Female Gang Members
Why people can be in a gang: Think it is cool A sense of power Would-be gang - kind of an image thing without really doing it all the way, wear a few icons, wear clothes a certain way, have a certain attitude Born into it Influenced by people in one’s life Forced into it, like kidnapping and abuse, mind control Intimidation, crime network surround (they’re everywhere) It’s a fight world, everybody’s fighting, feel like a person has to get in a group to have some protection against the other gangs Culture, people are in gangs in this culture So now the question is (from the perspective of a possible female gang member): How do I get out? OK, say I got out, how do I stay out? What are some things maybe making me go back in?       --domination for submission issues: intimidation, harassment, stalking, threats to kill me or someone I care about   --maybe loneliness: I miss my guy, culture, family, etc.       --maybe adrenaline rushes       --drugs       --I feel alienated by the witness protection protection culture or something like that LINKS West Texas and New Mexico female gang members https://www.researchomatic.com/West- CYFD https://www.researchomatic.com/West-Texas-And-New-Mexico-Female-Gang-Members-8198.html Excerpt:  Overview:  Gangs pose a serious threat to public safety in many communities throughout New Mexico and the factors that contribute to gang activity in our state are extensive and complex.  While jurisdictional boundaries in law enforcement remain unchanged, criminal gangs have become increasingly more migratory and diverse in their crimes.  Not only do we have limited resources to effectively address the issues facing gang prevention/intervention, enforcement and re-entry efforts, but we lack a coordinated, comprehensive approach amongst these areas.  Stakeholders from each of these areas acknowledge that we share a common goal but have different objectives; differences that can sometimes affect our ability to collaboratively work together.       Blog input What kind of gangs are on the Navajo Reservation? https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110520134935AA8iSiu 198.html