AMERICAN BORDER LAWS MATTER (produced by Police Factor ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- you can cut off and copy the above as a flyer, banner, yard sign, bumper sticker, etc. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: MPM = Minority Power Movement/LGBTq/leftist-Marxist- Communist, includes transgender militancy Easy Amnesty = means immigrants received amnesty, often in bulk, because of dishonest or low-grade politicians and policies at the time, not supported by a large number of American citizens nor their political representatives Main Points Summary Takeovers o Know culture/tendencies of takeovers “Masters of Networking” o Gig Takeover Summary (list of games, suggestions for recognizing signs or tendencies) o More Detail on Gig Takeover-concepts and terms o Pulse Points of Defiance (what keeps the anger going and the drive to take over) o We Win, You Lose o Turfing taking over business and government jobs libraries, post offices social services medical, pharmacy arenas (see more below) Eyes and Ears in the controlled space; methods of communicating Funneling and Gatekeeping “Show me some real respect” - a form of face-to- face contact control game Speaking Spanish in an American government job protect the space once it is taken over o Reverse-racism/sex They use sex for the wrong reasons to get you to join their tribe (or racial/ethnic group), to make you and your children part of their tribe; it’s not a two-way street male Hispanic machismo o “taking care of you” or “let me handle it” o paternalism, domination submission, monologue, not dialogue get rid of all that whiteness o a drop of non-white blood is all it takes o sex + babies = mutate out all that whiteness o Med Facilities/Pharm o Slam-Bam Takeover o US Cities/Towns taken over by illegal immigrants o China linked to Cartels, Infrastructure Takeovers o Illegal Aliens seeking mates MPM playing King/Queen over whites American Flag Wavers Anticipatory Obedience Our information base-we need reliable information Solutions Some Sources MAIN POINTS Large uncontrolled numbers of immigrants entering the country repeatedly over brief periods of time set Americans up for failure. The unauthorized immigrants, certain easy amnesty recipients, and their American citizen cohorts have certain sly networking tendencies. This often leads to the “Gig” Takeover (see below). Americans have been deeply burdened by illegal immigration for decades. Large numbers of repeated immigrant waves over short periods of time are swamping our towns and cities. Sanctuary cities should not have been allowed to develop inside the United States in the first place. They give more priority to non-authorized immigrants, and the politicians who support these sanctuary areas are causing the broader United States harm. Games have included large sums of money directed to these main channels: civil rights groups, attorneys, lobbyists and supportive politicians. In addition, cartel and foreigner purchase of American properties is a major issue. Foreign operations masquerading as legitimate businesses inside American cities or under-cutting American businesses need more attention. The American system is better! Some tactics and activities are leaving many Americans feeling depressed and like giving up, with feelings they are losing their country and that they have no real say in important matters. There is a loss of morale, a tendency to drink or do drugs to avoid the difficult feelings that come up. Some people are committing suicide. But there are others who are awake, aware and trying to do something about it. This list of ideas and discussion is an attempt to jump-start awareness so more people can start catching onto the games afoot. The idea is that some of the activities of our opponents are outside the culturally driven ken of many Americans - what people know, how they perceive, and how reality is framed by what we have been taught and shown. This is how some of the infrastructure takeovers are happening in front of us without much being done to stop it. Things are slipping through the cracks of our awareness. We might not be not mindful of little signs because we don’t know they exist. It could be standing right in front of us, and we would not see it because it is not part of our reality. But it is also could be an avoidance issue. People don’t look or pay attention because they don’t want to know, or because they figure the problem is bigger than they are, and out of their hands. Other reasons things do not get done are mental sluggishness, because of substance excess or abuse, low education, culturally driven ideas about what is worth listening to or how it should be said, lower numbers of readers because of video watching. Reading helps develop analysis in another way. So know if you are reading this, you are likely among those who has a better tendency to analyze so you will need to take what you learn here and what you already know and reformat it in a way more and more Americans will understand - it can be likely pushing through a fog. Some have suggested putting