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NAMES BRIEF more detail at MilCrim-8b Fat Leonard There is a good, apparently fairly comprehensive list as a table under “Individuals Involved: on Wikipedia: ARUFFO Aruffo, Edmond. Lt. Commander AMUNDSON Amundson, Troy Retired Commander, Navy Former officer on the USS Halsey Was held at FCI Sandstone in Minnesota. Released on February 25, 2021. Sentenced in October 2018. BELIVEAU Beliveau II, John. Former special agent of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service BOLIVAR Rear Admiral Bette Bolivar (retired) Former Navy Region Southwest Commander See Fat Leo-Comments-2022/01/27 As lieutenant Commander allegedly accepted gifts of hotel, meals, golf outing in 1998 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, per a memo signed by Admiral Philip S. Davidson in July 2017. Not indicted. Bolivar was withdrawn it from two Seal War Crime cases, including the Eddie Gallagher one. BRANCH Branch, Ted Former director of Navy intelligence. BROOKS Brooks, Michael George. U.S. Naval Attaché Was released on May 28, 2019. DEBORD Debord, Gentry Lt. Commander. Supply office Remanded to Federal Correctional Institution, Morgantown, West Virginia until he was released on February 5, 2019.[69] DE GUZMAN [trial moved to Feb 2022] See Fat Leo-Comments-2022/01/26 on De Guzman (one of GDMA Nine-all former 7th Fleet officials in federal indictment of March 2017) de Guzman, Enrico. (aka Rick) of Honolulu, Hawaii Retired Marine Colonel Fleet Marine Officer for U.S. 7th Fleet in 2006 DOLAN [trial moved to Feb 2022] (one of GDMA Nine-all former 7th Fleet officials in federal indictment of March 2017) Doland, James.(aka “JD”) Retired Navy Captain of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Assistant chief of staff for logistics for 7th Fleet DUSEK Dusek, Daniel. former commanding officer of the USS Bonhomme Sentenced Was held at a Residential Reentry Management Center in Seattle and released on October 17, 2018. (Wikipedia) GALLAGHER Edward “Eddie” Gallagher Special Warfare Operator Chief GILBEAU Gilbeau, Robert Admiral GILLETT Gillett, Alex Lieutenant Commander Australia GORSUCH (admits guilty - one of GDMA Nine-all former 7th Fleet officials indicted in March 2017) Gorsuch, Robert Navy Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) 7th Fleet flag administration officer Case Number: 17-CR-0623-JLS HAASS Haas, David. Former Navy Captain USNA graduate, USS Blue Ridge HERRERA [trial moved to Feb 2022] Herrera, Mario (Choke-Choke OIC) Former Navy Commander Arrested 2017/03/14 HORNBECK [trial moved to Feb 2022] (one of GDMA Nine-all former 7th Fleet officials in federal indictment of March 2017) Hornbeck, Donald (Bubbles) Retired Navy Captain of the United Kingdom Chief of staff for operations aboard the USS Kitty Hawk JANSEN Jansen, Adrian Retired Navy Rear Admiral. KAUR-RACHAEL Worked for Navy and leaked secrets. Charged in Singapore courts with bribery in 2016. Pleaded guilty in June 2017 in Singapore to corruption. On July 7, 2018, was sentenced to 33 months in prison. (Wikipedia) LAUSMAN [trial moved to Feb 2022] (one of GDMA Nine-all former 7th Fleet officials in federal indictment of March 2017) Lausman, David. (“Too Tall”) Retired Navy Captain The Villages, Florida Executive officer aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln LAYUG Layug, Daniel Petty Officer 1st Class Former Navy enlisted sailor Was held at United States Penitentiary, Atwater, California, released on April 25, 2018. LOVELESS [trial moved to Feb 2022]. (one of GDMA Nine-all former 7th Fleet officials in federal indictment of March 2017) Loveless, Bruce Former Navy Rear Admiral Assistant chief of staff for intelligence for 7th Fleet His last Naval position was Corporate