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IN THIS SECTION   Selected News Clips, History, Books, Letters, etc. 2021/01/22   Forbes--2021/01/09  Where's Trump?  President banishes from public view in wake of capitol attack;  Western Journal--Hot Mic Catches White House Reporters Bashing Trump; MSN--Texas sues Biden administration over halt to deportations; The New American--Texas prepares for multiple lawsuits against incoming Biden ABC 15 dot com--2019/11/06 Map cartel influences across the US and Mexico KVIA--2020/06/28  Cartel violence erupts dozens of bodies found dumped in Northern Mexico; brazen ambush targets police chief 2021/01/21 No Q Report--2020/11/18 Joe Biden listed as criminal suspect in Ukrainian court. 2021/01/20  Inauguration Day Some National Security Warnings: Texas Border Report: Cartels telling migrants ‘border will be open’ 2021-01-19 2019 ISIS plot planned for US border thwarted Fox-2019/07/06 2021/01/14  More on-Trump Bashing; White House Attack - Q’Anon, Police Officer Killed, One Journalist’s (White Canadian Ties to Afghan politics) Claim of a White Supremacist Planned Build-Up before attack 2021/01/13   CNN/Oliver Darcy, Google anti-trust, ISIS terrorist plot against White House, etc. Sept. 2020, QAnon-what is it 2021/01/12   #1 El Mencho & Family arrests and likely faked suicides of potential witnesses;   #2 La Familia, Te/mplars and CJNG connection, and micro-managing and controlling cities; ex-military professionals shift to cartels - a case study of an ex-Mexico soldier 2021/01/11   Extortion in Mexico;-Insight Crime-2020/09/01; Borderland Beat closed 2021/01/09   Corporate media ties to China big business, police officer killed during White House attack in Jan. 2021 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION NOTES BY DATE 2021/01/22 Forbes 2021/01/09  Where's Trump?  President banishes from public view in wake of capitol attack https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewsolender/2021/01/09/where s-trump-president-vanishes-from-public-view-in-wake-of- capitol-attack/?sh=440e1cd26dab Western Journal Hot Mic Catches White House Reporters Bashing Trump Briefing: 'That Was Weird as S***' https://www.westernjournal.com/hot-mic-catches-white-house- reporters-bashing-trump-briefing-weird-s/ MSN Texas sues Biden administration over halt to deportations By PAUL J. WEBER and NOMAAN MERCHANT https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/texas-sues-biden- administration-over-halt-to-deportations/ar- BB1d0blK?ocid=msedgdhp The New American Texas prepares for multiple lawsuits against incoming Biden administration https://thenewamerican.com/texas-prepares-for-multiple- lawsuits-against-incoming-biden-administration/ ABC 15 dot com 2019/11/06 Map cartel influences across the US and Mexico. By Courtland Jeffrey https://www.abc15.com/news/data/map-cartel-influences- presence-across-the -united-states-and-mexico Officials are investigating activity tied to the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels, which are both active in the area where the Monday attack occurred, just 90 miles south of Douglas, Ariz. The killers were reportedly believed to be from the Juarez cartel's armed wing, "La Linea."  According to federal data, both the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels have active presences in the U.S. and parts of
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Above Photo: 1919 approx. Border Patrol History - Early Air/Cavalry   12th Aero Squadron Dayton-Wright DH-4 flying liaison with US Cavalry on United States/Mexico border patrol https //en wikipedia org/wiki/United_States_Army_Border_Air_Patrol See more below discussion:   Early Border History  HISTORY 2020/07/03 In terms of Writings on Freedom, consider looking over the following: MADISON Excerpt on James Madison https /oll libertyfund org/titles/1932#Madison_1356-01_509 On the subject of slavery he and his friends stood together in a frank admission that it was a crushing public and private and he earnestly desired to find a means by which his State and himself might escape from it. On his return to Montpelier from Congress in December, 1783, he took up the study of law, having for one object, as he wrote, to gain a subsistence, depending “as little as possible upon the labor of slaves.” September 8, 1783, he wrote to his father that he was unwilling to punish a runaway negro simply “for coveting that liberty for which we have paid the price of so much blood and have proclaimed so often to be the right and worthy the pursuit of every human being.” In the convention that framed the Constitution Madison and George Mason worked together in opposition