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Above Photo: 1919 approx. Border Patrol History - Early Air/Cavalry 12th Aero Squadron Dayton-Wright DH-4 flying liaison with US Cavalry on United States/Mexico border patrol https //en wikipedia org/wiki/United_States_Army_Border_Air_ Patrol See more in History discussion: Early Border History
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INPUT: NEWS CLIPS SELECTED FOR KEY TOPICS, BLOGS/OPINIONS/LETTERS OF OTHERS, POLITICAL LEADER STATEMENTS/IDEAS Sept 24 2022 Lacing with Fentanyl, Drugs cut with Fentanyl In going back over this: from retired USN Capt and FBIJoseph R. John, Summer 2022 newsletter “In violation of US Immigration Laws, the Biden Obama administration has ceded control of the Mexican Border to [Cartels] …[drugs youth using laced with fentanyl]… “ Qualifying information” See: Rehabs dot org fentanyl/ Excerpt: One of the reasons drugs are cut with illicit fentanyl is because it’s cheap. When drugs like cocaine, heroin, MDMA, or methamphetamine, are cut with fentanyl, very little fentanyl is needed to produce a high. Independent of the inherent dangers of mixing substances, taking other substances cut with fentanyl is dangerous because those receiving the fentanyl-laced substance likely are unaware that they are using fentanyl, which increases the risk of overdose. To put this into perspective, 1 kg of illegal fentanyl can be used to manufacture hundreds of thousands of counterfeit prescription pills, which then translates to estimates of tens of millions of dollars made by traffickers.5 Drugs that are commonly cut with fentanyl, a deadly opioid, may include: Methamphetamine: Methamphetamine is a Schedule II stimulant that is cut with fentanyl in Super Labs, often by the Mexican cartel, and then sold to the United States cheaply increasing the profit margin. Both of these substances are potent on their own, but together, could produce life- threatening effects. Heroin: Heroin is an illegal opioid that can cause a surge of pleasure or euphoria and is often cut with fentanyl so that the supply itself can go further—using heroin that’s been cut with fentanyl increases the risk of overdose. MDMA: MDMA (ecstasy), which is commonly cut with fentanly, is synthetically made and is chemically similar to both hallucinogens and stimulants insomuch that it increases experiences of pleasure, emotional warmth, energy, and distortions in sensory and time perception. Additionally, it causes changes in mood and perception, such as decreasing your situational awareness. People who take MDMA often do so at raves, dance parties, and music festivals, which can already be dangerous on its own due to the risk of hyperthermia and extreme dehydration, but add fentanyl to the mix and the risk increases significantly. Cocaine: Cocaine is a Schedule II stimulant drug that can cause heart attack, stroke, and even sudden death in those who use it. Cocaine is often cut with fentanyl, unbeknownst to the person buying and using the cocaine, which can have devastating effects. Counterfeit Xanax: Fentanyl is often pressed into a pill and made to look like prescription Xanax bars. Some people may attempt to buy Xanax on the street if they are unable to get it through their doctor, for one reason or another. Counterfeit opioid painkillers: Dealers will also press fentanyl into pills that are intended to resemble opioid painkillers, such as OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet. Many people, especially teenagers, may be tempted to buy counterfeit prescription painkillers due to the inability to get prescriptions from doctors. Counterfeit Adderall: As with the counterfeit pills above, fentanyl has now been detected in street Adderall, a prescription stimulant used to treat the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Marijuana: Reports have shown that illegal marijuana (as opposed to the marijuana bought in dispensaries in states where it is legal) may be laced with fentanyl. Signs Your Drugs Have Been Cut with Fentanyl You can’t tell if a drug has been cut with fentanyl just by looking at it. The best way to tell if your drugs have been cut with fentanyl is to use a fentanyl test strip (FTS) to test for the presence of this synthetic opioid. Harm reduction organizations and syringe exchange programs often distribute fentanyl test strips for free. You can also buy them online through third- party distributors. Sept 14 2022 Old 2008 blog still holds true today - much of what you see in the