NAMES   A1     A2     B1      B2     C1     C2     D      E      F      G     H     IJK     L     M1     M2     O     P     QR     S     T     UW     XYZ Quick Table  of New Mexico Police Names:  https://policefactor.com/NMPolNames.html 1 See also  Victim Incidents/Cases     Police - Blue Lives Matter     Locations by City and Names A to Z Indexes LIST H: Click on names below for summaries below this list Hackett, Peter   Albuquerque.  APD.  Officer-K9.  Lawsuits: 2005-Gutierrez v. P. Hackett. 2014 Cunningham v. State, includes Hackett. Hansen, Whitey Albuquerque, Police Chief.  Harger, Shane  Jemez.  Jemez PD.  Chief.  Ex-Sheriff’s Deputy Valencia County.  Multiple Issues, Fired, Revoked, Probation, Possible retaliation against him by TSA.   Harris Jr., Joseph      Rio Rancho. NMSP.  Officer.  2019-Found guilty disorderly conduct; officer insisted he was innocent.  Victim did not show up to courtcase so case was dismissed.  Became officer elsewhere after incident. Harris, Sr., Joseph Anthony  Hart, Phillip   Gallup.  Gallup PD.  Fired.  Had secret phone calls recorded - Whistleblower attempt. Hearn, John     Albuquerque.  APD.  Officer-UndercoverOlder material (1980s) - See Real Crimes.  Heatley, Paul     Albuquerque   Hebbe, Steve     Farmington.  Previously Anchorage, Alaska.  Chief-2014-Farmington.  Deputy Chief-Anchorage. Some ties to Wisconsin (seems to be a Wauwatosa native; apparently accepted police chief position at Wisconsin’s Menomonie Police Department before taking the position in Farmington-see articles below.)  Spent 23 years since 1990 in Anchorage going up the ranks from patrol officer to Deputy Chief in the police system.  Helped set up a 9-11 more advanced technical system in Anchorage.  Alaska Army National Guard member (See Daily Times-Farmington,NM 2014/01/25 below).  Hernandez, First Name? Deming, Officer, Force, Victim Eckert     Herrera, Leon     Springer  Hill, John     Albuquerque.  APD.  Officer.  Fired 2019/08 for excess force, charged with misdemeanor charge of battery, by Chief Mike Geier. Hill, Mike      Albuquerque.  APD.  Detective.  2012/04/19 Detective Hill non-fatally shot Dennis Aragon Hindi, Steve     Albuquerque.  APD.  Officer. 2016 - finding of a state Law Enforcement Academy administrative judge who ruled that an Albuquerque police officer fired amid accusations he tried to intimidate a civilian police investigator didn’t commit “conduct unbecoming of an officer.”  Hollier, Jeremy     Albuquerque.  APD.   Officer.  2010/07/2-Shooting by Officer Jeremy Hollier of Len Fuentes who threatened with a knife; 2018-shooting of Wilson deemed justified. Howard, Sara     Farmington area -San Juan County.    Sheriff’s Deputy.  See also Dwayne Simpson; she fired 4 rounds at the killed suspect William Wilson at a traffic stop in which Wilson pulled a gun.  Huerta, Raul     Socorro.  Socorro PD.  Communications Shift Supervisor. 2012-arrested for alleged marijuana delivery-Texas Dept of Public Safety involved.  Hughes, Daniel    Albuquerque.   APD.  Officer.  2016/12 - Hughes cleared; 2014/05/03-Shot and killed Armand Martin SUMMARIES  H:  BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE Hackett, Peter  (New) Albuquerque.  APD.  Officer-K9.  Lawsuits: 2005-Gutierrez v. P. Hackett. 2014 Cunningham v. State, includes Hackett. Retired Police sergeant went into Instructional System Design Analyst for the Project Enhancement Corporation.According to LinkedIn, he specializes in instruction system design for law enforcement and security personnel: On LinkedIn: “I am certified through the NMDPS and DOE as a Firearms instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Intermediate Use of Force Instructor and General Law Enforcement Instructor. I have attended FBI Basic Instructor Development as well. I have been working as a law enforcement instructor in various capacities for over 15 years.”https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-hackett-4401a29a extracted 2019/07/10. I have 20+ years experience in law enforcement with over 30% of that in tactical operations (K-9 & SWAT). The last 7 years of my career were as a supervisor. Cases 2005/05/03 DANIEL GUTIERREZ, Plaintiff - Appellant,v. 2005/05/03-Ct of Appeals 10th Circuit: P. HACKETT, Albuquerque Police K-9 Officer;Defendant - Appellee, THOMAS GARDUNO, Albuquerque Police K-9 Sergeant; CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, Defendants. 2014/06/20 Cunningham v. State No. CV 13-0142 JAP/WPL, Consolidated with No. CV 13-0314 JAP/WPL. THOMAS WAYNE CUNNINGHAM, Plaintiff, v. STATE OF NEW MEXICO, SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY (SHANNON MURDOCK MILES) THE CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, ALBUQUERQUE POLICE OFFICER, PETER HACKETT, DUFF RYAN, CHIEF RAY SCHULTZ, Defendants, THOMAS WAYNE CUNNINGHAM, Plaintiff, v. STATE OF NEW MEXICO, SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY (SHANNON MURDOCK MILES THE CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, POLICE OFFICERS PETER HACKETT & DUFF RYAN, Defendants. United States District Court, D. New Mexico. June 20, 2014. https://www.leagle.com/decision/infdco20140623a18 Hansen, Whitey (1981) Albuquerque.  Police Chief. 1981, see Greg Avila, Excerpt From Real Crimes and KaitArquette: “told the press (in regard to the actions of the two officers), “When you’re in Rome, you do as the Romans do.” He said there are no guidelines or rules for undercover officers” Real Crimes: http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm  2017/09/16--https://www.abqjournal.com/1064650/apd-chiefs-often-on-the-firing-line-ex-through-the-years-the- citys-police-chiefs-have-been-political-lightning-rods.html 1986/11/21--https://www.abqjournal.com/1064650/apd-chiefs-often-on-the-firing-line-ex-through-the-years-the- citys-police-chiefs-have-been-political-lightning-rods.html http://kaitarquette.arquettes.com/corruption%20overview.htm Harris Jr., Joseph      Rio Rancho. NMSP.  Officer.  2019-Found guilty disorderly conduct; officer insisted he was innocent.  Victim did not show up to courtcase so case was dismissed.  Became officer elsewhere after incident. KRQE (2019/03/18, ed. 29) Former NMSP Officer found guilty of disorderly conduct. By Jeannie Nguyen https://www.krqe.com/news/albuquerque-metro/former-nmsp-officer-found-guilty-of-disorderly- conduct/1858099683 Excerpt: RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) - A former state police officer who was accused of violently shoving court papers into a man's chest has been found guilty of a lesser charge.  During the time of the investigation and case, he got a new job at a new police department.  Judge Robert Cook found Officer Joseph Harris Jr. guilty of disorderly conduct Monday morning, but dismissed the battery charges.  