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Immigration Large Numbers into USA o Are immigrants really flooding our borders? American Magazine - 2016/02/03 o Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders)-2021/10/07- Western Journal-We Are Ready for War': Leader of Migrant Caravan Says Nothing Will Get in His Way of Making It to US Immigrants (Legal, Illegal, Refugees, etc.) More Advantaged than American Citizens Reverse-Racism o Health Platform CDC Director Declares Racism A 'Serious Public Health Threat' NPR-2021/04/08 o Impacting Morale in Military, Inflaming Racial DIvides Read the Shocking Pentagon Training Materials Targeting Conservatives in the Military. PJ Media-2021/03/22 A candid conversation with Rep. Mike Waltz, Congress’s only combat-decorated Green Beret. Washington Examiner-2021/04/29 o The Myth of Systemic Racism: In America, Reverse Discrimination Is the Norm. Lew Rockwell-2020/08/21 Transgender Issues o Anti-Transgender Legislation CNN-2021/04/15 Communism, Socialism o 2016/01 The Roots of America’s Dangerous Turn Left: To understand where the radical left plans to take America, you must understand the source of its ideas. We have been warning America about this for over 50 years! China o China’s Long Tentacles Extend Deep Into American Media-American Conservative-2020/03/31 o Abandoning Criticism of China’s Government Isn’t the Right Way to End Anti-Asian Racism in the U.S. China File-2021/03/25 o Is China Funding BLM? Townhall-2020/10/09 o Chinese Information Warfare: Leveraging The Power of Perception. By Paul Coyer Forbes-2015/10/13 Anti-Trump Extremism Information Wars o Understanding the Threat John Guandolo - modern warfare is largely in information arena Cartels o Are Mexico’s Cartels Winning War on Drugs? Borderland Beat-2021/09/23 Anti-Trump Extremism Immigrants (Legal and Illegal, Refugees, etc.) More Advantaged than American Citizens etc…See more in Topics/Reading List -Resources, Excerpts Some Additional Issues Causing “Noise” (Disruption, Confusion, Anti-Americanism, Mind-Altered Space, Lowered civil rights for women, etc.) Religious Fundamentalism of Various Kinds Christian Linked Example: Dominionism Catholic Cults Irish-linked cults, often Catholic Spanish descent -linked cults - Hispanic, Latin American, etc. What goes wrong: sexual abuse of minors over long periods, across wide geographic spans, often few Catholic leaders really do anything to stop it as it gets shoved under a mat or sent down the pike (both Mormons and Catholics). Other forms of abuse. Control games. Culture of secrecy. The sexual dysfunction abuse syndromes fan out into the population even if the victim-gone-perpetrators don’t retain their religion. Catholic Churches used in illegal immigration (See Borders1-general) Fast Addiction - Mexican Prescription Drugs Counterfeit Pills Facts Mormon Cults Radical Islam Also has sexual abuse issues. Physical abuse. Control games. Sharia wants to control the world. No one is safe. They treat Christians and Jews badly. Hides its tendencies under so-called moderate Islam, fooling the general public who want to think the best. Islam is ideological, political and religious. Even to this day, many Americans are playing with fire by mislabeling and mis-thinking moderate Islam. Ideological Communism or Pretend Communism. China and the former Soviet Union are/were pretend communism. Chinese abuses and control games are all across its system; China wants to control the world. No one is safe. Something that is coming across as a minority power movement, LGBTq and antifa -whether its ultimate original sources are something else (like neo-Nazis, radical Islam, China, etc.) or not - are making life difficult in the United States by undermining the institutions most responsible for a stable and safe society. They are weakening the best things that hold the American system together. These groups are making life in the USA more dangerous and unfair. This is because crude and belligerent types of people are taking over, cheapening the system into a place where only bullies and masters of human networking (gangs, cartels, cliques) take all. They are making it difficult for reasonable legitimate oversight to take hold. Bullies are floating to the top, leaving reasonable and less aggressive people out. These bullies often do it in the name of so-called civil rights activism, but what they are really doing is applying a form of Marxism to try to topple the American system. On the other hand, Christian fundamentalists might be encouraging such toppling so they can replace what they feel is a decadent society with their brand of Christianity. Neo-Nazis might be trying to seek vengeance for the years of bad press since Hitler to “stick it” to society for their saying Nazis were racists by forcing an “in your face” civil rights militancy; this approach has minorities saying that the United States is intrinsically a racist system that has to be torn down. Whether or not such hidden conspiracies exist behind the activities directly manifesting (like the Black Lives Matter related riots and statue toppling, street name changing, etc.) the fact remains, bullies are taking over the country, absorbing our jobs, letting bad guys in across our boundaries, using the media as constant bad press against white people and the American system, and using mayhem to confuse, distract and cause fear or depression. These groups are more interested in tearing down while drawing attention to themselves and seeking temporary financial gains, but have little or nothing better to replace what they are destroying. Drugs Here we are talking about how culturally people are seeking