Turfing (RRT-2)
MEDIA GUISES & FALL GUYS Habitual deception in making white cops or other whites the fall guy. THIS IS ABUSE AND IT IS TREACHERY, AND IT HAS BEEN GOING ON A LONG TIME INSIDE THE USA. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It is suspected we are being lied to about who is actually responsible for publicly reported deaths involving white cops and also public massacres involving so-called white supremacists. The signs of deception include the Across-The-Board Sameness of Pro-BLM Rah Rah (Go, BLM, Go). When we citizens see BLM Rah Rah, red flags - and red, white and blue ones - need to be up and waving. Let’s back up a minute. Anyone caught unfairly treating blacks or other minorities as a KKK or any other weird white extremist thing will be identified (See No Honor, No Country). ECID is about the truth, whoever did it, how ever they did it. But it is also about barring Islamic Extremists, Russians, Chinese and others from messing with our news and our systems. We CANNOT trust our news. America did not used to be like this. It’s the Big Brother thing. It’s killed our news. Young people don’t know. They trust too much. They hear about poor George Floyd, and off they go. People should not rely on the news to protest or riot against so-called Big Bad White America. Some of those riots are staged, some are piggy-backing on the original Black Lives Matter Movement. Others are wannabes and want attention. We are NOT discounting the inhumanity of any unfair or unjustified attack on a member of the public. We do NOT support stranglings, beatings, shootings or ganging up on blacks or anyone else. We want young people to apply their energy, sincerity and compassion in the right direction. We all need better analytical skills to respond effectively to fake news. What are the signs of likely deception? Because the news has let us down, we have to organize against planned destabilizing events. American areas are being purposely destabilized or softened by a high profile event using minorities as the victims against so-called Big Bad White America. We cannot trust the information given to us, so in response, we must have citizens groups and policing teams around the country available to both check out and handle a “type case” - the type being a WBME one. These teams will have thoroughly studied the ropes, all the twists and turns, every single case in the country - and in the globe - involving a high profile White-On-Black incident, which includes white on minority. They will know the ins and outs. The responses and investigations will be separate from the status quo by offering a unique approach. This approach will include “fanning out”, re-motifing the motif, calculated playbacks with a new right scoop, and catching the fall-out before it lands. Fanning out means investigators and responders are both near the center and around and about. They are studying this with microscopes and wide angled lenses. They are on the periphery and in the middle of the action. Re-motifing the motif means you are taking their arguments like a bull by the horn and reworking it toward truly humanistic and American protective modes. They say Black Lives Matter, You say All Lives Matter. They say you are a white supremacist, You say “Stop Gangs and Cartels.” They say Blacks have endured slavery at the hands of America and European colonists, you say “Blacks in African Countries are among those countries with the largest numbers of human rights violations in the world, including slavery and human trafficking.” Calculated playbacks with a new right scoop means you get the right evidence, the real truth, and you make sure an honest media source gets it to the American people. The new right scoop is the real news. Catching the fall-out before it lands means you see the embers of the fire burning before it turns into a blaze and have a highly controlled and organized response which defuses it. You see an alleged white-on-black event is unfolding; you get the facts before they disappear into the maze of the criminal underworld. The fall-out is the post-event insertion of new personnel as players, as well as other softening activities designed to weaken the old original American system. These teams also will be trained to identify tainted personnel like police chiefs, FBI agents and other security forces. They will have experts on video scams and reworkings found in other WBME cases in which white officers are shown doing this or that to a minority. There will be specialists on identifying trends in BPM false witnesses: how the bribes work, who does them; the various forms of extortion, sensing the signs of a possible likely upcoming disappeared witness, and more. Each part of an event will have a specialist attached to it. They will know what to look for. Beyond this, geographing the disturbed boundaries of the event locus will include assessing how far out and how deep in the softening is occurring or likely to occur. This will include assessing how many players are likely already infecting the site while watching for likely new ones entering it. Characteristics of previous players will be compared to current likely ones. There will be types and approaches, reoccurring themes, certain personality traits, body language, verbal tendencies and more. The players will be Islamic extremists, cartel members, BPM people, LGBT and more with certain approaches and backgrounds. The ECID will be likely doing background checks in a way the police departments and FBI failed to do; they will likely be doing their work for them, and