Harris is a former New Mexico State Police officer who was charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct back in July. Employees of the French's Funeral Home said they saw Harris push the manager of the Rio Rancho business when he was there to serve court papers.  "I stuck my hand out to get the paper and he... he went through my hand and hit me in my chest and said, 'you've been served b****," said the victim back in July. Harris always insisted he was innocent. Harger, Shane   Jemez.  Jemez PD.  Chief.  Former Taos Police Department Officer. Ex-Sheriff’s Deputy Valencia County.  Multiple Issues, Fired, Revoked, Probation, Possible retaliation against him by TSA. Watch for Antics.  The overall issue here probably deserves a fine-toothed comb look-over. Articles Publius Forum - New Mexico (2014/03/30) New Mexico Police Chief Fired Likely Because He Attended Constitutional Rights Gathering. By Warner Todd Huston. http://www.publiusforum.com/2014/03/30/new-mexico-police-chief-fired-likely-attended- constitutional- Excerpt: Chief Harger attended the  Las Vegas gathering of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) to hear what the group had to say  about its goals. Harger says he’d never attended such an event in the past and until the Vegas event was not a member of the  group.  On the way to the CSPOA event, though, the chief suddenly found that his name had been placed on some sort of  watchlist by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and he was harassed by TSA agents as he tried to board his plane. Harger reported that when he got to the airport a man who briefly flashed a badge and claimed to be a “federal agent” (from  what agency he would not say) informed the police chief that he was a “person of interest” and that he had to be detained.  http://www.publiusforum.com/category/states/new-mexico/  Albuquerque Journal (2015/09) Details emerge in police chief rape case. https://www.abqjournal.com/651228/details-emerge-in-police-chief-rape-case.html  Excerpt:  ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The rape case against former Jemez Police Chief Shane Harger has been  dismissed, but a special prosecutor plans to refile charges.  The effort to dismiss the case reveals details of the January 2013 night Harger is accused of raping a 19-year-old Los Alamos woman traveling through his jurisdiction in Jemez.  The dismissing court  documents also show mistakes made by the 13th District Court prosecutors in pursuing the August 2014 indictment of Harger.   Before being charged in the rape case, Harger had a role in a web of at least three law enforcement scandals, earning him a spot  as a darling among anti-federal government groups who say the federal government is targeting him for participating in a  meeting of sheriff’s who vow to strictly follow the federal constitution and who oppose federal overreach.  Harger was charged  with criminal sexual contact and penetration, kidnapping and extortion, but little detail was initially released about what  prompted the charges.  But details of the night were made public in court filing by Harger’s defense attorneys Ray Twohig and  Lisa Torraco.  They show prosecutors allege Harger was using a confidential drug informant who told him a vehicle heading into  his village of Jemez had heroin in it.  Harger and one other officer stopped the vehicle after they said it was speeding and brought  all four occupants out at gunpoint. The documents say Harger eventually found a very small amount of heroin in the vehicle.  A  woman in the vehicle later told investigators that Harger said because there were no female officers on the Jemez force available,  he would have to search her.  He took her into the Jemez police office, had her privately strip down in the bathroom, cough  several times and then redress.  He then looked for items on the bathroom floor before returning her to the scene of the arrest. https://www.abqjournal.com/651228/details-emerge-in-police-chief-rape-case.html  Santa Fe New Mexican (2014/08/09) Ex-Police Chief accused of rape faced misconduct allegations. By Andrew Oxford. https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/ex-police-chief-accused-of-rape-faced- misconduct-allegations-in/article_1389c1df-7eca-57f3-b4d6-1b5eb4d6300f.html A former Taos Police Department officer…. Taos News Taos police officer charged with rape. http://www.taosnews.com/stories/former-taos-police-dept-officer-charged-with-rape,36677 Excerpt : Former Taos Police Dept. officer charged with rape.  A former Taos Police Department officer who left the  agency following numerous allegations of misconduct was arrested Thursday (Aug. 7) on charges of raping a 19-year-old woman  in Sandoval County. http://www.taosnews.com/stories/former-taos-police-dept-officer-charged-with-rape,36677  Sonora Norte wordpress dot com https://sonoranorte.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/corruption-drug-running-murder-and-a-fired-police-chief/  Deadline http://deadlinelive.info/2014/02/02/tsa-harasses-police-chief-placed-on-administrative-leave-told-to-disband- entire-police- department/  Harris, Sr., Joseph Anthony    Rio Rancho.  Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office.  Sergeant.  Previously Rio Rancho PD. KOD 2009/07/16. ODMP Sergeant Joseph Anthonuy Harris Sr. https://www.odmp.org/officer/19997-sergeant-joseph-anthony-harris-sr Excerpt: Sergeant Joe Harris was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a burglary suspect along New Mexico 126 at approximately 6:45 am. He and another deputy were conducting a stakeout due to a rash of recent cabin burglaries in the area. https://www.odmp.org/officer/19997-sergeant-joseph-anthony-harris-sr Hart, Phillip (New)   Gallup.  Gallup PD.  Fired.  Had secret phone calls recorded - Whistleblower attempt. US News 2018/08/05--Gallup Fires police chief after year of legal disputes https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/new-mexico/articles/2018-08-05/gallup-fires-police-chief-after- year-of-legal-disputes KOB 2019/03/22 Ex-Police chief turns over audio file in whistleblower case https://www.kob.com/new-mexico-news/ex-police-chief-turns-over-audio-file-in-whistleblower- case/5288692/ Excerpt:  A former Gallup police chief has turned over secretly recorded audio files in connection with his complaint against the western New Mexico city. The Gallup Independent reports Phillip Hart gave a state court his cellphone with 43 audio files containing secretly recorded conversations he had with the city manager. Hart was fired in August as he and the city of Gallup were embroiled in year-long legal disputes. Hearn, John.   Albuquerque. APD. Officer-Undercover.  Older material (1980s) - See Real Crimes.  