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ARTICLES BY MONTH (Selected Articles) 2023 Jan 2023 Drones-Texas gov. warns [also in Borders-10/Drones] KTSA 2023/01/23 Gov Abbott: Mexican drug cartels using drones on daily basis along southern border. By Christian Blood Arizona (also in Borders-2b Arizona) Excessive Allowance of Immigrants-Biden Jan 2023 Announced policy 30k a month 360k year 4 countries Agricultural Contamination 2022 December 2022-Borders Fox News 2022/12/22 Arizona border officers find more than 700,000 fentanyl pills hidden in train arriving from Mexico Border officers in Arizona have seized hundreds of thousands of fentanyl pills in the last few days mexico 1010 WCSI 2022/12/30 Arizona border agents seize 1.2 million fentanyl pills pills/#:~:text=December%2030%2C%202022%20Port%20of%20Nogales%2C%20Arizona%20border,a%20break down%20of%20the%20drug%20acquisition%20on%20Thursday. CNN 2022/12/27 Supreme Court says Trump-era border restriction will remain in effect while legal challenges play out. By Ariane de Vogue and Priscilla Alvarez, 42/index.html#:~:text=Updated%206%3A56%20PM%20EST%2C%20Tue%20December%2027%2C%202022,bor ders%20at%20least%20for%20the%20next%20several%20months. 2022/12/22Arizona to remove makeshift border wall as part of a lawsuit, court filing says Priscilla Alvarez By Priscilla Alvarez, CNN Updated 1:04 PM EST, Thu December 22, 2022 November 2022-Borders CNN 2022/11/12 US Customs and Border Protection commissioner resigns. Priscilla Alvarez mayorkas/index.html#:~:text=US%20Border%20Patrol%2C%20a%20division%20of%20Customs%20and,This%20stor y%20has%20been%20updated%20with%20additional%20developments. US Customs and Border Protection commissioner resigns President Joe Biden has accepted the resignation of US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Christopher Magnus, the White House said Saturday. Biden thanked Magnus for “nearly forty years of service,” according to a statement from White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and added that he “wishes him well.” Magnus had been asked to resign by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this week, according to two sources familiar with the matter. He submitted his resignation to Biden on Saturday, which is effective immediately. Magnus has been criticized internally for being out of touch with the agency and publicly for the handling of the US-Mexico border. During his tenure, officials have told CNN they believed Magnus seemed disengaged and wasn’t joining some internal meetings at a critical time for the agency. The resignation comes after Magnus had said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times on Friday that he planned to stay at the agency. mayorkas/index.html#:~:text=US%20Border%20Patrol%2C%20a%20division%20of%20Customs%20and,This% 20story%20has%20been%20updated%20with%20additional%20developments. CBP 2022/11/14 CBP Releases October 2022 Monthly Operational Update In October 2022 alone, CBP processed more than 2.9 million entry summaries valued at more than $365 billion, identifying estimated duties of nearly $7.9 billion to be collected by the U.S. government. In October, trade via the ocean environment accounted for more than 33.62% of the total import value, followed by air, truck, and rail. The Federalist 2022/11/15 October’s Border Arrests Are The Third Highest In U.S. History. By Sophia Corso Despite a general lack of concern among Democrats and corporate media, the U.S.-Mexico border continues to spiral out of control, setting new records for illegal border crossings nearly every month now. In October, more than 230,000 illegal immigrants were arrested along the southwest border, the third-highest monthly total in U.S. history, according to new data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Only May and April of this year have been worse than October, with 235,785 and 241,136 arrests, respectively October 2022 CBP dot gov [note from PF: There is language here too sympathetic of fleeing migrants] 2022/11/14 CBP Releases October 2022 Monthly Operational Update New York Post 2022/08/30 More migrants coming through Mexico from far-flung countries: analysis. By Mark Moore September 2022 CBP 2022/10/21 CBP Releases September 2022 Monthly Operational Update August 2022 See August article on Fairus below in July 2022 Border Report 2022/08/15 Arizona won’t wait for feds, starts filling border wall gaps. By: Bob