C ----------------------- 1-China, 2-Middle East, 3-Islam, 4-Resources 1-CHINA China is the “Number One strategic threat of the 21st century,” --” Navy Adm. Craig S. Faller in Seapower Magazine-2021/04/15 1 General 2 Hong Kong 3 Vietnam, Communism 4 Tech o AI - Artificial Intelligence o Surveillance o Tik Tok 5 Silk Road Think Tanks US 6 Articles Detail 7 Links List 2-MIDDLE EAST Iran Nuclear Deal See also Legislation/Iran 3-ISLAM 1 Why Fight 2 3 4 Muslim Mafia 5 Hamas See also o Jewish Slant o BLM11 Resources on Islamic Extremism Related to Black Lives Matter affiliates
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D ----------------------- Government, Policing, Military Criminality, Leaders Negative, Legislation, Measures for USA; Cartels, Borders GOVERNMENT Agencies FBI FBI Links List CIA-1 Directors CIA-2 Agents CIA-3 Prisons, Torture CIA-4 Links List and Books DOJ - Dept. of Justice Post Office Corruption Post Office - Other MVD - Motor Vehicle Prisons - also private POLICING 1-Blue Lives Matter 2-Police Positivity Heros/Friends 3-Police Prayer/Reflections Female Policing Persons Police Internal Issues o Peer Pressure o Steroids o Marijuana o Excess Alcohol Protocols (ie Miranda Rights) Seizures Science/Tech- Investigations o Bio o Psychol. o DNA Evidence Tech-Weapons MILITARY CRIMINALITY 1 Air Force 2 Army 3 Coast Guard, Navy, Military Schools 4 Marines/Active Duty, cont. 5 Veterans 6 Overall Crime, Books, Commentary 7 Summary of Internet Article 8a Fat Leonard 8b Fat Leonard Leaders (Negative) Some of these are no longer current Joe Biden o Biden Impeachment Kamala Harris Lloyd Austin o Sec of Defense o was on Nucor Corp. board of directors to ‘21 o Opinion: he is suspiciously using social justice language and approaches- BLM? China? Denis McDonough o Secretary of Veterans Affairs Mark Milley o Joint Chiefs Chair Jackson, Ronny Ilhan Omar Alexandria O-Cortez o ethics investigation Dec ‘22 Kate Brown o previous Oregon governor, Tina Kotek is now gov. o Opinion: Brown should be invest. for China/leftist tie Maggie Hassan o New Hampshire Senator/Attorney o Opinion: seems to follow the leftists Anthony Fauci o Still needs to be investigated and held accountable for COVID-19 related issues involving China Letitia James o Attorney General of New York, MayorkasAlejandro a Mayorkas b Mayorkas Links Veronica Escobar o Texas Dem Rep 16th District-El Paso since 2019 Lori Lightfoot o Mayor Chicago, won again for ‘23 o Opinion: corrupt Ben Ray Luján/NM o Senator o Opinion: too pro- Mexico/immigrant , dangerous for US interests Michelle Lujan- Grisham/NM o governor again o Opinion: she is a drag on the state- her re-election was a grave disappointment for many of us in the state; dangerous for US interests Hector Balderas/NM o no longer AG - now, Raúl Torrez replaced him o Opinion: Balderas should be investigated for suspicious lawsuits favoring non-whites as part of an overall Democrat trend for moving funds toward Democrat related enterprises Gabe Vasquez/NM o Democrat House Representative Opinion: pro- Mexico/immigrant and very dangerous to US interests Barack Obama o Ex-US President o Opinion: should be full investigated over Iran funding Nancy Pelosi No longer House Speaker, still in House representing San Francisco o See Also Leaders for USA Catholic Connection Joe Biden Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi Denis McDonough Anthony Fauci Mark Milley Ben Ray Lujan Gavin Newsom MEASURES STRONG on USA Shows Congressional Leaders in News and from updates on their gov websites. Mirrors much of Legislation Section, but is organized differently. 