Real Crimes http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm  ALBQ OFC UNDR-APD 9/81: APD undercover officers, John Hearn and Greg Avila, were working a suspected  vehicle theft ring when they got into a shootout with one of the suspects, Frank Minott.  Minott testified that he shot at Officer Avila in  self-defense after Avila fired at him…Then Hearn got involved, and Minott said he feared that Hearn would hold him down while Avila cut  him, so he ran to the house and Avila fired a gun at him.  Minott got to a gun and fired back at Avila, wounding him twice. See Greg Avila  and John Hansen. Involved in wrongful attack of a suspect, complicity with Avila.  Real Crimes:  http://www.realcrimes.com/Corruption_Overview.htm  Heatley, Paul   Albuquerque. Associated with killing Peter Klunck a likely whistleblower of APD abuses.   Older Material (1980s) See Kaitarquette. Kaitarquette Excerpt from  Kaitarquette:   Peter Klunk did off-the-books body work at the chop shop on Arno where the VW Bug sought to take refuge after  Kait was shot.  APD Officer Matt Griffin was one of the rogue cops who hung out at that chop shop.  In January 1989, (six months  before Kait’s murder), Peter was shot by three members of the APD ROP Team – Robert Valtierra, Paul Heatley, and Matt Griffin  --  on the day he was scheduled to appear in court and had told people he was planning to “blow the lid off APD.” http://kaitarquette.arquettes.com/corruption%20overview.htm  Hebbe, Steve    [Jump down to next name in list of H’s below Hebbe] Farmington.  Previously Anchorage, Alaska.  Chief- 2014-Farmington.  Deputy Chief-Anchorage. Some ties to Wisconsin (seems to be a Wauwatosa native; apparently accepted police chief position at Wisconsin’s Menomonie Police Department before taking the position in Farmington- see articles below.) Further notes: Spent 23 years since 1990 in Anchorage going up the ranks from patrol officer to Deputy Chief in the police system.  Helped set up a 9-11 more advanced technical system in Anchorage.  Alaska Army National Guard member (See Daily Times-Farmington,NM 2014/01/25 below).  Hebbe is apparently pronounced HEE-BEE; the name Hebbe could be Dutch or German: Dutch: variant of Hebb;  North German (Frisian): from a short form of the Germanic personal name Hadebert, composed of the elements hadu ‘strife’ + berht ‘bright’. https://www.ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=hebbe. Watch for antics:  A long comments section has been moved to Personal Notes 2019/10/28.  Much of the material relates to high crime stuff that does not directly mention Hebbe, at least so far in Police Factor’s comparatively simplistic online-only review.  Prudent anti-cartel investigators and others probably need to jump in and dig deeper as to whether Hebbe himself was in any way directly involved in the heinous crimes of the Alaska Army National Guard/Anchorage Police Department scandal.  Hebbe was in the APD at the time and had been an Army National Guard member.  Being close to a serious problem does not directly prove complicity, but we should be on alert.  He was looking for a change during the fiasco, reaching out for chief positions in at least Wisconsin (See 2011 entries below - Chippewa (Menomonie?) and Hng(Milton?)) and New Mexico.  He accepted a position in Wisconsin and canceled, saying he had to deal with something in Anchorage - this was around the time of the scandal.  A couple of years later, he accepted a position as Chief of Police of the Farmington Police Department (FPD) in Farmington, New Mexico. ARTICLES 2019 WIBW (2019/10/22) https://www.wibw.com/content/news/School-resource-officer-resigns-after-roughly-restraining-11-year-old-girl-in- NM-563613431.html?ref=431 Excerpt: Officer Zach Christensen, a school resource officer at Mesa View Middle School, resigned Oct. 1 after an internal investigation by the Farmington Police Department…School administrators, who witnessed the incident, tried to get Christensen to stop.  “Officer Christensen, she is not a threat to yourself or others at this moment,” said one administrator in the video. Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe agrees with that administrator. “Our officers have training to kind of calm things down and settle things down and move into the facts. Instead, we were the ones, really, that ratcheted things up,” he said. “For me personally, this was spectacularly disappointing.” https://www.wibw.com/content/news/School-resource-officer-resigns-after-roughly-restraining-11-year-old-girl-in- NM-563613431.html?ref=431 Alaska cartel problem: Sinaloa Cartel, smuggling networks going north, women often involved including non-white women, tribal reservations at risk: KTVA: (2019/07/11) How Alaska residents help the Sinaloa cartel smuggle drugs north.  By Daniella Rivera. https://www.ktva.com/story/40768037/how-alaska-residents-help-the-sinaloa-cartel-smuggle-drugs-north Excerpt: Formerly run by El Chapo, the Sinaloa Cartel has been called “the world’s largest and most prolific drug trafficking organization.” According to federal court docs, it does business here in Alaska, sending up meth, heroin and cocaine — a journey relying on help from Alaskans. Excerpt: Alaska's DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge Michael Root said the Sinaloa Cartel is the largest organization they deal with in Anchorage. "A lot of our meth and heroin comes up through the Sinaloa Cartel," he explained. "A lot of it will stop in California or Washington, and then come up to Alaska through either the airlines or postal service or carriers — a lot of it's body-carried or carried on a person." … Excerpt: She was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint north of Nogales, where she was found to have 200 grams of cocaine on her person. The woman is identified as "Female Individual 2" in a federal court document that was sealed on Tuesday, after being accessible to the public for months. The document is a warrant filed by a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent investigating the trafficking of drugs to Alaska. Female Individual 2 was carrying roughly $20,000 worth of cocaine, according to a street value estimate from the Anchorage Police Department.She represents a small piece of a puzzle that is largely kept secret: The inner workings of the Sinaloa Cartel, a Transnational Criminal Organization (TCO) based in Sonora, Mexico. https://www.ktva.com/story/40768037/how-alaska-residents-help-the-sinaloa-cartel-smuggle-drugs-north La Familia: More on drug networks, cartels, as related to Anchorage area/Guard la Familia, this below is on early founder’s strange religious tendencies: Mexican Drug Cartels - wikia - La Familia Michoacana Cartel https://mexicandrugcartels.wikia.org/wiki/La_Familia_Michoacana_Cartel