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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1c CREW SECTION (Docs down below) *Other than Wynn & Zuidema-Records. Preserved Docs in Family *heritage) *B* Backman, Albert POW Correspondence -see right o Backman, Edith (Mrs.) (by Mail); Address: 823 G St.. Centralia, WA o Date(s): 1944/08/29 1944/10/25. sent to Anallene Wynn. Letter itself shows 1944/10/23: Mentions a postcard directly from Albert postmarked April 17. 1944 which said he is "a prisoner of war in Germany and is safe and well." Also, someone from "here" - her area - said "he had been in the same prison camps with our boy [Albert] and had last seen him in August. Was able to send a parcel and letter to Albert, having received official instructions from the War Department. Bailey Jr, Ed (Navigator) Stalag-Luft 3 POW Correspondence o Bailey, Peggy (Mrs. E. O. Bailey, Jr. ) 1669 Peach Ave, Memphis, TN o Dates: 1944/10/17 Correspondent material: son moved to Stalag-Luft 3, only 85 miles from Berlin. 1944/10/17 the camp where her son was held also had the fliers of the R.A.F as captives, as well. Peggy had two younger sons she felt would probably fight in the Pacific, "a mighty bad lot." Second hand information that an eyewitness in another plane saw Orian's plane going down; before that 7 parachutes open [later Zuidema said only 3 bailed using parachutes] *F* Ferguson, Jack L. (Sgt) MIA Was on bomber with Orian, MIA was one of several listed missing in action Correspondent: Florence I (sp?) Ferguson, Custer City, OKla R#2, Bx 41; had heard word from (likely Mrs.) Petschauer. *J* Jones, William (Bill) Jorgun (sp?), Mora Correspondence Date: 1944/05/09 to Anallene Wynn *L* Luft, Walter copilot Walter E Luft Born: 1 April 1917 Died: 4 February 1976 Military Service Branch: ARMY Rank: FIRST LIEUTENANT Conflict: WORLD WAR II Transcription: 1st LT Army Air Forces World War II https //billiongraves com/grave/Walter-E-Luft/32129093 *M* Masonheimer Bernard R Staff Sgt (Bernie, B.R., or “Buddy”) Position on plane/mission: btg POW Stalag 17 (18 months) fall turret gunner, gunnery training in Mission, TX died 14 Jan 2009 (aged 92) Correspondence: 1944/09/20-mother, Address 711-27 Ave, Brandenton, FL- https //www ancientfaces com/person/bernard-r-masonheimer-birth-1916-death-2009/42685440 https //www findagrave com/memorial/63281061/bernard-rider-masonheimer https //airforce togetherweserved com/usaf/servlet/tws.webapp.WebApp?cmd=ROHSBV&type=Person&ID=209490 Miller, Walter A. (Sgt) POW was on same bomber with Orian, POW by Germans perhaps released May 25 Correspondent: Mrs. Emma Miller, 2834 Chicago Ave South, Apt 202, Minneapolis, Minnesota, (Formerly 3300 Clinton Ave S.) Another Walter A miller, perhaps as found: Edit entry Walter A Miller copilot Killed in Action (KIA) near Zwickau in B-17 'Smokey Liz II' #4337542 perhaps Mar 19 1945 *P* Petschauer, John Paul Technical Sergeant Service number assignment was 6731215. MIA Engineer MICorrespondent: Mrs. Philip [one l in Philip] Petschauer, 340 N. Central Ave, Chicago, IL Listed as having lived in Cook County, Illinois Service Number: 6731215 https //www honorstates org/index php?id=324378 https //www abmc gov/decedent-search/petschauer%3Djohn https //www bundesheer at/download_archiv/pdfs/missing_in_action.pdf https //www armyaircorpsmuseum org/missing-in-action/petschauer-john-mia-13771.cfm