Hispanic/tribal takeovers around the southwestern United States and in other Hispanic/tribal strongholds is based on the views and approach of this conspirator: [extracted from Internet on 9/7/2022 at 11:40 am mst] Old [Thread - blog] 10-13-2008, 03:58 AM by Mexican Warrior Guest Posts: n/a Mexicans Are Taking Over and You Can't Stop It First off America belongs to the Native Americans who are the rightful owners and builders of this country. Europeans are thieves that stole the land and killed off many of the Natives by way of murder and disease. I am a true Mexican (Aztec Warrior) and related to the Native Americans therefore America is also my land. At one time America and Mexico were one country and we travelled back and forth without any boundaries. Very soon things will return to the way it was before the gringos came and stole the land. We (Mexicans) are taking over and there is nothing you can do about it. Your own people sold you out a long time ago. How do you think most of us got into this this country? We come across the borders because your people let us in. Here's a hint. A gringo is easy to bride and it doesn't cost much. Your people are greedy, corrupt, and criminal by nature and will do anything for money and sex. In another twenty years whites, blacks, and asians will be the minorities in America and the majority will be Mexicans and other hispanics. When this happens you will have to ask the Mexican for a job, housing, food, and other living necessities. Don't worry, I will not be as evil as the white man, I will give you the crumbs from the table and let you sleep in the dog house. If it is too much for you to handle, pack your bags and start heading back to Europe. I look forward to the day when white people completely lose their power in America and everyday I see it happening and know my prayers are being answered. Good Riddance Gringos. July 31, 2022; added note Aug. 2, 2022-see Personal Notes Alternative view of what happened over Afghanistan withdrawal: Teller Report dot com 2021/08/30 The fracture of American: Why the US left Afghanistan why-the-us-left-afghanistan.BJHhR9YqZK.html Excerpt: Shota Apkhaidze, director of the Center for Islamic Studies of the Caucasus, believes that Washington is now using a special strategy based on the theory of hegemonic stability, according to which instability hits the entire region when a hegemonic state refuses its presence or deliberately withdraws its forces… …But I am more confident that this time Washington is using a special strategy developed by one of the leading American scholars in the field of international relations - Robert Gilpin, who was at the origins of the White House's decision to leave Afghanistan. It is based on the theory of hegemonic stability (Hegemonic Stability Theory) in real politics, according to which instability hits the entire region when the hegemonic state refuses its presence or intentionally withdraws its forces. July 20, 2022 Uncle Mike added July 19, 2022 Leaders/Ronny Jackson added July 16b-17, 2022 Veterans for Congress List from July 10-11, 2022 was moved here: Leaders For USA/Combat Veterans List of Recommended Veterans (link corrected on July 17) A separate section on Ronny Jackson will be added soon. July 16a, 2022 Data stolen from Apple Gift Cards just purchased in a store like Target Phone Arena dot com 2021/12/02If you buy Apple gift cards, you need to read this cautionary tale. By Alan Friedman thieves-in-30-minutes_id136835 Problem: Excerpt: Crooks wipe out ten $50 Apple gift cards minutes after they were activated at a Target store After discussing the problem, the author sums up: Excerpt: We'd love to tell you that Mike Blum got his money back and bought a new iPhone. We'd love to tell you that but we can't. Target did send him an email that sounded hopeful and said, "We are working with Apple to replace the funds." But as we write this article, the retailer is still awaiting a "gift card code" from Apple. Note from PF: Apple looks and feels very much like Comcast. Indications exist of excessive Chinese connection and control. In my opinion the gift cards are worthless because there is nothing real they go for smaller dollar amount items. Even things like the mini speaker require various hookups and a plan. Example from https //www apple com/shop/buy-homepod/homepod-mini Excerpt: Requires multiple HomePod devices or AirPlay 2–compatible speakers. Requires a HomeKit-enabled device. * Offer is available for new subscribers who connect an