IN THIS SECTION   2020/02/19 Boy Scouts Crisis, Male Sexual Abuse     2020/02/01/Birds of a Feather     2020/01/08     2020/01/01-02      2020/02/19 Note: The Notes/News section is an assemblage of articles on the Boy Scouts crisis repeated and added further to on River Gold: River Gold has quite a bit of material on all kinds of sexual abuse, including Catholic, Mormon and Protestant ones. There is also a section on Rapes in the Military. Part of that section is repeated here. This website/blogsite goes more into the woo woo thing surrounding these issues. It is my opinion sexual abuse and sexual interaction can have a psychic component, both conscious and subconscious. Various of the points covered here have been discussed elsewhere on this website.  I feel both the Mormons and the Catholics have high psychic content with possibly a hidden historical component.  TOP OF MIND AWARENESS ABOUT INFO WARS IN MEDIA: As a final note: let us hope the cases, especially the oldest ones, have enough evidence to make a real case.  Behind the lawsuits, across all the sex abuse platforms - Catholics, Mormons, the military, the Boy Scouts, Sports -  we need to ask if there is an anti- American agenda designed to create chaos rather than justice, chaos to undermine the country from the inside out. If so, it might be a type of psyops to make America look sick and weak, lacking a core of stable and healthy people. Please also consider ideas on River Gold like Two Horns, Invisible Fingers, Making The Other Guy Look Bad, Psyops  and Psychotronic/Psychic attack.  There can be a variety of games being played to set people up, and some of the approaches can have an Arabian Nights style. It also can be a system for making money off the country’s institutions through glory-seeking lawsuits.  There are Islamic extremist plans to try to destroy American from within, for one thing.  We can ask if any one of these lawsuits comes from a space other than what they seem.   Are fake victims and witnesses coming to the forefront?  Is the media creating false names and victims? Even before I heard the Boy Scouts crisis on the radio for the first time yesterday (I was focusing on other news stories until then) and then read about it online, I had already wondered if something along those lines might be happening to those little white boys standing in booths trying to sell popcorn or candy in front of the local grocery store with white Dads and/or troop leaders.  The one or two I saw seemed to be reaching out to people in a very subtle way, I felt it on a psychic/energy level - it’s hard to explain, but it felt to me like maybe they were being controlled by something, like they wanted to flee the coop (the adult males around them) and run into the arms of a mother figure.  In a way, reading up on the Boy Scouts problem was kind of a validation my concerns about the boys were not unreasonable.  I also felt there might be an invisible boundary around the group of whites, something I have felt around certain other whites in this particular region. As mentioned elsewhere, in tribal reservation border towns like Farmington, New Mexico, whites in dynsfunctional settings might feel isolated with inadequate support available from a community divided largely into a few major camps:  religious fundamentalists of all races, religious fundamentalists as mostly white Trump supporters and finally the so-called minority groups - the non-white Hispanic/tribal ones linked to a few Asians and blacks.  In an area filled with competition and mutual resentment, racial divides could accentuate and deepen already existing problems involving pedophilic abuse.  In addition, mixed race households can have abuse spanning racial and religious issues.    2020/02/15 As indicated yesterday, anyone on foot in an area that is not amenable to foot traffic can be dangerous.  If a person of any gender or age seems to be vulnerable or somehow draws attention, it can mean trouble.  Here are a few ways I have seen and experienced unwanted attention drawn to self or others walking on the street: 1. Looking crumpled or out of sorts 2. Backpack 3. Female looking kind of lost or vulnerable; female seen repeatedly walking the streets alone over days, weeks or months 4. Disabled male/female looking vulnerable; someone with lost limbs, in a wheelchair, on crutches, with an irregular step, etc. The added vulnerability is not being fully present, like on drugs or alcohol.  Someone who is dazed in this way could make an easier target.  If you do not have all your faculties, people can try to take advantage of this by stealing, beating, raping etc.  Some responses to real or perceived vulnerable people on the streets could be: 1. Bible thumpers trying to proselytize; they may want to spread the word and talk about their own success stories in “finding Jesus”, but offer little help beyond this; they might give a walker a ride in order to be able to tell them their success stories about Jesus.  Sometimes these people will do something for you in return for an extracted promise about reading a section in the bible or something like that.  They are afraid to do too much for you until they feel you have found Jesus or been saved.  Don’t expect too much from this group.  2. Police officers and members of the public can see backpacks as suspicious; some criminals carry weapons and stolen goods in them.  It can be a sign of homelessness.  Some people take backpacks into stores and try to steal.  Backpacks have become a red flag. 3. For females on the street, people who would try to prostitute them could drive by and try to solicit; this seems to be sadly common in Albuquerque at least in certain areas, on certain streets, but men might be sniffing the turf elsewhere even if they are not overtly petititioning for sex, you can tell they are fishing when they slow down and ask if you want a ride. 4. Disabled persons could draw unwanted attention visibly, because of how they look; they could seem an easier take if one or more limbs are missing.  They might draw ridicule.  5. Veterans - especially those who are disabled - might draw attention and be treated crudely and rebuffed. They might be getting in fights in bars or people might come up to them and start a fight. There might be taunting.  Some veterans might have a core group of friends in the area or in the country.  When trying to help a homeless or addicted veteran, it would be wise to find out what his network of contacts is to see if there is someone willing to step in and help.  Also try to find out what veteran’s assistance programs he has already tried or might still be in.  Many veterans have at least a small stipend, but this can be poverty level.  Others with disabilities from combat might get slightly more, but without being able to find work normally, it could take all they have to live.  Do not assume anything until you find the facts, as each veteran’s case will be different.  2020/02/14 HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 2020/01/08  Notes for 2019 Personal Comments Section are being shifted to Backlog 5 and Backlog 6 2020/01/01-02 Happy New Year! We can find like-minded people to cooperate for more nurturing and mutually supportive life-enhancing endeavors. Perhaps we will need to be open to new kinds of connections, ones that might surprise us.  We can keep in the back of our minds things like reducing crime, over-population, resource depletion and contamination  and… Global Warming… Moscow NBC (2019/12/31) warmest December since 1886; Moscow recorded a temperature of 5.6 degrees Celsius (42 Fahrenheit) on Dec.18, breaking a record set all the way in 1886. Alaska National Geographic (2018/11) Mass death yellow cedar climate change canary tree
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