out information in small digestible memes. It is not just what you and I know, it is how we can figure out a way to get it across to many others who are not making the connection. A low, balanced and controlled amount of immigration can and often does bring in valuable workers, skills and culturally diverse insights, but large uncontrolled numbers of immigrants entering the country repeatedly over brief periods of time set Americans up for failure. Please help stop this old problem. More Input Watch for intrusions of both fully or marginally authorized as well as unauthorized immigrants across various arenas o Excessive repeated bulk intrusions and amnesty over decades, even more in past year o Some is planned hybrid warfare - a way to dilute the US population and to bring in system changers o Too many Americans asleep at the wheel on this problem ignorance Americans being entrained to be nice and not racially discriminatory some of this could be subtle mind control - hidden warfare to make them compliant (psychic, psychotronic, electromagnetic attacks, etc - China is one that could be doing this) Dating/Mating: Immigrants start dating your family members; extended family and contacts*; Planned or incidental mating between non-citizen immigrants and American citizens - it can creep in on you and your family-might be trying to take over your family, house(s) and its money, particularly if “just women” or elderly are in that family - the extended family and contacts from other countries need to be checked out See Christians for Truth-2018 (sources) o Watch for games being played in various places in American infrastructure as a type of human networking and planned cohesion and ostracizing of whites and pro-American, moderate American citizens !Important! Medical, Pharmacy: Problems along these lines in the medical arena o differential treatment - minority staff showing minority preference ; COVI-19 vaccines and tests o limited drugs, could be switching out medications and vaccines- whites might be getting something else than expected o Problems also in car and health insurance - large corporations o The CCP, Chinese drug cartels, Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, radical Islamic cooperating contingencies across different countries might be involved, including more secular hoodlum types (criminals) Watch for ads mostly or only ads showing blacks as the primary subjects in one way or another Foreigners Co-opting American religious groups o Muslims o Hispanic ethno-religionists, often Catholics o CCP, Radical Islam and Hispanic Catholics, Irish Catholics, Jewish cults might be behind some of the fast-acting political quirks, might want to dominate the abortion subject capital punishment and abortion pushed in Texas might be something other than it seems - pushed most recently by infiltrating foreign groups trying to dominate American systems with their own agendas - probably with off-key American religious fundamentalists one motive might be to make the USA come across just as authoritarian as their countries are reputed to be - as well as to go after their own enemies control females thru abortion laws Gangstalking and gaslighting part of the motif transgender radicals could be interfering in various ways with the immigrant/US cohorts TAKEOVERS Know the culture (or at least tendencies) behind the takeovers One of the ways to counter the games being played is to know the enemy or opponent. By better understanding cultural tendencies for human networking as well as overt and hidden expressions of defiance, we will be better able to unite and combat such things here inside the US. If you don't know, see or understand the games afoot, you won't be able to counter it. Most of all, even if you see it, you need to fully acknowledge it with an attitude of wanting to do something about the problem, not just shrug the shoulders and look the other way. There can be a strands of interconnection aspect with multiple groups (cultures, genders and races) working together to make profits and undermine US stability on one hand, but with some of these groups having additional separate agendas. The people doing the takeovers of the United States are smoothly working around the legitimate American citizens - so learn how to work around them. + Gig takeover: Slower Takeover than Slam-Bam one, but still fast (within months, a few years to a decade) This is a takeover by illegal immigrants, but often with a mix of illegal immigrants + legalized ones + American citizen allies. It is also a takeover by mostly MPM which includes mostly American citizens who are fighting whites, moderates of all races and the regular American system. examples include: the Navajo takeover of Farmington, New Mexico in less than a decade; the small town of Dimmitt, Texas which was listed in 2000 as mostly white and by 2010 was listed as mostly HIspanic; complaints out of Demin, New Mexico that thug-like Hispanics, mostly immigrant-looking, have started show up around town, making things scary and foreign feeling. Etc… A gig takeover is a combination