Brief Links (separate page)     Links      General Info     Names      Noble Causes NAMES Ashby, James     Bethel, Mickey     Bethel, Justin     Burke, Ryan     Firko, Kirk     Gatchell, Nadia     Hernandez, Ricardo     Jimenez, Michael     Pool, Darin     Portugal, Leonard     Webb, Tony     Ashby, James.  (2015) Rocky Ford.  From Denver Post 08/15/2015: Excerpt:In the case of Ashby, who is no longer with the police force, prosecutors have filed criminal charges, including second-degree murder, in the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Jack Jacquez Jr. on Oct. 12 in the home of Jacquez’s mother.  It is the first homicide case for an on-duty police shooting to be prosecuted in Colorado in two decades. Bethel, Mickey and Justin Burke, Ryan Firko, Kirk Gatchell, Nadia Hernandez, Ricardo.  Sgt.   (Mountain View/Golden - Jefferson County) Jimenez, Michael.  (2015) Fowler. Excerpt from Denver Post (07/11/2015): Jimenez, who declined comment, got pass after pass because Colorado requires a felony conviction or a conviction of one of 44 misdemeanors specified in statute to bring an end to an officer’s career in law enforcement. Poole, Darin. Portugal, Leonard.  Officer (Mountain View/Golden-Jefferson County) Webb, Tony.  Former police chief who hired Michael Jimenez. GENERAL INFORMATION Noble Causes Corruption Denver Colorado Criminal Lawyer dot com: When the police lie Excerpt:  Police Acting Out Of Notions Of So Called “Nobel Cause” Purposes When They Corrupt Investigations.  It is extremely rare to have a truly bad police officer commit intentional perjury on the witness stand.  More often the motivation of a lying police officer is based on what has been named “noble cause corruption.”  Noble cause corruption stands for the proposition that a police officer will lie because the officer believes that “good outcomes justify bad behavior.”  The ends justify the means…What follows is taken from a police officer based website describing noble cause corruption: Remember, we are talking about good officers trying to do the right thing (noble cause), but due to bureaucratic red tape, a lack of evidence, or any other roadblock to “getting the job done,” they feel forced to bend or even break the rules to catch the bad guy (corruption). Denver Post: Police officers lives at risk false media Colorado laws give fired police officers from other states a second chance here (2015) Second chance cops become issue in rocky ford after fatal shooting LINKS ACLU: ACLU Files Police Abuses Complaint With Denver Police Department and OIM Behind the Blue Wall: Durango Police Officer Arrested for Domestic VIolence Colorado Independent: Littwin Michael Marshall Didn’’t Have to Die Denver Post: Colorado MMA Fighter Says Cop Beat Him Left Him Paralyzed (2016) Historical expose: year 1961 had a lot of police burglaries Excerpt: This was the year of shame for the Denver Police Department: From 1961’s first hours until its last days, the parade of burglars- with-badges made headlines not only throughout the nation but around the world. And to that large part of the world under Communist rule, the Denver police story was the story of American decadence.At year’s end, 47 Denver policemen had been named as burglars. Also implcated were a sheriff, two deputies, two private detectives and three civilians.How did it happen?“The department made it easy for us,” the leading police-burglars say. They pointed to a breakdown in departmental discipline and supervision that made it possible for them to double as safecrackers. Morrison Police Dept. Former Morrison police officer accused of stealing more than $130,000 over 6 years Former lieutenant Anthony Paul Joiner was arrested on multiple charges of theft, embezzlement.  By Kieran Nicholson  (07/18/2017) Insurance fraud Silt police officer Grand Jury Indictment. By Kieran Nicholson (08/25/2017) Denver Channel: Man awarded $150K in Fort Collins Police misconduct case; Says officer [Aaron Westby] should be fired By Lance Hernandez (03/10/2017) officer-should-be-fired?page=2 Denver Tribune: Colorado news article:  Police for profit corruption (05/16/2017) Durango Herald 2018/01/23 Colorado Springs settles $2.5m police discrimination lawsuit Excerpt: The city of Colorado Springs has approved a $2.5 million settlement for 12 female police officers who say their careers were harmed by a physical aptitude test that discriminated against women. Huffington Post: Denver Police Brutality, A Troubling Response to Brutality by Jeff Schweitzer 05/2015 Excerpt: Unfortunately, police have a tendency to adopt a siege mentality, circling the wagons on every occasion of potential wrongdoing. Then they wonder why the public has a growing distrust of police departments, even as they defend the indefensible. Police must stop defending criminals in their midst if they hope to regain the public support they should so clearly have. Some listed cases in this section on Huffington Post: Robert Duran Homeless Man Awarded $40,000 After Being Beaten by Sheriff’s Deputy 07/2013 No Disciplinary Action 2009 Beating 04/2013 Despite Drunk Joy Ride Might Get Job Back  05/2012 The Journal 2019/06/29 Shane French’s lawsuit against city, police officers nears end. By Erika Alvera. Excerpt:  The lawsuit was initially filed on Feb. 5, 2016, against the city of Cortez and police officers Casey Eubanks, Jennifer Lodge (also known as Jennifer Goodall), Boyd Neagle, Ryan Carter, Sgt. David Allmon and Chief Roy Lane. The filing came after French was found not guilty in the 22nd Judicial District Court in December 2014 on all charges relating to the alleged stabbing of a Cortez police officer.The original complaint alleges that Cortez police officers were called to the French family’s home for assistance for a mental health hold for French – a qualified individual with a disability – but then illegally entered without consent.The complaint further alleges that the officers pushed Glenn and Patti French, “tackled Shane French to the ground and handcuffed him,” and then “repeatedly tased Shane French while he was in handcuffs.”French was then charged with four counts of assaulting a peace officer and three counts of resisting arrest. The alleged assault was connected to a small nick on the left side of officer Casey Eubanks’ stomach, according to court testimony.French was in custody for about 10 months before being cleared of all charges by a jury. 2019/03/25 Cortez former police officer pay $100k in misconduct case. Excerpt: The city of Cortez and a former Cortez police officer agreed in January to pay a $100,000 settlement in a lawsuit filed a year after the officer pleaded guilty in a criminal misconduct case. Officer Reuben Liska resigned Feb. 4, 2017, amid a criminal investigation into an allegation that he had “inappropriate physical contact” with a woman who had called for police assistance. He was charged with one count of official misconduct in Montezuma County, and after pleading guilty in August 2017, was sentenced the following November to two years of probation. Police Misconduct dot net: A Revolving door in Colorado (07/13/2015) Reason: Colorado Make My Day Law Protects Man (Cortez) (2014) Real Crimes: Andersen 9 News: Two police officers indicted for fraud, embezzlement, theft. By Kevin Vaughan (04/19/2017) Excerpt/Info:  Golden Colorado, Mountain View area. Youtube:  Durango Cop taz a guy then cop stomps the guy after having him cuffed.  By colts4life1821   (04/18/2013) Youtube:  Lakewood, Colorado P.D. police officer lies about Terry Stop. By John Smith Published on May 11, 2014 Youtube: Durango Zombies vs. Durango CO Police Dept.  Updates 2019/07/17 The Journal two articles on Cortez issues; 2019/07/12 Durango Herald. 11/06/2017 Ashby, Bethels, Burke, Firko, Gatchell, Hernandez, Jimenez, Portugal, Webb; Police Misconduct article/link; 11/05/2017 Aaron Westby/Fort Collins/Denver Channel;  noble cause corruption/denver crim lawyer; Denver Post 1961 expose and Morrison fraud/embezzlement articles. 01/26/2017
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