THE ZONE       This is a  space with multiple aspects so cannot be described as any one thing.  It has to do with the idea that psychic and psychotronic activities are getting in someoneís space to the point it is actual interference or attack.  The word psychic refers to things that can be done naturally, using only the brain, body and abilities/gifts of a person.  The word psychotronic refers to things that are not natural, using electronics, computers, software, and any technology that can interfere with brainwaves and the electromagnetic energy of people. Brainwave interference might mess with how people use their own brains to help create reality.  Outside influences tapping into that space might shift outcomes, disturb communication, and keep the energy in a strange waffled fold as an energy field of distortion - like walking through a vortex.    Stopping It  This seems to be a multifaceted issue.  First, it seems to help to have healing ability as electromagnetic influencing.  You can influence your own energy field to counter the influencing of others.  Secondly, it would be helpful to know where to go to be both psychically and technically checked out.  Devices that can test and monitor changes in brainwave and electromagnetic activity are helpful.  Doctors who can remove implants properly and safely are needed.  We need to take the implant concept out of the woo woo space of New Age fanatics and hype.  We need to see some real world implants.  We need to dissect them to see how they work and are produced.  Most of the time, we receive information on implants second hand and never really know for sure if they are real or not.  We have to get past this.  To date, they are only the science fiction pieces of wild imaginations and novels in the minds of most of the general public.  They are associated with dysfunctional and freaky people lost in a world of unbelievable folk tales.   Another way to help counter it seems to be in controlling brainwave function and emotion.  Snags seem to occur in getting someone upset and keeping him/her that way.  The upset seems to drain energy and attention and sends a person in a downward spiral.  They can be thought of as hooks but might actually be signals sent to certain systems of the human body to disrupt normal function and provoke basal brain/spinal cord responses.  Itís the wrong kind of stimulation designed to keep people from higher rational cognitive function.  I suspect it can also impact memory.  You can see how people who tend to like chess or computer games might be one type of personality that gets into this sort of thing.  Know your enemy.  Personality types which are strengths in one arena might be weaknesses in another, so knowing what you are dealing with can help counter the attacks.  Get a sense of their vibration and how they think, what their emotional habits are.  The Objective Third Party Helper: Viewer and Healer  People in the middle of psychic/psychotronic interference might need to have the assistance of objective third parties.  These are people not in the middle of it all who can stand back and look at things without so much emotion or slanted viewpoint.  Whenever possible, get a variety of opinions and use different types of healers.  One thing the attackers seem to want to do is keep someone isolated and messed up or confused.  They want family members who are ignorant and unhelpful.  They want neighbors nervous about the person.  They want anyone coming into the personís life to see that person as unbelievable or flaky.  Pulling in people who are experienced with that type of influenced zone can help because they know what to look for and can tune into what is making things seem so crazy.    Just acknowledging that someone is being attacked is not enough, though.  Healing and support are also needed.  We can be told for years we are being attacked but unless we actually do something about it, things can still get worse.  Knowledge alone is half the battle.  Objective third parties can also step in and protect or block the person from attacks, giving the person some respite.  It is possible sleep is being impacted along with feelings of safety.  The victim can wind up being quite tired and with reduced functionality in other parts of life.  A little respite from the attacks can go a long way.    Temporary respite, however, wonít cut it.  We have to shoot for permanent respite - complete stopping of the attacks.  That means finding whatever it is doing it and cutting off the energy - whether human or electronic, or both.  Sometimes this means telepathic and psychic interplay with the attackers themselves.  Other times it means pulling out the device.  Whatever the form of assistance is, third party help is invaluable as long as the people are legitimate and ethical.  Fanning Out  The influence can fan out across various parts of a personís life.  Family members, neighbors, email contacts, teachers, students, mates - all of these things can be influenced around a person.  Itís like moving pawns around on a chess board.  Projected outcomes can also be influenced; a psychic can look ahead and see where the person is going and can send something into that space to block or recreate the event.    Invisible Fingers  Psychic and Psychotronic activities can run through our lives as invisible fingers, manipulating events, emotions, ideas and conversations; they can distort reality.  You can learn to feel it happening around you but that does not mean you immediately know how to stop it.    Learning, Sharing, Teaching  The first step is acknowledging that it might actually happen.  The next step is learning how to sense it.  The first two steps might happen simultaneously as a person senses something and then puts two and two together that it might be psychic/psychotronic attack.  The final step is learning how to stop it.  Somewhere in the middle of all this is the necessity of teaching others what you know wherever you are in the learning process.  Share what you know so far and acknowledge frankly you have more to learn.  We cannot wait to be experts before sharing the devastating effects of these things.     updated 06/02/2016 POLICE FACTOR
The Zone of Influence
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