of a plan and cultural tendencies to take over an American area. It involves turfing with organized human networking to keep the broader American public out or controlled/disciplined, with options gatekept and funneled (see below). It is the infrastructure takeover you see with you eyes, feel with your gut and hear with your ears. The places used to look and feel American, now they do not. There is an undercurrent of reverse-racism. You are receiving goods and services in a differential manner - they are reserving the reasl and better stuff for their friends, family and allies. You might be feeling watched in the stores and other places. There is likely a don in the area, or dons. SUMMARY List of suggestions to abort games and cultural tendencies in takeovers Stop the tricky gigs - repeated games afoot! Below is a list of some public awareness concepts to jump-start immediate action at the personal and local level - these are conceptual tools from the perspective of what the illegal immigrants, gangs, cartels and minority power movement groups are doing to control areas and take jobs from whites and other Americans inside the United States. There is an attempt here to even the playing field here to make it easier for white Americans, as well as moderate pro-American citizens of any race, to protect themselves and to push back and stop the tide of takeovers inside the United States. (more detail on this list below in 8-LIST More on concepts and terms - The Gig Takeover) ZOI: Zone of Influence: area of crime influence, not just one thing; multiple levels, locations Surround Sound: attacks encircling target-networks are thruout ZOI attacking from various arenas Canary in the Coal Mine: certain signs of illegal immigrant/American cohorts taking over in USA Running Strings: human lines of networking to take over an American location, to turf, control Mowing the Grass: the idea that you clear 'em but you don't hold 'em - they return in numbers Making the Other Guy Look Bad: making legitimate, protective, pro-Americanism seem abusive Switching: changing the stories/people in the media/crimes to fit goals of cartels, criminals Making A Fool: cheekily running operations under noses of Americans, push envelope, open defiance Shrinking Space: as immigrants/US cohorts take over infrastructure, less usable/controlled areas in US Particularism: Cultural mindsets for certain details in watchfulness, response; idiosyncratic minutiae Funneling: Reducing your chances for true multiple choices - like on brands, products, ideas, help. Gatekeeping: Controlling someone’s access to goods, services, dignity, self-gratification, attention MORE DETAIL on concepts and terms - The Gig Takeover (Several of these terms are also in the Psyops section) Zone of Influence (ZOI): how anti-American activity, corruption and takeovers spread through various modalities, including human networking. See more on this topic in Psyops on this website. Running Strings: human networking across diverse areas; part of turfing; some of the turfers are masters of networking and have a gig going; identifying some of the gigs is part of what we are doing here. Gaslighting: denying you your reality even when (or because) you are on the mark about what they are doing: mocking, calling a person names - like “Trump supporter”, “white racist” or “supremacist.”. Telling you that you are crazy or paranoid, that you need to see a psychiatrist, when you are actually experiencing what you think and calling it for what it is. Trying to confuse you or make you have self-doubts. Funneling: People could be trying to narrow your range of choices or make other outcomes seem futile so you will finally, apparently of your own free will, turn to their preferred way. They could be reducing your options, giving you less and less real choices but trying to trick you into thinking you have choices. The people doing this have an obsession with control. The also could be trying to redirect funds toward a central entity (like the CCP). Gatekeeping: It’s an if-then clause: if you do, behave or say what a controller want, then he will at least partially favor you, give you attention, do what you ask, give you what you want. Shrinking American Space inside the USA: Green zones, safe harbors - Some white Americans and other pro- American citizens might be gravitating toward something like international combat area "green zones" - safe harbors - in their own home cities as they lose more and more controllable and usable space to the contrary anti- American groups who are trying to take over everything. Particularlism: Specificity, focal points. The games, defiance, modus operandi, way space is culturally organized, social hierarchies, what causes vindictiveness, etc. have a specificity, a culturally (sometimes religiusly) driven attention to certain details. Gangs are operating in zone of influence, with surround sound, running strings, according to cultural and psychological constructs which fixate on certain points, are meticulous or sensitive about certain details, or working rage along certain lines