then some. It is likely ECID could be a specially generated program unlike anything the United States has seen to date. -------------------------- APPROACHES: ECID: Experts Countering Informational Deception In a Nutshell Be Firm! No Wishy-Washy Ways. Mass embargos and boycotts of Big Brother corporations; the people vote with their feet. Anti-trust, anti-monopoly lawsuits against these corporations, as well. Get more Republicans to unite with non-religionists and egalitarian women; become more organized. Have organized protests as both minorities and whites against white discrimination by recognizing totalitarian systems in the making: no one ultimately is safe. Build up lawsuits against Big Brother corporations showing minority preference in advertising and jobs. The lawsuits need to be about reverse discrimination and also anti-trust/anti-monopoly. Create several investigative teams across the nation as Region I, 2, 3, 4…etc. or some such idea. These likely already exist, but need to be expanded to become an elite multi-faceted ROCKS OF GIBRALTAR to work in an extraordinary manner on these problems. As soon as we hear of a murder by a white cop of a minority, or white “rampages” in public areas, whether or not there are actually minority victims like in an Aztec, New Mexico school or the El Paso Walmart rampage, be on the lookout for the following: 1. Cover-ups of an Islamic Extremist rampage; changing the stories a. gather up all known and questionable instances of masking: that is, masking the actual perpetrators by letting a white group take the heat as “white extremists” or in the media headlines “America still hasn’t learned to overcome its racism” (front page news headlines that sound like they came out of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s propaganda) 2. Cover-up of a minority cop against a member of the public incident; transfering the blame to a white police officer 3. Cover-up of a minority linked to gangs incident; the gangs cover the gangmember who actually did it and get the blame projected on someone else; the someone else could be a white cop or some other white person, but it also could be any person of any race or gender. Study how stooges have taken the heat for gang members 4. Black police chief in the department BEFORE or AFTER a white-on-black/minority incident? a. Who was there before, who came in after a largely publicized WBME? b. Do we see an increase of WBME after the black police chief becomes head of the department? Are they trying to get rid of white police officers from the department as a whole? Did a black police chief come in after a WBME as a way to appease the situation? 5. information wars: They ruin reputations. They use repetition and attrition to wear people down. 6. Softening: Are/were they softening the area for a takeover? What could be some other signs of softening at that time before, during or after the event? Softening an area can include appeasement after a WBME. See more in the softening area of this website. Stop apologizing and appeasing. 7. Plan on Anti-trust suits against certain major cell phone carrier/Xfinity (AOL, Yahoo), Apple and more; See if we can get the European Union to work with us to break up various conglomerates. These Big Brother enterprises are thoroughly dangerous and are directly linked to the multiple black Afros you have been seeing on every website everywhere (along with a few whites sprinkled in here and there). 8. Get a feeling for the rhythm of the dark dance they play. African Americans often have an unusual knack for music and dance. This can translate to a certain “out there” approach to the non-initiated. Get musical, artistic and theatrical people on your teams to help hear the missing nuances of the games being played on rationalistic white America. This is one reason our professional teams have not responded effectively to the threat. Too much left-brained thinking, to use the parlance of the 1980s. 9. Some might be asking for help or trying to tell you what is really afoot by exaggerating their performance. This can be their way of saying they are a victim, too, being forced to do this game. Sources of Informational Deception: Bank, Credit Card Company Home Page Websites Newspapers giving Black Lives Matter Front Page News Coverage Day after Day, Weeks, Months Language as Calling Cards - Certain forms of expression used across the board, example is “Kindness” used along with “Justice” in the Black Lives Matter Movement: this is a triggering term as well as a crock. They don’t mean kindness, they mean control, and if anyone counters their “kindness”, watch out! They are using these words out of context with the broader Black Lives Matter material seen elsewhere so that the public cannot say “Hey, stop advertising BLM.” So they pull out certain key works - like “Kindness” - but what they are really telling you is “THIS IS A BLM SUPPORTING ESTABLISHMENT.” How many Starbucks have you noticed with “Be Kind Signs?” This is Big Brother. It’s a control game. And it is also “In Your Face” which has a psychological driving component. But what you are doing is watching for words they use across the board. When you see those words, you are on alert. This means this group, this website, this company…etc…has been infiltrated with at least some people. Another red flag is when they refer groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center from a government website. Traditionally in the US, governments stay out of that kind of thing. So this is relatively new, and it is a red flag. You see that, you