Director for Information Warfare MALAKI Malaki, Todd. Lt. Commander Supply officer Blue Ridge and John S. McCain, and logistics officer Military Sealift Command MILLER Miller, Michael Harold "Mike" Navy Vice Admiral, Superintendent of Naval Academy MISIEWICZ Misiewicz, Michael Vannak Khem Navy Commander Sentenced 6 yrs in prison in 2016/04 NEWLAND [trial moved to Feb 2022] (one of GDMA Nine-all former 7th Fleet officials in federal indictment of March 2017) Newland, David. ( “Newly”) Retired Navy Captain of San Antonio, Texas Chief of staff of the USS Blue Ridge in 2006 PIMPO Pimpo, David R. Rear Admiral. Former Commander of Naval Supply Systems Command. (A supply officer). PITTS Sentenced 2017/11 Pitts, Bobby R. Navy Commander Supply Officer SANCHEZ Jose Luis Sanchez US Navy Commander. LCDR Did a plea bargain. SHEDD [trial moved to Feb 2022] (one of GDMA Nine-all former 7th Fleet officials in federal indictment of March 2017) Shedd, Stephen F. of Colorado Springs, Colorado Former Navy Commander Arrested in 2017/03/14 A key witness in final trial-see San Diego Union Tribune or Stripes-2022/05/06 SIMPKINS Paul Simpkins Former senior contracting officer U.S. Defense Department Was held at Federal Correctional Institution, Morgantown, West Virginia, and released on April 25, 2019. (Wikipedia-Fat Leonard) SHIPS AND PORTS: Military, Associated Ships, Locations 7th Fleet - United States Navy USS Blue Ridge. The command flagship for the Navy’s 7th Fleet, that is, it is the command ship which contains the headquarters of the U.S. Navy's Seventh Fleet, based in Yokosuka, Japan. USS Ronald Reagan. (CVN-76) Eighteen months later, the cycle repeated itself when another aircraft carrier [this USS Ronald Reagan, following the USS Decatur’s earlier visit] visited Hong Kong. (See Washington Post 05/27/2016 below) Rear Adm. Michael H. Miller, commander of the USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group, knew Francis well. USS Essex. (ie, Debord) USS Decatur. In Hong Kong harbor, the guided-missile destroyer USS Decatur rests at anchor during a three-day port call in December 2004. When a Navy official in Singapore flagged questionable bills from Glenn Defense stemming from the port visit, one of Francis's alleged moles nipped the inquiry in the bud, according to prosecutors.“Do not request any invoices from this ship,” Simpkins ordered his colleague in an email, according to court records. “Do not violate this instruction. Contact the ship and rescind your request.”(see Washington Post 05/27/2016 below with photo, which was also found on Paul Davis on Crime 05/2016, also see below) Lake Erie. Cruiser -Feb. 1-4, 2010: The cruiser Lake Erie arrives in Sukomo, Japan, for a visit. The Navy says GDMA submitted inflated invoices totaling $234,902 for the visit.(see San Diego Tribune 11/14/2015) Abraham Lincoln. Aircraft carrier - Laem Chabang, Thailand Emory Land. Submarine (overbilling issue) Columbia - submarine (overbilling issue) Mustin -destroyer - Laem Chabang, Thailand, a Navy port where Navy operations are handled by GDMA (see San Diego Tribune 11/14/2015) John C. Stennis - Malaysia Ships Serviced In: Hong Kong Japan Singapore Philippines Thailand-Laem Chabang, Thailand Sepangar, Malaysia Related commands or organizations Naval Supply Systems Command (ie, Rear Admiral David Pimpo - former Commander) Naval Intelligence (ie, Vice Admiral Ted “Twig” Branch) Navy League. The firm became a leading sponsor of the Navy League of the United States, a civilian nonprofit group that advocates on behalf of the Navy. Related International Naval Royal Australian Navy (Radio Australia Net) Yokosuka Naval Base - Japan ---end Ships and Ports--- Updates: 2023/04/16-PAGE STARTED: Fat Leonard 8a2 added by moving Brief Names and Ships from 8a1.