distractions from reality in general. They are zoning out. When people are doing that, they are not thinking clearly and not emotionally or cognitively available to analyze things in a balanced and healthy way. It reduces the numbers of awake and alert people in society, opens up vulnerabilities to national security problems, including infiltrations and takeovers by hostile elements. Closely linked to drug usage, both why it’s done and its results, is lowered self-esteem and self-confidence, eradication of personal and national boundaries, thinking “anything goes” and sexual promiscuity or obsession. People spend less time on meaningful life goals and life activities, they cheapen themselves and others. Language becomes demeaning, cruel and course. More and more children suffer from domestic violence, including neglect, sexual, physical and mental abuse. Pot: Legalization might be increasing numbers of Americans on dope. So many more people on pot - including “Green” Marijuana (Marijuana meant as medical assistance should not be used for recreation). This creates a world in which lots of people are on substances. We encourage people to stay natural and let your body do its thing whenever possible. Use any drug only if you think you really need it. It is hard to deal with people who are using drugs to avoid reality when almost everyone you contact in society is on some kind of substance or another - and it is hard for themselves. Network Controls and Violence linked to Militant Civil Rights Agendas in the United States Currently, we need to ask ourselves: Who is answering the phone? Manning the front desk? Handling the paperwork in the back rooms? Listen to tones of voice and accents. Then ask yourselves why certain kinds of Americans are no longer be seen or heard in these places - whether in corporate call centers or in the local stores. Also watch for localized favoritism networks - they might be Americans, but using a growing relatively newer reverse- racism or the older more traditionally understood forms of racism. Stores servicing diverse inhabitants need to have a feeling of a non-contrived “good mix” where everyone feels welcome (other than criminals) and where there is a sense of fair play about who can get jobs. This does not mean militant civil rights groups should go in there and force themselves into jobs while pushing out everyone else, nor does it mean certain kinds of cliques should have their way. Lawsuits can be a form of bullying which leave a wake of changes in a corporation that look and feel like a takeover. Watch what happens after some of these lawsuits to the demographics of a company. That company has been bullied into submission, and from that time forward you might see only one kind of race answering the phones there - the group that put out the lawsuits. A lawsuit should be about fair practices, not a systematic takeover operation. This can tell you who and what is taking over our jobs, and who is servicing the American people at places like cell phone and insurance companies. if everyone is one race in these jobs, confront that - the United States should not be giving all the call service jobs to Mexican nationals in either Mexico or inside the USA, or Eastern Indians in India for one thing! Nor should they be giving most of the insurance and phone/internet company public phone answering jobs to any one group of people. Pay attention to who and what is getting American jobs today, jobs servicing American people. If only certain groups are getting that, it can mean a takeover and network abuses in which they can plot against the American people using private information gained in those jobs, using their information systems technology to exploit, steal manipulate. In the meantime, less aggressive types of Americans - or anyone left out of the corrupt takeovers - might be being pushed out of their homes, jobs and way of life, causing a sense of desperation which in turn can cause another form of dishonesty and crime - that of desperate American citizens who are having their country ripped out from under them. One of the main solutions to these problems is to keep illegal immigrants from entering; not allowing large numbers of immigrants to gain citizenship; keeping basic servicing jobs inside the USA; breaking up large corporations; depriving dishonest media outlets from thriving; and giving American citizens first priority. Immigrants should not be coming inside our country acting like hosts and dictators to the American people. We should not be seeing large numbers of our basic jobs -including fast food ones - filled with Mexican and Latin American immigrants, and almost no one else. We should not see department or grocery stores and shopping malls controlled and turfed by networks of immigrants and other people with civil rights militancy agendas - ones that push out mainstream Americans. Working class jobs should be for all Americans, not mostly civil rights activist/militant types. We should not be seeing what were previously average American towns and cities turned into immigrant havens. These people often are very aggressive, have an attitude of entitlement, make up all kinds of excuses to suggest they have a right to act like this (take over everything American), use manipulation, guilt, head trips and downright bullying to get what they want. They come into our country with bad habits and spread that everywhere they go. They expect Americans to just sit here and take it year after year. We are supposed to “be nice” and “think good thoughts.” How many of you see those “Just Be Kind” signs and want to vomit? How many of you have come to realize those signs are put