IN THIS SECTION 2021/01/24 criminal charges, not just litigation against Biden/Harris needed; pay attention to Trump photos 2021/01/22 Trump, family and colleagues might be in danger 2021/01/21  Serious national security measures needed    White House Attacks - Tech Savvies might save day; Video Pelosi possible Mexico govt/cartel collusion 2021/01/18   On Pelosi: use truth to ground testimonies against her 2021/01/09   Media Image of Trump and Trump supporters: Gladiator-style and like China Abbreviations MPM = Minority Power Movement  BLM = Black Lives Matter  PC= Political Correctness TOM = Top-Of-Mind Awareness -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  <(IMAGE RIGHT) See Strands of Interconnection, the idea is that diverse races,  and ages can be working together for good or ill.  For example, the idea that cartels are mostly a brown skinned, down south thing in Mexico and Latin America can be entirely false.  This is because Hispanics and Latinos can be - and often are - working with white people and others to move drugs to the United States as well as around the world.  Police Factor Personal Notes 2021/01/24 Whether or not this issue around Trump - coups, abductions, extortion - happened, it is best to keep an eye out for such things.  When small things jump out at us that photos of presidents or political leaders do not look quite right, write it down before you forget.  Don’t just dismiss it as your imagination. One kind of warfare coming out of the radical Islamicists and their cartel-driven allies could be trances, hypnotic energy fields, energy-sucking areas of their lower to mid abdominal areas.  Things happening in the tao tien areas through martial arts training.  There might be a link between opium, related drugs or other drugs and certain kinds of psychic attacks or defiance.  If you look at several Islamic leaders photos, they look like they are on some kind of substance or another and possibly in some kind of hypnotic state.  In general in Islamic training there seems to be a lot of repetition which might induce trance-like states and psychological driving of certain messages and ideas.   Also watch for traps involving narratives around Republicans suing.  Opponents to the American system want to control and funnel both sides f the narrative and play people against each other.  They could be setting up Repubilcans for failure over lawsuits, like ones over Biden.  We want criminal proceedings against Biden and Harris, not just litigation.  And we do not want Republican litigation to wind up feeding another morality play at the hands of the opposition who would stage it to show their efforts were to no end other than to re-confirm Democrat so- called strength and non-culpability.  Look at such litigation as being in a zone of influence and fan out to prepare for the various layers of opposition.  It is this website’s stance that the Republicans are right to sue Biden over travel lockdowns, but we need more than that - criminal investigations that cover the entire Biden-Harris situation, with subsequent criminal charges brought against them. 2021/01/22 Keep at top of mind awareness recent White House attack might have been by ISIS, not Q’Anon. A phenomenon referred to here as “switching” of one terrorist, group or individual for another in the news might have occurred.  BLM groups linked to ISIS might want to distract the public from their own riots earlier in the year by switching the blame and focus on white extremist groups and white people who support Trump.  Consider a hidden coup, danger to Trump and his family, if ISIS or cartels, abductions possible with demands for ransom, other members of the American government could be extorted quietly.  Hopefully, he is alive.  If not, one of the photos looks like it could be a post-mortem head put back on the body, like it i unnaturally placed, or like a fake photo fusing two photos. As we think about these problems, remember what Chinas has done to hong Kong, how news headlines have said things like USA or Trump deserves this (the Democrat far left/Islamic/etc takeover), and identify likely cartels involved.  If ISIS was involved, the truth must come out to the American people and world. 2021/01/21 I do think so-called inauguration was/is a coup.  I don’t know that Trump has been harmed, but I had bad dreams last night (semi-awake psychic-type material) that someone was tragically beheaded, and wondered if it could be him.  I then wondered if it was, if fake news would present him as still alive.  If he is still alive, it might have been someone else associated with this recent inauguration. This is the time that our Special Forces and other experts need to be activated.  We have two governments:  the incoming fake one and the real Americans.  The Trump supporting side of the Republicans absolutely must put aside their religious differences in a Church and State Separationist mode to unite with the rest of us who realize we are fighting a virulent enemy.  The Democrats in the WHite House now are extremely dangerous. There were two kinds of people that voted them in:  “just folk” who were ignorant and bought the news at face value, and the various radical and criminal strains. This is the time for Real America National Security to kick in, because it is possible the next step is executions of anyone who countered the whole Democrat Package.  We do not want to be pushed into a military controlled state, but now is the time for the Real American Navy Seals and others to apply military-based criminal charges against Biden and Harris and get that group out of there immediately.  The charges would include treason, aiding and abetting hostile foreign countries and entities, lying, and more. 2021/01/19-20 Tech Savvy people might be the ones to save the day:  Any fake videos or photos of terrorists attacking White House; bomb experts looking at White House bombs shown on news, and how was it old school gate- pushing and wall-climbing superseded expected high tech security at White House? If Qanon, could Irish terrorist be involved?  If ISIS, how do we catch them at the game? See  1 News/History Highlights  On With a Voice [Note from PF: Alleged Cartel Collusion with Mexican President, Sinaloa, Guzman, Pelosi; stay objective about stories like this because cartels and other local players will bad mouth other gangs and the Mexican government; Police Factor has a bias against Pelosi, feeling she is likely up to no good, but we want to be sure we are not playin ginto mud-slinging rival cartels or some such thing] On Millenium - the quintessential conspiracy theory website One thing to ask ourselves, is this website put together by an anti-Western type trying to destabilize the West by invoking suspicions?  (Imagine an Islamic radical typing it up at his laptop somewhere in the Middle East) [Note from PF: to many, this is perhaps the quintessential conspiracy website, given loaded language and high drama visuals, but it is the opinion here that also has some information which should be double- checked by fact-checking the sources 2021/01/18 be strong in a testimony against her based on facts, not lies.  Fake news about Pelosi will not hold up in court or in general life.  Pelosi is obviously linked to or under some negative influence In general, although Pelosi is corrupt, do not buy into lies about her - the truth is enough. Snopes might be a biased group, but it is one “fact checking” website that claims to debunk much of the Pelosi conspiracy theories.  Pelosi’s last name sounds like an Italian Mafia, but maybe the source of the problems are an old theme in Mexico, Cuba and Latin America from the Vietnam Era with ties to certain strands of socialism.  The roots of her sympathies might arch back to that time period. 2021/01/13 See also 1 News/History Highlights articles for this date Switching “switching” is a process in which the actual extremist group who did the bad deed is replaced by another one in the news media, to make the other guy look bad.  There is precedence: Geller was a witness to deflated news coverage, for example- See Media-2/Geller Is the White House Riot story fake news?  Note there was an ISIS attack planned in September 2020. If actual Trump Supporters really did storm the White House, any realistic person would know this is a dead end activity.  If it happened the way we are being told, I am sorry for lost lives in the event, and feel sad for the Trump supporters because the riots were only used further against them to make them look pathetic , dejected, scorned and like small children who need to be disciplined.  We all should become more knowledgeable about Qanon, but please do not jump to conclusions.  I have added a Wall Street article on this group both to today’s news, but also to the Extremists-Far Right section on this website.  We have to be careful about the biases in the news about so- called conspiracy theories because those biases could be written by the various groups antagonistic toward Trump.  My feeling is it does not take a belief in Satanists to see through a variety of conspiracies in the media which really and truly has done nothing but attack Trump constantly over the last several years.  Only very dishonest people would not only write articles like that, but also read and believe them as obviously so many Democrats do. If blacks, Native Americans and Hispanics/Latinos thought Americans were bad, wait until China police have one of their own in a neck stranglehold like George Floyd allegedly was - you won’t even get media coverage in A China- run police state for something like that.  Black Lives Matter is linked to the following: 1. Likely China 2. Radical black power movement players from various African nations, none of which had the same history as the USA in terms of the blacks involved - includes witchcraft users and cults 3. Radical black Muslims 4. Radical Islam 5. Mexico/Latinos not fighting cartels* Russia is probably somewhere in all of this, as it usually is, but other than an old early era Soviet and Vietnam- related communism strain (ie, Pelosi, Bernie), it might not be as involved as China; *more and more Mexicans/Latinos fight cartels, and are a huge support against them.  Many times when you read a news article, it shows an anti-cartel Hispanic/Latino somewhere in the situation - news writer, pro-woman or child rights humanitarian, detective, DEA agent, border patrol, etc. As mentioned previously, I do not trust Biden or Harris and am sorry Trump and his supporters were used in the public arena to feed misguided egos - minorities and otherswho have blindly been spoonfed media drizzle telling them what they want to hear and see.  The few astute minorities who have seen through the games and spoken out are the real heroes in the story.  A large number of Democrats have shown a disappointing tendency to believe low-level ideas and to follow the crowd at the expense of our national security and individual liberties.  The problem is, many Democrats do not see how they are being manipulated.  Too many are taking the media at face value, suggesting anyone with a different opinion is a conspiracy theorist. Republicans need to accept and apply Church and State Separation and unite with the rest of us who saw through the low grade Democrat Party’s antics.  We need to identify ways to break up large conglomerate media and communications.  Google is getting it, but how much of it is from Islamic extremists and other radicals who want complete control?  I don’t like Google, but is something even nastier trying to come in? It is possible both Black Lives Matter and Qanon have been infected by the same master control group to divide the country and destabilize it - China would be a likely puppet master in this regard, but we should consider various possibilities. As mentioned before, identify all the funds that went toward various minorities during Trump’s presidency.  Apparently, such assistance did not appease the greed or satisfy their lust to bash at Trump.  Billions of dollars later, they are still going for the man’s jugular.  Nothing less than a public spectacle - it’s probably China, Mexico/Latinos and radical Islam mostly behind this and America’s minorities and manipulated whites just follow along like limp milktoast.  2021/01/09 See also Federalist article in 1 News/History Highlights for this date It seems likely that the antics we are seeing across the board are connected to China.  One way to possibly find parallels is to watch the CCP’s state-run “entertainment” shows and see how that looks and feels like “gladiator-style” news over Trump and his supporters. There is this exaggerated hero/villain thing. Lots of noise, high tech this or that. Designed to make an opponent look small, feeble, stupid and worthless.  I would watch for psychic and psychotronic antics messing with herd-connectivity of the mass population for persuasion and manipulating the group energy field.
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