1 Cartels Cong-118- 2023 2 Borders Cong- 118-2023 3 Cartel etc/Cong 117 ‘21-22 4 Veteran Congr. Leaders 5 Comments 6 Links List LEGISLATION 1 Overview 2a China Bills 2b China List 3 Iran 4 Dates 5 More Info CARTELS Topics in Cartels and Borders Overlap 1 Overview 2 Various Gangs o 2a La Familia- Zetas o 2b FARC 3 How to Stop 4 Female Gangs 5 Pot Farms/houses 6 TCOs 7 New Mexico o 7a Introduction o 7b cont 8 Books 9 Links List See also: o Borders/Tunnels o Cybercrime o Retail Org Crime Search-Seizure BORDERS 1a General Information 1b monthly 1c monthly, cont. 2 States 2a Chkpts, States 2b Arizona 2c New Mexico 3 Agencies and BP 4-Lawsuits and BP 5 Terms 6 Legislation o 6a General, News o 6b Bills 7 Sanctuary Cities 8 Tunnels Smuggling o 8a El Chapo, Lists o 8b Detection 9 Ports Security Risks ie Prt Authority 10 Drones 11 Hum. Trafficking 12 Sheriff/Agent 13 US victims of illegal immigrants 14 Govt Leaders of Border States 15 Links List Related Subjects La Raza Funding Arena: o 1 Slush o 2 Donations o 3 Terrorism o 4 George Soros o 5 Grants o 6 Lawsuits o
A ----------------------- 1-Socio 2-Religious Abuse Sexual 3-Psy 4-Cults 1-SOCIO-WORLD (Sociological, Political, Ideological, Ethnic, Aspects of Country of Origin) Jews, Israel o Jews or Jewish Ties o 9/11 Mossad Did It Spain Russians North Korea Greek Terrorism La Raza Far Left Latin America Nazis Roots Culture Reverse-Racism Modern Slavery Fascists Fourth Theory 2-RELIGIOUS ABUSE Incl Sexual Abuse Also see Cults Protestant Fundamentalism Southern Baptist Catholic Catholic NM Jehovahs Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists Dominionism, Quiverfull Mormons Afghan Sexual Abuse o Bacha Bazi o Buckley, Gregg- o Quinn, Dan o Complicity o Dancing Boys o Pedophile Ring 3-PSY SECTION 1 Psychological Operations 2 The Zone of Influence 3 Info Wars 4 Making Other Guy Look Bad 5 Softening 6 Running Strings 7 Turfing 8 Watch for Antics 9 Arabian Nights Effect 10 Deep State 11 Strands Interconnection 12 Wall of Silence 13 Misery Loves Company 14 Switching 15 Invisible Fingers 16 Two Horns 17 Like Cutting the Grass 18 Against the Wall 19 Fixation of Points 20 Trophyism 21 Co-Opting 22 Gaslighting 23 Cons-Piracy 24 Gatekeeping 25 Entraining Fruit 26 Say Uncle 27 Sending in the Crows 4-CULTS 1 - Introduction 2 Soka Gakkai 3 Subud 4 Hare Krishna 5a Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Adventists 5b Catholic Sexual Abuse, Offshoots 6 Monarch Bluebird, MKUltra etc