out by people who want to bully others if they don’t get their way by using human network control games? Anything to the contrary - any form of self-protection or criticism - is seen as “racism” or “Islamophobia.” It’s not just suppressing thoughts, ideas and speech - it’s also networking against Americans in their own country while pretending Americans are the problem - ones who need to be fixed or transformed, not themselves. Underneath all of this is an energy - in some cases, psychic and/or psychotronic attacks could be influencing Americans to feel quietly abused, watched, followed, their family members influenced, and more. This could be a form of gangstalking that never gets formally addressed by the bulk of the American national security system - although legislators and others have tried in isolated numbers over the years to get the word out and to create protective legislation. There is a lot of hype on the internet and it is hard to tell fact from fiction, and even if some of the information has truth, some of it could be dated, and some could be being manipulated by operatives who want to ensnare or distract. We need to ask if this energy is manipulating the American people to submit to the will of those behind a planned takeover operation, and whether an honest and legitimate American military response is needed to combat this likely hidden warfare. If the minds and speech are being manipulated through some kind of electromagnetic or subliminal intrusion, it will likely require a military level response. If much of our military, FBI and Homeland Security is infiltrated, it will require remaining honest pro-American types to do what is needed by getting to the root of the technology. Currently, there is a lot of speculation (like cell phone towers) about what is putting out such mind-altering energy, but most people really don’t know for sure. Some of us can pick up an energy that suggests people are being manipulated, but can be hard to say whether it is a group-based psychic attack or something technical doing that. For example, people can possibly enter a herd mentality and it is like they share a group aura in which they all say and think the same things - that group resonance might influence on others, like a form of psychic attack. Someone infected with that group think might try to infect others, with all infected people being in some kind of auric bubble together. Whether that bubble is natural or technically induced, or a combination of both, is hard to say - but if technology is manipulating ideas and speech we need to know and have a right to put a stop to it. The “Just Be Kind” groups seem to be part of such a bubble. On the other side of that sign could be the influencing of radical groups who have no intention of just being kind. In terms of Reverse-Racism: It’s not the individual skin color, hair, body type, accent, etc. of any one race for most white Americans in this country today. Instead, the issues usually are not one person, but a collective of people; bad experiences built over time - either a lifetime or during a few experiences. It’s the feeling games are being played to keep white males out, or whites in general. That this is the reason you are only seeing and hearing one race at a corporation that is servicing all races, and when that race is a minority. Minorities should not be the only ones servicing a country; when that happens, it looks like malicious intent, and sometimes it is. It’s the feeling that if a white speaks out in self-protection and is called racist, the situation is defeating. And it is the feeling if minorities are employed or put in leadership positions in government and the military, they won’t work for the good of the United States as a whole, but will maintain anger, defiance and self-servicing over civil rights issues and won’t come in all the way on the job. The focus here seems to be how much money and prestige can I get, how many stars and stripes - while not actively fighting and protecting all Americans from the bad guys like cartels and terrorists, and while trying to pretend the main terrorists are now mostly white supremacists, which is not true. If blacks and other minorities in the military and government cannot let go of their race grievances, they should not be put in positions of power and should not be making large incomes from tax supported dollars at the expense of the general American system. We cannot have anyone of any race backstabbing us in the military and government and working covert operations with enemy groups. The military must not be a dumping ground for anti-Americanism. We need to know who and what you are when working for this country and if you cannot step up tot he plate and do your rights honestly, honorably and sincerely, you must leave or be removed. In addition, we cannot have anti-white sabotage by non-white groups in our medical, insurance and communications systems. Currently, when we only hear non-whites working at these places, we must be alert and ask ourselves if such sabotage against white Americans is occurring. We cannot believe the excuses that blacks don’t receive promotions unless they use extra aggressive means to put themselves in these leadership positions; the truth is, if you are honest, fair and are unquestionably working for the good of the broad American public - and are not showing aggressive or militant civil rights activity seeking an overturn of the American system, or working with the bad guys overseas, you will get promoted on your own merits. But if you are promoted because of civil rights related pressures, and you are not honest and not sincerely working for the safety and