to the pro-slavery labors of South Carolina and other Southern States. In the first Congress under the Constitution “The Humane, or Abolitionary Society” of Virginia, composed chiefly, if not wholly, of Quakers, requested him, as “a friend to general liberty,” to introduce their memorial against [xxv] the slave trade and asked his judgment on a proposition to petition the Virginia Legislature for a law declaring all slave children born after the passage of the act free at the age of eighteen for the women and twenty-one for the men.1 This was similar to the scheme of emancipation which Jefferson entertained, but which he did not bring forward, because “the public mind would not yet bear the proposition.” It never became able to bear an emancipation proposition, and Madison lived and died a humane slaveholder opposed to the institution of slavery.
Mexico. Recent data obtained from the DEA and Stratfor Global 2021/01/22, cont. …Intelligence and the Federation of American Scientists shows the Sinaloa cartel with a dominant regional presence in nearly every U.S. state, including Arizona.  The Juarez cartel is dominant in New Mexico, while Texas has presences from the Sinaloa, Gulf, and Juarez cartels. KVIA 2020/06/28  Cartel violence erupts dozens of bodies found dumped in Northern Mexico; brazen ambush targets police chief https://kvia.com/news/border/2020/06/28/cartel-violence-erupts-dozens-of-bodies-found-dumped-in-northern-mexico- brazen-ambush-targets-police-chief/ 2021/01/21 No Q Report 2020/11/18 Joe Biden listed as criminal suspect in Ukrainian court.  By Chastity Mansfield https://noqreport.com/2020/11/18/joe-biden-listed-as-criminal-suspect-in-ukrainian-court/ This is a story you won't find discussed in American mainstream media very much for obvious reasons.  November 18, 2020 Imagine if a President of the United States faced criminal charges in an allied nation. Now, imagine if those charges stemmed from actions that were taking while the current President was still Vice President. That could be how it plays out if Joe Biden wins the presidency and Ukraine moves forward with criminal charges against him. As Chanel Rion at One America News reported, Biden has officially been attached to an investigation that first broke back in February before he was the Democrat nominee for president. UKRAINEHAS NOW LISTED JOE BIDEN AS WANTED ON Class A felony charges. pic.twitter.com/Kla7sY3gXx — 101010 (@SatoshiMed) November 17, 2020 While Ukrainian justice as well as their media are often considered to be unreliable, this has been a persistent attachment to Biden every since it broke that he likely forced Ukraine to fire the nation’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, because he was investigating Hunter Biden’s company, Burisma. https://noqreport.com/2020/11/18/joe-biden-listed-as-criminal-suspect-in-ukrainian-court/ extracted 2021/01/21 2021/01/20 Border Report Cartels telling migrants ‘border will be open’ when Biden takes over, Texas Democrat says.  Congressman discusses DHS briefing, says agency has been preparing for caravan since Election Day https //www borderreport com/hot-topics/immigration/cartels-telling-migrants-border-will-be-open-when- biden-takes-over-texas-democrat-says/ Having read that, see articles below which show not all is likely as it seems given his background.  If he is acting worried about borders, what’s his possible game? The New American dot com 2021/01/19  Texas Prepares for Multiple Lawsuits Against Incoming Biden Administration  by Raven Clabough https://thenewamerican.com/texas-prepares-for-multiple-lawsuits-against-incoming-biden-administration/ Texas is also still challenging Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which Biden has campaigned to protect and expand. And some Texas Democrats are asking Biden to end construction on the border wall, one of President Trump’s signature accomplishments. Last month, Texas Representative Henry Cuellar and others sent a congressional letter to Biden asking his incoming administration to “rescind the national emergency declaration and reprogrammed funding; direct the Department of Justice to dismiss all condemnation suits; terminate for convenience all current and pending Army Corps of Engineer contracts; and rescind Homeland Security waiver authority relating to the construction of new border barriers,” a press release from Cuellar’s office read.  