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THE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY*-REPUBLIC AND WESTERN WORLD SYSTEM ARE THE BETTER ONES It is why people take risks to come to the USA *we often use the term democracy in its broadest sense here on this website, meaning democratic, freedom loving, not controlled by dictators, protections against corruption, legal systems meant to protect most of the people most of the time, an effort at a sense of balance. PERSONAL NOTES Sept 24 2022 TRUMPIER THAN TRUMP (and I didn’t vote for Trump) Solid Border Protection No easy amnesty. No more bulk “crisis” amnesty. We already have an immigrant problem. (*see Hybrid Warfare below) No sanctuary cities No DACA. Overturn it. Support first and foremost American citizen dreamers, not foreign migrant dreamers, send them back to “dream” in their home countries; American dreamers come in all ages. Don’t send illegal immigrants from one troubled American state to another. Instead, send them out of the country. Reverse-racism in hiring practices is racism. Immigrants are swamping fast food businesses. Bring the USA back there* Watch for signs of reverse-racism in medical centers, including organized crime. This can include a tendency to try to keep whites from getting real (genuine and thorough) medical help, to try to control or divert their medical experience, from keeping them out of jobs like the front desk reception areas and nursing positions; corrupt doctors and Human Resources can be behind the low-grade hiring practices Keep Mexico-centered and linked politicians like Senator Ben Ray Lujan and Attorney General Hector Balderas of New Mexico out of American government Cell phones can be linked to infiltrations of families, businesses and government using a variety of tactics, including big tech mind influencing. Read up on China’s Clean out local, county and state policing, FBI and border protection personnel not in line with border protection or who aid and abet La Raza/Unidos (as Hispanic/tribal takeovers) types of approaches Watch for Hispanic culture related problems: a tendency to defiantly speak Spanish loudly and pointedly in front of white American trying to act like old style conquistador royalty while treating whites (Anglos) like “subjects” **true diversity includes white people - stop the habit that has developed in hiring a majority (often 98%-100%) Hispanic (including, majority of, or all Spanishspeaking -only) speaking work forces at McDonald’s and other fast food chains! All Hispanic work forces deter whites from wanting to apply or work there; Hispanic culture can include machismo; also Hispanic females are invoved in the games *Hybrid Warfare is being used across the world to artificially send immigrats from one country into another. Sept 11, 2022 Remembering 9/11. Don’t forget! Continue to learn from it! One thing I remember is the awful Ground Zero Muslim mosque that was attempted to be put on its grounds or nearby. Author and activist Pamela Geller and others helped to stop that monstrosity. Why was it so bad? Because Ms. Geller was right: Muslims do things like that surreptitiously - as trophy mosques. On the surface, they use pretty words and soft concepts to make it seem like it is a real memorial and a way tobridge cifferences. In reality, such tings are like Trojan Hourses, gifts on the outside, warfare on the inside. Musims like to show off their war prowess by building mosques over other people’s religious buildings or important monuments or structures. The mosques are actually a way of saying “Gotcha!” One way to commemorate 9/11 is to look into these subjects in more depth so as to not be fooled by false gimmicks, and to learn to understand the enemy for what he really is, not for what he wants us to think he is, or the ignorant soft-pedaling given it by so- called moderates and do-gooders. Ultimately whether they are truly civil rights types or actors paid for by radical Muslims is not as important as Americans learning to wartch for such things. How many of you are prepared to watch for trophy mosques after a tragic bombing or other destruction of a Christian, Hewish, Indian or other sacred religiou s I think one of the things I like about Colorado's Republicans is they can be more moderate than those of Texas or the southern United States. I feel Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin might be one of those moderates. I am not sure, but I suspect you too could be one of those more moderate or midway types. I do not discount Republicans when they tend to be religious fundamentalists now, although at one time I did. I look for other important things like, are they working legitimately on national security, including border protection? Are they standing up to China? Are they facing down militant transgenderism? And so on. I feel the most recent governor and some other Democrat politicians in Colorado have been bad news. It's important to get them out. However, replacing them with far right Republicans whose main focus is on anti-abortion and putting biblical things on government grounds is no solution, either. Nor is banning or burning books a solution. I would like political leaders to gather up all information on psychic and psychotronic attack, including what we know about China's mind control programs and what legislators have already put out on this over the years. I want to see this subject stay focused on, not forgotten. One reason I have this concern, which I have voiced on Police Factor, is I feel I have personally witnessed family members show