Najar Gilbert, Silver City            Nikko Troy, Albuquerque       Norwood, Phil/Lake Arthur Najar Gilbert   Albuquerque/Silver City, APD/Director of Silver City police academy/Albuq. PD for 25 years various ranks, informational comment-2015, New Yorker-2-15/02/02 Articles New Yorker (Informational) Excerpt from New Yorker 02/02/2015:  Gilbert Najar, the director of the police academy in Silver City, New Mexico, who worked for the Albuquerque Police Department for twenty-five years, told me that the department “did policing one way in the South Valley, where there were a lot of immigrant families and people of lower socioeconomic status, and we knew we could violate their rights. But we did not dare commit those tactics in the affluent neighborhoods, where we knew they would file complaints on us.” http //www newyorker com/magazine/2015/02/02/son-deceased Nikko Troy   Albuquerque, APD/Officer as of 2011 (3 yr veteran), Shot/killed Garcia-officers involved William Thomas/Michael Oates, VIctim Raymond Leroy Garcia who in 2011/06 was shot/killed by officer; he was a convicted felon; high speed chase; Garcia pointed weapon, Source Norwood Phil   Lake Arthur,  Volunteer Police System/Volunteer Chief, In 2018-Strange phony volunteer system under Volunter Police Chief, involving friends from various parts of country playing cop with Lake Arthur residents, KRQE- 2018 Articles KRQE (2018) Playing Cop The Lake Arthur Badge Scheme https //www krqe com/news/playing-cop-the-lake-arthur-badge-scheme-2/
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