Summary of What is Included on this website
SUMMARY OF WHAT IS ON POLICE FACTOR As a summary, issues on this website include, but are not limited to the following: police bad work - abuses police good work - what they do right drugs gangs, organized crime weapon usage among criminals borders prisons racial issues within police departments and extended national security agencies lawsuits involving police/public and police/police odd corruption - things that are quirky, paranormal, paranormal-like but technical; social networking like gangstalking; MO’s that take us down person-specific idiosyncrasies; ie, watch for antics police municipal, county, state, federal with links to FBI, CIA, Border protection agencies, guns/alcohol agencies, etc. court systems - District Attorneys, various level courts; corrupt judges, harassed judges, corrupt witnesses. evidence - evidence handling, mishandling; mafia-like slippery “watch for antics” aspects. technical equipment suppliers to police and related to police work: ie tasers, guns, video equipment, stoplight surveillance equipment, vehicles, etc - with an eye on corporate corruption including kickbacks review agencies, appointed monitors, ie, regarding Albuquerque Police Department rat’s nest stops (potential arenas for crime):  motorcycle places of habituation/clubs; casinos - Italian, Hispanic, tribal and Russian mafia network corruption;  truck stops with known prostitution and drug sales; mechanic owners and their workers (ie back room drugs, lies to public about vehicle repair issues; misappropriation of a customer’s private property (stealing parts and falsely taking over the car itself once it is on their grounds); certain old motels national security arenas involving resources and tech production: mining resource (ie, uranium) operations related to defense industry technology; defense industry related unions