Christie gaps/ Fox News 2022/08/15 US southern border saw nearly 200,000 migrant encounters in July as border crisis rolls on: The ongoing migrant crisis, now in its second year, has overwhelmed agents and border communities. Brooke Singman, Adam Shaw. Houston Chronicle 2022/08/16 Border wall delayed after 2 containers topple. Anita Snow New York Post 2022/08/18 Makeshift Arizona border wall falls over, Gov. Doug Ducey suspects foul play By Callie Patteson July 2022 Fairus 2022/08/19 Blip in July Border Stats Highlights a Disturbing “New Normal” June 2022 CNN 2022/06/10 Federal judge in Texas throws out Biden administration immigration enforcement guidelines Priscilla Alvarez judge/index.html May 2022 CBS 2022/05/17 U.S. Border Patrol apprehensions dropped slightly in April, but remained at 22-year high BY CAMILO MONTOYA-GALVEZ 2022/05/17-- Newsweek 2022/05/17 Gator Aid: Are Giant Reptiles Being Used to Police U.S.-Mexico Border? Martin M Barillas, Zenger News 2022/05/17-- 1707553 New York Post 2022/05/17 Migrant encounters hit new high in April, nearly 97K removed under Title 42 By Callie Patteson 2022/05/17-- April 2022 Washington Post 2022 April-May What’s going on at the border and why is it becoming a midterm issue? IAnalysis by Amber Phillips Staff writer Updated May 1, 2022 at 11:02 a.m. EDT|Published April 25, 2022 at 5:03 p.m. EDT rossings and attempted crossings of the U.S.-Mexico border are at record levels, and climbing. It’s becoming a campaign issue, as Republicans accuse President Biden of being too lenient at the border, and liberal Democrats accuse Biden of being too tough. Many observers also worry that crowded border conditions are fast becoming a humanitarian problem. March 2022 Forfeiture dot gov U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION POSTED ON MARCH 06, 2022 (lots of ritzy handbags) 19 USC 1607*: Seizure; value $500,000 or less, prohibited merchandise, transporting conveyances Text contains those laws in effect on March 5, 2022 From Title 19-CUSTOMS DUTIES CHAPTER 4-TARIFF ACT OF 1930 Part V-Enforcement Provisions U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION - Notice is hereby given as required by *19 U.S.C. § 1607 and 19 C.F.R. 162.45 of the seizure and intent to forfeit and sell, or otherwise dispose of according to law, the property described below which is determined to be used in or related to a violation of United States law. February 2022 Daily Caller 2022/02/01 Reporter Breaks Down Story Behind TSA Allowing Illegal Migrants To Use Arrest Warrants As ID Corruption by Cops 2022/02/19 Arizona CBP Officers Arrest Mexican National With $85K Worth Of Fentanyl Pills pills-3/ Excerpt: U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers have arrested a Mexican national who was allegedly attempting to smuggle $85,000 worth of fentanyl pills. The suspect was arrested by agents working the I-19 Checkpoint, John R. Modlin, Chief Patrol Agent of CBP’s Tucson Sector, said Monday. The checkpoint is near the Arizona-Mexico border. News Max 2022/02/21 Court Filing Shows 46,000 Migrants Released Into US in January 2022/02/21-- january/2022/02/17/id/1057341/ Excerpt: A new court document filed in Texas v. Biden reveals that of the 153,941 people who attempted to enter the United States illegally at the southern border in January, nearly 30% were released into the country. Of the approximately 75,000 migrants who were taken into custody, roughly 46,000 were released into the U.S. on parole or after being placed in immigration court proceedings. Rather than return people to Mexico, federal law enforcement released tens of thousands of migrants into the U.S., despite a pandemic public health protocol requiring they be returned to Mexico and a mandate that noncitizens entering the U.S. at ports of entry be fully vaccinated, the Washington Examiner reported. MSN per WGHP-Greensboro-Fox 8 Greensboro 2022/02/18--Twice as many migrants crossed border illegally last month than January 2021, data shows. Fernie Ortiz 2021-data-shows/ar-AAU3fXn?ocid=uxbndlbing 2022/02/18-- 2021-data-shows/ EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) — The number of times border officials encountered migrants fell from December to January, but it is nearly twice as much as the previous year. Kera News dot org 2022/02/18 Backlog of immigration cases continues to climb under Biden administration. Julian Aguilar 2022/02/18-- under-biden-administration