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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARY Start here - excerpts below are also found in the Articles section. And also see the Border section on this website. Al Jazeera Native Gangs http //projects dot* *note on Al Jazeera here in Notes 2019/09/04--temporarily removed Masq,_the_Hidden_Cultures The following website masq dot org seems to be possibly dated and local. There have been some improvements to Albuquerque. However, by focusing on Albuquerque’s Warzone, Biker gangs, other gangs, drugs and dealers, etc. it takes us into a space that is reflective of the entire state, not just Albuquerque. Although gangs come in from other areas, bringing their culture and tendencies with them, New Mexico still has a unique aspect. This website is one of the better ones to help newcomers and oldtimers alike get in sync with what is actually going on in this particular state. US Border Patrol dot com Excerpt: New Mexico The U.S. state of New Mexico is under attack by drug cartels and smugglers and little can be done to stop the border violence without federal troops. This state's 180 mile border with Mexico is nearly devoid of human habitation. Isolated ranches and small farms dot the border area. Because the population is so small (less than two million in a state of 50,000 square miles) , little federal funding is available to build adequate border infrastructure. Because New Mexico occupies such a strategic east - west position it has been favored with an extensive Interstate Highway System. The combination of fast roads and no people bodes catastrophe for the residents of this state. The drug cartels have taken over. Don't think that even the federal government will help. Even when smugglers and drug gangs are arrested, the embarrassingly under- funded federal prosecutors have to prioritize cases and that means some very bad people go free for lack of prosecutors to handle the cases. New Mexico has the fourth highest federal case load in the United States yet has but one city worth the name : Albuquerque. This isolated town is home to one of the largest nuclear weapons facilities in the world. What it would take for the al Qaeda and Mexican criminals now operating in New Mexico's border areas to repeat the attack of 1916 but against a nuclear weapons facility is unknown but a nightmare worth Hollywood's attention. (a private website, not an official government website - they indicate the following: This site is maintained by supporters of the United States Border Patrol and is not an official government site. The contents of this site are privately managed and not subject to the direction of the United States Border Patrol. GANGS NEW MEXICO Juarez ABC 15 dot com 2019/11/06 Map cartel influences across the US and Mexico. By Courtland Jeffrey -united-states-and- mexico Excerpt: Officials are investigating activity tied to the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels, which are both active in the area where the Monday attack occurred, just 90 miles south of Douglas, Ariz. The killers were reportedly believed to be from the Juarez cartel's armed wing, "La Linea." According to federal data, both the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels have active presences in the U.S. and parts of Mexico. Recent data obtained from the DEA and Stratfor Global Intelligence and the Federation of American Scientists shows the Sinaloa cartel with a dominant regional presence in nearly every U.S. state, including Arizona. The Juarez cartel is dominant in New Mexico, while Texas has presences from the Sinaloa, Gulf, and Juarez cartels. -united-states-and- mexico Surenos LC Sun 2019/07/29 California gang member arrested new mexico human trafficking, By Bethany Freudenthal charged-human-trafficking/1783310001/ Excerpt: A member of the Sureños Street Gang from California and his cousin were arrested in New Mexico earlier this month, on suspicion of trying to smuggle people into the country. According to federal court documents, Luis Antonio Chavez, 33, and Emmanuel Pizano, 31, were arrested July 17 in Lordsburg and each are charged with one felony count of smuggling illegal aliens. Chavez and Pizano allegedly told Border Patrol agents they had met a group of Mexican nationals at a gas station who asked for a ride. The Mexican nationals who talked to agents, however, said Chavez and Pizano were part of a scheme to smuggle them into the United States.During the interview with agents, Chavez informed them he was a member of the Sureños Street Gang from California. charged-human-trafficking/1783310001/ ARTICLES 2020 NM Gang Conference 2020 The New Mexico Gang Conference, organized and presented by the New Mexico Gang Task Force (NMGTF) is the largest organized task force in the state dealing with gangs as a multi-jurisdictional, multi- agency entity. 