eligible device to an Apple device running iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 or later, for a limited time only. Offer good for 3 months after eligible device pairing. Plan automatically renews at your region’s price per month until cancelled. No purchase necessary for current owners of eligible devices. Service availability varies by region. Restrictions and other terms apply. Here are some articles on Apple as a problem in its ties to China New York Post 2021 How Apple, Tim Cook give into China while pushing back against the US By Clyde Prestowitz back-against-the-us/ 9 to 5 Mac 2019 Opinion: Apple’s relationship with China is turning into a massive liability. Ben Lovejoy July 13, 2022 This section added today: meant to be a brief intro and overview Vietnam War July 11-12-13, 2022 On book Danbaghdad; correction on Dan’s first name on July 12 at 2:34 pm mst. (see also comments below as Jul 10-11) July 12 See “Our Shortcomings” on page 284 in Afterword Excerpt: “After the invasion, the errors and miscalculations we made were many. But corruption, or rather the tolerance of corruption, was the single most significant mistake our government made in Iraq. When we pay for other people’s freedom with the lives of our sons and daughters, we should at least be committed enough to establish an honest and effective government. At the first signs of corruption, we should have stopped it before it spiraled out of control. In the beginning we had that power.“ Continued: “This would have allowed more funds for infrastructure such as water, electricity, and security forces. Those, in turn, would have resulted in safer and happier Iraqi people, and young men less like to join the insurgency. Also, it would have meant fewer dollars being diverted to fund the insurgency or sectarian violence, and a safer Iraq for our troops and personnel. Instead, our government maintained a diplomacy of willful blindness regarding corruption in order not to offend anyone.” Continued: “Another problem was the continual “restarts” that disrupted work flow as a result of personnel rotating in and out of Iraq and changes of leadership by the military and State Department…” …on the author From back cover From August 2006 through August 2007 Special Agent Dan Morris was assigned as the Treasury Attache to the United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. July 11 - July 12 name correction and ISBN added I very strongly recommend the book Danbaghdad: The Untold Story of Iraq - By Dan (corrected) Morris. Added: ISBN 9798500073433 it might be a self- published book, but is found on Amazon both as Kindle and hard copy. I will comment further later. *My other input is this: Warning- Some Vigilante networks. My intuition, and some of my readings, suggest the following: there can be hazing in the Navy and other branches of the military that goes way back in time; nonconformists can receive a form of Stasi-like ostracizing up through severe brutality and even assassinations; those tendencies can follow into veteran retirement; in addition, constitution-based groups might also have an extra-judicial approach which includes quiet assassinations, I suspect often in the form of the old western cowboy style hangman’s noose (hanging). I don’t feel all of the people on this list are associated with such groups, but I suspect some of them might be, and there might be yet others not on this list. There also might be a guy thing as males first, an anti-female thing with anger and violence among some of these types. PF does not endorse any of those approaches, behaviors or acts. In addition, PF does not support overly coercive stances on anti-abortion and book burning, like from books in libraries. PF wants to stand up to illegal immigration, La Raza, China, Radical Islamic takeover agendas, radical black power movements, militant transgender movements, but is not in any way interested in true (not just alleged) white supremacist groups, white gangs, or Constitution-based extremists who use extra-judicial measures to go after people they privately think are sinners or criminals. In addition, PF does not stand for overly coercive “fiscal responsibility” measures that go after the unemployed, people in homeless centers or on welfare; people with student loan debt, people who were supported by their parents, or anything like that, as I fit into several of those categories myself and feel this is part of what has been gangstalking me and using Stasi-like tactics…Chinese or Chinese