Excerpt: La Familia Michoacana Cartel La Familia Michoacana Logo La Familia Michoacana, (English: The Michoacán Family) La Familia (English: The Family), or LFM was a Mexican drug cartel and an organized crime syndicate based in the Mexican state of Michoacán. Formerly allied to The Gulf Cartel as part of The Los Zetas Organization it split off on 2006. The cartel's first leader, Nazario Moreno González, known as El Más Loco (English: The Craziest One), preached his organization's divine right to eliminate enemies. He carried a "bible" of his own sayings and insisted that his army of traffickers and hitmen avoid using the narcotics they sell. Nazario Moreno's partners were José de Jesús Méndez Vargas, Servando Gómez Martínez and Enrique Plancarte Solís, each of whom has a bounty of $2 million for his capture, and were contesting the control of the organization https://mexicandrugcartels.wikia.org/wiki/La_Familia_Michoacana_Cartel [extracted 2019/10/29] More on drug problem in Alaska: KTUU (2018/02/13) AST Drug Enforcement Unit outlines drug problem in Alaska. By Samantha Angaiak | https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/AST-Drug-Enforcement-Unit-outlines-drug-problem-in-Alaska- 473993363.html Excerpt: ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - The Alaska State Troopers' Drug Enforcement Unit outlined challenges facing the state Tuesday as it deals with increasing heroin and deadly synthetic opioids.  Capt. Michael Duxbury, Commander of the Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit and Alaska Bureau of Investigation, said the drug problem affects everyone. "We are seeing burglaries, we are seeing person-on-person crimes, we are seeing car thefts, we are seeing homicides all derived from drug trafficking, misuse and abuse and it is not a private matter," Duxbury said.  Duxbury said the unit recently seized 8 grams of pure fentanyl coming in to the state. While it may not sound like a lot, Duxbury said it's enough to kill 4,000 people. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency said as little as 2 milligrams is a lethal dose for most people. Duxbury said opioids, heroin and other illegal drugs manufactured outside of Alaska, are being… https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/AST-Drug-Enforcement-Unit-outlines-drug-problem-in-Alaska- 473993363.html 2018 2018/10/10. Lt. Colonel Kenneth Blaylock, a whistleblower in the Alaska Army Guard during the Guard Scandal, dies.  See more information on him below.  Please notice his death corresponds to a resurgence of media driven articles following freedom of information types of requests of the Guard and Alaskan government; although at this point, PF does not k now the details of his cause of death, we need to be on alert to possible foul play in any case like this. KTUU (2018/10/24) City lawyers take fired cop to task during wrongful termination trial.  By Jill Burke. https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/City-lawyers-take-fired-cop-to-task-during-wrongful-termination-trial- 498464681.html Excerpt: When posed the same question about Deputy Chief Steve Hebbe, Henry told Parker "I think when you get cross-threaded with Steve Hebbe, he doesn't forget it." Trial testimony has revealed Henry clashed with Hebbe, Capt. Kris Miller, Capt. Ross Plummer, Lt. Myron Fanning, and Lt. Kevin Vandegriff and Sgt. Jack Carson, who are both with internal affairs within the Anchorage Police Department. Hebbe and Henry's dislike for each other was so strong that the police chief at the time, Mark Mew, moved them into separated divisions. Excerpt:  Douglas Parker, a Portland-based labor and employment attorney hired by the Municipality of Anchorage to defend the city against a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by former police lieutenant Anthony Henry, cross-examined former APD Lt. Tony Henry Wednesday. https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/City-lawyers-take-fired-cop-to-task-during-wrongful-termination-trial- 498464681.html (2018/10/18) Court testimony reveals "corrosive police commanders" amid "very tumultuous period".  By Jill Burke. https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/APDs-corrosive-commanders-and-very-tumultuous-period-497992691.html ADN (2018/10/17) Secret report says Anchorage police botched investigation into drug dealing by Alaska National Guard recruiters.  By Kyle Hopkins. https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/2018/10/17/secret-report-says-anchorage-police-botched-investigation-into- drug-dealing-by-alaska-national-guard-recruiters/ Excerpt: An Army National Guard recruiter told police he served as "the main contact" into a Mexican drug ring operating in Alaska's largest city. He said he transported cocaine and marijuana using National Guard vehicles and sold them while on duty.  But Anchorage police mishandled the resulting investigation into accusations of drug sales and sexual assaults by National Guard members, according to a secret, city-funded investigation that became public for the first time this week. The 97-page report, which was completed March 15, 2015, portrays a cozy relationship between some members of the police department and National Guard leadership and alleges misdeeds by former Guard officials and Anchorage police leaders alike.  Within three days of learning that a Guard recruiter admitted to illegally selling drugs with the use of National Guard resources, police revealed key details of the investigation to the head of the National Guard in violation of APD policies and over the objections of some officers. The Alaska National Guard commander at the time — Maj. Gen. Thomas Katkus — was also a retired Anchorage police captain and a potential target in the investigation. https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/2018/10/17/secret-report-says-anchorage-police-botched-investigation-into- drug-dealing-by-alaska-national-guard-recruiters/ 2016 Chief Hebbe (2016/11/06) On the death of an officer, all Americans should mourn https://chiefhebbe.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/on-the-death-of-an-officer-all-americans-should-mourn/ Alaska Public Org (2016/01/05) Family suspects guard scandal at play in pregnant soldier’s death.  