Immigration is expected to be at the center of many legal battles in the coming years, and not just from Texas. Biden plans to offer legal status to 11 illegal immigrants, the Los Angeles Times reports, and has stated he would undo most of Trump’s immigration-enforcement policies, including his asylum policies. In an effort to hamper some of the Biden administration’s efforts, the Department of Homeland Security has signed agreements with multiple jurisdictions that requires the DHS to provide notice of any immigration policy changes and allow those jurisdictions to review and provide comments pertaining to those changes before the agency can move forward on them. Pratheepan Gulasekaram, an immigration law professor at the Santa Clara University School of Law, asserts the agreements have potentially created a system in which states can sue the federal government over any policies that are changed by the incoming administration, though Gulasekaram does not seem to think the agreements are binding. Meanwhile, according to a recent Pew Research Center poll, Texas’ legal challenges against the Biden administration are likely to be heavily supported by Republican voters nationally. https://thenewamerican.com/texas-prepares-for-multiple-lawsuits-against-incoming-biden-administration/ Houston Chronicle 2014/09/28  Rep Cuellar goes from migrant roots to…By David McCumber https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/nation-world/nation/article/Rep-Cuellar-goes-from-migrant-roots-to- 5786944.php 2021-01-19 See also Notes Personal for this date More on Pelosi Headlines With a Voice VIDEO Why Was Nancy Pelosi in Mexico City? Jan 27, 2019 Nancy Morgan Hart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrSlghkOKLY More on Conspiracy Theories The Millenium Report http://themillenniumreport.com/2019/01/coup-in-progress-pelosi-the-mafia-and-the-black-nobility/ A few key concepts:  Black Nobility, British banksters, etc. Illuminati (this another Illuminati conspiracy website) Types of Italian mafias - roots in northern Italy, ethnic mafia and white collar mafia, old banking roots More on ISIS plots Fox News 2019/07/06   ISIS plotted to send westerners to US through Mexico border.  By Hollie McKay https://www.foxnews.com/world/isis-plot-westerners-mexico-border Border Attack Pathway Puerto Rico to Mexico to USA Some groups discussed in article  International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE) in Homeland Security Today. Psychiatry at Georgetown University a Canadian citizen with dual citizenship with Trinidad Canada's Global Affairs Names ISIS fighter Abu Henricki a Canadian citizen with dual citizenship with Trinidad;said that he was sought out by the violent insurgency’s leadership to exploit US border vulnerabilities and attack the U.S. from a route starting in Central America At the end of 2016, he claimed to have been “invited” by the ISIS intelligence wing – known as the emni – to join other Trinidadians and launch financial attacks on the U.S.  He would be issued false identification and passports and would be maneuvered by boat from Puerto Rico to Mexico and then New Jersey person would smuggle him to the United States under a plan from someone in New Jersey.The attacks were described to Henricki as designed to “cripple the U.S. economy”.  However, Henricki then claimed he refused the mission and was subsequently thrown into an ISIS prison in Manbij and brutally tortured. His wife, also a Canadian, was also imprisoned in a women’s department and endured psychological torture.  Henricki surrendered to the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the final assault to take back Baghouz earlier this year. He remains behind bars in the SDF-controlled region of Syria Anne Speckhard co-conducted the study as the director of ICSVE and Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University 2021/01/14 More on Trump Bashing; White House Attack - Q’Anon, Police Officer Killed, One Journalist’s (White Canadian Ties to Afghan politics) Claim of a White Supremacist Planned Build-Up New York Post 2019/10/13   Inside the media’s relentless crusade to destroy President Trump https //nypost com/2019/10/13/inside-the-medias-relentless-crusade-to-destroy-president-trump/ Excerpt:  The president regularly blasts the media for reporting "fake news" but when you see the evidence, it's hard to argue with him. Since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, the mainstream media has shed its once-noble mission — the pursuit of the truth — and instead adopted a new purpose: to take down the president. In an excerpt from her new book, “Resistance at All Costs: How Trump Haters are Breaking America,” out Tuesday, KIMBERLEY STRASSEL examines how far the press will go in its relentless crusade . . . https //nypost com/2019/10/13/inside-the-medias-relentless-crusade-to-destroy-president-trump/ Spectator dot org 2020/01/08   The Left Finds Time for One More Big Lie Against Trump:  No, the President did not incite Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol.  