herd mentality with their Democrat approach in such a way it is odd. It seems unnatural, like something is additional is going on to make them act and speak like that. It includes denouncing Trump, hating American flags and pro-American signage or bumper stickers, assuming if you speak out against reverse-racism that you are racist, or if you say anything self-protective about non-whites, you are racist, and so on. All of this comes across to me as extraordinary, like something is going on to make them say, think and feel like this. I strongly suspect some kind of mind control operation. It is not just about my family but is obviously widespread across the nation. There are those of us who stay relatively clear from the herd mentality operation, but we can still feel the ups and downs of the whole thing, we feel provoked and upset when we are attacked by these people. I feel we are dealing with a composite of groups including Radical Islam/Muslim Brotherhood, China, La Raza/Unidos and various militant black, red and transgender power movements. Where one leaves off and another starts is hard to say, but I suspect is China is linked to all of it. I also agree that a Marxist rebellion as remove/replace is afoot and that the groups involved want people like me to submit to their domination - and they are obsessive and compulsive with this. They want to provide a wall of surround sound around their targets so that everywhere the target goes, they are hearing this anti-racism stuff, even by channeling it through the person's closest contacts. This subject is very hard for many Americans to deal with. Americans have been spoon fed their reality for so long that when something is a little too complex, they basically say, I am out of here. We have a lot of that going on. It is my opinion we need to gather up relatively clear people who can face down these subjects and think rationally across state lines. So even if someone's constituency is in another state, we are needing as many clear heads as possible. We are going to have to think outside the box. Even if you personally do not have experience with this material, I suspect you know those who do. I think the Muslims are messing with bioenergy and telepathic transference, for one thing; China has a long history with martial arts combined with psychic energy. I have seen Mexicans, Latinos and Native Americans connect with psychic energy. I have read on the internet from a source I cannot rely on that psychotronics often are what we are dealing with - not psychic stuff - even though it might seem psychic at the time. This is why I always write psychic or psychotronic attack. I would like to see if there is a way to turn off psychotronic attacks so that the herd mentality like what I am seeing in my family in their connection to the Democrats goes away. They cannot seem to break away from the influences on their minds, emotions and speech. I have considered whether it is coming from cell phones, internet connections, some kind of energy wave beam to their house, something in a medical device inside the body, and more. I think we need more Republicans ready and able to discuss these things and to offer real world solutions from the science and technology worlds. Most of us cannot identify truth from fiction from what we read on the Internet. We don't know who really writes things there and whether the information is legitimate. We need a way to bypass this problem. I will try to make a copy of this letter to you and post it on my Current Commentary Personal Notes section. I have discussed this many times over the years on Police Factor and on earlier versions of it. Sir, even if you don't make it for the election, you can find other ways to serve. Colorado is a tricky state. Don't take anything personally, which you probably would not in the long run any way. I found your name from Combat Veterans for Congress's list. I have been in a little contact through mail and email with Joseph John, although I have not met him in person. I think he has some good people on his list and there were some I already thought were good. So I think he is onto something with his list. I am adding some of his letter to my Current Commentary/News Clips, etc. section tonight and tomorrow. I don't agree with everything he says or all of his approaches, but there are some things I do agree with. My psychic intuition started up a long time ago, partly from a few training sessions in an informal school in Durango in the 1990s, partly from talking to a lot of psychics for readings. I no longer consult with psychics like that, but would consider using a proven remote viewer to check on certain things, although they tend be quite costly. This would include what happened to my great uncle Orian Wynn in World War 2 who was reported missing in action after Germans fired on his plane. People don't know whether he died on the plane, after the plane crashed, or if Germans took him and he was killed after that. My intuition gets at least two possible scenarios. The pilot, copilot, navigator and three men who bailed managed to live and I think several or all ended up in POW camps for awhile. My great uncle was a bombardier in the US Army Air Force and was reported MIA on April 2, 1944 after a mission probably involving Steyr, Austria. So it is something like this now, in current times, that would draw me back to the psychic world and getting information. Remote viewing when done right is more than just psychic activity and requires practice and training. It also opens up the psychic airwaves. In other words, I