of vendetta detail, are trying to control the public sphere alone certain lines. This particularism is one way you as a legitimate pro-American police officer or border patrol agent can identify them, anticipate or follow their trajectories and impede their manifestations. Points of Defiance This is often the reasoning behind the Gig Takeovers - includes civil rights lines of thinking which have shifted to a militant, or started out as warfare to begin with. It is the Pulse Points which drive the energy behind the defiance, which they call resistance. the thoughts and feelings drive the militancy against the United States. Below where you see “whites” you can also input “Americns” because these groups usually equate the two You whites don’t like us You whites don’t have real problems like we do You whites don’t care about us, what we have to go through You whites think you are smarter and better than us You whites stole our lands, now is the time to pay the rent You whites used our labor for free or for dirt cheap SLAM-BAM Takeover When the takeover is more direct, it can be slam-bam - they quickly and aggressively dominate or kill and take or take over other people’s stuff - houses, cars, towns. Further Discussion China could be directly linked to cartels and infrastructure takeovers (so is Radical Islam and La Raza) Through this mix of problems with our military, we need clear heads and expertise to inform us as to how to protect ourselves from hidden forms of warfare not currently being disclosed properly, ethically, professionally and methodically to the American public. For military infiltration problems, see: Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin (Republican)speaking at Hillsdale College 2022/02/14 Woke Warriors: How DEI Risks Destroying DoD https // MPM Playing King/Queen over slave/subject to try to make a white feel lowly Many whites are being entrained by minority power movement groups (often linked to civil rights mentalities, Marxism and community organizing) to be apologetic, deferential and overly supportive of the minority power movement cause. They are basically saying, "Kneel, Show Some Respect, Leave" in one context or another. It is felt unsuspecting pro-America citizens could be experiencing psychic and/or psychotronic attack, and at the least, there is an overall atmosphere of hostility toward them which can act like a wave of oppression. Taken to an extreme, there is sexual abuse. There can be American political leaders making private deals in back rooms selling out America, so some of these anti-American groups already telling themselves "we won" and that they are in charge inside the United States. On American Flag Wavers Flag wavers need to be the good guys We have lots of American flags being waved all over the place, bumper stickers showing how many Americans have been in the military. It is the opinion here this is a good thing. While all of that is going on, there is a continued creep of immigrants as well as anti-white and anti-American types taking over our infrastructure. It's like all those flags are crosses against Dracula, and Dracula is not listening. But even with these flags which express but also turf by indicating “Americans here”, the infrastructure in our home cities are still being taken over under our noses. It's like the rug being whipped out from under us even while we are demonstrative about being pro-American. We need to make sure we are not blowing hot air. There are different reasons for putting out US flags. For example, some American flag wavers are mostly men who want a guy thing - it's their way of reclaiming an America that was mostly about men as head of household and handling the family, church and national decisions. Others wave flags to commemorate their buddies and others who died in combat. For yet others, it is about God, family and concerns for the afterlife of the soul. For yet others it includes the right to bear arms. For others of us, it is the feeling and look of the old USA, the one we, our parents and grandparents grew up with. The differences among flag wavers means we should not make instant assumptions when we see a flag being waved. There even could be criminals, terrorists and illegal immigrants waving them to hide who lives in the house. I think one way we can all unite is on local safety and national security. If all US flag wavers will agree to work on this together, we can make a huge difference. I am a church and state separation Republican who wants us to weed out the corruption in our policing and national security departments and to back off the dangerous reverse-racism that has become like a snotty and dangerous national college clique throughout our work force and public servicing infrastructure. I want everyone to put their heads together on how we can push back on these two nasty trends and some other important issues. Turfing The immigrants and their allies run networks to squeeze loyal American citizens out of jobs and services. Often cooperating with certain like-minded American groups (their cohorts) they turf fast food