San Diego Tribune 2022/02/18 Border agency chief faces challenges from within, outside. Ben Fox, Anita Snow, Eliott Spagat challenges-from-within-and-outside Excerpt: Magnus might seem like an unconventional pick. When he was the police chief in Tucson, Arizona, he rejected federal grants to collaborate on border security with the agency he now leads and kept a distance from Border Patrol leaders in a region where thousands of agents are assigned. …Unsurprisingly for anyone who’s been tracking migration along the United States’ southern border, the recent showdown happened in Yuma, Arizona, where encounters with migrants illegally crossing into the country from Mexico jumped more than 20-fold in December from a year earlier. …“There’s a lot of frustration,” said Rafael Rivera, president o f the National Border Patrol Council Local 2595, a union that represents agents in the patrol’s Yuma sector, which has seen a huge increase in such migrants. “They feel like there’s no consequences, that we have an open border.” Townhall 2022/02/21 Crisis: More Migrants Released into U.S. Last Month Than Were Deported In All of Fiscal Year 2021 over-january-2021-levels-n2603540 Washington Examiner 2022/02/18 Border Patrol agents warned of assassination attempts by Mexican cartels. Anna Giaritelli mexican-cartels January 2022 CBS News - January activity, article written in February 2022/02/18 Number of migrants processed along southern border dropped by 14% in January. Camilo Montoya- Galvez Cronkite News 2022/01/03 CBP agents in Nogales rely on technology in race against Mexican drug cartels. By Payton Muse 2022/01/03-- cartels/ Postmillenial 2022/01/27 More than TWO MILLION illegal migrants were found at the US southern border in 2021. n 2021, the first year of Biden's presidency, there has been a massive surge in encounters with illegal migrants along the southern US border, totaling over two million, according to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency.James Anthony Weatherford Democrat 2022/01/31 Texas launches ninth border lawsuit against Biden Administration. Ali Linan administration/article_eaecb6d4-c4e0-504d-a422-276fc895f3bf.html Texas is once again suing the Biden Administration for a program geared toward undocumented individuals, the office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Friday. The lawsuit, which includes seven other states, claims the Biden Administration’s Central American Minors Refugee and Parole Program is unconstitutional and an abuse of power. The program allows for certain undocumented individuals who are in the U.S. the ability to secure protected status. Then, they can petition the government to bring in extended family members from Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala. 2021 December 2021 Subjects: Biden Withholds Report Illegal Immigrant Population; 110,000 fentanyl pills seized from Denver stash houses; Amren dot com 2021/11/30 Biden Admin Withholds Report on Illegal Immigrant Population. By Joseph Simonson 2021/11-- Excerpt: The Biden administration has yet to publicly disclose critical information on the number of illegal immigrants in the United States, a violation of congressional guidance and a departure from federal transparency standards. The Department of Homeland Security has given Congress its report on the number of foreign nationals who remain in the United States on expired visas, but the information has not been subsequently released to the public, the Washington Free Beacon has learned. Stretching back to at least the Obama administration, DHS has made the annual report on suspected visa overstays available to the public shortly after giving it to Congress. 2021/11-- Denver Post Denver Fentanyl Bust Arrests 2021/12/01-- 110,000 fentanyl pills seized from Denver stash houses; … 2 days ago · An eight-month investigation into a drug trafficking ring based in metro Denver led law enforcement to seize 110,000 fentanyl pills, 13 pounds of meth, 8 pounds of … Fronteras 2021/12/21-DHS will begin fixing border wall problems in Arizona. By Alisa Reznick Note from PF on Excerpt: DHS says the new construction will close small gaps in the wall, finish drainage systems and complete access roads and other infrastructure in border wall sections including in places along the Tucson and Yuma sectors. It said the agency would carry out the work with local stakeholders including tribal and state entities. On