By Dov Fischer. https //spectator org/one-more-big-lie/ White House Attack - the language is either a little different, or it moves in and out of Trump bashing: MSN 2021/01/13-14   Terry Glavin The storming of the capitol was part of a coordinated terror attack signifies a deeper mailaise https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/terry-glavin-the-storming-of-the-capitol-was-part-of-a-co-ordinated- terror-attack-%E2%80%94-but-signifies-a-deeper-malaise/ar-BB1cJpcz [Note from PF: early (2010) article which included input on Glavin’s Afghan connection https://newrepublic.com/article/77261/afghanistan-karzai-government-corrupt-war-on-terror] WSJ  2021/01/12   What is qanon what we know about the conspiracy theory:  Adherents of a right-wing group that believes Trump is under assault by Satan worshipers were among the most prominent members of the mob that stormed the Capitol https://www.wsj.com/articles/what-is-qanon-what-we-know-about-the-conspiracy-theory-11597694801 The conspiracy-theory group known as QAnon has grown in popularity in recent months. It has spread from fringe internet message boards to mainstream platforms and has become a political issue, and on Jan. 6, its adherents were among the most prominent members of the mob of President Trump’s supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Here is what we know about QAnon, the conspiracy theory behind it and how it started. Military dot com 2021/01/08   Police Officer Killed in US Capitol Siege Was Air National Guard Veteran, Deployed to Iraq https //www military com/daily-news/2021/01/08/police-officer-killed-us-capitol-siege-was-air-national-guard- veteran-deployed-iraq html NOTES 2021/01/13 See also Notes 2 Personal Comments  for this date CNN, Oliver Darcy, Google anti-trust, ISIS terrorist plot against White House, etc. Sept. 2020, QAnon-what is it Be careful about news generated from CNN - ie, Oliver Darcy CNN https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/17/tech/google-antitrust-lawsuit/index.html Breitbart https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2020/11/30/jonathan-turley-cnns-oliver-darcy-a-vocal-advocate-of-censorship- and-speech-controls/ On “switching” potential during recent White House riot, or any riot.  A recent plot to attack White House and Trump Tower: Man admits to ‘Netflix worthy’ terror plots at Trump Tower, White House By Joshua Rhett MillerNovember 25, 2020 | 10:20am | Updated New York Post 2020/11/25   Suspect admits ISIS-inspired terror plots at Trump Tower, White House https://nypost.com/2020/11/25/suspect-admits-isis-inspired-terror-plots-at-trump-tower-white-house/ Excerpt:  Kristopher Sean Matthews, aka Ali Jibreel, admitted Tuesday in a San Antonio courtroom to conspiring to provide material support to the foreign terrorist organization after discussing possible sites for US terror attacks, the Department of Justice said.  Matthews, 34, of Elgin, said he colluded with a Texas man, Jaylyn Christopher Molina, aka Abdur Rahim, over a period of months on a plot to share info on how to make bombs for domestic and foreign attacks on behalf of ISIS, as well as to radicalize and recruit others.  The duo, who were arrested in September, eyed Trump Tower, the White House and the New York Stock Exchange as potential targets.  Matthews also suggested to “hit government centers” rather than locations like malls “where innocent children are,” court documents show. If the pair “accomplished the mission,” Matthews said, the attacks would grant them “rock star status,” according to a 14-page criminal complaint filed in US District Court for the Western District of Texas in San Antonio. https://nypost.com/2020/11/25/suspect-admits-isis-inspired-terror-plots-at-trump-tower-white-house/ 2021/01/12 CJNG: #1 El Mencho & Family arrests and likely faked suicides of potential witnesses   #2 La Familia, Templars and CJNG connection, and micro-managing and controlling cities; ex-military professionals shift to cartels - a case study of an ex-Mexico soldier ------------------------ #1  El Mencho Fox News 2019/11/26   A Mexican drug kingpin you've never heard of is infiltrating small-town America By Julia Musto | Fox News https //www foxnews com/us/mexican-drug-kingpin-infiltrating-small-town-america Excerpt:  Ruben "Nemesio" Oseguera Cervantes, known as "El Mencho," has flipped the world of drug trafficking on its head, according to former U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Edward Follis.  