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Ielacqual Paul, Albuquerque       Jasler Natalie, Albuquerque       Jenkins Ken, Las Vegas       Johnson Tim, State-Wide/NMSP Chief/Center in Santa Fe Jones Aaron, Albuquerque       Julian Aaron, Rio Rancho       Kassetas Pete, Santa Fe       Katz Marshall, Albuquerque       Keith Sandy, Albuquerque  Kelley Leah, Albuquerque       Killinger Bryan, Albuquerque IJK  SECTION, Tables and Related Information   Table IJK      Table all New Mexico Police Names on this website: 1 See also  Victim Incidents/Cases     Police - Blue Lives Matter     Locations by City and Names A to Z Indexes SUMMARIES I-J-K:  BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE Ielacqual Paul,  Albuquerque/Conchas Lake, APD-Aviation Officer from 2001-2009;Corrections- Bernalillo County Jail & Conchas Lake since 1996, INFO-behavioral health issues in policing: provided input on how officers cope as an ex-APD officer in connection with investigating behavioral health issues involving police shootings, etc.  -, Public Health NM- 2015/03/10 Articles Public Health New Mexico 2015/03/10 Ex-APD Officer On How Police Cope KUNM's Public Health New Mexico reporting project has been investigating Albuquerque Police Department shooting deaths with an eye on behavioral health issues. IELACQUA: It seems like when you put that uniform on, you don’t have a friend in the world. And it’s really hard, and it’s unfortunate, too, because a lot of times your only friends—or you feel like—the only person that you can trust is the person wearing the uniform next to you. Excerpt: KUNM: Do you think it’s true that police officers in general do a lot of interacting with mentally ill folks? IELACQUA: Every day. Every day, and in fact I would say that the huge majority of the calls is either alcohol, substance abuse or somebody that is ill—or what is known as dual-diagnosis folks. Officers do have to deal with that on a daily basis. KUNM: Do you have any particular stories that kind of stand out from your time that you can relay? IELACQUA: Yeah, I do actually have quite a few stories, but a couple that stick out in my mind.  I was a rookie, and I was riding with a veteran officer. It was a 10-40, a mental patient call. We show up—an old trailer park in the Southeast—and it was an elderly couple in their late 80s. They were with their mentally ill son, who was unclean, unbathed, and you could tell he’d probably been off his meds for a while. And I’ll never forget the fear in their eyes. I also remember the officer I was with. He’s retired now. There was a big knife, like a meat-cutting knife, laying on the floor next to this guy’s feet. And I can remember the veteran officer, the friend of mine, just very patient and talking in a very low voice. And I asked him later, I said, well, “Why were you talking so softly to the guy?” And he says well, he goes, “If you think about it, the lower I talk, the more he’s got to pay attention to me. So he is focusing all his attention onto my voice.” And so later on in my career, I actually tried that. And I would be where somebody was talking, maybe not shouting but very agitated, and I would bring my voice down, and I would start talking lower, and it would bring them lower. And it actually works. KUNM: What is it like dealing with someone who’s in an extreme moment of crisis, whether because of drugs or because of mental illness or both? IELACQUA: It can be tough, and it also can be rewarding. I always remember an instructor saying: Life before property. And the biggest thing is trying to protect life. And that includes, not only your own life, but the person that’s in crisis, but everybody else’s that’s around you. And sometimes, depending on where you’re at and what the situation is, it can be very demanding. It can be a very tough thing, because you have to make quick decisions on your feet right then and there, which can be life-taking or life-threatening, and you have a lot to worry about. Every situation’s different, every person’s different, and sometimes you have no idea what you’re about to encounter. Jasler Natalie, Albuquerque, APD/Officer?, Older Material (1980s) in Kait Arquette/Real Crimes; Jasler apparently hit a woman trying to view a family member's deceased body and then arrested the same person suggesting aggravated assault on a police officer, -,  Kaitarquette-overview Articles Jenkins Ken, Las Vegas, LVPD/Deputy Chief at time of lawsuit against city,  Alleged racial discrimination by Mayor Tonita Gurule-Giron because Jenkins is black, Victim is Deputy Chief Ken Jenkins, KRQE-2019/07/22; Case 2019 Jenkins v. City of Las Vegas Cases 2019/07/18-Filed Jenkins v. City of Las Vegas et al, No. 1:19-cv-00656, D.N.M. Articles KRQE 2019/07/22  Former Las Vegas PD Deputy Chief files suit against the city. By Rebecca Atkins Mayor Tonita Gurule-Giron is under investigation.