restaurants, grocery stores, indoor shopping malls, chain stores, franchises large corporations which service Americans, and more. Turf controllers can act like they are gatekeepers about restaurant food or store products, the quality or price of your medications, lower prices from sales or low stock/high demand products, and more. This means they act like they are doing American citizens - usually whites - a favor if they honor the sales, or if they let shortage items be sold to them. They might even act like they are doing them a favor just by serving the food, even if the customer paid a high price for it. These turfed areas are prioritizing goods and services for non-Americans and their cohorts against legitimate American citizens. Turfing is repeated elsewhere here and throughout Police Factor to emphasize the problem. Turfing involves replacement of regular Americans with illegal immigrants or gang members, filling in voids, taking up management positions, refusing to hire whites or other American citizens, working closely with foreign companies, and opening up foreign businesses in American cities. Once things are set up, it involves controlling that space, keeping whites and other American citizens out. They try to run it like little Mexico, little Latin America, little Islam. They act like they are doing American citizens a favor if they honor their company’s price reduction sales, or if they let shortage items be sold to them. These turfed areas are prioritizing goods and services for non-Americans and their cohorts against legitimate American citizens. WATCH FOR AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS AND COLLEGE OFFICIALS WHO ARE OVERLY SUPPORTIVE OF MEXICAN NATIONALS AND OTHER IMMIGRANTS. US POST OFFICES ARE UNQUESTIONABLY AT RISK! Medical Facilities and Pharmacies One of the primary reasons behind this Americans First section: US MEDICAL & GOVERNMENT FACILITIES, WATCH FOR MPM AND CARTELS BEING RUN IN URGENT CARES, HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOMS AND PHARMACIES. AND SUCH TRENDS PARTICULARLY DO NOT BELONG IN AMERICAN HEALTH CARE - TRUE DIVERSITY INCLUDES WHITE PEOPLE! RACISM DOES NOT BELONG IN THE MEDICAL WORLD! PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL AND PHARMACY ETHICS OVERSIGHT GROUPS ARE GETTING LAZY! THESE OVERSEEING BOARDS ARE PROBABLY THE FIRST THING YOU NEED TO BE CONTACTING WITH YOUR CONCERNS ABOUT THESE MATTERS OF REVERSE-RACISM. NEITHER REVERSE-RACISM NOR TRADITIONALLY UNDERSTOOD FORMS OF RACISM BELONG IN US MEDICAL FACILITIES! IT IS ALL RACISM! “We win, you lose” - Some illegal immigrants and MPM already saying they won over USA here in US There can be American political leaders making private deals in back rooms selling out America, so some of these anti-American groups are already telling themselves "we won" and that they are in charge inside the United States. It is important when you sense that, you make it perfectly clear the Americans are still in charge of their own country. Anticipatory Obedience: Do not Obey In Advance. From book On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century. By Timothy Snyder p. 17: “Most of the power of authoritarianism is freely given.” The idea is that the public and certain leaders will defer in advance to a perceived threat as if it is already likely taking over everything. The extension of this idea is that people assume the other guy is smarter and probably not so bad. Some Americans seem to be doing this about China - US General Mark A. Milley is an example in how he went around Trump to tell China the US was not ready to do bombs against that country. Milley was actually deferring to China by pretending that was a country that could be reasoned with using such discussions. In his own way, Milley was indicating China was preferable to the US. (Note this author seems to have a bias against Trump and seems to use Trump and his Republican adherents as an example of the type of tyranny set forth in the book. It is advised to look past this to get to the nuggets of his ideas, but remain objective otherwise. He does make some good points and also brings out some important moments in history involving Nazi takeovers.) US Cities/Towns taken over or heavily influenced by illegal immigrants Here are just a few places experiencing excess immigrant populations: Alamosa, Colorado (and several towns along east Highway 160 toward Walsenburg) Deming, New Mexico Moab, Utah Yuma, Arizona and nearby towns Oregon (especially towns going west along Hwy 84 near Columbia River and Portland; Salem) Twin Cities of Minnesota California: as example see PM: Post Millenial-2021/11/04 Mexican drug cartels' operations in southern California exposed (in Sources) Our Information base - we need reliable resources on these matters and other forms of hidden attacks on the public. Too often the internet sources seem to go off on tangents or to be connected to cults or anti-American groups. The American military is in a position to be able to communicate reliable information to the public, but it is being burdened by civil rights