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Reverse Discrimination in general (includes post offices or anywhere else) https://www fedemploymentlaw com/blog/2016/06/reverse-discrimination-in-the-workplace-what-it-is---and-what-to- do-about-it.shtml https://blog higginbotham net/how-to-hire-for-diversity-while-avoiding-reverse-discrimination-claims https //www xperthr com/news/employers-should-be-careful-not-to-engage-in-reverse-discrimination/9311/ https://www eliinc com/how-to-avoid-a-diversity-backlash-at-your-company/ https //work chron com/address-reverse-discrimination-workplace-16869.html Modrall https://www.modrall.com/2016/07/27/update-on-reverse-discrimination-claims-in-new-mexico/ Update on Reverse Discrimination Claims in New Mexico July 27, 2016 By Elizabeth A. Martinez The New Mexico Court of Appeals recently considered the legal standard applying to employee reverse-discrimination claims under the New Mexico Human Rights Act (“NMHRA”).  Reverse discrimination occurs when a member of a majority group is discriminated against on the basis of a protected factor, such as race or gender. In Garcia v. Hatch Valley Public Schools, 2016-NMCA-034, cert. granted, 2016-NMCERT-___ (No. S-1-SC-35641, Apr. 14, 2016), the court held that non-Hispanic workers can bring reverse-discrimination claims under the NMHRA, and that such claims will be analyzed in nearly the same way as other NMHRA discrimination claims. This holding makes it significantly easier for New Mexico employees to succeed on reverse-discrimination claims under the NMHRA than under Title VII.  As such, New Mexico employers could see an increase in reverse discrimination claims and should take care to document non- discriminatory reasons for all employment decisions, including decisions affecting traditional majority groups such as men and non-Hispanics.
Reverse Discrimination