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PSYCHOLOGICAL/BIOLOGICAL IMPACTS OF VIOLENCE Impacts on Human Development, Brains, Growth of Children NCBI Psychological or Neurobiological Impacts of Violence 2010/01/29   Neurobiological Adaptations to Violence across Development:  Hilary K. Mead, Theodore P. Beauchaine, and Katherine E. Shannon Adoption dot com 2016/01/17   How Exposure To Domestic Violence Affects Brain Development in Children | Domestic Violence Awareness Month  Robyn Chittister Children exposed to domestic violence, though not physically abused, do experience mental trauma. Frontiers in Early Behavioral Neuroscience 2019/07/09  Early Life Exposure to Violence: Developmental Consequences on Brain and Behavior   Isabelle Mueller and Ed Tronick Changing Minds Now dot org WITNESSING VIOLENCE CAN CHANGE A KID’S MIND. YOU CAN HELP THEM HEAL. New research shows that witnessing traumatic events, like domestic violence, shootings, or even fighting, can impact the physical development of a child’s brain — potentially leading to lifelong health and social issues. But you can help reverse the effects. This site will teach you about the science of childhood trauma, and how five everyday gestures can make a world of difference…
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