well-being of all Americans, what a waste, and how much harm is possible. This subject is just as applicable to whites who refuse to do their jobs right. Currently, there is often an entanglement between whites and non-whites - strands of interconnection - sometimes one is the brains and instigator, sometimes it is the other, but frequently it is radical Islam, secular cohorts and China pushing the buttons. If you have people who are working against the United States in our military and government, no one is safe, quality controls and oversight are not maintained properly, we have a bunch of fake brass with a flashy stars on their uniforms, and nothing real gets done. This is why we must push to get the likes of Lloyd Austin out as soon as possible. He is more intent on civil rights issues while serious national security issues are at hand; he is not running this country’s military fairly and honestly. We cannot have that kind of racially driven approach in our military because no one is safe. Throughout the country, if people’s jobs are on the line, if they are being sabotaged by emergency rooms, insurance companies, spied on by cell phone and internet companies…and anti-white, anti-American groups are increasingly seen and heard working at these places…quality controls, oversight and ethics increasingly tossed out the window…what then? Sabotage can include making sure non-whites and illegal immigrants get Covid-19 vaccines and tests first or that white patients are unfairly treated and over-charged, including from unnecessary testing and procedures at hospital emergency rooms. If Hispanic or black cartels are linked to this activity, we need to get to the bottom of such activities immediately. Neither gangs nor cartels, nor any form of reverse-racism belong in our medical arenas in the United States. As one example, Hispanic males and Islamic types must not apply machismo to run strings across town to control females. Such strings can include surveillance by dirty cops and private security guards, as well as various members of the public, in Hispanic controlled shopping centers, among many other things. This is a form of gangstalking. Americans need to be able to go into these watched and controlled shopping and medical areas around the country and break up the games. Hispanic machismo is only one example of a form of male domination tendency; there are many others. It is deeply entrenched in the culture to the point the men lack a broader education and life experiences to pull out of it; surrounded by male bullies as role models, they often wind up bullies for life, making life difficult for everyone around them, defying equal rights for women, defying the sense of fair play and order in the American system, encouraging a stealth form of controls in our public areas. We can also use examples of white religious cults which also go to great lengths to define women’s roles and control their speech, dress and movement. Either way, no matter which males are being so controlling of women, it needs to stop and society needs to progress beyond these archaic and barbaric levels as a whole. State Activity Indicating Suspected or Actual Low-Grade Responses to Illegal Immigration. Excessive support of migrants, etc., or leadership responses to these things Start Here: Illegal Immigration: It’s About Power. By Tucker Carlson Youtube: From this website: Capitalism Magazine 2019/01 Politics of Immigration: Why Today’s Democrats Support Illegal Immigrants. By Walter Williams illegal-immigrants/ Articles-Problem States Both Hawaii and new Mexico are high risk states; various neighborhoods or areas in southern California in the San Diego metro area are high risk; Texas, despite strong efforts, is flooded with immigrants. Arizona has some very defiant areas. What everyone needs to understand is these immigrants need to understand NO means NO. Politicians who support the rights of immigrants over the rights of and needs of American citizens are dangerous. These politicians are noted by their language, demeanor, who they hang out with (including those they network with across state lines and also in Mexico and Latin American countries) and the bills they put out. It is PF’s opinion, just by driving through, looking around and shopping a few places, that the following might be experiencing illegal immigrant/immigrant swamping: Colorado- Alamosa and various small towns along that stretch of highway heading east toward Pueblo Utah-Moab Oregon-small towns along the Columbia River/Historic Gorge on the way to Portland Tribal Overflow/Swamping/Takeover: includes takeover of stores, local community college, banks/credit unions, postal (US and private), communications (ie, internet, cell phones) and govt infrastructure. Compounded by governmental arena reverse-racism - state as a whole almost exclusively hires Hispanics; white instructors allegedly have had a hard time at colleges across the state; white police officers might have been targeted - watch for fake news by the well-funded Democrat MPM New Mexico-San Juan County-Farmington - within a decade Arizona-Coconino County-Flagstaff - both tribal and Hispanic AP News 2018/04/11 Sessions takes fight on border enforcement to New Mexico. By MARY HUDETZ 11f1556020ff4e2fb55dbf094bb394ea The Common Sense Show wakes-it-will-be-too-late Excerpt: received the following email from a citizen of Demming [sic-correct spelling is Deming]: Dear Dave, I don't know where to turn, our small town of about 15,000 people is being overrun. These people are not just immigrants looking for work. I have seen MS-13 and you can tell who they are by their special tatoos. Our governor is forcing