Appearing on "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday, Follis said the Mexican drug kingpin's distribution models and renewed tactics are what makes him so deadly and his reach so extensive. They're also why small-town America is being devastated. https //www foxnews com/us/mexican-drug-kingpin-infiltrating-small-town-america NBC News 2020/02/27   Daughter of Mexico drug lord 'El Mencho' busted trying to see brother 'El Menchito' in court.  Jessica Oseguera Gonzalez was arrested on the property of the federal courthouse in Washington on Wednesday, law enforcement officials told NBC News.  By Jonathan Dienst, Pete Williams and Rich Schapiro https //www nbcnews com/news/crime-courts/daughter-mexico-drug-lord-el-mencho-busted-trying-see- brother-n1144261 Courier-Journal dot com 2020/11/25  El Mencho investigation: A year of mysterious deaths, a viral video and surprising arrests.  Beth Warren and Karol Suarez https //www courier-journal com/story/news/crime/2020/11/25/how-covid-19-cartel-members-arrests-changed-el- mencho-search/6318293002/ #2  Controlling Cities; ex-military professionals shift to cartels The Guardian [Note from PF:  More is excerpted here than normal because it is believed several key points help in investigations of cartels ie, “nothing moved without the cartel’s permission…” (see directly below)] Start Here:  “At the height of the cartel’s power, nothing in Michoacán moved without the cartel’s permission. It monopolized crime, but it also penetrated ordinary life, using the threat of lethal violence to arbitrate anything from land disputes to marital conflicts. That soft power was fused with strategic sophistication, thanks to the influx of former soldiers, said Correa-Cabrera. “Their rapid expansion, the way they controlled territories, used communications and armament – they were now doing it like the army,” she said. The involvement of veterans has enabled cartel combatants across the country to organize tactical responses to the deployment of troops and paramilitary federal police. More recently, the CJNG has become notorious for a string of ambushes that have killed dozens of federal officers.” 2018/02/10  'The training stays with you': the elite Mexican soldiers recruited by cartels https //www theguardian com/world/2018/feb/10/mexico-drug-cartels-soldiers-military Excerpt:  Delfino belongs to what remains of a cult-like drug cartel called Los Caballeros Templarios, or the Knights Templar, whose original leaders  and claimed a mandate from God.  Once a dominant force in the rugged western state of Michoacán, the group is now locked in a bitter war for survival with rival crime factions.  But Delfino describes himself as an instrument of divine justice.  “God has his will,” he said. “But he still needs people to do his work here on Earth.”…[later in article:] But what set the group apart was its home-brewed ideology, which blended the language of self-help with fire-and-brimstone theology. When La Familia’s ideological leader, Nazario Moreno González, was killed in 2014, the religious aspect faded. But Delfino still claims he’s following a divine mission. …Security analysts and cartel sources agree that a key factor in the transformation of underworld rivalries into a full- throttle war has been the cartels’ recruitment of elite soldiers. The leakage of Mexican special forces into organized crime began in the 1990s when the powerful Gulf cartel recruited a group of ex-Gafe troops to create its own paramilitary enforcement unit, known as Los Zetas. They eventually turned on their masters, establishing the Zetas as a cartel in their own right. But other narco bosses followed suit, turning to the military for skilled recruits. …“That US military training and intelligence techniques ended up in the wrong hands is far from unusual. Its lethal spillage into the contemporary criminal context is one of the legacies of US security policy in Latin America,” she said. Rarely, however, has a soldier-turned-narco [Delfino] gone on the record. Delfino’s training began not long after he joined the army in 1996. After selection for the Gafe, he underwent months of instruction, including courses in jungle survival and amphibious combat.  After specializing as a sniper, he was deployed in counterinsurgency operations in the southern state of Chiapas, where the indigenous Zapatista guerrillas had risen up in 1994. 