal migrants are more likely to be single males trying to avoid detection. New Mexico Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, whose district includes her state's entire international border, joins Parsing Immigration Policy to describe the situation there and the impact the non-stop flow of migrants is having on New Mexico and the rest of the country. Rep. Herrell discusses the state of the border wall and the need for more Border Patrol boots on the ground. President Biden stopped all construction of border barriers on the day he took office, which left gaps that have been acting as funnels concentrating the flow of illegal immigrants into specific areas, causing particular hardship on unlucky ranchers and communities. The unused but paid-for materials are still lying where they were abandoned on January 20, 2021. The congresswoman emphasizes her concern about drugs being brought across the border, particularly the fentanyl, thanks in part to gaps in the wall and Border Patrol agents being shifted to processing of the large number of migrants instead of being on the line. The average monthly amount of fentanyl seized from 2018 through 2020 was 321 pounds; during the first nine months of 2021, the monthly average was 830 pounds. Sadly, the number one killer of Americans aged 18 to 45 is now fentanyl overdoses. “The winners in this whole thing right now is the cartels,” says Rep. Herrell. The congresswoman calls for full use of public- health expulsions under Title 42 and for the successful “Remain in Mexico” policy to be fully re-implemented. Herrell was something closer to normal in terms of Americanism in New Mexico. She tried to stop illegal immigration and work on border protection. She stood up on controversial issues. She walked a better balance between whites and non-whites in the state, not putting out that sharp Hispanic or tribal edge of reverse-racism. (continued on lower left)
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