IN THIS SECTION Links Summary Links More Detailed Names (see list below) Corruption Watch Search and Seizure Issues Murders of Women Names Aragon, Manny Block Jr/Sr, Jerome Colbert, Kimberly Duran, Dianna Fiorina, Betty Griego, Phil Martinez, Jason Martinez, Susana Montoya, Michael Moya, Don Murphy, Michael Padilla, Demesia Richardson, Bill Ruiz, Joe Valentino, Luis Vigil-Giron, Rebecca Vigil, Robert Vigil, Roberta The problem with Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham See also: New Mexico Drug Corruption Gangs/Cartels Police Abuses New Mexico On River Gold: 9/11 - NM Tech possible connection Lab Corruption (New Mexico, Aviation related, etc.) New Mexico Corruption New Mexico Catholic Abuse LINKS SUMMARY skandera/article_22092258-f075-5aba-bb26-6e51928791eb.html skandera/article_22092258-f075-5aba-bb26-6e51928791eb.html Later added material to be incorporated later New Mexico - corruption among various departments and agencies - covers corruption as a particular problem in New Mexico Governing dot com 2015/12/21 New Mexico Ethics [including former Secretary of State] Dianna Duran https //www governing com/topics/politics/gov-new-mexico-ethics-dianna-duran html The recent resignation, conviction and incarceration of former Secretary of State Dianna Duran for embezzlement and money laundering has already prompted calls for major changes to the state's ethics and campaign finance laws. Duran, who began serving a 30-day sentence on Friday, mixed personal and campaign accounts to fuel a gambling addiction, withdrawing more than $430,000 from her accounts at casinos. 2015--https //www governing com/topics/politics/gov-new-mexico-ethics-dianna-duran html NAMES Corruption Related Figures in New Mexico Manny Aragon Manny Aragon (Former Senator/Senate Pro Tem) - corruption issues - Fraud and conspiracy; 67 months in federal prison Jerome Block Jr and Sr - The Blocks- Father/Son Jerome Block, Jr. and Sr. (Former Public Relations Commissioner) - corruption issues - Embezzlement, identity theft, conspiracy; 60 days prison Excerpt From NM Politics: Father and son, Jerome Block Sr. and Jerome Block Jr., were indicted by a Santa Fe Grand Jury on charges relating to Block Jr.’s 2008 campaign for Public Regulation Commission, including allegations of election law violations, embezzlement, tampering with evidence and conspiracy. Kimberly Colbert (Former Motor Vehicle DIvison agent) convicted of fraud, ordered to repay $600,000, [was] serving two- year prison sentence for embezzling funds from the Motor Vehicle Division as an MVD agent. Dianna Duran (Former Secretary of State) - corruption issues - Embezzlement, money laundering; 30 days in jail Betty Fiorina -past and deceased, ex-Secretary of State - crime family and networks: drugs, racetrack, gambling related- good old boy networks 1980s Phil Griego (Former Senator/D-San Jose) 06/2017 corruption issues - resigned from the New Mexico State Senate - charges Jason Martinez (Deputy Superintendent) assaulting minors in Colorado skandera/article_22092258-f075-5aba-bb26-6e51928791eb.html Susana Martinez (Governor) - corruption issues Michael Montoya (former State Treasurer) - corruption issues - extortion Don Moya (Albuq. Schools administrator) whistleblower about kickback contracts with Denver company involving Luis Valentino skandera/article_22092258-f075-5aba-bb26-6e51928791eb.html Michael Murphy (Las Cruces District Judge) Demesia Padilla Bill Richardson (Governor) - corruption issues Joe Ruiz (Deputy State Insurance Superintendent corruption issues) Public corruption; 4 years federal prison Luis Valentino skandera/article_22092258-f075-5aba-bb26-6e51928791eb.html Rebecca Vigil-Giron (Former Secretary of State) Robert Vigil (former State Treasurer, Montoya’s successor) corrupt-state-officials/ Roberta Vigil (Former director of West Las Vegas Schools Bilingual Education Program)- corruption - convicted misusing public funds. THE PROBLEM WITH GOVERNOR MICHELLE GRISHAM as of Novemeber 2020 election Commentary and Opinion Grisham is part of the “calling card” lingo-spouting minorities using government to further certain narrow agendas for minorities in the state of New Mexico, while working with a similar network of like-minded governors, politicians and minorites across the nation. Grisham is a very dangerous woman. She is one of several malicious governors who supported the Black Lives Matter movement and supports a government overreach program during COVID-19, both of which are likely connected to something more globally oriented toward a new world order type of approach. Grisham is not representing the interests of most of the other half of the state of New Mexico, a mix of whites, racial mixes and various raced conservatives who really and truly dislike her approach. For the Navajos, Hispanics and other minorities who prefer her approach, they have enabled yet another despotic form of government in the United States. Grisham repeatedly spouts off about racism in New Mexico. This is such a crock. The real racism in New Mexico is reverse discrimination as more and more minorities take management and hourly positions with the attitude of not hiring whites once they get in the door. Som articles listed below show Grisham’s constant whine over “racism” and the need for “justice” and “systemic change” - all of the lingo associated with Black Lives Matter and the whole sinister leftist/minority Big Brother enterprise currently attacking our country. This is its own type of racism and hate mongering. For those of us left high and dry in New Mexico: shame on Grisham, shame on her. I am getting pieces of the anger the “high and dries” feel in the state, but I know I am not seeing all of it. My feeling is there is a conspiracy to shut people up and to stalk people around town, through the police system and online. I also feel it is likely there has been some kind of program attacking whites and certain non-players in the state, something in the deep state and very hidden from view. I feel they also use access to cell phones, emails and letters to get inside white families and they use psychic and/or psychotronic attacks to convince other family members to think like they do - like the infiltrated Democrat party. I feel part of this is a Hispanic Catholic ethno-religious authority thing. Grisham’s approach seems in cahoots with, or at least in line with, the New Mexico Attorney General Balderas who also leaves half the state high and dry as he and his Hispanic AG office focuse on minorities and come at complaints with a tainted Hispanic (also Mexico) cultural approach which does not look, feel or act like the United States. People who just want to be Americans have to run up against this stuff constantly dealing with the New Mexican government which tries to pretend its approach is better than that of the broader USA. Behind all of this is a twisted elitist wanna be Hispanic royalty thing where they pretend they are just somehow better and wiser than the United States. What this really means is that people’s civil rights are being subjugated left and right in New Mexico. WIthout question, the American system is better than anything New Mexico is dishing out on its white inhabitants. I also suspect New Mexico follows and spies on people who try to shift residency and get out of the state for good. I suspect it is a secretly abusive state with much of what goes on very hidden. We need more proof and evidence that Hispanics, minorities and religious extremists have been targeting and attempting to control the lives of certain New Mexico residents. White who are married to Navajos and HIspanics might need to pull back and look at their situation with more objective eyes so as not to be fully gullible or taken in by the civil rights movement in the state. New Mexico is a can of worms because people either do not get it and just don’t see what is actually going on or they are part of the corruption. There is a certain kind of oblivious personality that just walks through the middle of this stuff and does not see it and they get pulled into it without fully realizing their own complicity with an ugly system. How to wake these oblivious types up seems to be part of the battle, because without people seeing the problem as it actually is, we cannot gather up enough people to fight back. Just know in the state of New Mexico there are some very unhappy people, very dissatisfied with the state’s government, many of these people are up in San Juan County New Mexico, but there are others. Let us be clear: there is NOT racism in the state of New Mexico - there are just too minorities now for it to take any real effect anywhere except the few remaining quite small pockets of centered white population here and there. Most of the state has a solid share of minorities in each city and town, and in many cases, those towns are mostly minorities. The real problem is reverse discrimination and the unwillingness of minorities to hear the other side of the story, and their endless sense of being part of a Race Grievance group. What really is happening in the state of New Mexico is a CULTURAL issue - a difference in approach - which can, and often does, have a racial connection. Americans with their pragmatism, directness, liking of facts and data, and a desire for truth and fair play do not like the state’s Hispanic encomienda system which has a lot of cronyism and nepotism attached to it. This is a cultural, not racial, issue. In addition, the nepotism issue extends to “tribal” or “religious affiliation” in a way that makes it harder for non-players to get in the door. Other than certain groups like the Irish Catholics, Americans generally don’t spread their family members all across town as a political and job-grabbing unit as do the Navajo-Hispanic or Navajo-Mormon complex in San Juan County and various parts of New Mexico. That is a cultural issue. You walk into Target in Farmington and feel many of the Navajos working there are a large family unit, people not just tribal, but more immediately related. They stand around looking too chummy together for it to be anything else. Some Hispanic Catholics try to force Catholicsm on people. Males do it one way, females do it another way. That behavior is really obnoxious, but they feel they know more than other people how to get in touch with God. As such, it is a type of statewide cult. It is absolutely conceivable these minorities would work together to cheat in a census or an American election. It is completely possible because the anti-American, anti-white thing