By Liz Ruskin https://www.alaskapublic.org/2016/01/05/family-suspects-guard-scandal-at-play-in-pregnant-soldiers-death/ Excerpt: “Not having any answers, there’s so much torment in the family,” says her brother, Randy LaRose Jr., of Wasilla. “If it was natural causes, I could accept that. But the fact that the autopsy wasn’t done right, you have to question.” Michelle Clark was pregnant when she died in 2011. (Photos of Michelle are in the article). Clark’s family does question, and after five years with no answers, their doubt has hardened into suspicion. They suspect the medical examiner, who did not find a cause of death. They suspect the Anchorage Police of not looking hard enough for answers, and because several of them are also in the Guard. They suspect the lawyers they hired to help them get answers. They suspect Clark’s husband, a pharmacy technician. They suspect murder, but Clark’s brother acknowledges they have no hard evidence. “I’d give everything I had for answers,” he says. ….One of the last people she approached was a National Guard officer named Ken Blaylock: “Basically, she stopped me in a hallway and asked if she could talk to me. I said yes. She had tears in her eyes. She said she had personal knowledge of drugs and sexual assaults within her organization. She was afraid of her family. She was afraid of people in her unit. She was afraid of some of her friends. She was afraid for her life and the life of her baby.” Lt. Col. Blaylock, now retired in Palmer, says during that five-minute conversation, Clark worried she’d be seen talking to him. He was at the time something of a clearinghouse for sexual assault victims. Blaylock says he tried to get Clark to talk to police or a chaplain that day, the Friday before Martin Luther King Day, 2011.“I said ‘look, we need to go do this right now,'” Blaylock says. “And I was trying to convince her. And she said: ‘No sir, they’re going to kill me.’”Blaylock says they agreed to talk again Tuesday. But Michelle Clark didn’t survive the weekend.“On Sunday I got a phone call saying that she’d been found dead,” Blaylock recalls. Blaylock was a polarizing figure in the Guard. He got severely crossways with Gen. Tom Katkus and other Guard leaders; Blaylock says because he was trying to address wrong-doing.  He says Guard leaders portrayed him as a nut, but he says his reputation is redeemed by the investigations that confirm the Guard was rife with sexual assaults, reprisals, bullying and favoritism.“Everything else that I pushed, that everyone was calling me psycho on, has now been vindicated and proven to be true,” he said. “So this was just another piece of it. It’s not done yet.”Blaylock is pressing for more investigation. https://www.alaskapublic.org/2016/01/05/family-suspects-guard-scandal-at-play-in-pregnant-soldiers-death/ 2014 Daily Times Farmington NM (2014/01/25) New police chief hired for his work with natives and fluctuating populations https://www.daily-times.com/story/archives/2014/01/25/new-police-chief-hired-his-work-natives- fluctuating/75984768/ Excerpt: He was a military police lieutenant in the Army National Guard in Wisconsin and Alaska. Excerpt: Hebbe said Farmington and Anchorage, Alaska — where he worked as a police officer for the last 23 years — have several similarities that effect their police departments. Each city is surrounded by rural populations, many of them Native American, that cause the cities' populations to significantly increase at certain times. During his time as deputy chief, Hebbe created an education program where Native-speaking Anchorage police officers created videos that described their department and possible dangers rural natives face when they move to Anchorage. Those information videos were then made available for human services organizations that assisted… https://www.daily-times.com/story/archives/2014/01/25/new-police-chief-hired-his-work-natives- fluctuating/75984768/ Reuters (2014/10/17) Alaska National Guard condoned ‘weapons smuggling, rape, and drug trafficking’ https://www.rt.com/usa/196644-national-guard-sexual-assault/ Excerpt:  Several leaked documents show that the Alaska National Guard's leadership supported a culture of sexual assault, theft and smuggling. The released reports coincide with the state's contentious gubernatorial election. The May 3 Army Regulation 15-6 (AR) report obtained by The Anchorage Press alleges that Lt. Col. Joseph Lawendowski, who joined the Alaska National Guard (ANG) in 2003, promoted steroid use by recruiters, used government vehicles for strip club outings, and possibly used government-issued credit cards for improper purchases when he led the command from 2008-2009. He also created a workplace environment where three male officers – Jarret Carson, John Nieves and Shannon Tallent – repeatedly violated regulations by having consensual sex with women while working. https://www.rt.com/usa/196644-national-guard-sexual-assault/ Alaska Public dot org (2014/10/30) In Years Prior To Investigation, Chaplains And Parnell Aide Submitted Guard Complaints To Governor’s Top Staff. By Alexandra Gutierrez https://www.alaskapublic.org/2014/10/30/in-years-prior-to-investigation-chaplains-and-parnell-aide-submitted- guard-complaints-to-governors-top-staff/ Note from PF: Possible Governor’s Office Complicity or Negligence: “Nothing in the log indicates that those records were directly forwarded from Nizich’s account to Parnell.”  “… And if he was giving information to the governor, it was compromised information.” Excerpts and Summaries: Army National Guard Chaplains sending info on Guard issues/problems: Alaska National Guard chaplain Matt Friese, sent “30 separate emails to the governor’s office” thru end of 2011; his colleague Rick Cavens answered questions for Friese who says conversations after a certain point were routed instead of to Governor Parnell to Mike Nizich (Chief of Staff); “Cavens says many of the complaints specifically concerned National Guard leadership, not named victims…Nothing in the log indicates that those records were directly forwarded from Nizich’s account to Parnell.” Cavens also indicates “ And if he was giving information to the governor, it was compromised information.”…”They are forwarded e-mails delivered by Nancy Dahlstrom, who was then a special assistant for the Parnell administration. She passed on nearly a dozen complaints between December 2012 and February 2013. One e-mail specifically mentions National Guard whistleblower Ken Blaylock  in the subject line. Some are colorfully titled, like “Another example of theft – Ghost Employees” and “Imprecatory Prayers and ‘that Racist Holiday.” One forward is just labeled “Kodiak Entertainment Group,” a pornography company owned by one of the leaders of the Guard’s recruitment unit. https://www.alaskapublic.org/2014/10/30/in-years-prior-to-investigation-chaplains-and-parnell-aide-submitted- guard-complaints-to-governors-top-staff/ (2014/11/01) More National Guard Documents Released, Most Unresponsive.  