2019 See LC Sun-2019/07/29 under Gangs New Mexico/Surenos ABC 15 dot com/2019/11/06 under Gangs NM/Juarez 2017 Fox 2017/05/02 New Mexico drug cartel bust shows law enforcement feels more empowered. Joseph Kolb empowered 2015 Aljazeera dot com 2015/01/19 A Cross to Bear: James Cross Knows Why Native American Kids Joing Gangs. By Tristan Ahtone. This is the first story in a five-part series on Native American gangs. http //projects dot Excerpt: “I got forks on the back, which represents the Disciples,” said Cross, referring to a tattoo of two hands making the sign of the Latin Gangster Disciples. “Then I’ve got tattoos on my face. I had a teardrop, but we covered it up with a feather just so everybody wouldn’t be intimidated and I could get a job. Everybody knows a teardrop is for murder.” When they were around the age of 7, he and his twin brother first hooked up with the Latin Gangster Disciples. One day, he said, they were hanging around with the older guys and someone said, “Hey, go get that cash register,’’ referring to a nearby convenience store. “We went and got that cash register,’’ Cross said. “There was an old man working there, couldn’t do nothing, couldn’t hardly move, so it was an easy hit.’’ Not that easy. They got caught and he began a long string of encounters with the law. Now 48, he has spent almost half his life in prison. That time has taken a very serious toll on his life. http //projects dot KOAT 2015/04/09 200 GANGS AS OF 2015 STATEWIDE Officials: Dangerous, violent gangs flocking to New Mexico. By Megan Cruz Excerpt: "We have currently over 200 gangs statewide," Joe Kolb said. Kolb is with the New Mexico Gang Taskforce, a group of local law enforcement agencies that work with federal officials like the FBI and Homeland Security. He said the gangs have about 7,200 members.We know we have some Barrio Aztecas up here now in Albuquerque, and we also have MS-13 here. So we have a significant cause for concern," Kolb said. He said people are primarily coming from California and Texas because of a perception that New Mexico laws are much friendlier to gangs. In California and Texas, people convicted of crimes may receive harsher sentences if it's proven the crime was gang-related. Kolb said New Mexico has nothing like that. He said legislation and a concerted effort between police and the community is needed to stop these gangs in their tracks before the area sees a spike in crime. "Our crime rate is 200 percent higher than comparatively sized cities," he said. "A lot of those crimes are perpetrated by people who are in gangs." [Joe Kolb of the New Mexico Gang Taskforce] said legislation and a concerted effort between police and the community is needed to stop these gangs in their tracks before the area sees a spike in crime. For research into trends in New Mexico Masq dot org Masquerade: Albuquerque the Hidden Cultures,_the_Hidden_Cultures Excerpt: Between the parks, the Pueblo Revival architecture and the significant artistic pursuits, Albuquerque has a lot to offer. So it can come to a surprise to many than beneath the surface lurks a hidden depth to the city. The Southeast Heights, a fairly large portion of the city, is ruled by gangs and criminals. Police fear to go into the neighbourhood as just stepping past the border of San Mateo Boulevard is enough to take their lives into their hands. But how did this area of the city, known as the Warzone, come to be? One reporter decided to find out, and write about her discoveries in the underbelly of Albuquerque. Gangs may consist of a few individuals with little organization who commit minor crimes to highly organized groups with numerous members involved in sophisticated transnational crimes and criminal enterprise. Gangs form for many different reasons - including profit through criminal activity, territorial claims, protection, culture or community history. Gangs that commit most quality of life crimes that affect communities and neighborhoods are criminal street gangs. In New Mexico, a criminal street gang is defined as three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol, or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.