is so prevalent across the state. Many would literally lie, cheat and steal to win. You cannot trust the election centers in the state. With the strong minority and liberal population in New Mexico, it is likely Trump did not pull enough votes even if New Mexico had been a more honest state, but the Hispanic and tribal thing in New Mexico is too strong to take things at face value. Many whites have gotten burned out on the whole thing. It’s very tiring to call Santa Fe and only hear Hispanics working in the government when you actually do want to be living in an American country, not a surrogate or extension of Mexico. For people who want a different kind of American experience, New Mexico is not the place for that. This is why you see whites around the country very, very angry with the Hispanic populations. You want America, not an extension of Mexico, but Mexico or the Navajo Reservation comes to you and takes over your area. Now what do you do? If you complain, they call you racist. But then ou look over at the blacks, they are doing the same thing, you read up on American Muslims of any color and they are doing it, too. There is no wonder people see a conspiracy behind these sprawling, agressive and bullying populations all sound like calling card, lingo-driven new world order types. You keep telling them: “Hey I don’t want this kind of life, this is not my way of doing America, this really stinks.” And they say, “Well, you are racist.” And it goes around and around. And Governor Grisham is right in the middle of it. Grisham’s Sinister Calling Card Legacy; some related anti-American government like “New Mexico Sues Trump”; Lawsuits, etc Albuq. Jrnl 2020/06 Gov. Luján Grisham to hold news briefing on racism systemic injusticeán-grisham-to-hold-news-briefing-on-racism-systemic-injustice.html Santa Fe New Mexican 2020/06/04 Governor announces new Council for Racial Justice. By Robert Nott. justice/article_36bcf31c-a6a6-11ea-aa51-17573c7f0ebf.html The Hill 2018/09/13 Hispanic Caucus chair declines Trump White House invite. Tal Axelrod KRQE Gov Luján Grisham to address racism and systemic injustice on Thursdayán-grisham-to-address-racism-systemic-injustice-on-thursday/ New Mexico Political Report 2020/07/13 New Mexico one of 18 states to sue President Trump over international student policy. Susan Dunlap. policy/ El Paso Times 2019/06/11 New Mexico Sues Trump administration over quick release migrants. Morgan Lee migrants/1418830001/ KOB 2020/11/07 New Mexico GOP raising funds for Trump lawsuits. Patrick Hayes https //www kob com/albuquerque-news/new-mexico-gop-raising-funds-for-trump-lawsuits/5918359/ ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Officials with the Republican Party of New Mexico are asking for donations to help President Donald Trump challenge election results. “It’s going to cost a lot of money,” said GOP Chairman Steve Pearce. “They’ve already deployed hundreds of lawyers in each one of these states so you’re talking millions of dollars just to go in and check,” he said. On Saturday, NBC News projected Joe Biden would win the state of Pennsylvania, surpassing the 270 Electoral College votes needed to beat Trump. Before the projection, Trump tweeted “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!” https //www kob com/albuquerque-news/new-mexico-gop-raising-funds-for-trump-lawsuits/5918359/ KOAT 2020/08 New Mexico Attorney General files lawsuit against Trump admin. US Postal Service elections voting. Attorneys General from 13 other states are part of the suit, as well Brittany Hope service-elections-voting-usps/33638657 CORRUPTION WATCH Public and Official Concerns, etc. Looking back, forward: corrupt state officials Thomas McClenaghan (Retiring FBI official) Albuquerque, 2009, comments on high amount of corruption in New Mexico New Mexico Ethics Watch Change dot org: Stop Judicial Corruption in New Mexico! - a closed petition to stop judicial corruption in New Mexico. By Dennis W. Montoya of Rio Rancho, NM. Some excellent material associated with this Gary King on Corruption (10/15/2010) The Albuquerque Metro Courthouse scandal case and more…. MURDERS OF WOMEN IN NEW MEXICO SEARCH AND SEZURE ISSUES Wildcat: No excuse for unwarranted search seizure drug dogs (04/2015) Think Progress: New Mexico is the second state to ban police from seizing innocent peoples property d9b947c1399#.ku6u8e181 LINKS MORE DETAIL Media alpha order Albuquerque Journal 2017/06/20 Grand Jury charges against former New Mexico senator. By Dan Boyd Excerpt: Griego, 68, who lives in rural San Miguel County, represented a sprawling Senate district for more than 18 years before resigning from the Senate in March 2015 under the cloud of an ethics investigation.He said at the time of his resignation that he was unaware of the constitutional provision against lawmakers profiting off legislation passed during their terms but insisted he did not think he was doing anything wrong. 