Monday, U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly said he wanted construction to include closing a gap in the barrier at the Morelos Dam in Yuma, where thousands of asylum seekers have presented themselves to Border Patrol agents in the last month. He also said he wanted to mitigation efforts to address environmental damage and flood risks at Guadalupe Canyon, a famed nature preserve in Cochise County where border wall contractors used dynamite to cut through steep mountainous terrain. Groups/Leaders putting up “roadblocks” on the wall mentioned in this article --Rep. Raúl Grijalva said the Biden administration should use existing funds to remove border barriers that have damaged the environment, pursue humane border policies and engage with local stakeholders. --Myles Traphagen with the nonprofit group Wildlands Network has spent the last year documenting the wall's impact on the borderlands environment. In Arizona, he says much of that construction took place in open wilderness that saw little human traffic. Myrgv dot com 2021/12/03--Mistaken drop-off leads to Peñitas stash house bust ... 2021/12/03-- 4 hours ago · Mistaken drop-off leads to Peñitas stash house bust. By. Mark Reagan - The Monitor. -. December 3, 2021. Homeland Security Investigations agents arrested two people Thursday on harboring charges in a case involving allegations of ransom and the use of a machete to scare people in the country illegally into staying in a bedroom. November 2021 Subjects: Caravan to US; Immigration Prosecutions Drop; Apprehension large group Big Bend Sector; a Judge trying to block illegal immigrant expulsions CBP US Customs and Border Protection Agents Apprehend Large Group in Big Bend Sector Release Date: November 10, 2021 ALPINE, Texas – Agents from Alpine Station apprehended 67 Undocumented Non-Citizens south of the city. On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, Border Patrol Agents working the Highway 118 checkpoint apprehended 67 UDNCs in a box-style truck with a false wall. The wall was used to conceal the people in this dangerous human smuggling scheme. The individuals were detected after a K-9 alerted to the presence of concealed humans in the rear compartment of the box truck. BPAs removed a total of 67 people (41 Mexican Nationals, 19 Guatemalan Nationals, 4 Honduras Nationals, and 3 El Salvadorian Nationals) from behind two separate wooden walls that were drilled into metal brackets in the rear compartment of the box truck. Four of the individuals were identified as minors, ranging from eight years old to 13 years old. Immigration Reform dot com 2021/11/11 Criminal Immigration Prosecutions Drop at Southern Border. Southern Border avatar By JASON PENA New York Post 2021/11/19 Caravan heads to US after Biden failed to press border crisis in Mexico. By Callie Patteson PJ Media 2021/11/11 As October Shatters Yet Another Border Arrests Record, Guess Which Judge Tried to Block Illegal Immigrant Expulsions? BY ATHENA THORNE NOV 11, 2021 record-guess-which-judge-tried-to-block-illegal-immigrant-expulsions-n1531954 October 2021 Subjects: Penitas, Texas case-39 immigrants found-RGV Agents discover 39 harbored migrants; Three (Two MS-13 and one 18th Street) gang members arrested CBP 2021/10/19 RGV Border Patrol Agents Discover 39 Harbored Migrants 2021/10/21 RGV Border Patrol Agents Arrest Three Criminal Migrants EDINBURG, Texas – Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol (RGV) agents arrested two Mara-Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang members and an 18th Street gang member. On Oct. 20, Falfurrias Border Patrol Station (FLF) agents apprehended a group of 13 migrants near Encino. Record checks on a migrant from El Salvador revealed he is a MS-13 gang member and has pending charges for homicide, fraud, and trespassing in New York. September 2021 [Note from PF: Governor Newsom is facing recall in California; he is a major corrupt illegal alien/bulk amnesty problem; we need an increased push against political leaders supporting illegal immigration and bulk easy amnesty] Migrants at Texan Bridge, Del Rio CNN 2021/09/20 12,000 migrants have been waiting in makeshift camps under the Del Rio bridge in Texas. By Rosa Flores and Geneva Sands, CNN Hatians - Large Varying Numbers Reported Let Into USA CBS 2021/09/22 Many Haitian migrants in Texas border town of Del Rio being released into U.S.: AP CNN 2021/09/22 DHS releasing