our people to take on these people. One police officer told me that we are getting 300 immigrants per day. Soon the immigrants will outnumber the Americans who live here. I am afraid to let the kids play outside. I don't know who these people are and what they might do. What can we do? Thanks… NBC News 2021/06/21 Colorado is smashing down barriers to help undocumented immigrants live and work Supporters say the new laws will make the state a more equitable place. Opponents argue they will siphon money and services from other residents. immigrants-live-work-n1270215 Excerpt: In the past few months, Colorado has passed a series of laws aimed at supporting and protecting undocumented people after the pandemic revealed wide disparities and exacerbated inequalities in Colorado and elsewhere. …Gov. Jared Polis has signed into law measures aimed at expanding access to housing, jobs and state benefits to undocumented immigrants. Supporters say the laws will make the state a more equitable place. Opponents argue the measures will siphon money and services from other residents. Borderland Beat 2020/09/16 Top U.S. Cities that are crowded with Mexican Cartels By Chivis Martinez Excerpt: Top 5: 5. Denver-Sinaloa Cartel and Juarez Cartel both use Denver as a major distribution hub. Juarez Cartel is the fourth powerful Mexican drug Cartel operating in the U.S..; 4. Phoenix-Sinaloa Cartel and Beltran-Leyva Organization both use Phoenix as a major distribution hub. Beltran-Leyva Organization is the third most powerful Mexican drug cartel in the U.S..; 3. Atlanta- Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco New Generation Cartel both use Atlanta as a major distribution hub. Jalisco New Generation Cartel is the second most powerful Mexican cartel in the United States. 2. Los Angeles-We bet you were thinking that Los Angeles is the #1 city that is crowded by Mexican drug cartels. There are only 3 major Mexican drug cartels based in Los Angeles: Sinaloa Cartel, Cartel Jalisco New Generation, and Beltran-Leyva Organization. 1. Chicago-Are you surprised to see Chicago at the top of this list? (nope) Posted on April 1, 2021Texas Sheriff Tells How His Small Town Is Being Overrun by Migrants Amren American Renaissance 2021/04/01 Texas Sheriff Tells How His Small Town Is Being Overrun by Migrants Alan Butterfield, Daily Mail, March 30, 2021 by-migrants/ Excerpt: ‘Welcome to the USA’: The words are etched on a cement boat ramp that leads from the Rio Grande, and it’s the spot where hundreds of illegal immigrants per week take their first steps onto American soil. The crossing point is on private property where an abandoned house sits on a quiet rural street that runs parallel to the Rio Grande, about 5 miles out of town from Del Rio, Texas, 150 miles southwest of San Antonio. Law enforcement has nicknamed it ‘Border Lawn.’ ‘It’s the easiest illegal border crossing along the Rio Grande,’ Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez told in an exclusive interview.. ‘In the past few months we’ve had a dramatic increase in illegal border crossings at this point,’ said Martinez, 64, who has been Sheriff of this border county for the past 13 years. ‘Two months ago we had maybe 20 illegals crossing here a week and now we have anywhere from 60-75 illegals a day.’Del Rio has a population of 36,000 people. It’s counterpart across the Rio Grande, Ciudad Acuna, has a population of 216,000 Martinez says depending on the time of day, the water at this point of the Rio Grande is only a few feet deep in places – making it easy to wade through the water from Mexico to the United States in a matter of minutes. Ten miles north of this point is the dam on Amistad (Friendship) Reservoir which borders the US/Mexico. In the early mornings the river is at a low point, only a few feet deep in some places, but by mid-afternoon the flood gates of the dam open up and the water rises by as much as 10 to 15 feet.
Please help to make sure our policing, border protection and national security experts are loyal to the United States and the American people by insisting on high quality background checks which include screening applicants for anti- American group affiliation. For example, those involved with radical black, Hispanic or Islamic movements should not apply or be given access to private national security data on other policing experts, government activities and private American citizens. This applies to various types of militant civil rights groups like La Raza, Muslim Sharia Law adherents, China, the Russian oligarchy and various gangs. It also includes white extremists, including those who are angry with women or various races to the point they won’t use balance, fair play or follow the laws. There is a time to protect our nation against encroachments and infiltrations which some loyal white Americans are stepping up to the plate to do. Tired of being doormats and watching our nation erode, many have decided enough is enough. In the process, some might be improperly labeled as supremacists by a dishonest corporate media and others. Some whites described as extremists have been wrongly labeled, because when you look carefully at the setting and facts, you can sometimes find Islamic or other extremists were involved and the whites who were involved were mostly fighting in self- defense. At other times, it is possible something else was going on, but we must look at each case carefully. We need to apply the same rules to all extremists of any race. If taken too far and people act as emotional vigilantes on habitual whim, if reactionary mob mentalities develop, and if a game of spite as tit for tat ensues, then no one is safe. Having