2016/01/28 Report: Corruption, cronyism stifle NM economy. By Ellen Marks Excerpt: The report says New Mexico has become “infamous” because of a number of cases, ranging from the 2008 pay-to-play investment scandal during the administration of Gov. Bill Richardson to the more recent case of former Secretary of State Dianna Duran, who just finished serving a 30-day jail term for illegally diverting campaign donations to fuel a gambling addiction….New Mexico’s reliance on government jobs, its history of corruption and a “poorly compensated” citizen Legislature create a “perfect storm” that is a major reason for the state’s languishing economy, according to a report released Thursday by the non- partisan Committee for Economic Development and the University of New Mexico….The authors describe crony capitalism in New Mexico as “regulatory favoritism, pay-to-play political coercion and interest group politics, in which companies gain more from political activity than their own economic activity.” 2009/08/20 Ex-Secretary of State Vigil-Giron, 3 others charged with laundering million Excerpt: Former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron, along with a Democratic Party consultant and two lobbyists, was named Wednesday in a sweeping public corruption indictment charging the four with laundering millions of dollars meant for a voter education campaign. Vigil-Giron, consultant Armando Gutierrez and lobbyists Elizabeth "Daisy" Kupfer and Joseph Carl Kupfer were indicted on 50 counts each, including conspiracy, fraud, embezzlement and 11 counts of money laundering over $100,000…. Among the lengthy list of charges is making or permitting false public vouchers, making or taking kickbacks and tampering with evidence. The evidence tampering charge stems from a "memorandum" allegedly "fabricated" sometime before April 2007 and backdated to Sept. 2, 2004, with the intent of avoiding prosecution. Change dot org: Stop Judicial Corruption in New Mexico. This petition was delivered to: New Mexico State House; New Mexico State Senate; New Mexico Governor Gazette Excerpt: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations in New Mexico said it plans to increase its presence in the Four Corners region to counter to growing influences of drug cartels in the area. The Farmington Daily Times reports the federal agency proposes that two agents move to San Juan County full- time and that more agents be dispatched occasionally to the area to assist with serious criminal investigations. The move comes after New Mexico law enforcement agencies around the state have asked federal officials to assist cash-strapped departments in battling gangs, drug trafficking and weapons violations. But as federal authorities have moved into places like Roswell and Las Cruces, violent drug cartels have increased their presence in the remote area of northwest New Mexico that borders Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Federal authorities said that by getting involved and charging criminals in federal court, it can increase the amount of prison time. "New Mexico is very difficult with their laws. It's hard to get some quality time" in prison, said Kevin Abar, the assistant special agent in charge for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations in New Mexico. "This is where the federal government can step in, in the issue." In recent months, homeland security agents assisted local law enforcement agencies in more than 20 criminal investigations that will be prosecuted by U.S. attorneys, said Dennis Ulrich, a deputy special agent in charge of the agency's U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "Some of the worst of the worst (criminals), they've plucked them out of here for narcotics, guns and gang membership," said Neil Haws, the director of Region II Narcotics Task Force. "It's very significant." Homeland Security investigations will focus on arresting criminals for bulk-cash smuggling, weapons, child exploitation, narcotics, identity theft, cultural property smuggling, counterfeit drugs and merchandise and identity theft, Abar said. Federal charges for those types of crimes have harsher punishments than state charges. And the crimes are commonly used to fund terrorism and drug cartels, he said. Governing: Ethics - Dianna Duran (2015) Justice dot gov: Federal Indictment Charges Eight w/Participating in Taos County Heroin Trafficking and Money Laundering Ring (2015) Defendants Prosecuted as Part of HOPE Initiative which Seeks to Reduce the Number of Opioid- Related Deaths in New Mexico trafficking-and-money KOAT 2012/11/16 Former Secretary of State cleared of wrongdoing: A judge has dismissed corruption charges against former New Mexico Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron because of repeated delays in her case that violated her speedy trial rights. KRQE: 2017/01/10 Proposal targets corrupt NM officials 2016/12/19 Demesia Padilla investigation latest reminder of hole in public corruption law. Law taking public official benefits only applies to elected officials. By Alex Goldsmith KOAT: FBI Small town corruption in NM LA Times: New Mexico judge's bribery case is one for the books. By Michael Haederle (12/08/2011) Excerpt: It wasn't a good day for New Mexico's judiciary when a district judge in Las Cruces, the state's second-largest city, was indicted last spring on bribery charges for allegedly soliciting campaign contributions in return for political favors.Then things went from bad to worse. The special prosecutor handling the case demanded that the chief justice of the state Supreme Court recuse himself for allegedly