militancy, corruption, and foreign country infiltration. Some of our most intelligent and capable minds are coming home sick, injured or psychologically impaired, like with PTSD. Education might be low-grade there. Through this thicket of problems, we need clear heads and expertise to let us know how to protect ourselves from hidden forms of warfare in the public spectra. In the meantime, grassroots sites like this one have to make do with what we can identify on our own with limited means - without specialized knowledge, training, hands-on work experiences and security clearances; with the mishmash of information available on the internet and other sources, and without the finances of corporations or government. SOCIAL SETTING ISSUES Illegal Aliens Seeking American citizen mates-an old problem still with us; they might have troublesome extended family, friendship and business contacts Sometimes to gain citizenship, sometimes for financial stability, prestige, to hook into a well-off extended family member, to take control of the family’s assets; this also could be coming in from minority American citizens, particularly those in or linked to a minority power movement. A Cuban, Peruvian and Hawaiian are examples and it might or might not be these people directly - it might be someone in their family trying to gain hooks into the American family and its assets. There might be a machismo involved or a Hawaiian male domination aspect, Asian culture and Polynesian culture, Hawaiian nationalist movement, etc. Cubans could have communism lurking or drug addict brother in prison. Peruvians might have some kind of baggage from the old country, or extended networks, maybe something coming in through the pharmacy or drug industry even if on the surface the work is legitimate. These are just examples from real life - what to be on the look- out for. Ask yourself if the Peruvian was sent in by drug lords as a mate, or if sent in by some kind of match-making cult. A hidden layer of people using old world ideas of matchmaking has come up as a possibility - like an old Spanish - Catholic Royalty thing among those of Spanish descent. This has been brought up elsewhere on Police Factor. It is an undercurrent, part of that secondary layer talked about here - not something most Americans would know about or pick up on right away. The idea is, “we are going to organize and control single women. Our non-American males need entry into the United States, these single women seem to be needy or like someone we can control. o Peru: a family member suddenly starts dating a male non-US citizen from Peru and who gets his citizenship in the two years he started dating her - starts using Democrat canned speech against Trump supporters, Republicans, racism, white supremacists, Trump supporters as white trash, etc.; he might be linked to pharmaceutical drug sales o Hawaiian mixed white, Portuguese, Hawaiian male with preference for Hawaiian culture: another white family member with Hawaiian mate starts using the same canned anti-racism speech with Hawaiian preference tendencies, boyfriend might be linked to family and friends who are even more radical (like Hawaiian nationalists); white family is losing the grandchild and daughter to the Hawaiian minority power movement ideology which is linked to the national and global MPM o Cuba, homosexual household: another family member has ties to the original wave of Cuban immigrants fleeing Communist takeover,and has a brother who is in jail and who has a drug and crime problem; o all three ostracize and disparage the family member who warns about radical minority power movement groups and who registered as a voting Republican o all three might be under the influence of extraordinary attacks of some kind causing them to act and think like that . Don’t try to ignore or make light of the problem of reverse-racism by using sex. When the argument is about jobs, money, quality treatment at the doctor’s office or pharmacy, or getting honest and legitimate leaders in important government and business positions, the answer to reverse-racism is fair and honest treatment, not trying to get sexual. Some men with machismo try to belittle the ideas by getting more sexual. They think getting sexy with a white voicing such concerns will prove they are not reverse-racist. That is not the way to handle their concerns. The idea might include, “Let me handle it. I will make you happy (mostly through sex) and get rid of the problems.” People upset over reverse-racism want the problems to stop in another way; they don’t want people to use sex to distract or bully people into submission. In addition, the language of sex in this context can be a put-down, another way to win an argument by belittling the other person. Reverse-racism can be used as a type of funneling and gatekeeping to drive people into limited choices or against the wall, or to control their choices. Some people could be messing with low level shock energy weapon guns (or that type of thing) even from unsuspected places (Example: like Hispanic or Native American