linked companies can also be doing this when Americans owe money to them; it is possible debt collection companies could be linked to the MPM (Minority Power Movement) and China and La Raza-like groups (Mexico) or black-owned or managed companies - an example is credit card companies and hospitals and colleges compromised by such groups July 9, 2022 More on Bias in Media Illegal Aliens kill Americans but it’s not adequately reported in news AIM dot org 2015/07/13 Why the Media Hate Trump. By Cliff Kincaid Excerpt: But the families of the victims are determined to have their say. Brenda Sparks, whose son was killed by an illegal alien, said at the Trump news conference that the press runs sob stories about illegals but ignores the victims. “Where is the fair and balanced reporting?” she asked. Wentworth Report dot com Why the Media is so Anti-Trump: It’s Just Business trump-its-just-business/ Excerpt: V ratings for CNN and MSNBC went through the roof. With Google Analytics and social media, you know exactly what stories are getting clicks, and the anti-Trump stuff did so well it literally saved the New York Times, which was struggling for its existence. This is why Trump’s name appears so often in the Times — every 250 words or so, even in places like the Food section. It’s because of the Times’ digital media business model. Like Facebook, the Times is selling its readers’ emotions to advertisers — literally. Look up “Project Feels.” The more the reader feels, the more likely they are to click on an ad. And just the name Trump makes affluent liberals see red. In other words, digital media met an affluent liberal audience desperate to be told that the people they looked down on were evil racists and that we live in a white supremacy. So the New York Times, Vox, MSNBC, and CNN gave them what they wanted. And media companies went from being broke to making bank. .. Why the elites hate Trump: After decades of consensus between the two parties about a free market global economy that serves the top 20%, Trump represented the return of the repressed. And there’s nothing elites hate as much as having the masses impose their will. So much of the hatred of Trump is about class. We in the upper classes hate his infantile vocabulary, his needless lies, his gross, undignified brawling, his ignorant conspiracy theorizing. … It was about taste. Trump is gross. That spray tan, that hair, the golden toilet, the vainglorious pettiness: He didn’t fit with the vision upper class people have of a leader. But we in the media clothed our taste- based objection to Trump, which is of course a stand in for class, in terms of values: He’s anti-truth; he’s racist; he’s a Nazi. That’s how you end up with an MSNBC host worth $25 million looking down her nose at a person without a college degree and sneering, “You voted for Trump? You racist!” and feeling like a hero. … July 7 2022 Reminder Townhall Democrats in Congress Break Ranks with Biden to Oppose Iran Deal opposing-bidens-iran-deal-n2605601 More on China CNBC 2021/12/16 U.S. blacklists 34 Chinese entities, citing human rights abuses and ‘brain-control weaponry’. Amanda Macias human-rights-abuses-brain-control-weapons.html The Biden administration imposed trade restrictions on more than 30 Chinese entities on Thursday for human rights violations and the alleged development of “brain-control weaponry.” BBC 2021/07/08 Going undercover to infiltrate Chinese-American far-right networks By Zhaoyin Feng July 5, 2022 See Personal on this date Referencing again Hoover promoting-constructive-vigilance Excerpt: It is important not to exaggerate the threat of these new Chinese initiatives. China has not sought to interfere in a national election in the United States or to sow confusion or inflame polarization in our democratic discourse the way Russia has done. in contrast with: AMAC from: interference_3645973.html July 3, 2022 Happy July 4th! Patrick Henry Patrick Henry was an American Revolution-era orator best known for his quote "Give me liberty or give me death!" Henry was an influential leader in the radical opposition to the British government but only accepted the new federal government after the passage of the Bill of Rights, for which he was in great measure responsible. With his persuasive and passionate speeches, Henry helped kickstart the American Revolution. …[he became a lawyer]… …in 1765, Henry won the election to the House of Burgesses. He proved himself to be an early voice of dissent against Britain's colonial