By Lori Townsend https://www.alaskapublic.org/2014/11/01/more-national-guard-documents-released-most-unresponsive/ Excerpt: The Alaska Attorney General’s office released a fourth and fifth set of documents concerning the Alaska National Guard on Saturday. One 171-page packet contained mostly press releases and official photographs. Another 151-page set is made up of duplicate records from previous drops. While much of the material is unresponsive, the fourth packet contains a 2009 letter from then-Rep. Nancy Dahlstrom takes great exception to a letter sent to her from Debra Blaylock, wife of whistleblower Kenneth Blaylock.  Debra Blaylock, a retired lieutenant colonel with the Alaska Army National Guard, wrote to Dahlstrom before Thomas Katkus was appointed adjutant general. Blaylock asked Dahlstrom to “seriously look into Tom Katkus’ background if his name comes up for nomination.” She went on to write that Katkus was under investigation for “numerous allegations.” Blaylock acknowledged her husband had filed one of the complaints against Katkus and stated she had retired from service, “rather than suffer any more of his abuse.” 2012 Kenneth (Ken) T. Blaylock July 14, 1935 – October 10, 2018; Kenneth proudly served in the Army and in the Navy Seabees; buried in Snowden, Alabama. [extracted from a mortuary/burial site] Spoke out against corruption in Alaska Army National Guard and related antics in APD (Anchorage Police Dept.) http://cryptome.org/2012/12/ng-alaska-blaylock.pdf Heading showing author of whistleblowing article: KENNETH T. BLAYLOCK LIEUTENANT COLONEL (RET) AKARNG 529- 4853  Subject of whistleblowing article: Illegal Activities within the Alaska National Guard Subject material of Blaylock’s whistleblowing material - Excerpt: Murder, Sexual Assault, Narcotic Trafficking, and other violations are reported.  It’s not that any proper investigations are performed and the results produced.  But rather they are not investigated.  The only actual investigations conducted are against the whistleblowers themselves.  We have hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent on illegal purchases.  We have a money –making religious cult being run out of a military office.  We have lost facilities master-key control and sensitive equipment missing from our facilities.  We have soldiers being sexually assaulted.  We have soldiers coming forward wanting out of our organization’s drug culture.  We have repeat attempts by senior personnel to keep minorities from being promoted or assigned to important positions.  We have reports of drug cartel influence in conjunction with domestic terrorists. And we have a soldier and her baby dead 2 days after she tried to come forward with what she knew.  But the only persons that are investigated, get counseled, or lose their jobs are the victims or the whistleblowers that enforced law and regulations.  Major General Tom Katkus: x Retired from Anchorage Police Department.  Has close ties to corrupt personnel from APD and Alaska State Troopers. x Command appointed Joe Lawendowski to the AKARNG Recruiting and Retention Battalion, after command transferring Ken Blaylock out when he refused to allow mismanagement and illegal activities in R&R. x AST and APD personnel told Katkus that a drug taskforce was about to arrest some R&R personnel and Katkus let the drug dealers know to get rid of the evidence. x Covered up Sexual assaults and protects Rapists. x Arranged for Sensitive Property to be stolen for Domestic Terrorists (Sovereign Citizens).  x Directed the creation of GMD/Puerto Rican/Colombian Drug Cartel connection. x Held a Council of Colonels meeting with COL DeHaas where they spoke against a whistleblower and told those present  there is no place for him in the organization because he reported Drug Trafficking and Sex Crimes. Excerpt on Lawendowski: Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Lawendowski:  Lawendoski apparently  is involved in Blaylock’s removal process. Recruiting Retention CommanderFounded The Berean Watchmen, his own religion.  On the surface a typical Christian organization.  However, as a full time commissioned officer he has a website that condemns other religions and disciplines such as Yoga, Mormonism, Catholicism, etc….   He uses the official Fort Richardson Military Work office for doing his “church business.” http://cryptome.org/2012/12/ng-alaska-blaylock.pdf [extracted 2019/10/25] Excerpt depicting white guy racism:  …intimidation of an off-duty African American Air National Guard Captain, while Nieves friend called the captain and his 15-year old son niggers because they were sitting in “reserved seats” when it was open seating. x Keeps a Nazi Dagger on his desk. Excerpt of stolen military base items:  And yet where is the CID investigation(s).  Federal military sensitive equipment; stolen from a building that is mostly funded with federal funds; located on a federal military installation.  If a crime is committed on Fort Richardson by anyone, CID is notified to investigate.  If CID determines the FBI or State Troopers should have the case, then CID will turn it over to them.  But our current leadership somehow arranges to leave CID out of the loop. Excerpt on De Haas: Colonel Tim DeHaas, Chief of Staff (Retired): Told LTC Blaylock, in front of the then AKNG Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, that any future sexual assaults or other crimes were to be reported to him not the police. x Excerpt on Katkus: Major General Tom Katkus: Covered up Sexual assaults and protects Rapists. He told me General Tom Katkus had in his words: “he gave us the heads up on that whole Prieto thing, and told us to “get rid of the evidence before any arrests were made.” Eddy Prieto, I found out later, was working undercover for the police at R&R.  An ongoing investigation was culminating in arrests at R&R (Prieto had evidence on R&R).  Excerpt on apparently ficticious 38th Troop Command, Brigade: No unit Identification Code. x Authority for this unit has been repeatedly denied by both DA and NGB. x AGR’s taken from real units to work in a non-existent unit. x Funds from real units used to support the fictitious 38th TC. x In the past our specialty units fell under the state headquarters.  38th TC is unnecessary. x This is a “Front Business” or “Front Unit” to protect and hide organized criminal activities from other units.  Any investigations into reports or complaints towards GMD, R&R, or the AVN Battalion must first go through their fictitious higher HQ the 38th TC.  This fictitious brigade was used to give COL Jorgensen a BDE Command for her General Officer packet.  Excerpt on security alert: Ground Based Midcourse Missile Defense (GMD) at Fort Greely Alaska: x Defense system to intercept nuclear missiles attacking this hemisphere.  Security there is compromised. x Sex Club participation is mandatory if you want to get promoted http://cryptome.org/2012/12/ng-alaska-blaylock.pdf [extracted 2019/10/25] 2011 Hng News Milton Courier (2011/02/24) By Rick Miller Excerpt: The field of candidates for the next Milton police chief has been narrowed to five finalists.  