baristas in coffee shops behind the customer service counter- stun guns (etc) might be directed at white members the public - whites who have spoken out against the MPM and illegal immigration. Some of these baristas might have Mexican grandparents who either legally or illegally immigrated into the United States). This sort of thing might be happening from non-whites in grocery stores - like from members of the so-called store security. They could be doing it through the aisles, like from an aisle over, or from mystery shoppers with carts, etc. Along these lines non-white store security could also be bearing false witness in this store security context and in other ones Non-white neighbors next door or a few houses down could be part of the gig, this includes mostly white families with non-white family members; in adjoining properties, they could be doing something to you through the walls Solutions Take the Bull by the Horns. Get the word out - constantly. Take back one neighborhood, one district, one city at a time and plan on holding them once you clear them. The United States should be an integrated whole, not a mosaic of international fiefdoms or inborn gansters. Mean Business. Have your most focused and dedicated people - the people with the passion for the job - handle the immigrant clearing. Remember to be firm and hold the line, but not abusive. People will argue that sending them back to Mexico or their home countries is abusive, but this was their problem the whole time. The Americans do not have to be the bread basket of the world and cannot take on everyone else's problems, particularly while our serious problems have been on deferred maintenance for generations. It can sound cruel to send immigrants back to their dangerous countries, but our country is increasingly becoming vicious because of all of these people coming in. We have to hold the line, folks. So have your most loyal and passionate people do the clearing of immigrants and boundary work. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From October 20-22 PErsonal Notes Citizens, including those with European heritage, born in the country and with ancestors who go back several generations, who have personally (or whose ancestors have) participated in one or more wars in support of the United States, who have gone through good and bad in this nation (like the first landing on th emoon or Great Depression) over a long period of time, need to be taken seriously. And being here three or four (or more) centuries is native enough, when contrasted with earlier indigenous groups who claim supremacy of origin. Many of these centuries-old families with European roots have a mixed racial heritage, including with these indigenous groups. For example, many have Cherokee racial ties. This does not make them instantly indigenous, a Democrat, liberal, a Marxist or Communist, part of a red power movement, or even particularly sympathetic toward Native American causes, but it does mean they are not exactly identical to the earliest European colonists. What is more, we cannot jump to conclusions about those Native Americans in our ancestry in terms of what they believed or how they thought and operated. Different things could have been going on. For example, some French connections go back over 500 years, and some qualities attributed to Native American spirituality might in fact have a French Catholic influence. The American system is a unique blend of people and systems which have increasingly evolved over time, and we old-timers - whether of indigenous or European roots, or both - are all Americans now. Many of those actually linked to the original inhabitants of the United States are now cooperating with rich and powerful international enemies of the American system with the intention of taking back lands and power. In the process, they have been but introducing non-indigenous aspects (like Marxism) into their fold. This creates an artificial composite. All end results of Marxist rebellions wind up dictatorships without exception, and lots of people are killed, often brutally, both at the time of the rebellion and for many years later while under the thumb of oppressive regimes. Currently, too many newcomers are coming in, displacing Americans, taking jobs, education, benefits and services that should be reserved for Americans of long standing in the country. Second to this should be people who, if newcomers, should have been here several years and have shown consistent loyalty to the United States. In addition, bad behaviors and approaches are being directed at long-standing Americans by these actual or relative newcomers (ten to 20 years is, still new) including gaslighting American concerns. Such approaches should be seen as takeover operations. These newcomers treat old-time Americans like guests in their own country. These bad behaviors include shunning and even greatly isolating Americans with different views during these takeovers. It also includes turfing by putting in and keeping their own people (players) at locations being taken over. It includes using