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SELECT CURRENT TOPICS- often seen also in Input/Current Comments CBP - Complaints about Complaints to/about CBP and Chief Ortiz Washington Examiner 2022/01/29 Leaked video shows tense exchange between Border Patrol chief and agents by Misty Severi, Breaking News Reporter & Anna Giaritelli, Homeland Security leaked-video-shows-tense-exchange-between- border-patrol-chief-and-agents Union Townhall 2022/11/14Border Patrol Union: No Confidence in Whoever Replaces Former Commissioner Magnus Julio Rosas der-patrol-union-no-confidence-in-whoever-replaces- former-commissioner-magnus-n2615944 {PF Note 2023/05/25: There are some some strong messages in this article on Magnus and problems w/Biden admin] The Hill 2023/05/23 Watch live: House Judiciary holds hearing on Biden border policies BY THE HILL STAFF - 05/23/23 8:55 AM ET live-house-judiciary-holds-hearing-on-biden-border- policies/ SHERIFFS AND AGENTS VOICE COMPLAINTS AND/OR IMPEACHMENT AGAINST BORDER PROTECTION LEADERS: Sheriff Associations, etc. Against DHS Mayorkas, CBP Magnus, Biden/Harris Administration and more. CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT IN RESPECT TO SHERIFFS AND AGENTS House Committee on Oversight and Accountability 2023/02/07 “On The Front Lines of the Border Crisis: A Hearing with Chief Patrol Agents.”. Chairman Comer and Committee Republicans outlined how President Biden and his administration’s policies created the worst border crisis in American history. bidens-border-crisis-is-overwhelming/ The House Judiciary Committee Biden Border Crisis: Part III 2023/05/23 The House Judiciary Committee judiciary-holds-hearing-on-biden-border-policies/ The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan (R- Ohio), to review President Biden’s border security and immigration policies, as the Republican majority continues a broad review of the president’s performance and actions. Related: 2023/05/19 Chairs Comer, Jordan, Green Demand Information from DHS on Risk Posed by Aliens with Terrorist Ties Crossing the Border demand-information-from-dhs-on-risk-posed-by-aliens-with- terrorist-ties-crossing-the-border/ 2021 NAMES IN THIS SECTION - Sheriffs and Agents National Sheriff’s Association Thompson: Jonathan Thompson, executive director and CEO of the influential National Sheriffs’ Association. Washington Examiner-2022/04/27 Arizona Hathaway: David Hathaway, Sheriff in Santa Cruz County Arizona, Fox10Phoenix-2021/04/29 Lamb: Sheriff Mark Lamb of Arizona Chris Nanos-Arizona Pima County Sheriff, Fox10Phoenix- 2021/04/29 Dannels: Mark Dannels, Cochise County, Arizona, Sheriff Texas o Gonzales: Pinky Gonzales, Sheriff of Refugio County, Texas. Breitbart-2021/04/28 o Owens: Jason Owens-Now Texas-see his section below New Mexico Black: David Black, New Mexico Otero County. NY Post- 2019/05/05 Jason Owens CBP Jason D Owens appointed chief patrol agent Maine release/jason-d-owens-appointed-chief-patrol-agent- maine Jason D. Owens named Laredo Sector Deputy Chief Patrol Agent release/jason-d-owens-named-laredo-sector-deputy- chief-patrol-agent Jason Owens Chief Patrol Agent, U.S. Border Patrol Del Rio Sector at U.S. Customs and Border Protection Del Rio, Texas, United States Excerpt: About 27-year veteran of law enforcement and executive leader (SES). Chief Patrol Agent for the United States Border Patrol, part of CBP (largest law enforcement agency in the nation; 60,000+). Skilled in Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Management, Strategic Leadership, and Counterterrorism. Master’s of Accountancy & Master’s of National Security Strategy. Daily Caller 2022/02/14 Video Shows Border Patrol Saving Migrant Family That Almost Drowned In Rio Grande agent-migrant-rio-grande-river-rescue/ SHERIFFS AND AGENTS SHERIFFS 2023-Sheriffs Former Border Patrol agent and Terrell County, Texas, Sheriff Thad Cleveland The Centersquare Border Patrol agents apprehend 38 known terrorists in first 3 months of fiscal 2023 2023/01/23 Despite Mayorkas’ claims, border security experts sound alarm. Bethany Blankley patrol-agents-apprehend-38-known-terrorists-in- first-3-months-of-fiscal-2023/article_2bc101f0-9b78- 11ed-aaeb-bfcbb093f6e7.html Fox News 2023/01/20 Border Patrol union says agents could back Mayorkas … WebJan 20, 2023 · A Border Patrol Union official says that agents would likely support the impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro May 2022-Sheriffs Letter signed signed by Jonathan Thompson, the executive director and CEO of the influential National Sheriffs’ Association, and dozens of top sheriffs Washington Examiner 2022/04/27 Sheriffs shocker: ‘No border left’ by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist | gton-secrets/sheriffs-shocker-no-border-left Excerpt: “We simply have no border left in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, or Southern California,” said the nation’s sheriffs in a four-paragraph letter to Senate leaders and provided to Secrets.The letter, signed by Jonathan Thompson, the executive director and CEO of the influential National Sheriffs’ Association, and dozens of top sheriffs, was law enforcement’s latest support for keeping in place Trump-era COVID-19 restrictions known as Title 42, which Biden wants to set aside.