https //www findagrave com/memorial/56374809/john-p-petschauer Honor States lists Petschauer as MIA, Declared Dead while missing Army Air Corps Museum lists Petschauer as: “highly recoverable” 4c DOCUMENTS-CREW 1-BACKMAN, ALBERT (Wife Edith, Centralia, WA) 2-BAILEY (Jr.) ED O (Navigator) (Mrs. Peggy E.O. Bailey) Stalag-Luft-3 85 miles from Berlin; flyers of RAF* also there *Royal Air Force 3-FERGUSON, JACK (Mrs. - Florence I, D or J? Custer City, OK) 4-JONES No letters) 5-MASONHEIMER 6-MILLER, WALTER A. (Wife Emma 0 Minneapolis, Minnesota) 7-PETSCHAUER, JOHN PAUL or JOHN PHILIP (ENGINEER ) (Wife “Mrs. Philip”) 8-ZUIDEMA Moved 9-LUFT, WALTER No letters Updates: 2023/02/10 editing has been occurring this week over the past 2-3 days * CREW List of Names Same attacked/crashed plane o Miller, Walter A. (Walt) wg o Backman, Albert o Luft, Walter E. copilot mentioned in Zuidema Note: Lt Walter E. Luft copilot last name is same as Nazi Luft Prison System -don’t confuse the two, o Bailey, Ed Navigator moved to POW camp Stalag-Luft 3 (85 miles from Berlin) o Masonheimer, Bernard R btg, fall turret gunner died Jan 14 2009 at age 92 o Jones, Bill Known POW Camps o Stalag-Luft 3 (Bailey) o (Masonheimer) Stalag 17 double check this Luft 3 Prison no 106 2b-2 p. 2 of Vera Masonheimer letter Sept 20, 1944) List of Names linked to Orian - see right o A B C D -E F GHI JKL o M N O P Q R S T U V-Z POW, MIA, Killed sources Contacts with some information in our records Sources, Resources o Letters see Wynn-3 Preserved Documents o Articles Links List now on Wynn-5 Originally listed MIA or killed o Ferguson, Jack L tailgun o Petschauer, John Paul engineer, tt gun UPDATES: 2022/10/15 re-arranging Crew Section; 2022/10-1/-2 Campell also added to Wynn-4 Nurse Corps section;2022/09/17 Allen Flynt section added with some letters; 2022/09/08 Orian Correspondence section added; ; 2022/09/07 Coppedge - more added; 2022/09/06 Bailey second page added; 2022/09/04 more Campbell and Silberman letters added; War Dept and Telegram added to Irian-Military section; 2022/09/03 Silberman section fleshed out and added to; 2022/09/02 Silberman added and started; Petschaur added; Miller added; Comments moved to Wynn- 4; 2022/09/01; 2022/08/31; 2022/08/28 2022/08/27-4--PAGE STARTED-Orian T. 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CREW LIST 1-Backman, Albert o Oct 23, 1944 (Edith) 2-Bailey, Ed (Navigator) o Oct 17, 1944 (Mrs. E.O.) 3-Ferguson, Jack L. o Aug 21, 1944 (Florence) 4-Jones, William or Bill o mentioned in Zuidema 5-Masonheimer, Bernard R o Sept 1944 6-Miller, Walter A. o Aug 22 1944 7-Petschauer, John Paul o (Engineer) o Aug 18 1944 8-Zuidema see 4-Docs 9-Luft, Walter (copilot) o mentioned in Zuidema 10-Orian-See Wynn-3a
STATES OF CREW/CONTACTS Montana B o Billings o Van Atta, Laurence o Correspondent Clare - his mother Washington o Centralia Backman, Albert Correspondent: Edith (Mrs.) o Spokane, Orting Coppedge, Jess Mrs. Coppedge Tennessee o Memphis o Bailey, Ed P or O o aka Bailey, Jr. o Correspondent: Peggy (Mrs. E.O.) Massachusettes o Zuidema
Not exact same crew as the one downed April 2, 1944, but a few here were on that plane: Petschauer. Zuidema, Masonheimer. and Bailey. (Photo credit to Peter Zuidema unlike one seen on internet, this photo has names! Very appreciated!)
Petschauer Masonheimer
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