know someone at the post office is off base. Young people today might not know it’s not OK for a governmental agency like a post office to refer the SPLC, but it is really not OK. It is just so totally not OK. Gang Culture Tendencies: It’s a Harsh, Cruel World Bullying, Dominating, Fight City One-Upmanship, Competition, King of the Jungle Mentalities Retaliations, Vendettas Secrets: See Wall of Silence on River Gold Making Money on Low or No Life-Sustaining Products: Drugs, Weapons, Human Trafficking, etc. Self-Perpetuating and Forced Members. In self-perpetuating, it’s about keeping members traumatized, dominated and dirty, and punished for trying to get out. For Forced Members, somebody was likely kidnapped and victimized into submission, and then found themselves dealing with the same issues as original gang members. Miscellaneous Comments It is possible some cities and states are being turfed. It is also some people are being bought and sold as slaves without the victims knowing about it. The way they are a slave is they are on some kind of list. It is likely the state of New Mexico has some of this going on against white citizens, but it is likely a national and global problem. The Navajos and Hispanics are cheating in the state of New Mexico for government (including postal) jobs, for one thing. We are seeing unprecedented numbers of brown-skinned minorities in banks and credit unions. New Mexico is not protecting its white citizens against reverse discrimination and continues to encourage the myth of the “poor downtrodden minorities coming into their own” at the expense of the human rights of the rest of the state’s American citizens. New Mexico is little better than a third world country and is increasingly being trashed by below-the-border mentalities and approaches which lower the standards of living, increase crime, and strangle free enterprise. The state is the weak link in the Union. There are probably lines of connection between New Mexico, Hawaii and New York’s 9/11. Proper, ethical and real investigations would have long since exposed these virulent connections. It is very likely that white person human rights are being violated in the state of New Mexico, with victims unaware of the full range of it. The problems probably cross over into other states when people on a target list try to leave the state. Some day, proper investigations into these matters will occur, but do not expect the state of New Mexico to initiate in-depth and authentic investigations into these matters. It will have to come from other states, although people inside New Mexico might initiate the investigations and lawsuits. New Mexico used to have a better balance of whites and non-whites in the work force, particularly in banks and credit unions. Gangs and cartels can be running strings in all-minority financial institutions. With as many whites as there truly are in New Mexico, there is no reason to see mostly minorities inside banks. Something is up and off with this. When your area banks go, no one is safe in the region. Who is handling the networking of banks is a national security issue. Banks that had a good balance of whites and non-whites only a few years ago which now are showing mostly minority preference are truly compromised spaces. There is an ugly aggression behind this. It is unquestionably a form of turfing and takeover. this is just as dangerous as the Nazi creep in Berlin the 1930s on their way to a takeover of the German government. The concern is the takeover can happen so fast, right before your eyes. What is being put in is third rate, third world country type of operation in which true human rights and civil rights are not part of the corporate culture. When you see mostly or only minorities being put in after there was better mixing, you know a third world country mentality is afoot, not the real American system. do your part and pay attention to this ugly behavior, and do your part to stop it. Whites going, going, gone are the canaries in the coal mine. The next step is another Mexican cartel controlled world, just like south of the border, or another Islamic or African system, or a degenerate communist one. There is a close association between minority preference, communism and third world countries posturing as advanced technological countries. If the minorities do not want to play fair and are helping to bring in tyrants, we don’t have a real bank, city or country. The people only worry about being Top Dog - not about human or civil rights. They manipulate the American laws about civil rights until they get in the door and take over - then they drop them. They drop the whole EEO, equal employment opportunity laws, too, as they continue to purposely hire minorities and use minority preference in advertising. They are cultivating another cartel controlled state here inside the United States - right in front of us. Do not encourage black and Hispanic self-centeredness in these matters. And do send illegal Mexican immigrants back over the Mexican border. Wake up or die. Symptoms of Abused, Misaligned or Psychologically Hampered White Cops: Unable or Unwilling to stand up to the crowd White officers might be being encouraged to think they are underlings now. Islamic power mongers want the enemy to feel lost and dejected from the inside out. Watch for hidden psychological operations of various sorts. Using public displays of violence; Watch for fake news on this. Where there is actual violence, isolate the variables. Seeming confused; Watch for minorities trying to make whites seem