having made prejudicial comments and rulings.And then came the release of a secretly recorded audiotape in which the indicted judge, Michael Murphy, could be heard casually spouting barnyard profanities, racial epithets and homosexual slurs. Mother Jones (2014) New Mexico Mercury: Women’s Murders, Justice and Corruption in New Mexico. By Frontera Norte Sur (02/18/2014) New Mexico News Report: Looking back forward corrupt state officials NM Political Report: Sex assault child aps deputy superintendent. By Joey Peters (08/21/2015) assault-of-a-child/ Excerpt: On July 18, 2013, Denver police arrested Martinez, whose full name is Timothy Jason Martinez, on charges of sexual assault on a child from a position of trust and other felony charges. The case is still ongoing, with a trial date set for Oct. 9 in District Court in Denver. Martinez faces four counts, all of which allege sexual assault of a child. “They are all felonies,” said Denver District Attorney spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough. “Class three and class four felonies.” It’s unclear how many children in total Martinez is accused of assaulting. assault-of-a-child/ New Mexico Politics dot net: By Gary King Attorney General’s Office(10/15/2010) Excerpt: A great deal has been said recently about what is being done to combat corruption in our state, a lot of it has been based on political rhetoric and posturing without regard to facts and verifiable records. Therefore, it is important for New Mexicans to know what their Attorney General’s Office has done and continues to do to address corruption. New York Times: As New Mexico scandals grow Democrats hope to tarnish governor (2015) governor.html?mcubz=1 Excerpt: Ms. Duran is facing 64 misdemeanor and felony charges, accused of misusing campaign money to cover gambling and other personal expenses, one of several scandals to have rocked New Mexico politics this summer.For Democrats, Ms. Duran’s fall from grace caps a string of scandals that have offered a chance to regain lost ground ahead of next year’s elections. They include the hiring of a man accused of child sexual assault as deputy schools superintendent in Albuquerque and an investigation over potential abuse of power by a senior state executive. governor.html?mcubz=1 Santa Fe New Mexican: Albuquerque schools CFO files whistleblower suit against district. By Chris Quintana (08/24/2015) against-district-skandera/article_22092258-f075-5aba-bb26-6e51928791eb.html Former Rio Mayor Probed in Olympic Linked Corruption Scandal scandal/article_74acd162-5624-55a1-9bc5-a2eb35294fba.html Topix blog site: Blog Forum writer Goldstein: SAC/FBI Tom McClenaghan: New Mexico most corrupt of 50 states (2009) Exerpt: Jan 21, 2009. In an interview aired at 2215 (10:15PM for you civilians) 20 January 2009, retiring Special Agent in Charge of the Albuquerque FBI Field Office Thomas C. McClenaghan said that the Chicago FBI SAC who made the pronouncements about Governor Blagoyevich and Illinois as being very corrupt "has never lived in New Mexico" and that corruption here was "epidemic and permeates ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT." The interview was aired by rival TV News Station Channel No. 13, K*R*Q*E.I am REALLY sorry to see this man go. New Mexico needs someone like him at the FBI field office to purge this place of the malignant disease that is corruption. He did say that there were a number of ongoing investigations (in addition to the ones already publicized). I hope they include District Court Special Commissioner Rosemary A. Cosgrove-Aguilar, Judge Angela J. Jewell, D.A. Kari A. Brandenburg, Chief Ray Schultz (and several of his underlings), and of course, Mayor for Life Martin J. Sideshow Chavez. "Go, FBI, Go!" Two Malcontents: New Mexico Corruption Epidemic Fed Says (01/2009) A retiring FBI agent in the thick investigating and prosecuting public officials said Tuesday New Mexico may be the most corrupt state in the nation. New Mexico has a long list of corrupt politicians, and the list could be growing. High-profile political figures and associates have been convicted, and ongoing investigations are making frequent headlines. Many of those cases began with FBI agents in Albuquerque. "It’s our No. 1 criminal program," Thomas McClenaghan, special agent in charge of the FBI Albuquerque field office, said. Corruption scandals that took down former state Sen. Manny Aragón, once considered the most powerful politician in the Senate. Former State Treasurer Robert Vigil, his predecessor and a long list of criminal accomplices have been convicted or cut plea dea ls in federal court.McClenaghan will lead Albuquerque’s team of FBI agents only through the end of the week. He retires on Friday. "From what we’ve seen here, corruption in this state is epidemic," he told KRQE News 13. "It is at all levels of government." Updates: 2020/04/27 Vigil-Giron material added-KOAT, Alb. Jrnl; 2020/04/24 moved Gangs NM material from this NM corruption page to newer separate page NM Gangs; will sort, delete duplicates and integrate later; have made some organizational changes to this page; 08/21/2017 08/20/2017; 08/19/2017; 08/18/2017 more material added, names and news links; 08/17/2017 page started
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