2021/01/11 Extortion in Mexico;-Insight Crime-2020/09/01; Borderland Beat closed Insight Crime 2020/09/01   The Sicilianization of Mexican Drug Cartels ANALYSISWritten by Redlogarythm and MX for Borderland Beat* - https //www insightcrime org/news/analysis/the-sicilianization-of-mexican-drug-cartels/ Excerpt:  In fact, extortion has formed part of the daily Mexican life since the second half of the 20th century. The rampant political, administrative and police/armed forces corruption has created a system of thousands of individuals who make a living out of obtaining money from others by threatening them with the use of force if they refuse to make the payment. Nowadays, extortion in Mexico is manifested in many forms, including derecho/cobro de piso (“user rights”), where the business owners are asked to pay criminals periodically in order to be able to work. *This article was originally published by Borderland Beat. This is a shortened and edited version, https //www insightcrime org/news/analysis/the-sicilianization-of-mexican-drug-cartels/ San Diego Reader 2020/11/09  Borderland Beat shut down: Milenio Cartel founder's suit strikes blow. BY Marty Graham Mexico’s Milenio Cartel https://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2020/nov/09/ticker-borderland-beat-shut-down/ 2021/01/09 The Federalist 2020/05/04 A Rundown Of Major U.S. Corporate Media’s Business Ties To China:  It seems a number of major US media outlets have financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party, and it shows in their coverage. https //thefederalist com/2020/05/04/has-china-compromised-every-major-mainstream-media-entity/ Excerpt of media companies listed in this article: The New York Times [Mexico-China complicity] Names, etc:  Slim, Carlos - Mexico: Giant Motors joined ventures with China's JAC Motors, America Movil teaming up with Huawei Technologies Washington Post CNN Bloomberg Frank Report 2018/02/06   Billionaire Carlos Slim allegedly under the control of Carlos Salinas.  https //frankreport com/2018/02/06/billionaire-carlos-slim-allegedly-under-the-control-of-carlos-salinas/ Excerpt:  Mexican writer Diego Enrique Osorno published a book about the mysterious Carlos Slim entitled “Slim: A Political Biography of the Richest Mexican in the World.”  Slim is allegedly one of the wealthiest men in the world with an estimated net worth of $70 billion….“Fear of talking about Slim was so huge, that even two former presidents who had initially given their approval to include their statements in my book, later asked the statements to be pulled,” he said. “There is great fear to speak of Slim. …  and is the reason why there is very little information … there is fear Slim will carry out reprisals,” he added.  There is one ex president not afraid of Slim. In fact Slim’s fortune may belong to this ex president — Carlos Salinas de Gortari.  Slim became wealthy because of his ties to Salinas…As president, Salinas privatized monopolies, selling Tel-Mex, the Mexican national telephone company, to Slim for $400 million. The company was said to be worth over $12 billion at the time of the transaction in 1989.  Telmex reportedly controls 94 percent of landlines and 75 percent of cellphone services in Mexico, with rates among the highest in the world. On paper, Slim owns about 2,000 other companies, including construction, finance and others.  Many believe Salinas is the true owner and Slim his frontman, laundering the huge fortune Salinas stole from Mexico…Ironically, Carlos Salinas’ son, Emiliano, is a member of a strange cult that cattle brands women and blackmails them to ensure their silence. Emiliano is so brainwashed, he blindly follows the cult leader, a psychopathic dictator named Keith Raniere whose followers refer to him as Vanguard. https //frankreport com/2018/02/06/billionaire-carlos-slim-allegedly-under-the-control-of-carlos-salinas/ Forbes 2015/01/29   Who owns TracFone company? Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim controls America Movil, which owns TracFone. “The issue here is simple: when you promise consumers ‘unlimited,’ that means unlimited,” said Jessica Rich, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Billionaire Carlos Slim's TracFone Wireless To Pay $40 ... www.forbes.com/sites/doliaestevez/2015/01/29/billionaire-carlos-slims-tracfone-wireless-to-pay-40-million- to-ftc-for-deceiving-consumers/#3c1fffee4b1b www forbes com/sites/doliaestevez/2015/01/29/billionaire-carlos-slims-tracfon LA Times 2020/11/17  In a stunning reversal, U.S. drops charges against Mexico’s ex-defense chief.  By Patrick McDonnell, Kate Linthicum. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-11-17/in-a-stunning-reversal-u-s-drops-charges-against- mexicos-ex-defense-chief New York Post 2019/11/05   Mexico’s rampaging drug cartels are a huge problem for the United States.  By Sean Davis https://nypost.com/2019/11/05/mexicos-rampaging-drug-cartels-are-a-huge-problem-for-the-united-states/
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