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BLANCA ZAPATER, a Bernalillo County, New Mexico Corrections Officer in her individual capacity, Defendant New Mexico Federal Court United District Court for the District of New Mexico https://www.scribd.com/document/186436293/NM-ABQ-Sprayed-Genitals Articles Rinf dot com (2013/11/26) New Mexico police spray woman’s vagina with mace after drug arrest.  By Alex Kane. http://rinf.com/alt-news/breaking-news/new-mexico-police-spray-womans-vagina-with-mace-after-drug- arrest/ The Blaze (2013/11/26) After anal probing controversy yet another lawsuit in New Mexico alleges shocking police abuse tantamount to torture. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2013/11/26/after-anal-probing-controversy-yet-another-lawsuit-in-new-mexico- alleges-shocking-police-abuse-tantamount-to-torture/ Excerpt:  The American Civil Liberties Union last week filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a New Mexico woman who alleges that a corrections officer sprayed mace on her vagina during a routine 2011 strip search. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2013/11/26/after-anal-probing-controversy-yet-another-lawsuit-in-new-mexico- alleges-shocking-police-abuse-tantamount-to-torture/ Other Links https://www.ibtimes.com/marlene-tapia-new-mexico-woman-maced-vagina-files-civil-rights-suit-against- bernalillo-county [retrieved 2019/06/06] https://freedomoutpost.com/marlene-tapia-new-mexico-cop-blanca-zapater-sprayed-vagina-with-mace-punish/ [retrieved 2019/06/06]   Zavala, Cruz   Roswell.  Roswell PD.  Sergeant.  2016-some jail time for domestic violence of wife. Case(s) (2018/10/28-Filed) RICHARD WAYNE JOHNSON,   Plaintiff - Appellant,  and TANYA JOHNSON, Plaintiff,  v. CITY OF ROSWELL; ROSWELL POLICE DEPARTMENT; JOSEPH LANNOYE, in his individual capacity; CRUZ ZAVALA, in his individual capacity; ROBERT SWANTEK, in his individual capacity; PHIL SMITH, Chief of Police for the City of Roswell, in his individual and official capacities,  Defendants - Appellees.  No. 17-2176 (D.C. No. 2:15- CV-01071-GBW-CG) (D. N.M.) https://www.ca10.uscourts.gov/opinions/17/17-2176.pdf Articles KRQE (2016/05/16) Roswell police officer arrested after domestic dispute with wife.  By Cheyenne Cope   http://krqe.com/2016/05/16/roswell-police-officer-arrested-after-domestic-dispute-with-wife/  Excerpt:  A New Mexico police officer who has been shot in the line of duty could ruin his career. He was arrested, accused of roughing up his young wife.  Sergeant Cruz Zavala with the Roswell Police Department found himself on the other side of the jail bars over the weekend. The 41-year-old was arrested for a domestic dispute with his wife. According to the criminal complaint, Cruz's 23-year-old wife tried to leave the house after an argument over dinner at their home just outside of Roswell. She claims Zavala tackled her then twisted her arm behind her and took her cell phone and keys away from her. She says he then picked her up and threw her out the front door. Deputies say she had red marks on her arms and neck….If Cruz is convicted of the charge, he won't be able to work as a police officer in New Mexico. That's because people convicted of domestic violence cannot carry a gun. Updates: 2019/06/06 Zapater 2013 court case added;KRQE-edited and added previous article material; added court case filed 2018 Johnson et al v. Cruz;  01/31/2018 Robinson, Vasshawn OFC-HOB discrimination lawsuit;  01/21/2018 Warman, Brandt-TAOS added; 01/16/2018 Wilson, Oliver added Santa Fe New Mexican 2014/04/30; 01/20/2018-Vigil, Robert-TAOS added; 01/15/2018 Wilson, Oliver NMSP SNTA FE  (shot J. Anaya)NM In Depth-2016/03/23; Santa Fe New Mexican 1/09/2018 Schultz, Ray NM Political Report- 2015/04/30, NM In Depth-2017/03/24, 2016/01/14; 01/08/2018  Sandy, Keith 5 Articles added-Albq Jrnl, Public Hlth-10/13/2016, KRQE; Palombi, Valerie added, krqe-2016/07/01; 01/07/2018 Salazar, Martin VEG find a case-2011; ODonnell, Kent 2 GPO filings 2006, 2009;  12/26/2017 Oskins, Chris added to list along with two links. 12/15/2017 Gigante, Brandon; 11/27/2017 Page 3 started - earlier updates: _(Odonnell-02-17-2017); (Porter, R; Pestak, Noah 02/20/2017); _updates_ 11/24/2017 Simpson, Dwayne. 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