confused, however. Whites might or might not be confused. White males feeling marrying minorities will get them off the hook or help them gain entry into power groups in an area; they might be made to feel marrying into tribes or Hispanic networks will keep them from being annihilated when any anti-white Holocaust comes down in the United States. They might feel they receive some benefits through the Navajo Tribe. They might be made to feel that by marrying a minority, they are not a racist. There might be mind control to try to make whites hate other whites. Although all of this talks about whites: It’s really about where we are in the turn of history. When Islamic citizens saw a takeover in front of their eyes of Iran and Saudi Arabia, later generations asked their parents and grandparents, “Why didn’t you do anything about it?” Keep your eyes always turned toward other tyrannical takeovers. Each country has a different set of conspiracies before one group was replaced by another one. In the USA and white Western Europe, now it is the whites facing a hostile Big Brother enemy under the guise of civil rights. This is no different than takeovers in China, Russia and all of those Middle Eastern and African countries. Ultimately, in a tyrannical system, it’s not about skin color - it’s about mean bullies. Blacks taking it out on the whole white world discount all the whites who never really did anything to them. Whites who spent a lifetime not really having an issue with minorities are suddenly waking up to the dangers. Miscellaneous Notes Several of these notes have been moved from the Notes -Personal section Some of this is repeated above. INFORMATION WARS: FAKE NEWS POSSIBLE OR LIKELY AROUND WHITE COP MURDER OR ABUSE STORIES OR WHITE “RAMPAGES” NOTICE DALLAS AND EL PASO HAVE BEEN GETTING HIT HARD BY THIS SORT OF THING extreme minority agendas. The problem is when opponents cannot ask or question without being labeled falsely. The problem is when the same identical messages come through all Big Brother media; we need to organize a planned response to all future WBME’s (see below). We need antitrust legislation against these large Big Brother corporations like Apple and certain major cell phone carrier. The minorities putting out all the same kind of messages across all of the large corporations are like Nazis. Another possibility is actual Nazis or white extremists from the Stalin and Nazi eras - descendants - are using and manipulating minorities toward a clash and crisis because they were angry over the world thinking they were this or that. If Nazis are tweaking things, we have another hidden group behind the apparent minority power groups. BLACK POWER MOVEMENT: Declaration of Independence from Black Tyranny - Stop the Bullying, Stop the Riots, Stop the Self-Centered “ME First”, Stop Guilt Manipulations, Stop the Big Brother Power Grabs on Corporate Media: These groups are extremely dangerous! BE AWARE OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO WHITES IN SOUTH AFRICA! IT IS ONE TYRANT REPLACING ANOTHER! THE AFRICANS IN POWER LUST FOR GLOBAL POWER! NOTHING QUENCHES THEIR THIRST FOR BLOOD! Watch for Black Magic! Stop Black gang bullying across this nation! Being Black does not equal having power through black gangs! They have been bullying since the 1970s! They use “I am a poor downtrodden black coming int my own” to manipulate the United States! 2020/07/01 Turfing/Bullying: Minority Photo Displacement of Whites in Ads - Infiltration of Schools; the Left; Being gay does not equal BLM! CONSIDER ALSO HAITIANS, CUBANS, and all of Black Hispania. Again, watch for Black Magic! Where there are black power movements - signs of BPM language, photos, ideation - compare it to other black dominated regions around the world 7. Blacks in denial of their own responsibility or culpability-the blame game: “See what you whites create” teaching whites a lesson - constantly scolding, “teaching” - “disciplining whites toward the “right” mind - one- upping - ultimately they want themselves in and whites out - it is my way or the highway - replacing one tyrant for another - very real connections to violent Islamic Extremists - hidden, subversive Stasi antics can include mind control (psychological driving, etc.) Self-absorption - a monologue, not a dialogue This is why Black Power Movements are dangerous operating without the formal context of a battlefield which prevents us from using weapons on them - because they cry bloody murder and make a big fanfare out of it in the media to use information warfare to keep Americans from fighting back. They use warfare on us, but act like victims so traditional warfare cannot be used on them in return. The anti-racist postures are denying victims of their rights to speak out against Black Power Movements and Islamic Extremism. But there is likely more to it than meets the eye - like psychotronic mind control and energy attacks. Sometimes a wild dog is begging to be shot. And this reality is the big No-No. American families are being entrained to believe they cannot call a spade a spade. Only a few of us have figured out the malicious game afoot. Years ago, I heard people warning me about minority driven operations and I thought they were racist. So when they call you a racist, that distracts the argument. It also siphons energy toward them and their arguments and conclusions. They keep things riled up. When you tell somebody their responses are racist, you are interpreting. So before you know it we are arguing over perceptions. Can you really know for sure what someone perceives