overt and covert operations to try to control free speech. This is not right. We need to understand such takeovers can operate at the family, corporate and government levels. We need to ask if psychic or psychotronic attacks are a affecting mood, ideation, speech and political orientation. We need to educate unsuspecting family members that they,too, can be be manipulated. The takeover operations can be very different from what people are used to looking for. The approach is one that political correctness and avoiding sensitivities does not work for many old-time Americans. Beyond this, although we might not be able to agree on exact religious approaches and beliefs, we usually can agree on certain other core American values. Often the general goal or direction is the same. We need to operate as moderates in the public sphere regardless of our private religious beliefs. Moderate in this regard includes Church and State Separation, allowing each individual to find and connect to God in their own way (or not)- while not taking this position of religious freedom so far as to let unscrupulous or misguided groups take over - those who would misuse, take advantage or make a mockery of the true intent and meaning of self- direction and choice, which for many in the US today often includes a desire for sincere spiritual alignment, not just religious dogma. This website’s writer suspects a love vibration underlies all existence, but mental constructs and emotion shake us out of that alignment or steady state, but it is still there, nonetheless. Often trying to be good, or to follow precepts, create fixations which distort and distract, shifting us from that basic gentle peace. The harder we make it, the further it gets. Black Racial Discrimination Lawsuits are an industry as well as warfare. Blacks doing this are seeking money and power. Every major business and large corporation has been hit by them, at least once, if not several times. After that, many companies tend to look, feel and operate as black-owned spaces. Blacks are looking for reasons to see slights and to make a ton of money unfairly at the expense of non-black people. Black controlled spaces will always discriminate against non-blacks in one way or another, and white customer private information is at risk in their hands. We have to ask if China and Radical Islam are involved. The blacks doing this demean themselves and other blacks, make themselves very unlikable and spur people to want to avoid them. The excuses and focus on power are vulgar. Their idea in advance is they are not liked and that it is all a big struggle, but they worsen or actually create that response by their behavior.
Resources and Input Policing, Borders, Drugs, Cartels and System Corruption
TRUMPIER THAN TRUMP (and I didn’t vote for Trump) Solid Border Protection No easy amnesty. No more bulk “crisis” amnesty. We already have an immigrant problem. (*see Hybrid Warfare below) No sanctuary cities No DACA. Overturn it. Support first and foremost American citizen dreamers, not foreign migrant dreamers, send them back to “dream” in their home countries; American dreamers come in all ages. Don’t send illegal immigrants from one troubled American state to another. Instead, send them out of the country. Reverse-racism in hiring practices is racism. Immigrants are swamping fast food businesses. Bring the USA back there* Watch for signs of reverse- racism in medical centers, including organized crime. This can include a tendency to try to keep whites from getting real (genuine and thorough) medical help, to try to control or divert their medical experience, from keeping them out of jobs like the front desk reception areas and nursing positions; corrupt doctors and Human Resources can be behind the low-grade hiring practices Keep Mexico-centered and linked politicians like Senator Ben Ray Lujan and Attorney General Hector Balderas of New Mexico out of American government Cell phones can be linked to infiltrations of families, businesses and government using a variety of tactics, including big tech mind influencing. Read up on China’s Clean out local, county and state policing, FBI and border protection personnel not in line with border protection or who aid and abet La Raza/Unidos (as Hispanic/tribal takeovers) types of approaches Watch for Hispanic culture related problems: a tendency to defiantly speak Spanish loudly and pointedly in front of white American trying to act like old style conquistador royalty while treating whites (Anglos) like “subjects” **true diversity includes white people - stop the habit that has developed in hiring a majority (often 98%-100%) Hispanic (including, majority of, or all Spanishspeaking -only) speaking work forces at McDonald’s and other fast food chains! All Hispanic work forces deter whites from wanting to apply or work there; Hispanic culture can include machismo; also Hispanic females are invoved in the games *Hybrid Warfare is being used across the world to artificially send immigrats from one country into another.
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