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DPS-Dept Public Safety. (2009) Caught with coke by other police officers, -, ABQ Jrnl-2009/03/24; Holloman Underground Articles Albuquerque Journal 2009/03/24  Undercover Narcotics cop caught with coke at home Excerpt:  Alamogordo police officer arrested on trafficking charges after release from hospital Saturday.  A 46-year-old undercover narcotics officer with the Alamogordo Department of Public Safety was arrested Saturday on charges of drug trafficking after New Mexico State Police searched his home and found 1.3 pounds of cocaine, the Alamogordo Daily News reported.  From Holloman Underground Blog Site: Ramsdale started working as an undercover narcotics officer five weeks ago. He has worked as a patrol officer at ADPS for one year. He was an Otero County Sheriff's Department deputy for five years prior to working at ADPS. Holloman Underground Reynolds Ed,  Silver City, Silver City PD/Police Chief.(2016), Victim Nikki, KOB-2016/11/15 Articles KOB (2016/11/15) By Chris Ramirez before-he-killed-girlfriend-nikki-bascom-mark-contreras/4318951/ Excerpt:  “Nikki was not just one woman up against one man,” Schauer Ives said.  “She was one woman up against an entire police department.”  …Reynolds did place Contreras on administrative leave and took away his gun and badge, but did not arrest him or take any additional steps to protect Nikki. before-he-killed-girlfriend-nikki-bascom-mark-contreras/4318951/ Rice Connor, Albuquerque, APD/Officer,  2013 Officer found not guilty by jury; 2012/05/31-excessive force issues: stuns Kenny Box; hits Dion Alexander multiple times-summary Rice struck suspect after he said "I surrender"-  , Victim Kenny Box and Dion Alexander, Abq Jrnl APD Under Fire Summaries Articles Albuquerque Journal 2013/09/27 Ex-APD Officer not guilty in Assault Case.  By Scott Sandlin. Excerpt:  A jury has found Albuquerque Police Department bike patrol officer Connor Rice not guilty of battery and aggravated battery in the beating of a man who was surrendering. The case went to the jury late Wednesday afternoon. They announced they had reached a verdict just before 11 a.m Thursday morning.Sep 25, 2013 APD Under Fire Summaries 2014/04/10 Full document department of justice findings letter of APD BY ABQJOURNAL NEWS STAFF Liberation News dot org Excerpt:  Despite of the graphic video, a jury found Rice not guilty of using excessive force. This was a shock to the entire community. The Albuquerque branch of the ANSWER Coalition called an emergency demonstration at the police headquarters. In less than 48 hours, activists and families of others killed and brutalized by the Albuquerque Police Department joined the protest.“This is yet another incident in a long string of incidents involving APD brutality,” said Joel Gallegos, ANSWER NM organizer. “We are here today to let the cops and the mayor know that we will not stand by while APD officers commit crimes of murder and brutality against the people.” Riedel Jonathan, Dona Ana County, Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office/Sheriff’s Deputy,  Son of a state district court judge; involved in aggravated assault w/roommate, failed to report incident to police, Albq Jrnl-2011/12/30 Articles Alb. Jrnl-2011/12/30-115 officers on possible sanctions list per Dept of Safety- officers-on-possible-sanctions-list.html Robinson, Vasshawn, Hobbs, Hobbs PD/Officer, (2017) Lawsuit discrimination, -, Hobbs News-2017/10/11 Articles Hobbs News 2017/10/11 2017/10/11-- Rodella Jr. Thomas,    Espanola, Espanola PD/Sheriff, (03/11/2014 - Incident). High speed chase, roughing up, son in car, not wearing police uniform, etc. Articles KRQE Excerpt from KRQE.  By Hawa Konte. 09/27/2014):  Jury finds Sheriff Rodella guilty on two counts… Count 1 of the Indictment charged Sheriff Rodella with violating the victim’s civil rights by subjecting him to an unreasonable seizure while acting under color of law.  Count 2 charged the Sheriff with brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence. 2014/09/26-- Rodriguez Robert,  Deming. Hidalgo County/Deputy Sheriff Officer. (2014) Force; Listed in lawsuit, Victim Eckert, Watchdog-2014/06/10 Articles Watchdog (2014/06/10) Excerpt: Six months after NM cavity search case, half the cops still on job…Hidalgo County officials would not disclose whether any of their officers were disciplined, claiming that such information doesn’t have to be disclosed because “they are considered matters of opinion in personnel files.”  