…But now, in a new lawsuit, former Las Vegas Police Deputy Chief Kenneth Jenkins is coming forward with more allegations…Hired with the department in 1999, Jenkins served as the deputy chief for two years until he became a whistleblower against Mayor Gurule-Giron. “He was constantly complaining about her mismanagement of her office to the detriment of the citizens of Las Vegas,” said Bennett.When Jenkins spoke up, his attorney says everything went downhill. “He was not promoted to the chief of police as he was the most qualified candidate,” he said. Bennett said not only was his client passed up for promotions, “This doesn’t appear in the original complaint, but the mayor is actually quoted as saying, ‘I’m gonna get rid of the negro,'” Bennett said. The retaliation and alleged racist remarks made to higher-ups didn’t stop, and it got so bad that Jenkins couldn’t take it. “It’s caused Johnson Tim,   State-Wide centered in Santa Fe, NMSP/Chief-started in 2019; prev DPS, On getting started as new police chief, asked for updated technology, -, LA Daily Post-2020/02/05; Snta Fe NM-2019/11/02 Articles LA Daily Post 2020/02/05 Senate confirms Tim Johnson New Mexico State Police.  By Carol A. Clark. Excerpt:  SANTA FE – Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Wednesday issued the following statement after the New Mexico Senate unanimously confirmed Tim Johnson as chief of the New Mexico State Police: “Chief Johnson has been a steady and stabilizing force at the Department of Public Safety. I am glad to see senators endorse him and by extension his officers and the work they do every single day to keep New Mexico communities and roadways safe. Chief Johnson is a leader of high character and integrity and I look forward to his continued good work.” The governor’s executive recommendation called for 60 additional State Police officers, a push for enhanced personnel the administration looks forward to ensuring is accommodated in the FY2021 budget. Among other criminal justice reform and public safety initiatives the governor has endorsed, House Bill 184 provides special funding to support state police officers in communities around the state and enhanced funding from the Law Enforcement Protection Fund to support local public safety agencies, as well. Santa Fe New Mexican 2019/11/02   New Mexico State Police chief clearing controversies controversies/article_05f5917b-057b-5924-98c2-a80fe0e317f9.html Excerpt:  Tim Johnson, the new chief of a far-flung operation that has outposts from Clayton to Lordsburg and Hobbs to Farmington, is no different. Asked about reports of division within the department under his predecessor — the kind that spurred lawsuits alleging sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation — and he falls back on the math.  “Four or five people in an organization of 1,300,” he said, “doesn’t make an organization divided, in my opinion.”  In his 19th year with the state police, Johnson has built a career that spans the gamut (patrolman, instructor, criminal investigator, public information officer) in a department where there’s always a new assignment and a long road to travel.  Knowing that, Johnson said he’s determined to get his department ready for the next decade rather than worry about the one about to end.  Appointed earlier this year by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Johnson said the department needs a variety of technological upgrades — and a new way of thinking about policing — as it exits from the controversies endured under his predecessor, Pete Kassetas. Kassetas’ rocky tenure was marked by out-of-court legal settlements that cost taxpayers nearly $2 million.  