said that, people might not be getting the truth in the media one way or another, and this is something that must be worked on. For example, white police chiefs might be paid off by minority power movement groups or black police chiefs might come in on a cartel-driven wave. People have a right to the truth; if the truth is misled by the media or police leaders making deals in back rooms, this sort of thing must be stopped. If corrupt policing applicants slip through the hiring process and we catch them later, they need to go. We must demand strict background checks of all government workers, including political leaders and managers of sensitive agencies or departments. American citizens who were born here should be given first priority on all government jobs in the United States. After that, the next priority can be - but does not have to be - naturalized citizens who have been here a long time with a proven track record for being crime-free and loyal to the United States. Recent amnesty recipients should not be working in our policing and national security departments. Nor should they be seen employed in public libraries, post offices, state motor vehicle divisions, birth certificate processing departments or any other governmental offices servicing the American public. Those jobs must be reserved for American citizens with priority given to those born in this country. What is more, in the state of New Mexico or any state with similar issues, we must avoid racially linked nepotism, cronyism or similar forms of exclusion or preferential treatment. These can be tied to turfing, which includes controlling an area to keep outsiders out or manipulating people and activities inside a zone. It is believed turfing is already happening inside our large corporations as an overall system, as well as at local stores. These takeovers are getting mixed in with political civil rights and leftist/Marxism types of movements, which distracts and confuses people. The actual movers and shakers behind these turfing games don’t want a free and equal society in the end, they just want power. Government jobs belong to the American people, not any one race, religion, ideology or political orientation, and most certainly not to large numbers of immigrants who come in as guests and at the will of the American people. Consistency needs to span all states and their respective counties. Together they must mirror the best of the United States by demonstrating honor, integrity, effectiveness, communication and commitment to continual growth. Americans with known links to cartels, terrorists or radical groups should not be working at federal, state or local police agencies. Nor should such be working at the FBI, CBP, ICE, DHS, DPS or any other agency. Police, national security agents, governors, congressional and military leaders or any civilian leaders found to be not loyal to the United States must resign or be officially removed. We must all work together to keep traitors out of office. Fighting crime is a joint effort by both the police and the public. The police need our help because they can be overwhelmed at peak periods of crime and crisis. As of early 2022, various policing, border protection and national security groups are facing floods of illegal immigrants, government incompetency and anti-American groups. The more people unite to confront crime and attacks to our system and way of life, the more the criminals and sabotaging elements will back off. Standing up for our national space and rights involves a combination of determination, activism, communication and networking. Bumper stickers, yard signs and other forms of display tell the immigrants to go home. They also show criminals that we Americans are an increasingly awake and informed society. We are saying enough is enough and we will no longer put up with the games or infiltrations. We understand hybrid warfare - how immigrations are a form of attack against a country’s borders and people. We understand how psychic and/or psycotronic attacks might be used to manipulate our minds, thoughts, speech and bodies. We know when to notice when our family, friends, neighbors and coworkers start using canned speech as if channeling a recording by enemy groups. We know to identify corrupted medical facilities and health insurance processes which keep us from being treated ethically and professionally, or responded to properly. We Americans know to watch for gangstalking by policing groups as well as members of the public. Gangstalking is a form of networking which targets certain individuals across different strata. It can be a type of “surround sound” in a which a person is constantly watched and harassed. We Americans driving through border patrol checkpoints need to have the feeling loyal Americans are working there. We do recognize the signs that some border protection agents look, sound and feel more like Mexican or Latin American operatives than American citizens and agents. It is vital that a mixed team of various races, including non- Hispanic Americans who are not necessarily bilingual, are manning these stations. Although being bilingual or multilingual is an advantage in certain cases, it should not be the only criterion for choosing border protection agents. What we want to avoid are racially driven cliques sympathetic to any of the types of people coming into the United States. Agents should not be working both sides of the border or quietly acting as coyotes on the side. We also don’t want regional power mongering found in nearby cities to extend to border protection duties. Although several of the Afghan refugees chosen to be given sanctuary in the USA