[3] According to the Albuquerque Police Department, our city has 7,800 “ranked in” members of some 200 criminal street gangs. That doesn’t include taggers, pee wees and wannabees. It’s the number of criminals who have satisfied minimum entrance requirements for street gang membership. …Once a gang shifts away from turf orientation and petty crimes ("First Generation Gang") and begins organizing illegal activities with a money making focus, they become what is characterized as a "Second Generation Gang". Second generation gang activities tend to be drug-centric, operate in broader areas and have a centralized leadership. Most urban gangs fit into the first and second generation characterizations. Organized crime is defined by the FBI as any group having a formalized structure whose primary objective is to obtain money through illegal activities. Gangs perpetuate control of enterprises and illegal activities through threatened and actual violence, graft, and extortion. Turf wars and gang pride are still important however, the focus becomes more about the money.,_the_Hidden_Cultures New York Post 2019/05/05 Cartels thrive in New Mexico county after feds shut down checkpoints SNM Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico Justice dot gov 2015/12/04 Federal indictments charge 25 alleged members syndicato de nuevo mexico nuevo-mexico-snm-prison-gang Excerpt: The racketeering indictments, which were filed on Dec. 1, 2015, and were unsealed yesterday, allege that the defendants conspired to violate federal racketeering laws by conspiring to commit violent crimes, including murder, attempted murder and assault, in aid of their racketeering enterprise. The indictments are the result of a multi-agency investigation led by the Albuquerque Division of the FBI that culminated yesterday with a law enforcement operation during which all but two of the defendants charged were arrested.Department. “These arrests help us in our mission is to provide safer prisons for those in our care.” The two racketeering indictments allege that the 25 defendants charged were members and associates of the SNM Prison Gang, a state-wide gang operating in New Mexico prisons and in communities throughout the state. According to the racketeering indictments, the SNM Prison Gang was formed in the early 1980s at the Penitentiary of New Mexico after the prison riot in Feb. 1980, and expanded throughout the New Mexico penal system. Gang members and associates allegedly are expected to remain loyal to the Gang and work to further its objectives after they have completed their prison sentences and those who do not are allegedly subject to violent forms of discipline. The racketeering indictments allege that significant goals of the SNM Prison Gang include controlling and profiting from drug trafficking both within and outside the penal system; intimidating and influencing other gangs for the purpose of expanding the network for its illegal activities; and engaging in violence to assert its gang identity and protect its territory. The first of the racketeering indictments charges 24 alleged SNM Prison Gang members and associates with committing four murders, conspiring to commit three murders and conspiring to commit a violent assault for the purpose of gaining entrance to and maintaining and increasing their positons within the SNM Prison Gang, an enterprise engaged in racketeering activity. The indictment includes Notices of Special Findings against the 12 defendants alleged to have committed murder in aid of the Gang’s racketeering affairs. The decision whether or not to seek the death penalty will be made by the Attorney General of the United States based on the recommendations of the U.S. Attorney and after carefully considering each defendant’s background and the circumstances of his crimes. The second racketeering indictment charges four alleged SNM Prison Gang members and associates, including three charged in the first racketeering indictment, wi nuevo-mexico-snm-prison-gang mexico-gang-members-sentenced-federal-prison/1177606001/ Updates: 2022/11/23; 2020/04/24 moved gangs nm material from NM corruption page to NM Gangs; will sort, delete duplicates and integrate later; 2020/04/10 several articles added- Hobbs News 2017/09/12; 2019/09/03 excerpt added to masq dot org; page started 2019/08/20-09/01.
INTRODUCTION AND COMMENTARY o Start Here GANGS NM o Juarez o Surenos ARTICLES o 'Arizona Boys' drug gang members convicted in 2011 Otero County slaying (Alamogordo, NM): KVIA-2019 o The Cartels Next Door: Cartels’ roots run deep in NM Alb Jrnl-2017/02/12 o Cartels thrive in NM county after feds shut down checkpoints NY Post- 2019/05/05 o Native Gangs Al Jazeera-2015/01 o Albuquerque the Hidden Cultures-Masq o The U.S. state of New Mexico is under attack by drug cartels and smugglers and little can be done to stop the border violence without federal troops. CBP o Map cartel influences across the US and Mexico. ABC 15-2019/11/06 o 200 GANGS AS OF 2015 STATEWIDE KOAT-2015/04/09 o Fed indict charge 25 alleged memb. syndicato de nuevo mexico Justice- 2015/12/04 o o
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