2014/06/10-- filed 2013/10/11-- anal-assault-complaint Rodgriguez Victor,     Belen, Chief, 2019 files lawsuit against City, says Mayor encouraged doing nothing when Rodriguez said some of his officers were using excessive force. Rodriguez, Victor     Belen, Chief, 2019/12-lawsuit by Victor Rodriguez against City, claims Mayor Jerah Cordova retaliated against him after he tried to report cases of excessive use of force by his officers. Articles KRQE  (2019/12/16) Belen Police Chief files lawsuit against the City.  By “KRQE Media.” Romero Jeremy,   Department of Public Safety, Special Investigations Division/Agent, 2013 allegations from a fellow officer that Officer Jeremy Romero was with a prostitute in a state-issued patrol vehicle; Whistleblower Settlement $900k Santa Fe New Mexican 2016/06/16.  State police officer $900k in whistleblower settlement. By Phaedra Haywood settlement/article_4be9e80d-6f9d-5370-8b1f-47e696590600.html Jeremy Romero was a law enforcement officer who dared to cross the thin blue line in 2011 by reporting to superiors at the state Department of Public Safety that he had seen one of his fellow agents in the Special Investigations Division with a prostitute in a state-issued patrol car. Romero lost his job for his trouble, according to allegations he made in a 2013 whistleblower complaint. According to documents that only recently became public, New Mexico taxpayers lost, too. After waging a taxpayer-funded legal battle against Romero for several years, the state Department of Public Safety agreed to pay Romero $900,000 to settle the case out of court. settlement/article_4be9e80d-6f9d-5370-8b1f-47e696590600.html Romero Robert, Albuquerque.  APD/Lead detective-Daniels case; 1986- in association with Linda Daniels murder case, Victim Linda Daniels, True Crime Diva-2012/07/02 Articles True Crime Diva 2012/07/02 2012/07/02-- Excerpt Lead detective Robert Romero feared the media coverage might have scared off the suspects. Peter Romero, Albuquerque, NMSP/Officer-start 2017/07; prev. APD/1995-2016, 2020/02-Video evidence of excessive force/lawsuit; 3 earlier era lawsuits for excessive lawsuits as well from drunken driver arrests in 2013 and 2015, 2020-Ryan Cordova beaten by Officer Romero in prison;2013-Robert Garcia, Sr;, SFNM-2020/02/28 Articles Santa Fe New Mexican 2020/02/28 New Mexico State Police officer seen beating suspect in video in-video/article_2bf3bb80-59b4-11ea-84ff-ab738d21dd6e.html Excerpt:  A New Mexico State Police officer captured on video last year beating a man handcuffed to a bench in a holding cell was accused of using excessive force on at least three other people in handcuffs when he was an officer with the Albuquerque Police DepartmentPeter Romero was the target of three federal lawsuits accusing him of excessive force during drunken-driving arrests in 2013 and 2015. Attorney Jamison Barkley filed the latest lawsuit against Romero in state District Court earlier this month on behalf of Ryan Cordova of Rio Rancho, who was arrested in May in Santa Fe on a DWI charge. The DWI case against Cordova was dropped because Romero failed to appear in court to testify, court records show.Romero, 51, was employed by the Albuquerque agency for more than 20 years, from 1995 to 2016, spokesman Gilbert Gallegos said in an email Thursday.He started working for state police in July 2017 in-video/article_2bf3bb80-59b4-11ea-84ff-ab738d21dd6e.html Rosenbloom Robert,   Albuquerque area.  NMSP (New Mexico State Police)/Officer, 1971/11-KOD traffic stop by militant group carrying guns and bombs in car then hijacked plane to Cuba from Albuq Sunport in Albuquerque,-, KRQE- 2019/05/08 Articles KRQE 2019/05/08  Family of New Mexico State Police Officer murdered in 1971 speaks out. KRQE-2019/05/08-- speaks-out/ Rupp Christopher, Ruidoso Downs. Ruidoso Downs PD/Ex-Chief,  Fired, -, ABQ Jrnl-2016/09/28  Articles Albuquerque Journal 2016/09/28-- reappointment.html Updates:  2020/03/28 Connor Rice material added, link activated to his name; 2020/03/23 Peter Romero material filled in from article NMSF-2020/02/28; 2020/03/18-technical editing; 2020/02/01 Rodriguez, Victor added to list; Rael, Patrick material added on ACLU lawsuit which includes him; Jeremy Romero 2019/06/15.
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