SELECT CURRENT TOPICS CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT IN RESPECT TO SHERIFFS AND AGENTS o 2023 Accountability Meeting sometime during week of Feb 6, 2023. The Hill-2023/01/19 SHERIFFS AND AGENTS; UNIONS o Agents Overheard complaining to and about CBP, Chf Ortiz o Sheriffs 2023 Former Border Patrol agent and Terrell County, Texas, Sheriff Thad Cleveland-Centersquare- 2023/01/23 Oversight Committee Hearing week of Feb 6: o See Comer James o Agents listed (Breitbart-2023/01/19) Jason Owens, chief border patrol agent, U.S. Border Patrol Gregory, chief border patrol agent, U.S. Border Patrol Gloria Chavez, chief patrol agent, U.S. Border Patrol Patricia McGurk-Daniel, acting chief patrol agent, U.S. Border Patrol 2022 We have no border left. CEO and dozens top sheriffs. Washington Examiner-2022/01/28 2021 Western State Sheriff’s Association Oppose Mayorkas Arizona, National Sheriffs Groups Oppose Magnus (Chris Magnus resigned 2022/11/12) o Dannels Explains Why State, National Sheriffs’ Groups Oppose Magnus As Head Of CBP-AZ Free News-2021/10/20 o Digging Deeper: Arizona Sheriff's Association opposes Magnus nomination to head CBP.-News4 Tucson- 2021/10/20 2019 The Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition called for a secure border. o Arizona Daily Independent-2019/01/09 New Mexico Otero County Sheriff David Black Issued Warnings o Agents 2023 Comer slams Mayorkas-Oversight House 2022 Border agents slam Biden migrant flights during visit from Raul Ortiz, Alejandro Mayorkas-NY Post-2022/01/29 o Unions NAMES in this Section - Sheriffs and Agents - Not a Complete List LINKS LIST -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
LINKS LIST - SHERIFFS, AGENTS, RELATED OVERSIGHT -sheriff-wants-return-of-state-police-says- moving-officers-to-abq-hurts-border- counties-in-crisis.html sheriffs-to-biden-fire-dishonest-mayorkas/ explains-why-state-national-sheriffs- groups-oppose-magnus-as-head-of-cbp/ 01/09/southwest-sheriffs-we-must-secure- our-southern-border-with-mexico/ 07/pro... l/western-sheriffs-association-declares-no- confidence-in-dhs-secretary- mayorkas/article_95d789e2-48db-11ec- 83f9-07fd81d0c95a.html l/border-patrol-agents-apprehend-38- known-terrorists-in-first-3-months-of- fiscal-2023/article_2bc101f0-9b78-11ed- aaeb-bfcbb093f6e7.html ffs-with-2-arizona-border-counties-say- there-is-no-crisis-at-the-us-mexico-border patrol... WebJan 20, 2023 · A Border Patrol Union official says that agents would likely support the impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro May secretary-mayorkas-said-to-agree-to- regular-meetings-with-border-sheriffs news/2022/nov/14/chris-magnus-us- customs-and-border-protection-resigns associations-oppose-bidens-nomination- to-head-border-patrol/ watch-live-house-judiciary-holds-hearing- on-biden-border-policies/ activity/press-releases/ deeper-arizona-sheriffs-association- opposes-magnus-nomination-to-head- cbp/article_a91f06c4-314d-11ec-a02e- 9f3b1f46da26.html associations-oppose-tucson-police-chiefs- nomination-to-head-border-patrol/ /new-mexico-county-declares-local- emergency-over-abandoned-border- patrol-checkpoi secretary-mayorkas-gets-cold-shoulder- from-border-agents-report/ agents-slam-migrant-flights-during-visit- from-raul-ortiz-alejandro-mayorkas/ thrive-in-new-mexico-county-after-feds- shut-down-checkpoints/ slams-mayorkas-for-preventing-chief- border-patrol-agents-from-testifying-on- bidens-border-crisis/ patrol-chiefs-bidens-border-crisis-is- overwhelming/ 2/11/14/border-patrol-union-no-confidence- in-whoever-replaces-former-commissioner- magnus-n2615944 ws/washington-secrets/sheriffs-shocker- no-border-left nion/replacing-mayorkas-wont-solve-the- border-crisis-if-biden-is-still-president ws/ leaked-video-shows-tense-exchange- between- border-patrol-chief-and-agents 2021/nov/17/sheriffs-declare-no- confidence-dhs-secretary-mayor/ 2021/dec/6/alejandro-mayorkas-dhs- misrepresent-involvement-of/ MSN [The Hill] us/news/politics/house-oversight-gop-to- feature-border-patrol-agents-in-february- hearing/ar-AA16wTJN [Washington Examiner] us/news/us/mayorkas-scolded-border- patrol-in-whipping-incident-after- learning-agent-did-not-have-a-whip/ar- AA16zmBH [Fox] us/news/us/border-agent-wives-worry-for- husbands-safety-under-biden-mayorkas- say-cartel-kids-go-to-their-schools/ar- AA16NhSp -------------------------------------------------------- --- (cont. from bottom of left column) AGENTS 2023-Agents Oversight House Comer slams Mayorkas omer-slams-mayorkas-for- preventing-chief-border-patrol- agents-from-testifying-on-bidens- border-crisis/ Jan 27, 2023 · “On January 19, 2023, I invited the Chief Patrol Agents of four U.S. Border Patrol sectors to testify at a hearing before the Committee on Oversight and Accountability the week of February 6, 2023. Fox via MSN 2023/1/27 Border agent wives worry for husbands' safety under Biden- Mayorkas, say cartel kids go to their schools. Story by Charles Creitz us/news/us/border-agent-wives- worry-for-husbands-safety-under- biden-mayorkas-say-cartel-kids-go- to-their-schools/ar-AA16NhSp The Hill via MSN 2023/01/19 House Oversight GOP to feature Border Patrol agents in February hearing Story by Emily Brooks • Jan 19 us/news/politics/house-oversight- gop-to-feature-border-patrol- agents-in-february-hearing/ar- AA16wTJN Washington Examiner via MSN Mayorkas scolded Border Patrol in 'whipping' incident after learning agent did not have a whip Story by Anna Giaritelli • Jan 20 us/news/us/mayorkas-scolded- border-patrol-in-whipping-incident- after-learning-agent-did-not-have-a- whip/ar-AA16zmBH
2021-Sheriffs Arizona, National Sheriffs Groups Oppose Magnus (Customs and Border protection Commissioner) Chris Magnus resigned 2022/11/12 KVOA 2021/10/19 Digging Deeper: Arizona Sheriff's Association opposes Magnus nomination to head CBP. Lupita Murillo head-cbp/article_a91f06c4-314d-11ec-a02e-9f3b1f46da26.html AZ Free News 2021/10 Dannels Explains Why State, National Sheriffs’ Groups Oppose Magnus As Head Of CBPTerri Jo Neff head-of-cbp/ Breitbart 2021/12/7 Pro-Sanctuary Chief to Lead Biden's CBP as Illegal Immigration Skyrockets. President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency was confirmed by the United States Senate in a 50-47 vote. John Binder Excerpt: Tuscon, Arizona, Police Chief Chris Magnus was confirmed on Tuesday evening with all Senate Democrats supporting his nomination as well as Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR), James Lankford (R-OK), and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) did not vote. Magnus, as Breitbart News reported, has a record of supporting sanctuary city policies, attacking the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency for enforcing federal immigration law, praising Black Lives Matter protests, and blasting former President Trump for increasing interior immigration enforcement. In one specific case, Magnus privately defended sanctuary city policies in the wake of 32-year-old Kate Steinle’s killing. Steinle was killed by a seven-time felon, five-time deported illegal alien Jose Garcia Zarate. In 2015, at the time of Steinle’s killing, ICE requested that the San Fransisco Sheriff’s Office turn Zarate over to them for arrest and deportation. The request was ignored because of the office’s sanctuary policy and Zarate was released from local police custody. CBP Resignation - Magnus The Guardian 2022/nov/14/chris-magnus-us-customs-and-border-protection-resigns resigns Headline USA LA Times 2022/11/11 Top border official Magnus says he’s been asked to resign but has refused.HAMED ALEAZIZ been-asked-to-resign-but- refuses#:~:text=In%20an%20escalation%20of%20internal%20disagreements%20within%20the,came%20from %20Homeland%20Security%20Secretary%20Aleja 2022-Agents New York Post 2022/01/29 Border agents slam Biden migrant flights during visit from Raul Ortiz, Alejandro Mayorkas. By Mary Kay Linge mayorkas/ 2022/01/26 DHS Secretary Mayorkas gets cold shoulder from border agents in tense meeting Jesse O’Neill Liberty First 2019-Sheriffs Arizona Independent 2019/01/09 Southwest Sheriffs: “We Must Secure Our Southern Border