The names of the five candidates were released February 18, which means the recruitment process is proceeding exactly as scripted by Milton police commissioners and consultants Moffett and Associates of Appleton.  “It’s moving along smoothly,” Dave Ostrowski, commission chair said Tuesday, “I think the commission is pleased with how it’s moved along.” One month ago the field of police chief candidates totaled 20.  That pool filled out achievement questionnaires and Moffett consultants interviewed them by telephone. Police commissioners determined the five finalists when they met February 16. Steven D. Hebbe – Hebbe currently serves on the Anchorage, Alaska, Police Department as a commander of the internal affairs division.  He has worked for the agency since 1990 and has also served as a patrol officer, patrol captain, sergeant and lieutenant.  Hebbe has a bachelor of science degree and a bachelor of business administration degree from UW- Whitewater.  He is currently working toward a master of science degree at UW-Platteville, and is also a graduate of Northwestern University’s school of police staff and command. ww.hngnews.com/milton_courier/news/article_a4f0cf0f-9c65-5e74-88f2-0c905ab8877b.html Chippewa dot com (2011/12/21) City’s candidate for police chief decides to remain in Alaska. https://chippewa.com/news/local/city-s-candidate-for-police-chief-decides-to-remain-in/article_7deb71fe-2c21-11e1- 8431-001871e3ce6c.html Excerpt: Menomonie Police and Fire Commission President Ron Sandfort reports that the candidate chosen to be the city’s next police chief won’t be taking the job after all. The PFC met Wednesday morning to discuss the news that Steve Hebbe, currently the deputy chief of the Anchorage (Alaska) Police Department, has had second thoughts.Hebbe, who had accepted the job and was set to start on March 1, called Sandfort Saturday afternoon to alert him about his decision to withdraw.. Hebbe was set to hammer out the details of his contract with City Administrator Lowell Prange this week. About the phone call from Hebbe, Sandfort said, “He indicated that there was an issue up in Anchorage, and he decided that he had to stay there. ... I’m not sure if it’s money, if it’s loyalty to the chief. I’m really somewhat shocked.” https://chippewa.com/news/local/city-s-candidate-for-police-chief-decides-to-remain-in/article_7deb71fe-2c21-11e1- 8431-001871e3ce6c.html (2011/12/1) New police chief comes south from Alaska.  By BARBARA LYON | editor@dunnconnect.com https://chippewa.com/dunnconnect/news/local/new-police-chief-comes-south-from-alaska/article_802e4d7e- 28cf-11e1-9ef6-001871e3ce6c.html Excerpt:  After spending the last 21 years in Anchorage, Alaska, Steve Hebbe may find Wisconsin almost tropical. Actually, the climate probably won’t be much of a shock to the Wauwatosa native, announced as the choice for Menomonie’s new police chief on Thursday. According to Menomonie Police and Fire Commission (PFC) President Ron Sandfort, Hebbe (pronounced “hee-bee”) has accepted the job and is expected to begin his duties on March 1, pending the outcome of contract negotiations. The salary range for police chief range from $62,000 to $79,000. City Administrator Lowell Prange said he hopes to be able to hammer out a contract with Hebbe by this week. Beginning his police career in 1990 as a patrol officer in Anchorage, H… https://chippewa.com/dunnconnect/news/local/new-police-chief-comes-south-from-alaska/article_802e4d7e- 28cf-11e1-9ef6-001871e3ce6c.html Blaylock Material - See above more detailed notes by year Kenneth (Ken) T. Blaylock See more in 2012: http://cryptome.org/2012/12/ng-alaska-blaylock.pdf See more in 2014: https://www.alaskapublic.org/2014/10/30/in-years-prior-to-investigation-chaplains-and-parnell-aide-submitted-guard- complaints-to-governors-top-staff/ See more in 2016: https://www.alaskapublic.org/2016/01/05/family-suspects-guard-scandal-at-play-in-pregnant-soldiers-death/ See more in 2018: His death Next Names In List Below Hebbe: Hernandez, first name? (2013) Deming. Officer.  Probing incident in connection with David Eckert case. Huffington Post  Herrera, Leon.  (2015)  Springer. Police Chief.  Excerpt Abq Journal:  Ex-Springer chief Leon Herrera, in his plea agreement Thursday,  acknowledged that he pretended to be a federal Drug Enforcement Administration officer to help deputy Vidal Sandoval  persuade the faux drug couriers to hand over money from their car.  “At that time, I knew that my false statements and  misrepresentations… served the purpose of assisting Sandoval in stealing the money in the vehicle,” Herrera states in his plea  document filed in Albuquerque federal court. Herrera pleaded guilty to impersonating a federal officer and was released. He  faces up to three years in prison.  https://www.abqjournal.com/661096/ex-springer- police-chief-pleads-guilty-to-helping-deputy-steal-from-officers-posing-as-drug- couriers.html  Hill, John   Albuquerque.  APD. 2019/08-fired for unnecessary force by APD Chief Mike Geier; misdemeanor charge of battery. https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/apd-officer-fired-for-unnecessary-force/5463829/ Hill Mike     Albuquerque.  APD. Hindi, Steve.   Albuquerque.  APD.  Officer. 2016 - finding of a state Law Enforcement Academy administrative judge who ruled that an Albuquerque police officer fired amid accusations he tried to intimidate a civilian police investigator didn’t commit “conduct unbecoming of an officer.”  Abq Journal (2016/03/29) Judge sides with APD officer fired in ethics probe https://www.abqjournal.com/748396/judge-sides-with-apd-officer-fired-in-ethics-probe.html  Police One (2016/03/31) Judge sides with officer fired by [APD Chief Gordon Eden].  By Ryan Boetel. The officer was accused of using his body camera to record a civilian police investigator https://www.policeone.com/officer-misconduct-internal-affairs/articles/judge-sides-with-officer-fired-by-albuquerque- chief-4VYdxt2k6oI8MmFn/ ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Of course police officers don’t like being investigated for alleged misconduct. That appeared to be a key underlying point in the finding of a state Law Enforcement Academy administrative judge who ruled that an Albuquerque police officer fired amid accusations he tried to intimidate a civilian police investigator didn’t commit “conduct unbecoming of an officer.”  The administrative judge recommended that the Law Enforcement Academy Board take no action against former APD officer Steve Hindi’s certification — a ruling that if upheld would make Hindi eligible to work for another police agency in New Mexico. The board is chaired by Attorney General Hector Balderas.  