from the Taliban takeover of their country, some probably are not safe. We have seen signs in the news that the evacuation and vetting was not done well. There are indications that some Americans and allies who needed out were left behind while unknown Afghans were gathered up and allowed to fly to the US. The entire Afghanistan pull-out was not done right. The American military does in fact know how to properly evacuate from high risk areas, but known protocols were not followed. The evacuation was a jumbled mess which left Americans and others killed unnecessarily, leaving loyal Americans with a lingering disturbing sense of tragedy and remorse. We also can suspect bringing in large numbers of Afghan refugees could be part of an old Al-Qaeda or Taliban plan to infiltrate and control the United States. We know some of them could be actively trying to take over various parts of our infrastructure as we speak, even from our stateside bases. One way this could be happening is they are being aided by some misguided or downright dishonest American veterans who worked with them overseas. Even though they might have been trained as special operations overseas and demonstrated loyalty or competence, it does not mean they should be trusted with American military assignments here inside the United States, or used to bridge any gaps in stateside manpower. Although some are likely loyal and honest, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and radical Islam could prove too tricky when coming in through so-called “trusted Afghan refugees.” Islamic operatives can and often do move extremely rapidly! Currently our border protection agency top leaders are not the preferred choice by most experts, legislators and members of the public with common sense. Frequently we are finding suspicious activity among police chiefs and military leaders who seem to aiding and abetting the minority power movement rather than protecting this nation from hostile groups bent on taking out the country. Several bad policing and border protection leaders are likely coming in through cartel influences - with the employment and selection process manipulated. Although it sounds crude to some, the notion of a circle of blacks needs to be invoked to raise awareness about surround sound. This is how the MPM (minority power movement) activity could be worked to both create and then hide anti- American activity. These two phrases, applied together, means a network of additional conspirators might be afoot even during high profile cases like the January 6 riots. It is a tricky way to put most of the the limelight on other groups. This means another set of conspirators and instigators could be slipping past our national security systems when their activities are also a major, if not central, concern. Getting tuned in to the way they are tricky can likely inform of us earlier attacks and help stop future ones. Many facts linked to the January 6 riots have likely been destroyed by such conspirators, and potential witnesses killed using “suicide” or “health crisis” as an excuse. This same thing happened after 9/11 crisis when of evidence indicates evidence was destroyed and witnesses harmed. Such security breaches and obfuscation occurs because of bad leadership and hiring practices, lack of oversight and backup plans, and lack of coordination. It also occurs because our investigative strategies have not gained mastery over human networking tendencies. in such a way it gets beyond a few limited aware investigators. These tendencies are referred to as running strings on this website. It is imperative we learn how cartels, terrorists and other criminals organize, think and operate in these attacks on our country and our infrastructure. These groups are adept at making one thing look like something else and to place the blame on people who are either not guilty - and might even be pro- American helpers - or who are parallel (simultaneous, but separate) or secondary culprits. Often lower end policing and national security people, as well as general well-meaning American citizens are left holding the bag trying to figure out what really happened in these misconstrued events. We also need people who want the truth as a regular habit in their personal lives, daily activities and professional life. Some seem to develop a cynical view that they need more low-grade perks to make up for the difficult jobs they are doing. They feel they want bribes, illicit and mean-spirited sex, or a sense of ill-gotten power over their operation’s or country’s leaders. People working on our most difficult national security jobs need to have a sense of meaningful goals which go beyond such shallow and temporary “perks.” In short, we need policing and national security experts to realize Americans want and demand a high quality national security and local safety system that truly works for this country and its people. One of the first ways to do that is to insist that professionals handling these issues are properly screened.
Gangstalking is widespread human networking designed to target someone. Get smart about human networking and infiltrations! Examples: Large global corporations servicing Americans should not be exerting civil rights militancy, like anti- white, anti-American cartels; local shopping centers should not be about gangs; police officers, corporations linked to unsavory countries or cartels should not be targeting citizens who owe their anti-American companies money. Nor should they target those who have spoken out against the MPM through hospitals, insurance companies and mechanics; Cops should not see themselves as extensions of Chinese corporations, doing their dirty work for them. Gangstalking Section