some Haitians into US despite claims they would be immediately expelled. By Priscilla Alvarez and Rosa Flores, CNN haitians/index.html#:~:text=%28CNN%29%20The%20Department%20of%20Homeland%20Security%20 is%20releasing,under%20the%20Del%20Rio%20International%20Bridge%20in%20Texas. UPI 2021/09/26 DHS secretary: Up to 12,000 Haitian migrants released into U.S. By Daniel Urea States/7831632678558/ Governor Newsom AMAC Assoc of Mature American CItizens 2021/09/07 14 Reasons For California To Recall Gavin Newsom On September 14th Excerpt: Instead of putting American citizens in California first, Newsom has invested a great amount of his energy fighting for illegal immigrants. To begin with, Newsom has allowed California to maintain its status as a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants. This means that Newsom and his administration have forbidden local law enforcement in California from complying with federal immigration authorities in their efforts to deport non-citizens. Newsom has even gone as far as banning arrests for immigration violations across the state of California. Newsom has also egregiously allowed illegal immigrants to serve on state government commissions and boards. Newsom’s rewards for those who violate America’s immigration laws do not stop there. Back in April of 2020, Newsom announced a new $125 million program dedicated to providing cash payments to illegal immigrants. The program was supported by $75 million in taxpayer funds and $50 million from a group of charities. The program provided approximately 150,000 adults, illegal immigrants, $500 each, with a $1,000 cap being placed on total payments per household. Lastly, on July 27, 2021, Newsom signed AB-133 into law. The legislation allows eligible illegal immigrants aged 50 or older to receive taxpayer-funded Medi-Cal insurance. The move is expected to cost California taxpayers upwards of $1.3 billion. 2021/09/07-- August 2021 KKTV dot com 2021/08/10 Sophisticated’ underground tunnel discovered near US-Mexico border. Tony Keith… CALEXICO, Calif. (KKTV) - Authorities discovered an underground tunnel that investigators believe drug traffickers were planning to use near the U.S.-Mexico border. In early August, the U.S. immigration and Customs Enforcement shared details on the discovery with the public. The 183-foot long subterranean tunnel was found in Mexicali, just south of the international border. The sophisticated tunnel ran just 3 feet north of the border wall but didn’t have an exit on the U.S. side of the border. Law Enforcement 2021/08/15 In bombshell ruling, US District Judge rules Biden must reinstate Trump’s “remain in Mexico” program trumps-remain-in-mexico- program/#:~:text=A%20federal%20judge%20has%20ruled%20that%20the%20Biden,stay%20in%20Mexico%20 while%20awaiting%20their%20asylum%20applications. In bombshell ruling, US District Judge rules Biden must reinstate Trump’s “remain in Mexico” program July 2021 ABC News dot go dot com 2021/07/22Texas begins jailing border crossers on trespassing charges. Texas is beginning to arrest migrants on trespassing charges along the U.S.-Mexico border. By PAUL J. WEBER Associated Press 2021/07/22-- charges-79002820 Excerpt: AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas is beginning to arrest migrants on trespassing charges along the U.S.- Mexico border as part of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's actions that he says are needed to slow the number of border crossings, jailing at least 10 people so far with more on the way, authorities said Thursday. The arrests put in motion plans that Abbott first announced in June, when he also said that Texas would continue building former President Donald Trump's border wall and called on other governors to deploy law enforcement and National Guard members to the southern border. 