feel people can get information if they really need it in this way, but it should be done carefully and with good reasons. I cannot escape my biases in order to get clear on what happened to my great-uncle; my first feeling was he actually lived for a brief period after the plane crash, was taken by Germans and had a violent encounter with at least one. However, i have also picked up some kind of fire. The pilot said a German officer showed the uniform intact without wounds, indicating Orian and three others were dead. This if true would get rid of my fire vision (the plane was said to have caught on fire after a rocket hit it). However, it might apply to others in the plane, or it could be the pilot was lying about seeing Orian's uniform. So again it is because of something critical about this subject - it has bothered me for years - that would draw me to seeking out higher quality psychic information. I think this kind of thing might help us resolve whether Americans are being attacked by China or the civil rights linked composite mentioned above. We might be able to identify how the attacks are being generated, how the public is being manipulated. The process of review might also generate ideas on how Americans can better protect themselves. The best way for whites to start pushing back on all this is to organize among themselves. I am starting a white American citizen support group so whites can discuss the horror stories with the Navajos, to identify other ways the Navajos have been causing problems. They can share knowledge and insights about other things. In addition, it is a support group for non-whites and mixed race persons who just want to be American. Overall, the group is about being American First, and Americans First. I have met Navajos and Hispanic mixes who just want to be themselves and do not want to deal all of that race nonsense. The idea of this group is to offer support against reverse-racism but also to focus on a cosmopolitan approach that allows common ground to discuss and solve problems involving basic human survival and the natural human tendency to want something more to life on top of that. All of us need to focus on the essential priorities like safety, water, food, shelter, clothing and health, no matter our race or gender. In addition, most of would prefer some padding for some extras for a sense of morale and life experience satisfaction. No one wants an endless grind. When some of the people are taking most of the jobs based on cliques, like in reverse-racism, not all the people are getting the basics. We are seeing too many homeless white beggars on the streets of San Juan County, with low-grade options for these people. By being organized with a plan, we can help ourselves better. Aug 5, 7 2022 Aug 7 moved to Case Study/Daniel Ellsberg Aug 5 moved to Case Study/Daniel Ellsberg Aug. 2-3, 2022 On alternative views of Afghanistan Evacuation Re: Teller Report article July 31--News Clips Teller Report dot com 2021/08/30 The fracture of American: Why the US left Afghanistan Regarding the above article and the idea of a void left when a dominant presence leaves: 1) Two groups might be vying for dominance in the US Military a) One group might have secretly and quietly used such an idea to evacuate from Afghanistan i) we might ask if there is an old Soviet tie to the rapid evac approach, as well ii) woke, minority power movement 1) how does that hook up with: a) China b) Shiites, Sunnis c) Muslim blacks d) Black power movement e) any Jewish and/or Israeli leftist/private Holocaust vendetta agenda f) Biden pre-presidency agreements i) with Russia over pipeline and ii) connections to Eastern Europe 1) possible family ties that go way back b) The other group includes the mainstream Americans and combat veterans who were and are genuinely horrified* over the evac *Here are signs of horror - just a few examples Rep. Mike Gallagher, Wisconsin CNS 2021/10/21 Rep. Gallagher on Kabul Evacuation: ‘If That’s a Success, Then What The Hell Does Failure Look Like?’ Patrick Goodenough Rep. Darrell Issa, Calif. Fox 5 San Diego Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Texas Newsweek 2021/08/24 'That's Not What War Looks Like': Rep. Dan Crenshaw Questions Pullout From Afghanistan USA Today 2021/08/15 government/8143" There are a lot of veterans who are grappling with: ‘Was it worth it? Were all of our sacrifices wasted?'" Sanderlin said. She added that many are conflicted about the Biden administration’s decision to pull out the U.S. troops, which opened the door for the Taliban.821002/ New York Times 2021/08/16 Lawmakers Unite in Bipartisan Fury Over Afghanistan Withdrawal If President Biden hoped to find cover from politicians in both parties who had reached a broad consensus on withdrawal, he was most likely disappointed. Excerpt: Many moderate Democrats remained furious at the Biden administration for what they saw as terrible planning for the evacuation of Americans and their allies. Representative Jason Crow, Democrat of Colorado and a former Army Ranger who served in Afghanistan. “We should have started this evacuation months ago.” Representative Seth Moulton, Democrat of Massachusetts and a former captain in the Marine Corps, said that for months, he had been asking the administration to provide a refugee plan. “I was very explicit: ‘We need a plan. We need someone in charge,’” he said. “Honestly, we still haven’t really seen the plan.”…“In my mind this was not just a national security mistake, but a political mistake, too.
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