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Hitchcock The - Birds Definition Remote Influencing Matchmaking ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hitchcock The Birds Imagery in this from: The Birds (1963) | Hitchcock Presents. One scene: The Crows Attack the School (apparently published on internet Jul 6, 2021 https //www youtube com/watch?v=MXAWBB4nKq8 [Internet extraction Mar 11, 2023] Comments: The actual image and feeling I am after is not this more dramatic scene in which children are attacked by crows while they were supposedly being sent home for safety away from the build-up of birds by a mysterious almost crow-like woman teacher, but of the sinister quiet build-up of the crows bit by bit. I realized in putting this together that the above scene is fake looking - the birds unfortunately look like low-grade cartoon smudges. However, I don’t recall thinking that when I first saw the film; I was rather spooked, and it made a lasting impression on me. Definition Sending in the Crows means one or more of a hostile network of people (but usually a small group) have shown up around a target as a psyops operation. One example is a group of a certain kind of fundamentalist church goers show up around a single woman in a coffee shop. They figure that woman is an atheist or is maybe poor, hapless, alone and vulnerable and thus needs s
Sending in the Crows (PSY-27)
religious guidance to help her improve her lot in life. They also feel it is unfeminine for a woman sit alone in public places or otherwise to do thing for one’s self; she should be married, leaning on yet also taking care of a man or working with a group like theirs. Rather than confront her directly, they pray, read the bible or say thiofngs loud enough that they are sure the woman at her table nearby hears them. They are trying to get their point across and also to maybe persuade her to join them based on what she hears or sees. They want to come across as happy in religion and blissfully together. Remote Influencing Another example is a more subtle form of influencing, that done psychically. Remote influencing here is psychic interference and attack performed i such a way it is hard to identify as anything but chance. In this way, blacks show up almost out of the blue, like in front of a car, just walking in to a fast food place you are driving up to go inside to get food from, a black shows up behind you in a store line, or otherwise as the overseer, manager or processor. The idea is to keep blacks at your top of mind awareness and also to have you as a white person be on the receiving end of a black being in charge of or handling something in your life. The reason they are sending in people is because you spoke out against something related to the black power movement. They feel they need to teach you a lesson and edj-you-cate (ed-judicate, otherwise “educate” you.) They are showing you they are in your face and that they are in charge. Matchmaking This can also be about match-making. Some American Hispanic or immigrant ones find out a single American woman is around. Also elderly Americans. They tell themselves this is a vulnerable space that can be taken over and exploited by those connected to the underground immigrant networks. They send in a lover for one sister and manipulate who the elderly ones hire for jobs around their home - low and behold, they are all ethnic Hispanics with ties to the other side of the Mexican border either directly. Calls to the local police in the American city only bring in yet more psyops to undermine the American home by bringing in more Hispanics/Latinos. Messages to the American border protection agents does the same: the reason is there are sympathetic operative in both places even if not everyone is corrupt. If your family member starts dating a Peruvian or other immigrant, he gets his citizenship shortly after dating her although he had not for a number of years while living in the USA, and she starts acting very resistant to American flags and border protection, as well as to anything Trump, and she gets her elderly parents to do the same, you need to ask if this is a Sending in the Crows secret operation against this white American household. You need to be asking if Hitchcock-style extraordinary means are also being used, including shamanistic types of influencing as found in indigenous Mexican and Latin American groups. This then would also apply to the Arabian Nights Effect in this section, a strange curve-ball reality being in effect. This is a form of Sending in the Crows in which cartel and general Hispanic/Latino spotter types watch for a white single women to latch illegal or marginally legal immigrants onto. It’s a way to quietly and secretly hook people up while using archaic practices. Its characteristics are akin to Old Spain’s Royalty/Catholic aspect, in the sense royalty across continents were matched up for alliances and money. It’s also akin to Old Europe’s tendency to choose the mates for their children. What’s happening here is people of Spanish descent, often with Native Americas blood, try to make themselves feel higher up as linked to an old Spain European power and possibly even of Spanish or European royalty blood. These are the same people spoken of elsewhere that think of the 1490s and 1500s Spanish queen as akin to Mother Mary or a revered female saint, despite the fact she was part of a malicious authoritarian group that applied a Spanish Inquisition on Jews and other misaligned groups. Immigrant women themselves could be spotters targeting vulnerable-seeming, isolated white women, but not just for marriage with a pool of male illegal aliens. It can be about human trafficking, maybe like they experienced, or about a strange and violent abduction and torture ring. The crows in this case’s hypoteical example are a family in a travel gift shop and gas station store in a remote area on the way to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. There are cheap properties in the area and Mexican nationals are hanging out there. In addition, foreign travelers are adding to the pool of Mexicans around. The women are in a family group getting something in the store, standing in a line of customers at the cash register. The women see a white woman and start looking her over like an old style southern slave-master identifying sellable traits in a black slave. But it goes beyond that; they are identifying how much of a good game she might be in an abduction/abuse scenario by one of their sick male friends. The crows are both the spotters in the store and the Mexican males around the area, maybe in a car in the parking lot, maybe a few miles away, that these women can contact with their cell phones at a moment’s notice, causing a gathering of crows akin to Alfred Hitchcock’s movie. Additional crows, maybe not the same people, are using aerial or other surveillance around the businesses on that particular corner connecting two highways to see people come and go and to identify a time to steal something in a parked car (if there are repeated parking habits over time, the watchers identify how long a person usually stays inside a building before returning to the car, the car itself, or to attack or abduct the person.) These crows would gather up in a group of maybe two or three from the surrounding area, maybe from different areas in the parking lot and local worker space, to attack the parked vehicle and driver. Updates: 2023/03/13; Page started March 2023.