Asked in a recent interview about the most important issues facing state police, Johnson said it wasn’t morale or the lingering effects of the controversies from the past few years. Instead, he said, his department is “15, 20 years behind, technology wise” compared to other law enforcement agencies around the country. controversies/article_05f5917b-057b-5924-98c2-a80fe0e317f9.html Jones Aaron T., Valencia County/Los Lunas/Lea County/Hobbs/Los Angeles, Valencia County Sheriff's Office;Lea County Sheriffs Office/Homicide Detective/Albuquerque-Security Agency CEO; INFO: Investigating officer of Chavez Jones case; extensive security background, -, Inquisitr-2016/11/2; LinkedIn; Cases 2015/07/15-Levi Chavez v. Aaron Jones Cases 2015/07/15-Levi Chavez v. Aaron Jones Case 1:15-cv-00619-KBM-KK Info: Aaron Jones believes Levi Chavez killed his wife Tera Chavez.  Articles Linked In page shows a long policing background including protecting high end figures; includes a resume style summary Aaron T. Jones President & CEO at International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) Albuquerque, New Mexico Inquisitr 2016/11/12  Tera Chavez, Levi Chavez: ‘Dateline’ NBC—Dead Wife Dealt With Cop’s Seedy Sex Life With Multiple Mistresses Disguised As Friends. Traciy Reyes multiple-mistresses-disguised-as-friends/ Tera Chavez allegedly dealt with a lot in her marriage to Levi Chavez, the ex-cop who was acquitted in the death of his wife. The Albuquerque, New Mexico, mom’s death was said to be a suicide. But one cop, Aaron Jones, always believed that Tera Andrea Chavez’ death was murder. More than that, he believed that her husband, Levi, did it. Read more: life-with-multiple-mistresses-disguised-as-friends/#ixzz6Is9t3KcC Julian Aaron,  Rio Rancho, DPS/Officer, Child/Felony Drop (also wife child felony):  Older Material 2002: on Kait Arquette/Real Crimes-was indicted for five felony counts of child abuse. The DA failed to send a Grand Jury target letter so all charges were dropped, Victim possibly a child although charges were dropped due to processual error, Kaitarquette-overview Articles   Kait Arquette 120 Kassetas Pete, State-wide centered in Santa Fe,   NMSP/State Police Chief-Retired late 2018, Settlement reached in 2019/02; Settlement amount 3 former officers $900k; Two Lawsuits Against Kassetas near the end of his tenure, Jessica Turner-former officer; Former Lt. Julia Armendariz/former Sgt. Monica Martinez-Jones and former Deputy Chief Ryan Suggs, KOB-2018/06/16; KRQE-2019/02/26 & 2018/06/15; Las Cruces Sun-2018/06/14; Snta Fe NM-2018/09/26 & 2018/09/13; US News-2018/06/14; Deming Headlight-2019/01/04; Taos News-2019/08/29; Albuq Jrnl-2019/02/27; AP News-2019/05/25 Articles Albuquq. Jrnl 2019/02/27   Lawsuit settled against NMSP chief Department of Public Safety. By Elise Kaplan AP News 2019/05/25   Officers who settled with state want out of confidentiality agreement. By Steve Terrell Deming Headlight 2019/01/04  New Mexico State Police Chief retires retires-force/2472752002/ KOB: (2018/06/16) Governor responds to misconduct allegations against NMSP chief. By Marian Camacho KRQE: 2019/02/26 Settlement reached in lawsuit against former NMSP Chief chief/1812212941/ (2018/06/15) Questions raised about former Deputy Chief who's suing State Police ( suing-state-police/1242204595 Las Cruces Sun: (2018/06/14) Lawsuit accuses NM Police Chief Lewd Conduct police-chief-lewd-conduct/703948002/ Santa Fe New Mexico: 2018/09/26--Judge unseals suit abainst New Mexico State Police. By Sami Edge 2018/09/26-- mexico-state-police-chief/article_e3900c94-50e1-5bfa-9092-c03977b68174.html 2018/09/13--Second suit brought against New Mexico State Police Chief. By Phaedra Haywood. 2018/09/13-- mexico-state-police-chief/article_e560a5cf-236d-5108-b87a-6d46895dac01.html Excerpt:  New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas — recently accused in a lawsuit of sexual harassment and other misconduct — has been named a defendant in a new suit, this one filed by a former state police officer who is engaged to a plaintiff in the first case.  The latest lawsuit, filed Wednesday in the state District Court in Santa Fe by former state police Officer Jessica Turner, was filed under seal, so the specific allegations she is leveling against Kassetas are unclear.  But online records show Turner is accusing Kassetas of violating three state laws: the Human Rights Act, the Whistleblower Protection Act and the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act. 2018/09/13-- mexico-state-police-chief/article_e560a5cf-236d-5108-b87a-6d46895dac01.html 2017/12/10 State Police Chief make misconduct cases more accessible to public 2017/12/10-- misconduct-cases-more-accessible-to-public/article_c90ef59d-8408-5ef9-aa11-f256a78d638a.html Taos News 2019/08/29 Police: Three former state police officials got settlement of $900K; Former Chief Kassetas continues to deny harassment occurred.  