policies. During the debate over the Stamp Act of 1765, which effectively taxed every type of printed paper used by the colonists, Henry spoke out against the measure. He insisted that only the colony itself should be able to levy taxes on its citizens. Some in the assembly cried out that his comments were treason, but Henry was unfazed. His suggestions for handling the matter were printed and distributed to other colonies, helping to spur on the growing discontent with British rule. American Revolutionary An active force in the growing rebellion against Britain, Henry had the remarkable ability to translate his political ideology into the language of the common man. He was selected to serve as a delegate to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774. There, he met Samuel Adams and, together, they stoked the fires for revolution. During the proceedings, Henry called for the colonists to unite in their opposition to British rule: "The distinctions between Virginians, Pennsylvanians, New Yorkers and New Englanders, are no more. I am not a Virginian, but an American." The following year, Henry gave perhaps the most famous speech of his career. He was one of the attendees of the Virginia Convention in March 1775. The group was debating how to resolve the crisis with Great Britain—through force or through peaceful ends. Henry sounded the call to arms, saying, "Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? ... Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!" From Biography dot com July 2, 2022 Liz Cheney alleged or actual China ties; Jan 6 Republican Pelosi rejects from Jan 6 committee and their stands against China: could their be a link? Hunter Biden negativity Liz Cheny The Palmieri Report 2022/02/09 Liz Cheney’s Link To Communist China Exposed By PRSTAFF -February 9, 2022 China owns the corrupt Republicans in the GOP. It has now surfaced that Liz Cheney’s husband works for a law firm that works on behalf of companies linked to China’s military, intelligence, and security services. His employer, Latham & Watkins, helped push through billion-dollar deals for Chinese companies. Jim Banks (Indiana: Rep Republican) H.R.4792 - Countering Communist China Act - intro 2021 July 29 Sponsor: Rep. Banks, Jim [R-IN-3] (Introduced 07/29/2021) Committees: House - Foreign Affairs; Judiciary; Ways and Means; Oversight and Reform; Financial Services; Energy and Commerce; Intelligence (Permanent Select); Agriculture; Rules; Transportation and Infrastructure; Science, Space, and Technology; Natural Resources; Education and Labor; Armed Services Latest Action: House - 08/04/2021 Referred to the Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, Central Asia and Nonproliferation. (All Actions) New York Post GOP rep calls for pressure on China over Peng Shuai disappearance missing-peng-shuai/ Excerpt: “Peng’s allegation and disappearance have raised widespread outrage and concern in China and around the world,” Banks wrote. “No one should have to fear for their life for using their voice. Peng’s safety must not be compromised because of her brave act of calling out on a powerful individual.” Jim Jordan (Ohio - 4th: Rep Republican) Jim Jordan has stood up over China, Hunter Biden and over Big Tech: could these be some of the reasons the Democrats did not want him on the Jan 6 committee? conservatives Jim Jordan On Hunter Biden GOP demands ‘experts’ who dismissed Hunter Biden laptop fess up — or face subpoenas CNN 2021/12/15 Jim Jordan Mark meadows Text text/index.html Pushing Back against China, Observing China’s authoritarianism Ranking Member Jim Jordan Blasts Democrats’ ‘China’ Legislation jordan-blasts-democrats-china-legislation/ “By giving more money and power to Biden’s out-of-control Federal Trade Commission to continue its punishment of American businesses, this Democrat mega-bill’s biggest beneficiaries will be our competitors in China. So long as far-left policies like these are the best the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats can put forth, our economy will continue to suffer, our shelves will remain bare, and foreign companies will benefit at the expense of American job creators.” Newsmax 2021/05/20 Rep. Jordan: Investigation Warranted Into China, Fauci Role in Lab Funding. Sandy Fitzgerald china/2021/05/20/id/1022084/ 2020/04/14 Rep. Jim Jordan to Newsmax TV: China's Running WHO. Tauren Dyson Washington Examiner WATCH: Jim Jordan warns Shanghai lockdown shows what Democrats can do in US by Heather