or is experiencing? If your gut instinct is to call somebody a racist, what if you are missing some pieces of information? Like a game is afoot? And if you agree with the game, what are the rest of us to do with you now? How do we defend ourselves if you are a part of the game? Let us say the game is putting up photos of minorities to purposely exclude whites. And you are a white manager of a government agency who feels minorities take precedence. How are we to respond to you as you usurp our rights? Are you being bribed? Are you married to a minority? Do you get and keep your job by playing into the games? How else would a white support billboards advertising a state- wide census that only shows minority children? In a small American city with a solid number of whites? How else would a white college administrator be linked to a college which have billboards up around the city with picture of only minorities? And a white bookkeeping manager who is hiring just minorities in the bank’s bookkeeping department? EXPERTS ON BPM needed get experts on Black Power Movements articulating on this, get the word out; identify BPM specific motifs Where are they getting the money? How much of this is Black Islam? ARE THEY IN OUR EMAILS AND PHONES? ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS CONTROL See psychotronics below ARGUMENT CONTROL IS GASLIGHTING Remember: gaslighting is manipulative mind control The characteristics include taking over the conversation, gaslighting, telling an opponent he/she is racist, telling him what he really thinks about blacks or minorities, demanding only one kind of response from white people, using Stasi -like antics against whites who refuse to respond in just one way; emotional responses to our utterances, turning the conversation into an argument; channeling the line of thinking down a narrow funnel; obsessive - compulsive demands after the original gaslighting period; then bullying. DID IT REALLY HAPPEN AND IF SO, HOW DID IT REALLY HAPPEN Video and camera filming can be corrupted; bribes; extortion; false witnesses ARE BLACK, HISPANIC OR OTHER GANGS TWEAKING THE SITUATION If so how can we stop it, what has worked before, what is the peak point of defiance, have the players struck before, how many are we dealing with, what is their link to the local and regional media, do we need to bring outside help into a corrupted domain Watch for the setting of your own life: 5. watch for psychotronic mind control getting in through our electronic communications with family and others - telepathic, voice-to-skull, etc. 6. Some family members getting weird, whites sounding like Black Lives Matter cult addicts (they say the same things and get as emotionally neurotic as do BLM people) when the whites never had those tendencies over the course of an entire lifetime - it is like something got into them, they were not like that before; BLM groupies could be attacking protesters to the movement thru their family- try to find the attackers and dismantle them No Friendly Fire or Demonizing Neutrals A number of persons of color and LGBT do not support Black Lives Matter. Some firmly reject anti-American agendas. Others don’t want to get involved one way or another. Throughout history, friendly fire has been some of the most tragic and greatly disappointing and frustrating stories of all. Friendly Fire means killing, injuring or targeting people on our own team or our allies. It’s like you go five steps forward and take ten steps back with this. Sometimes targeting is about race, and the people might look on the outside similar to the enemy, but are working with us! And sometimes people who look more like “us” are in fact the enemy! You cannot always judge a book by its cover. Updates: 2020/08/15; 2020/08/09; 2020/08/08; 2020/08/07; page started week of 08/01/2020
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- START HERE Washington Examiner 2020/09/08 Black Lives Matter has terrorist and communist inspirations, but liberal media doesn’t care. Quin Hilyer https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/black-lives-matter-has-terrorist-and-communist-inspirations- but-liberal-media-doesnt-care Excerpt: And she said, “There is Marxist literature and philosophy that goes back to the 1920s in this country talking about how to use race and sow division and divide people in order to destroy this country, and that’s exactly what’s happening right before our eyes.” TURFING On this website we talk about turfing a little bit differently in some ways from others. The reason is we are linking gang turfing to military-style operations and takeovers by hostile anti-American entities. Turfing is basically a form of dominating a location or area. Animals use feces or urine to signal a spot is theirs. We have all seen dogs sniff a lamppost for all the other animal smells left there, then add his own through a squirt of urine. He’s saying, “This is my spot now.” We can make suggestions that human turfing is an extension of old primate behavior. Something in the brain and subliminally smelled hormones. However, it is also probably learned behavior. Gangs and/or racial groups are claiming the area is “theirs” through various forms of insignia. They also could be trying to control the job market in both businesses and government. What you can say about an impacted area in which turfing is the main approach is that this is no longer an American space. The rule of American law has been blocked from operating properly. Turfed areas are the land of bullies and henchmen. It’s the place of bad