By Jens Erik Gould. 900k,59165 Former Lt. Julia Armendariz, former Sgt. Monica Martinez-Jones and former Deputy Chief Ryan Suggs US News: 2018/06/14 Suit accuses New Mexico Police Chief of lewd conduct. By Mary Hudetz. mexico-police-chief-of-lewd-conduct Katz Marshall, Albuquerque, Aviation Police/Chief (2016), Drug/Confiscation/Confiscated drug tagging Issue; sending people off-site; 2016-suspension/2017-suspension removed; high cost 4 months paid leave,-, NM Political Report- 2016/04/01; KRQE-2017/04/12 & 2016/09/08 & 2016/03/31; Albuq Jrnl-2016/10/17; ABQ Free Press - Facebook-2015/11/25 Articles Albuq Jrnl-2016/10/17  Aviation boss gets 130k before he goes. By Dan McKay New Mexico Political Report 2016/04/01 ABQs top aviation cop placed on leave Excerpt from NM Political Report-2016-04-01: ABQ’s top aviation cop placed on leave. The move came after Katz initiated an investigation into a situation where an aviation police officer didn’t properly tag evidence—confiscated marijuana and illegal narcotics—that was taken from a passenger at a TSA security checkpoint at the Albuquerque International Sunport on March 11, a Friday, D’Amato said.  Apparently, the officer didn’t have time to take the evidence to APD’s main evidence storage facility, which is standard procedure, nor to a police substation, where it could have been electronically tagged and stored, D’Amato said. Instead, the officer stored the drugs in his/her police locker at the airport overnight. 2016/04/01-- KRQE 2017/04/12-- Former Sunport Aviation Police chief wins fight over suspension suspension_20180104024159160/900165282 2016/09/08 APD to take over Sunport Police oversight; chief & others under investigation. By Chris McKee 2016/09/08-- 2016/03/31 Sunport police chief deputy chief on paid leave under criminal investigation 2016/03/31-- criminal-investigation/1019879691 ABQ Free Press - Facebook 2015/11/25 Albuquerque Aviation Police Department Chief Marshall Katz was suspended, in part, because he sent aviation officers off the airport’s premises to handle calls that Albuquerque police officers couldn’t, or didn’t have time to, a source told ABQ Free Press Monday. was-suspended-in-part/552731391548703/ Keith Sandy,  Albuquerque,  APD/Detective-Retired, Mistrial declared in shooting case involving Sandy Keith.  Alleged shooting victim James Boyd-the homeless man who was camping illegally and who gained national news coverage. See also fellow officer Perez, Victim James Boyd, NBC-2016/11; Snta Fe NM-2016/09/26 Articles NBC News 2016/11: Mistrial declared New Mexico police shooting case. n664826 Santa Fe New Mexican 2016/09/26:  Court hears cop say he was going to shoot homeless homeless/article_d6b04ab5-ba37-5486-b082-a959ef3d8405.html Kelley Leah, Albuquerque, APD/Officer, 2010-Officer Kelley shot Barr, Victim Chandler Barr not fatally shot by Officer Kelley, Albuq Jrnl-2014/10/31 Articles Albuquerque Journal 2014/10/31  Officer who shot mentally ill man gives testimony.  By Scott Sandlin. Killinger Bryan,  Albuquerque, APD/Officer,  (05/15/2003 )Lawsuit against him 2003, Victim Jackie Shane, Real Crimes- 2003/05/15 Case(s) Case Mine 2003/07/02-case-filed-- Articles Real Crimes From Real Crimes: 5/15/03: APD Officer Bryan Killinger was fined $15,000 for unlawful detention and excessive force against a bicyclist, Jackie Shane.  Killinger did a U-turn in front of Shane, almost causing an accident.  When she called out to him to use a turn signal, he grabbed her by the head and pulled her off her bike, throwing it to the ground and stomping on the rear wheel.  He then hit her, handcuffed her, and threatened to file false charges against her Updates: 2020/04/06 Julian, Kassetas, Katz, Kelley - material added; an error in Jasler’s section was corrected by moving the court case material to the correct name section (Jenkins) 2020/04/06 Ielacqual added more info from Public Health Article as general service to police officers and others;  2020/03/18 technical editing; 2019/0/24 Ken Jenkins added to list;  2019/07/10 Sandy Keith added to list; he might have been here before and accidentally deleted at some point. 2019/06/09 Tim Johnson added as NMSP police chief; 2019/06/0 Aaron Jones added; 2019/04/28 Kassetas Pete/added articles about discrimination lawsuit against him Updates:2020/02/29 Table view page created;
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