Hamilton, shanghai-lockdown-shows-what-democrats-can-do-in-us The Hill Pelosi rejects Jordan, Banks for Jan. 6 committee for-jan-6-committee/ New York Times 2021/07/21 Why Jim Banks and Jim Jordan Were Blocked From the Capitol Riot Panel. By Nicholas Fandos jordan.html Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was barring them from a committee scrutinizing the attack based on Democrats’ concerns about their “statements made and actions taken” around the assault. NPR 2021/07/21 Pelosi Rejects 2 GOP Nominees For The Jan. 6 Panel, Citing The Integrity Of The Probe July 21, 20211:53 From 2012 on Obama-Iran suspicious connections and by extension later Democrat - Biden ties 2012/12/21 Has the Obama Regime Been Secretly Negotiating with Iran?AN ELEVENTH-HOUR PLOY TO BOOST OBAMA? Sharon Rondeau negotiating-with-iran/ subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned. (All Actions) June 2-3, 2022 June 3 Crenshaw on Impeachment Houston Chronicle (found through MSN listed below) 2022/06/03 Dan Crenshaw outlines case for impeaching Joe. Jeremy Wallace outlines-case-for-impeaching-Joe-17218444.php ttps:// impeaching-joe-biden-and-head-of-homeland-security/ar- AAY3xRa?ocid=uxbndlbing Serious Allegations Against AG Hector Balderas See also: Leaders/Hector Balderas Retake Our Democracy dot org 2021/07/17 Fraud and Corruption Charges Leveled at NM Attorney General Balderas. By Paul Gibson leveled-at-nm-attorney-general-balderas/ Vivint Solar 2018/12/19 Vivint Solar Files Lawsuit against Attorney General Balderas seeking Damages and Relief under the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) lawsuit-against-attorney-general-balderas June 2: Air Force and Water Toxins in New Mexico Clovis Tragedy and PFAS-contaminated cows; Air Force informed Env. Dept but not local area owners in time-Fire Retardants left highly serious contamination Dairy Herd dot com 2022/05/23 Dairy Herd Air Force Pollution forces New Mexico Dairy euthanize. Taylor Leach pollution-forces-new-mexico-dairy-euthanize-3665-cows Task and Purpose 2019 ‘This is absolutely a corruption case’ — New Mexico AG blasts Air Force over toxic water contamination at US bases "I've lost my patience. With these environmental harms, you have aspects of corruption that we need to … aggressively and gladly litigate."Months after suing the federal government over the discharge of toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that have tainted New Mexico's groundwater, Attorney General Hector Balderas now says he considers the lawsuit against the U.S. Air Force a public “corruption case.” force/ June 1, 2022 Marathon sell-out to 7-11; Obama’s dishonesty Marathon Sell-Out to 7-11 New York Post Speedway gas station owner Marathon Petroleum has agreed to sell the chain to 7-Eleven’s parent company. Seven & i Holdings, the Japanese retail group that owns the popular convenience store, will pay $21 billion for Speedway. 7-Eleven parent company acquires Speedway for $21 billion for-21-billion/ CNN dot com 2020/08/03 7-Eleven owner is buying Marathon Petroleum's … Aug 03, 2020 · Tokyo (CNN Business) The Japanese owner of 7-Eleven is buying the Speedway chain of gas stations from Marathon Petroleum ( MPC) for $21 billion. The two firms announced NPR 2019/05/27 'American Soil' Is Increasingly Foreign Owned increasingly-foreign-owned Those are two words that are commonly used to stir up patriotic feelings. They are also words that can't be taken for granted, because today nearly 30 million acres of U.S. farmland are held by foreign investors. That number has doubled in the past two decades, which is raising alarm bells in farming communities. When the stock market tanked during the past recession, foreign investors began buying up big swaths of U.S. farmland. And because there are no federal restrictions on the amount of land that can be foreign owned, it's been left up to individual states to decide on any limitations. It's likely that even more American land will end up in foreign hands, especially in states with no restrictions on ownership. With the median age of U.S. farmers at 55, many face retirement with no prospect of family members willing to take over. The National Young Farmers Coalition anticipates that two-thirds of the nation's farmland will change hands in the next few decades. "Texas is kind of a free-for-all, so they don't have a limit on how much land can be owned," say's Ohio Farm Bureau's Ty Higgins. "You look at Iowa and they restrict it — no land in Iowa is owned by a foreign entity." Obama’s