practices. People are not getting their fair share of the American pie. There is a stranglehold on the area keeping proper American rules, laws and approaches from taking effect. A turfed area could be on its way to becoming a militarily compromised area, as well. It’s a matter of degree. It seems several cities or city neighborhoods are such areas. We don’t really have control of those places. TERMINOLOGY LINKED TO TURFING Abbreviations MPM Minority Power Movement; BPM - Black Power Movement BLM Black Lives Matter; [Note: Black Lives Matter = BLM as shortened version. We are seeing “BLM” on the various posters around Farmington, New Mexico and Durango, Colorado, as well as nationally. It can be confusing because BLM is also used for Bureau of Land PC Political Correctness TOM Top-Of-Mind Awareness WBME White-On-Black/Minority Event: White Cop or White Persons involved in a Black or Minority Violent Incident (death, public massacre, abuse) ECID Experts at Countering Informational Deception Co-Opting taking control of an area, includes false fronts or multiple entities which are the same thing or linked to the same group with different names (ie, CAIR, ISNA, etc.). False Veneers, Replacing one thing for another. Parallel Operations Putting in a business, organization or government-like operation next to a United States military establishment, official American department or agency Calling Cards -These are repeated themes or pictorial turf modes which signature the Black Lives Matter Movement or other racial/LGBT connected power groups; the dominance of black photographs, or black photographic centrality, is one calling card; “Just Be Kind” or “Kindness is Everything” is another. The Calling Cards are motifs, jargon, images, expressions that are part of the turfing modality. They are letting you know they are in charge or very present in a space. It’s part of psychological driving. Photographs on front home pages, college class schedules and magazines, billboards, census signs, credit card/banking companies, etc Running Strings - The way players communicate with each other or plan activities; it’s the rolling balls in a machine. They run strings as part of the overall Surround Sound. Studying the way a group is running strings also considers the cultural tendencies behind their networking - how they think and operate, their patterns and past responses in terms of what they are likely to do today. How is that Hispanic operative inside the camera systems at Walmart or your local grocery store a watcher, influencer and a string runner? Surround Sound - All over the place, like a spider’s web, massive networking; they are invasive and controlling. They are getting at a target from multiple directions. Updates: 2023/02/09; 2022/06/08
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Stop Racism, Reverse-Racism and Civil Rights as Warfare Turfing Terminology things that together lead to turfing o WBME White-On-Black/Minority Event o BPM Black Power Movement o ECID Experts Countering Deception o Calling Cards o Running Strings o Co-Opting They squeeze American companies out They often replaced more legit. companies on their way up A Marxist agenda is behind goals It’s looking like Big Brother Corporations are like malignant state actors You have nowhere else to get your products These groups might try to co-opt American religion and make it look like true Christianity o Parallel Operations o Photographs o Private language cultural neighborhood gang talk code words hand signals dress facial cues tattoos o Visual Domain o Today’s well-known Corporations are like Turfing Operatives Get to know: Drivers, pulse Eyes and Ears Fixers Where is the money Priorities to stop Turfing o #1 Medical o #2 Airports o #3 Communications
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RETHINKING RACIAL TENSIONS 1 Setting the Stage o 1a Denouncement o 1b Responsiveness 2 Turfing 3 Funding 4 Riots, BLM protests 5 Riot Response Teams 6 Maps BLM Riots Oregon Riots moved to States/Oregon section 7 Starkes Black Lies Matter 8 Old Black Panthers 9 Marxists 10 Russian Influences 11 Chinese Influences 12 CAIR Influences 13 Iraq War Zone Applications 14 Islamic Extremists 15 Shedding White Guilt 16 Lawsuits against BLM 17 Resources See also Media-Black Centric 1-Overview 2-Complaints about ads 3-A to F 4-G to Z Sociopolitical Section o Shedding white guilt o Reverse-Racism Blacks in government o Police Chiefs o Mayors o Governors o Attorney Generals Borders/Immig.-Funding o 2 Donations o 3 Terrorism o 4 George Soros o 5 Lawsuits Natl Sec o -2 Kamala Harris o Natl Sec-3 Obama: Unresolved Jews/Israelis -possible biases
The Magic of a Good Mix Songs from around the world depict a unifying aspect. Music is a universal language. As such, let us have a lingua franca, a cosmopolitan approach in the public domain, a way to conduct affairs and communicate so basic rights and needs shared by all humans are addressed. It is a way to get along with each other despite differences. But at the end of the day, we are able to go home and bask peacefully in our individuality and culture. The American system is that unifying approach. We need to be in synchronized agreement on certain key issues. Many of us have a “true” red-white-and- blue America in our hearts and preferences, but the nation has many types vying for dominance. Terrorist-cartel, Communist Chinese, Radical Islam, Marxist, East European neo-Soviet style takeovers or radical religious control are not options. See more at Magic of a Good Mix
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