APD Chief Gorden Eden fired Hindi last year after Hindi was accused of using his on-body camera to record Civilian Police Oversight Agency investigator Erin O’Neil when she interviewed him about a citizen complaint. Hindi then tried to look up the woman’s personal information through a federal law enforcement database that contains private information, according to city records. Eden fired Hindi and sent the board a letter explaining his reasons. Hindi was subsequently allowed to retire in return for dropping an appeal of his termination to the city Personnel Board. https://www.policeone.com/officer-misconduct-internal-affairs/articles/judge-sides-with-officer-fired-by-albuquerque- chief-4VYdxt2k6oI8MmFn/ Hollier, Jeremy  Albuquerque.  APD.   Officer.  2010/07/2-Shooting by Officer Jeremy Hollier of Len Fuentes who threatened with a knife during a domestic violence call. Albuquerque Journal. Summary of police shootings https://www.abqjournal.com/community-data/apd-under-fire-incident-summaries Excerpt: 7/27/10: Officer Jeremy Hollier shoots and kills Len Fuentes Location: 3400 Crest SE Len Fuentes, 41, was shot and killed by officer Jeremy Hollier when Fuentes threatened officers with a knife during a domestic violence call in southeast Albuquerque, according to police. Hollier, a three-year veteran, and another officer responded to an apartment on Crest SE after neighbors reported a loud altercation between Fuentes and a woman. When the officers arrived, they said they found Fuentes outside of the residence with a woman and her mother. One of the women was putting her belongings into a vehicle as Fuentes stood at the door of the apartment screaming and acting aggressively, according to a search warrant affidavit. When Fuentes reached for a knife he had in his waistband, a struggle ensued between Fuentes and officers. Fuentes slipped out of the grasp of the officers and backed away, raising the knife in his right hand, according to police. Officers said that when they raised their weapons and commanded Fuentes to drop the knife, he responded, “Shoot me (expletives)!” Fuentes lunged toward the officers and Hollier fired two shots, hitting Fuentes in the chest and in the stomach, according to the affidavit. Fuentes died at University of New Mexico Hospital. Fuentes’ mother has been highly critical of APD’s fatal shooting of her son, who she said suffered from schizophrenia. In September 2011, a grand jury found that Hollier was justified in shooting Fuentes. Related stories: Police Identify Man Killed By Officer Man Killed by Police Had Mental Health Issues City Police Wrestle With Spike in Shootings Cops Cleared in 2 Shootings https://www.abqjournal.com/community-data/apd-under-fire-incident-summaries Howard, Sara   Farmington area (San Juan County). San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputy.  See also Dwayne Simpson; she fired 4 rounds at the killed suspect William Wilson at a traffic stop in which Wilson pulled a gun.  Farmington Daily Times (2018/07/05) District Attorney Office Ruled Officer Involved Shooting Lawful Necessary. By Joshua Kellogg. https://www.daily-times.com/story/news/crime/2018/07/05/district-attorney-office-ruled-officer-involved- shooting-lawful-necessary-william-wilson/761372002/ KOB Excerpt from KOB 09/15/2017: State Police Chief Pete Kassetas  identified the two officers who shot and killed suspect William Wilson as NMSP Officer Dwayne Simpson and San Juan Sheriff's  Deputy Sara Howard.  The officers shot Wilson, 26, after they said Wilson pulled a gun out of his waistband and started firing at  them as the officers tried to arrest him during a traffic stop. Body camera video of the shooting won't be released until the  investigation is finished. http://www.kob.com/new-mexico-news/farmington-officer-involved-shooting- william-wilson/4604493/  Huerta, Raul     Socorro.  Socorro PD.  Communications Shift Supervisor. 2012-arrested for alleged marijuana delivery-Texas Dept of Public Safety involved.  KVIA 2014/03/10  Names of Police Officers arrested have been released. By Whitney Burbank https://www.kvia.com/news/names-of-socorro-police-officers-arrested-have-been-released/55619331 Hughes, Daniel   Albuquerque.   APD.  SWAT officer.  2016/12 - Hughes cleared; 2014/05/03-Shot and killed Armand Martin Abq Journal https://www.abqjournal.com/community-data/apd-under-fire-incident-summaries   Jrnl summary of police shootings 2016   https://www.abqjournal.com/916876Alb      More than two and a half years after Martin was shot and killed by a SWAT officer at his West Side home, District Attorney Kari Brandenburg announced in a news release on Wednesday that her office will bring no charges against officer Daniel Hughes, who fired the fatal shot. KOAT (2014/05/06) Officer from Sunday APD-involved shooting ID'd. New video of deadly standoff.  By Anna Velasquez https://www.koat.com/article/officer-from-sunday-apd-involved-shooting-id-d/5056359 KRQE (2015/03/31) Albuquerque police sitting on officer shooting, DA says. By Jeff Proctor. https://www.krqe.com/news/albuquerque-police-sitting-on-officer-shooting-investigations-da-says/ Excerpt:  Armand Martin case: On May 3, 2014, APD officers surrounded 50-year-old Armand Martin’s  Ventana Ranch home during a six-hour standoff. When he walked outside, he was shot and killed by APD SWAT officer Daniel Hughes.  Police had responded to a call from Martin’s wife, who told dispatchers he had pulled a gun on her and the couple’s children, threatening them.  Police released a neighbor’s grainy cellphone video of the shooting two weeks ago. In the video, three shots can be heard: two that police say came from Martin, followed by a fatal shot from APD. Previously released lapel video did not show the shooting. https://www.krqe.com/news/albuquerque-police-sitting-on-officer-shooting-investigations-da-says/     Updates:     2019/11/16 Hughes Daniel-KRQE-2015-03-31 and KOAT-2014/05/06 2019/11/15 John Hill added to list. Hughes Daniel section filled in. 2019/11/13 Howard Sara 2018 Farmington Daily Times article on Wilson shooting decision added; Hollier Jeremy material added, his section filled in. Hindi Steve added to list.  2019/10/26 Alaska Public dot org: two articles added from 2014 and one from 2016; 2019/10/25 updates to Steve Hebbe added, incl. Blaylock, Reuters. 2019/10/24 Steve Hebbe chief FPD Farmington added to list.  2019/07/25 Jeremy Hollier added to list; 2019/07/10 Peter Hart added to list. Peter Hackett added to list. 2019/04/30 Harris, Joseph Jr. added; 2019/04/28: edited/cleaned up the page from a recent transfer; going over information to add or consolidate, etc.
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