Dishonesty Note from PF: Obama is still with us in 2022, even if seemingly “gone.” He left a troubled legacy. It is PF’s stance he should be investigated, charged for criminal activity and likely treason, and put away. People are still fooling themselves about Obama. Here are a few examples of writers saying he was a dishonest fellow-some of which is already in the Obama Section. Is Obama The Most Dishonest President In History? Take a look. in-history UPDATE: When this article was originally posted in May, 2012, there was enough information available to classify President Obama as the most dishonest president in U.S. history. Since then, however, his dishonesty has become so rampant that many who might have been reluctant to speak out, now are. Even worse for the president, many are now ... How Obama went from bulls–t to dishonesty - New York Post The White House must end the shameful federal attack on charter schools How Americans see President Obama changed in an important way this week. … How Dishonest is Barack Obama? - Townhall In his first State of the Union address he gratuitously insulted the members of the Supreme Court, who were sitting in the front row honoring him. He invited Paul Ryan to a … Marc Thiessen: Obama’s dishonest presidency - The Washington … November 4, 2013. The Wall Street Journal broke the news this weekend that, even as President Obama was telling the American people they could keep … Is Obama Dishonest, Naive or Both When He Talks About Our … Last week President Obama spoke to the White House press corps -- and by extension the nation -- to claim that the nation saw job growth of 67,000 … Tucker Carlson calls Obama ‘one of the sleaziest and most … Tucker Carlson described former President Obama as “one of the sleaziest and most dishonest figures in the history of American politics” after his eulogy at the funeral of civil rights icon ... The Most Dishonest White House In American History - RedState The Most Dishonest White House In American History. By MacAoidh | Jan 04, 2010 10:51 ... -acorn-ceo-bertha-lewis-in-obama-residence-week- before-sting-videos-launched which outlines exactly how dishonest the Obama administration actually is. The White House released its September visitors log, which included a “Bertha E. Lewis” early in the ... It's Obama's fault - American Thinker The meteoric rise of a virtual unknown from the Illinois state Senate to the White House is fairly unprecedented. Though he lacked any depth of understanding of …
SHERIFFS AGAINST BORDER PROTECTION LEADERS: Sheriff Associations, Republicans Against DHS Mayorkas, CBP Magnus 46 House Republicans - Mayorkas WCSI News (John Clark Director) 2022/02/11 46 House Republicans call on Mayorkas to resign over ‘complete failure’ to lead DHS house-republicans-call-on-mayorkas- to-resign-over-complete-failure-to- lead-dhs/ U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Arizona introduced impeachment of Mayorkas associations-oppose-bidens- nomination-to-head-border-patrol/ Western Sheriffs Association declares 'no confidence' in DHS Secretary Mayorkas ional/western-sheriffs-association- declares-no-confidence-in-dhs- secretary-mayorkas/article_95d789e2- 48db-11ec-83f9-07fd81d0c95a.html The Association has partnered with the Southwest Border Sheriffs Coalition and the Texas Border Sheriffs coalition to address crime resulting from illegal immigration. The association represents sheriffs from Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Neither the Biden administration nor DHS has issued a statement in response to the declaration. Their vote of no confidence comes after the National Sheriff’s Association and the Arizona Sheriff’s Association publicly opposed Biden’s nominee for commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus. Arizona, National Sheriffs Groups Oppose Magnus 2021/10/20 Dannels Explains Why State, National Sheriffs’ Groups Oppose Magnus As Head Of CBP ls-explains-why-state-national- sheriffs-groups-oppose-magnus-as- head-of-cbp/ Arizona Governor Doug Ducey asked Mayorkas to resign 2021/08/16 over the southern border crisis. 16/congressmen-double-down-on- calls-to-impeach-mayorkas/ Texas Rep Chip Roy repeatedly called for his impeachment. see above-Heartlander on Mayorkas
Names Aadland, CO Bacon, Mont. Banks, IN Bergman, Mich. Bolduc, NH Cotton, Ark. Crenshaw DeSantis, FL Ellzey Gallagher, WI Galluch Garcia, CA Green Issa, CA Jackson, TX Kelly Mast, FL Norton, Mich. Perry Peters Skarlatos Vance Waltz Wenstrup Zeldin Zinke