The Truth about La Raza.  By C Norwood   (dated but applicable today) https //humanevents com/2006/04/07/emexclusive-emthe-truth-about-la-raza/ CARTELS  Jalisco     Juarez      La Familia   La Raza/Unidos     FARC La Santa Muerte     MS-13        Sinaloa    Zetas      SNM New Mexican Gangs of Arizona NATIONAL SECURITY Iran, China, etc. - solid US military deterrence needed BORDERS-Human Trafficking Smuggling Tunnels Drones (Narco) Stash/Drop Houses-Coyotes-Mules Sicarios-Fixers-Scouts THE GOOD Support the Blue-Police Positivity Blue Lives Matter-Prayer for Officers Support those better cops Hold bad ones to the line DRUGS  Marijuana Farms and Houses-Female Smugglers, Traffickers, Gang Members Chinese Fentanyl SUPPORT GOOD COPS Hold the bad accountable Hold the Bad Ones in Check  But Support Good Cops De-Escalating: Use of Force-Agree w/ Chiefs?  Police Ethics: Analytical Look Into It  DHS Threat Assessment-Secretary Chad Wolf
•	Criminal Coopting-Supplanting-Shadow Government (Organized Crime)  Monkey See Monkey Do Ethics, Protocol, Self-Evaluative Overviews Miranda Rights NM Mexico Encyclop. of Law-Miranda Rights…  (2008) Human Trafficking: Understanding & Improving Law Enforcement Responses     SUPPORT GOOD COPS Hold the bad accountable Support Good Officers Hold Bad Ones Accountable Noble Causes in Policing  Vigilantes Irish Cartels Religious Fundamentalists LGBTq   “ Stomping Out Whiteness” •	Muslim Brotherhood o	MB Infiltration of US National Security  Agencies Scruggs-Times Examiner-2017/02/22 o	Islam/Sharia Law not religion of peace o	Scruggs-Times Examiner-2017/02/22 Muslim Brotherhood in America Course- o	Gaffney
Muslim Brotherhood, cont. Global MB Watch-An Intelligence Digest Covering Developments In The Worldwide Muslim Brotherhood Network Alleged or actual MB Affiliation - US Political Leaders o VA Secretary - Denis McDonough-Jihad Watch- John D. Guandolo- 2021/02/05 Political and Military Leaders - Corporate Connections o Lloyd Austin Secretary of Defense Austin-Raytheon Corporation Connection Biden Pentagon pick [Lloyd Austin] could make up to $1.7M from leaving Raytheon. The Hill-2021/01/11 ‘Bad analysis’: Congress panel blasts military for rosy-eyed ISIS intel. RT- 2016/08/12
•	Terrorism o	Terrorism Watch-Documentary-How Terrorism is Financed; Books on Terrorism o	The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Taliban Are All Fighting Together. Understanding the Threat-2021/09/02 o	Investigative Project-US Terror History Map o	America Cannot Solve its Terror Problem Without Taking This Step.   Frank Gaffney-2016/07/05-See Terrorism below o	Difference Between-Hamas and Hezbollah: Good introduction.   Political Islam, a Totalitarian Doctrine.  Political Islam-2017/04/04
KVOA dot com on Jalisco in AZ 2020/08/05 Digging Deeper:New cartel expanding power beyond Mexico. By Paul Birmingham ws/digging-deeper
Put in check the bad ones but be there for the good cops Reading zaps us into broader dimensions
Americans For
Americans for Change
BAD OR GOOD-Search-Seizure-Tasers  Stingrays-Intrusive Radar-etc… Drug Networks: Don’t Forget the old Puerto Rico-Alaska link to  Alaska Army National Guard,  Anchorage PD and area tribes!   White Supremacy  Black Panthers Old & New   Police Techniques   DNA Evidence Gathering Face & Voice Recognition Fingerprinting Cell Phone & Internet Monitoring Radar, Infrared Detection Police Internal Issues Peer Pressure in the Force      Steroids     Codes/Stereotyping Marijuana Use     Alcohol ExcessGoing Over the Line  Data Theft, Exposure Computer/Internet       Cybercrime, Dark, Deep Web      Medical Data Cybercrime     Ransomware   Data Leaks  Case Studies                 Prisons     Drug Dealing           Racetrack Corruption/Horse Drugging            Corsican Mafia     Greek Terrorism/Islam in Greece     Gypsy Crime   India Call Centers      Firefighter Arson    Cults           Narco-Terrorism - Example          2020: General Barr/DOJ Officials on  Significant Law Enforcement Actions Relating to International Narco-Terrorism    Operation LeGend presidential announcement 2020/07/22- Narco-Terrorism: Dept of Justice/Venezuela:  Attorney (Video/New 2020/03/26)     Cartel Recruiting 2021/09 Infiltration through gaming  Islamic Extremism     Sharia Law (Blasphemy, Fatwa,  Honor Killings, Halal)      Muslim Mafia
Reading List and Focus In order to offer a broad response to crime, conceptual tools like these are needed: Systems Approach STOP Gangs/Cartels Responsiveness Softening Turfing Zone of Influence Masters of Networking (Running Strings)
List of Topics, cont. HOW GROUPS INTERCONNECT Radical Islam and Secular Islam-Mexico/Latin Amer. Islam and Marxism China-Taliban China-Fat Leonard Case China-Mexico/Latin Amer. Old Soviet influences Russian influences East Europe influences Big Oil ties US parts aiding China Jewish/Israel vagaries Open Borders and George Soros George Soros: Open Society and Open Borders-News Max-2006/07/25 The George Soros philosophy – and its fatal flaw: Unlike most of the billionaire class, George Soros is not an out-of-touch plutocrat, but a provocative thinker committed to progressive ideals – which is what makes his failures so telling. The Guardian-2018/07/06 Joe Biden o Biden’s Extremist Nominee/Leadership Picks. Washington Examiner-2021/07/07 Wujan Virus o Rep. Gallagher bill would force Biden to declassify Wuhan coronavirus lab leak theory intel. Experts including former CDC Director Robert Redfield have said lab leak theory is entirely possible. Fox News-2021/05/13 o Senate passes Hawley bill to declassify intelligence on COVID- 19 lab leak theory. Kansas City-2021/05/26