79002820 CBP dot gov [also found in Trafficking/Stash Houses-Humans] 2021/07/16 El Paso Sector Agents locate stash houses and $600k worth of Methamphetamine https //www cbpgov/newsroom/local-media-release/el-paso-sector-age nts-locate-stash-houses-and-600k-worth Excerpt: Chaparral, New Mexico: -67 undocument migrants: 44 Guatemalans, 16 Ecuadorans, five Mexicans, one El Salvadorian, and one Honduran. San Elizario, Texas: 43 undocumented; 0 Ecuadorans, 11 Peruvians, 10 Mexicans, one Honduran, and one Unaccompanied Child from Guatemala. Vado, New Mexico: 24 undocumented migrants: 18 Ecuadorans, four Guatemalans, and two Mexicans. Concho Valley 2021/07/29 Rep. Pfluger’s bill to seal tunnels between U.S. and Mexico advanced by House Committee on Homeland Security by: Senora Scott u-s-and-mexico-advanced-by-house-committee-on-homeland-security/ The bill is called the DHS Illicit Cross-Border Tunnel Defense Act (H.R. 4209). Pfluger says this bill aims to help secure the southern border by developing a plan and providing funding. Pfluger says the funding will help with resources, training, and technology. KUT DOT ORG 2021/07/02 At Abbott’s Invitation, Out-Of-State Law Enforcement And National Guard Members Head To The Border KUT 90.5 | By Michael Marks 2021/07/02-- enforcement-and-national-guard-members-head-to-the-border NewsMax 2021/07/13 GOP Senators Introduce Bill to Extend Title 42 Border Expulsions. By Charlie McCarthy See also: mary.pdf Politico 2021/07/10 Why Are Republican Governors Sending National Guard to the Border? Can a Nebraska highway cop arrest someone in Texas? Are there really more border-crossers now? An attempt at answering simple questions about a complicated topic. By Jack Herrera 2021/07/10-- guard-texas-mexico-border-499040 TN dot gov 2021/07/12 Gov. Lee visits Southern Border: “This is a National Security Crisis” 300 Tennessee National Guard Troops Stationed at the Border 2021/07/12--https //www tn gov/governor/news/2021/7/12/gov--lee-visits-southern-border---this-is-a- national-security-crisis-html June 2021 American Military News 2021/06/11 2021/06/11-- compared-to-last-year/ The Blaze dot com 2021/06/07 New Mexico rancher says property is 'under siege,' details how illegal immigration is poisoning livestock and driving cattle away from food. By Chris Field. 2021/06/07--https //www Forbes 2016/06/17 Mexican nationals are transforming San Antonio https //www forbes com/sites/scottbeyer/2016/06/17/mexican-nationals-are-transforming-san- antonio/?sh=43a14dcdab6d Fox News Radio 2021/06/25 Arizona AG Mark Brnovich: Biden & Harris “Broke The Border So They Own This https //radio foxnews com/2021/06/25/arizona-ad-mark-brnovich-biden-harris-broke-the-border-so-they-own- this/ Fox News 2021/06/29 South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem sends 50 National Guard troops to Texas to help tackle border crisis. The governors of Arizona and Texas have asked states to help with the border crisis. By Adam Shaw. 2021/06/29-- Fronteras 2021/06/23 Plan To Bring Police To Arizona's Border Is Welcome But Nebulous. By Michel Marizco 2021/06/23--https //fronterasdesk org/content/1693866/plan-bring-police-arizonas-border-welcome-nebulous Immigration Reform 2021/06/23 Governors help Texas Border. By Madison McQueen https // Western Journal 2021/06/11 Texas and Arizona Governors Ask Other States to Send Police to Border as Crisis Rages. By Kipp Jones https //www westernjournal com/texas-arizona-governors-ask-states-send-police-border-crisis-rages/ WFSU 2021/06/18 DeSantis Pledges To Send Officers To Mexico Borders In Texas, Arizona. By Blaise Gainey arizona May 2021 Law Enforcement Today 2021/05/28 What’s really happening at the border: Texas ranchers struggle as encounters with illegal immigrants increase. By Scott A. Davis. https //www lawenforcementtoday com/border-crisis-texas-ranchers-struggle-as-encounters-with-illegal- immigrants-increase/ Front Page Mag dot com 2021/05/14 DHS created operation sentinel combat. By Michael Cutler https //www frontpagemag com/fpm/2021/05/dhs-created-operation-sentinel-combat-human-michael-cutler/ Minuteman Militia 2021/05/18 Coast Guard Rescues 23 Illegal Immigrants From Smuggling Boat Stuck off California Coast. By Tom Ozimek stuck-off-california-coast/ VI Free Press 2021/05/19 COAST GUARD DIRECTS 66 ILLEGAL DOMINICAN MIGRANTS BACK TO HISPANIOLA. By VI Free Press 2021/05/19-- hispaniola/ Updates: 2023/01/03 new page Borders 2b started, this one is now 2a; 2022/08/22 July and August articles added; 2022/05/08 removed excess bold; 2022/02/21 added Jan-Feb 2022; 2021/12/22 updates-Frontera-on DHS/Border wall-2021/12/21; 2021/09/14 added CPB-2021/07/16 to July 2021 section; 2021/06/28 Front Page Mag dot com-2021/05/14; and DHS dot gov-2021/04/27; 2021/06/27 editing, added the 2021 months; 2021/04/24 Lawsuit section moved to its own Borders section “Lawsuits”; 2021/04/11 Borders-Articles-2021 section started, expanded from single former original Borders page.
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