List of New Mexico Police Abuses Section Website Source Links Police Abuses New Mexico: Alphabetical by Source (This section relates to the Police Abuses New Mexico section) In several victim cases, last names have been artificially added to the front of the link followed by number in the link series (resources used for that person) but the listings are in alphabetical order by source (ie, hawkesm1abqjournal for Mary Hawkes listed resource #1 in Sources A’s for Abq Journal) note 09/16/18 in cases where I want to emphasize the officer and not the ictim, even if both are referred to in an article, have started adding a “p” today in front of the police officer involved in a police wrongdoing case to distinguish it from the victim names in front of a source ie, p_capehart_abqjournal…. A ferrello1 costaless1 daniels danielsl hawkesm1 hawkes.html? hawkesm2 hawkesm3 noahj1 tannerd4 p_capehart_ boydj1 negotiations http://www aljazeera com/indepth/features/2015/08/albuquerque-pd-case-study-police-brutality-150828061722574.html tannerd2 danielsl 914cf7e5eec56841b32cee8a6e824f94 B tapiam1 shocking-police-abuse-tantamount-to-torture/ officers-got-fired-over-it/ C-D tannerd3 hawkesm4_ boydj4 p-cristesen- E-H doejane-aclu2 search/87386298/ louis2 boydj2 eckertd1 ferrell02 I-J-K anayaj3 arquettek3 robinsonv1 anayj2 /9153762/23066642/-/h2siaa/-/index.htm danielsl ferrello3 louis1 guadalupe-county/4321446 steve-ackerman/4374439/ [Ackerman, Steve] [Ackerman’s successor - Wester, Byron] danielsl danielsl danielsl L-N [Ackerman, Steve] mikew1 doejane&aclue1 tannerd1 police?lite boydj6 danielsl P-R shooting-man-to-death/ boydj7 withhold-public-records/ NM commentary section and james boyd victims NM section withhold-public-records/ NM commentary section on freedom of info act and also NM victims cases - james boyd section lawsuits/ boydj3 ferrello4 arquettek4 danielsl arquettek5 of/ S-T 580c-9b93-9a2d3411027f.html 11ea-8340-6346a0bfa945.html anayaj1 7f27-11e3-a392-0019bb30f31a.html anayaj chase/article_9ead1b4c-6a22-5e5a-8dfe-3ac6c2c3fc52.html ferrello05 been/article_e2ae00c4-7ffd-5591-839f-5ad40502c8f8.html ferrell06 5d16-a2f9-aa8829b3d36e.html violence-line-duty.shtml danielsl arquettek6 U-V-W-Y and Youtube ferrell07ttps:// minivan-shooting scandal/?utm_term=.64fe519d7302 boydj5 arquettek1Action7- arquettek2Channel13KRQE- costaless danielsl1 KOAT 7: Also see: ABQ Free Press VOL III Issue 1, 01/13/2016 An APD Undercover Horror Story, By Dennis Domrzalski p. 10 Updates: From earlier rivergold dot net: Updates: 2018/09/16 Alb Journ/Capehart Christesen, Ken Sheriff/Fmn Daily Times settlement-2015/10/07; 11/25/2017justice dot gove Aug. 2017 ABQ police monitoring rport ; KOB 09/15/2017 W. Wilson shooting Farmington; 02/23/2017