With Mexico” with-mexico/ The Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition called for a secure border on Wednesday in response to President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address and his demand for a border wall. The Coalition, which includes members from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California, advised that “many portions of our border with Mexico are not secure in any meaningful way.” New Mexico-David Black of Otero County New York Post 2019/05/05 Cartels thrive in New Mexico county after feds shut down checkpoints. By Isabel Vincent Otero County is undefended because US Customs and Border Protection shut down two inspection facilities on US Routes 54 and 70, Black said. The Border Protection agents were sent south to El Paso to help with the massive influx of migrants. More than 800 have been arriving per day at the border near El Paso, according to Border Protection statistics. Abq Journal 2019/05/28 Otero County sheriff wants State Police returned to his jurisdiction hurts-border-counties-in-crisis.html NPR 2019/04/26 New Mexico County Declares Local Emergency Over Abandoned Border Patrol Checkpoints border-patrol-checkpoi Western State Sheriff’s Association Oppose Mayorkas DHS Secretary The New American 2021/11/19 Western Sheriffs to Biden: Fire Dishonest Mayorkas by R. Cort Kirkwood Washington Examiner 2021/11/19 Western sheriffs call for Biden to fire Mayorkas. by Zachary Faria, Commentary Write still-president Washington Times 2021/11/17 Sheriffs declare ‘no confidence’ in DHS Secretary Mayorkas, ask Biden to fire him Western sheriffs say southern border has 'turned into an invisible line in the sand' Excerpt: The sheriffs, who represent 17 states, called on President Biden to oust Mr. Mayorkas and find a new department chief who will work with them to restore respect for the border and immigration law. Speakers quoted: association President Leo Dutton, sheriff in Montana’s Lewis and Clark County, and Executive Director James F. Pond. Center Square declares 'no confidence' in DHS Secretary Mayorkas secretary-mayorkas/article_95d789e2-48db-11ec-83f9-07fd81d0c95a.html The Association has partnered with the Southwest Border Sheriffs Coalition and the Texas Border Sheriffs coalition to address crime resulting from illegal immigration. The association represents sheriffs from Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Neither the Biden administration nor DHS has issued a statement in response to the declaration. Their vote of no confidence comes after the National Sheriff’s Association and the Arizona Sheriff’s Association publicly opposed Biden’s nominee for commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus. Fox 2021/04/08 DHS Secretary Mayorkas said to agree to regular meetings with border sheriffs Mayorkas made his third visit to the border on Thursday. By Brittany De Lea sheriffs Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas met with sheriffs in El Paso, Texas, about the situation at the U.S. border on Thursday, where he is said to have agreed to regular meetings with law enforcement. The meeting was closed to the press, but Cochise County, Arizona, Sheriff Mark Dannels, chair of the National Sheriffs Association Border Security Committee, told Fox News after the meeting that it was the first time southwest border and western sheriffs, as well as national sheriffs, were able to sit down with Mayorkas. Sheriffs are mentioned in article below Washington Times 2021/1/6 EXCLUSIVE: DHS embellished record to justify new limits on deportations Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS misrepresent involvement of sheriffs' …Mr. McDonald, a retired sheriff, said the meeting was a chance for sheriffs to give input about the border. The sheriffs also gave Mr. Mayorkas a document with … Input: 2023/05/26 Union input Townhall; 2023/5;/22 Input on Chf Ortiz; 2023/02/09; 2023/01/28; 2023/01/27-PAGE STARTED Borders-Sheriffs--Moved from Current Commentary News Input
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