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B ----------------------- 1-States Crime, 2-Case Study, 3-Whistleblowers; 4-(9/11); 5-Downed-WW2, 6-Iraq-US, 7-Veterans 1-STATES CRIME Arizona o Arizona Crime o See also Borders Colorado o Colorado Crime New Mexico o Drugs 1-Agencies 2-Articles D- G 3-Articles I-M 4- Articles N- T Oregon 2-CASE STUDIES 1-Kennedy, John F. 2-John Lennon 3-Danny Pearl 4-Dylan Redwine o 4a-Case o 4b-Links List o 4c-Comments 5-Michael Ruppert 6-Aaron Russo 7-Rodney Stich 8-Gary Webb 9-Ellsberg, Daniel 10-Idaho Campus House Murders a Information b Arrest c Articles/Links Conspiracies 11-System-Org Abuse 12-British Ops 13-Satanism International, Multicultural Donmeh India Call Centers Corsican Mafia Greek Terrorism Peruvian Gangs Gypsies Crime Types Variety Horse Racetrack Firefighter Arson Gangstalking o 1-General 2 Articles, Tactics o 3 Tactics 3-WHISTLEBLOWERS 1-General Info 2a-Snowden 3a-Kiriakou FBI/Court Case 3b Kiriakou Articles 3c Kiriakou Links 3d Kiriakou Comments 4-9/11 1-General 2a-Saudi Arabia as Player 2b-Saudi Arabia links (in 9) 3-No Planes 4-Mossad Did It 5-Bosnia Connection 6-Big Oil 7-Southeast Asia Connections 8-Kristen Breitweiser 8a-UAE 8b-Funding Overview 9-Links List See also: o Port Authority (Port Risks) 5-DOWNED WW2 1-Crew, Pilots, Others o 1a-Bombardier OT Wynn o 1b-Pilot Albert Zuidema o 1c-Crew 1d-Key Others Squadron, Relations Input on Crash o 2-Background Info 2a Austria, History 2b Downed, Found o 3-Nurse Corps o 4-Docs-all 4a-Orian 4aa-Orian Schooling 4b-Zuidema 4c-Crew Docs 4d-Key Others o 5-Comments o 6-Resources IRAQ & US INTERVENTION Iraq-1a o Terminology Iraq-1b o Operations o Battles, Encounters, incidents Iraq-2 5-Troop Misconduct 6-Iran-Iraq-USA 7-Injuries (also Veterans Issues) 8-Deaths 9-United Kingdom Involvement Iraq, other allies (Afghanistan and Iraq) 10-Some mentioned divisions 11-Some mentioned names 12-Iraq after Op End. Freedom 13- Very brief history of Iraq 14-Iraq War Contractors 15-Other Allies of the USA in Iraq - OIF Iraq-3 Iraq-4 Case Study Perfect Storm o 4a learnable lessons (takeaways) o 4b Iraq-5-Links See also Taps-1a Memorial Taps-1b Articles Islamic Section Road Bombs RESOURCES Books1 Books2 Media1 Alternative Media2 Alternative Black Centric Media: o 1- o 2- o 3-A to F o 4- Links Lists See also: RRT-Media Cartels-Books See also Muslim Mafia 6-VETERANS 1-Police-Military TBI to Health 3-PTSD 4-Honorable Acts 5-Healing 6-McCain, Nisei USS Liberty
E ----------------------- FUNDING 1 Settlement Slush 2 Donations to BLM 3 Terrorist Ties 4 George Soros 5 Lawsuits 6 Links List See also o Cred Cards/CapOne o Leaders/Hector Balderas NM AG BANKS Al Rajhi Bank Dubai Islamic Bank Yemen UAE Saudi Arabia Iran Banking Strength in Middle East HSBC scandals Goldman Sachs Federal Reserve Bank corruption, issues Links List CORPORATIONS 1-Antitrust 2-FCC-corps 3-Mil. Contract 4-Insurance 5-Cell Phone 6-Food 7-Oil/Gas o Halliburton o Unaoil 8-Credit Card o a-Amer Express o b-Cap One See also o Funding o East India & Filipino Call Centers TECH 1-DNA Evidence Gathering 2-Weapons: Tasers 3-Weapons: DEW, Frequency Weapons 4 Surveillance: Biometrics, Body Cameras 5-Surveillance: Stingrays 6-Surveillance: Echelon, PRISM, Tempest, Carnivore 7 Artificial Intelligence See also o China-Artificial Intelligence o Search/Confiscate AVIATION 1 Corruption 2 Corporation Corruption 3 Airlines Corruption 4 Boeing Corruption 5 Parts Corruption 6a Crashes 6b 1979 AA Flight 191 7 Union 8 Links List