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Running Strings
Running Strings Running strings is about how people cooperate with one another in a secretive, illicit and defiant manner to perform operations against the grain of the mainstream (legal) side of the USA.  Closely connected to the acts themselves are why they do it. The concept of running strings correlates with Strands of Interconnection, but considers various groups cooperating at certain trajectory points.  Each has separate agendas, cultures and outlooks .   They are like separate instrumental sections which become an orchestra at the point of cooperation.  The rest of the time they are like bands or loose interest groups.     The most comprehensive thread connecting all of them might be drugs.    The next most unifying theme might be an anti-American feeling.  This rebellious attitude pervades the different groups for different reasons, but the common thread is in the USA but not of the USA…or THIS is my USA, not THAT.   An example would be minorities or disgruntled and bitter veterans (see below).  The next most common theme might be a male-first or all-male, anti-female approach.  To sum this one up might be the banner of “Guys Rule, Gals Drool.” At the local levels, running strings is about how one specific interest group connects among its own members.  It includes surveillance (keeping tabs) and communication.