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NAMES A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 E F G1 G2 H1 H2 IJK L M1 M2 M3 N O P R S T W QUV-XYZ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lampiris-Tremba Brett, Albuquerque Largo Houston James, Navajo Reservation Lattin Cody, Espanola Legendre Roger, Albuquerque LeHocky Andrew, Albuquerque Lillywhite Jon, Farmington ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE Lampiris-Tremba, Brett Albuquerque, APD/Officer -2016, 2010-Fatal Shooting of Ellis; Lampiris-Tremba was cleared of wrongdoing in the shooting by both APD Internal Affairs and a grand jury, Victim Kenneth Ellis III on 1/13/2010; $10.3 million, Albuq Jrnl-2013/03/11-12 & APD Under Fire Summaries; KRQE-2017/08/31 & 2016/01/12; Officer dot com-2013/03/16; UNM-By DAVID CORREIA-2014/02/03 Articles Albuquerque Journal Albuquerque under fire incident summaries https //www abqjournal com/community-data/apd-under-fire-incident-summaries 2013/03/11-12 Live coverage: Day 3 of APD shooting death trial. By Jeff Proctor. https //www abqjournal com/177055/live-coverage-apd-shooting-death-trial-day-3 html KRQE 2017/08/31 Officer drops lawsuit against APD over promotion. By KRQE Media. https //www krqe com/news/officer-drops-lawsuit-against-apd-over-promotion/ 2016/01/12 Controversial Albuquerque police officer sues for promotion, back pay Chris McKee https //www krqe com/news/investigations/controversial-albuquerque-police-officer-sues-for- promotion-back-pay/1019827109 An Albuquerque police officer, who already cost the city millions for a high-profile police shooting, may now cost the city more money and could walk away with a promotion. Even the Department of Justice criticized the work of APD Officer Brett Lampiris-Tremba, but new court documents show Lampiris-Tremba is fighting to become a sergeant with the department through a new lawsuit. Officer dot com: 2013/03/16 Albuquerque police to pay $10.3 million for killing Iraq Veteran. https //www officer com/home/news/10895201/albuquerque-police-to-pay-103m-for-killing-iraq- veteran UNM-By DAVID CORREIA 2014/02/03 Kenneth Ellis III, 25, bled to death in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven at Eubank and Constitution at 9am on Jan. 13, 2010. Albuquerque police officer Brett Lampiris-Tremba shot the Iraq war veteran in the chest after Ellis, who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, placed a gun to his own head. [Accessed 2020/04/04] Largo, Houston James (Deceased) Navajo Reservation/Prev. Gallup, Navajo Division of Public Safety-Tribal Police/Officer; prev Gallup PD, 2017 shooting incident, Officer had several awards, 2017/03/12- near Prewitt, US News-2017/03/22; ABC 13-2017/03/13; Fox News-2017/03/14; ODMP-2017/03/12 Articles ODMP https //www odmp org/officer/23139-police-officer-houston-james-largo Police Officer Houston James Largo Navajo Division of Public Safety, Tribal Police End of Watch Sunday, March 12, 2017 Lifesaving Award and 2016 Indian Country Officer of the Year (Navajo Div. Pub. Safety) Gallup Police Department and received City Officer of the Year in 2011. US News 2017/03/22 Complaint: Man charged with killing Navajo officer was drunk.A resident approached flashing police lights to find Navajo Nation Officer Houston James Largo bleeding in a road. https //www usnews com/news/best-states/new-mexico/articles/2017-03-22/complaint-man-charged- with-killing-navajo-officer-was-drunk ABC 13 2017/03/13 Navajo Nation officer dies after shooting; suspect caught Navajo Nation Officer Houston James Largo, 27, died after being critically wounded near the small town of Prewitt, said Frank A. Fisher, an FBI spokesman in Albuquerque. The agency, which is investigating along with the tribe, said a suspect was in custody, but no other details were released….egaye says Largo was from Thoreau, New Mexico, and had served with the department for 4 years. The FBI said Largo had five years of service. The Associated Press could not immediately reconcile the two numbers. Fox News 2017/03/14 'Outmanned & outgunned:' Tribal police officers face dangerous challenges. By Joseph Kolb Lattin, Cody Espanola, Espanola PD/Detention Officer, Arrested on suspicion of DWI; Found Guilty driving while intoxicated; 2019-left department,-, Rio Grande Sun-2019/06/08 & 2015/08/27; Santa Fe New Mexico-2018/12/14 Articles Rio Grande Sun 2019/06/08 What It Takes to Be an Española Police Office. By Tabitha Clay. 2019- http //www riograndesun com/news/what-it-takes-to-be-an-espa-ola-police- officer/article_3fdfdcb0-88a3-11e9-8c7b-eb11fe90b9b9 html Several recent departures have impacted the Department: Cory Atencio resigned, as did Yvonne De La O; Cody Lattin, a detention officer who was found guilty of driving while intoxicated, has also recently left his employment with the Department. Santa Fe New Mexican 2018/12/14 Sheriff’s deputy on leave after DWI arrest. By Sami Edge. https //www santafenewmexican com/news/local_news/sheriff-s-deputy-on-leave-after-dwi- arrest/article_33d22679-b2c2-582c-b544-6f5631b0ddde html Cody Lattin, a former Rio Arriba County sheriff’s deputy hired by Santa Fe County in 2017, was arrested Nov. 21 in Rio Rancho on suspicion of DWI, according to Rio Rancho Municipal Court records. The police report of the incident was not immediately available. Note: Cody Lattin is mentioned in this article: Rio Grande Sun 2015/08/27 Cop [Not Lattin] Fired Amid Brutality Allegations. By Staff Writer. 426e-5c12-993a-b7b49cbda1f2.html An Española Police officer was fired Aug. 18 after an internal affairs investigation found allegations of police brutality lodged against him to be sustained. City leaders fired Victor Grossetete after Police Chief Richard Gallegos commissioned a $2,626 report by Universal Investigations into the allegations of abuse. nterviewed Grossetete, Officer Lee Lopez, former Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputy Juan Arellano, Perez and Drapeau. Deputy Cody Lattin refused to be interviewed and Sheriff James Luján did not order him to consent to an interview….e, Grossetete tried to pat Perez down but he grabbed for the wall and Grossetete grabbed for Perez’s hands and a struggle ensued. Perez hit Lattin in the ribcage and Grossetete in the chest. Legendre, Roger Albuquerque, APD/Lieutenant at time of 2020 -APD’s Youth Engagement & Education Div., Legendre seen in more than one article/context working positively with youth; 2010-Castillo and others in fleeing vehicle shot at by police after beer shoplifting incident at Giant Gas Station Coors & Quail-Castillo driving, Victim Jose Castillo-2010/03/04, KOB/ABQ 4Ward-2020/01/27; KOB 2019/05/30; Albq Jrnl APD Under Fire; Facebook Articles KOB/ABQ 4Ward 2020/01/27 Point system determines whether 'youthful offenders' are locked up. By Brittany Costello. https //www kob com/albuquerque-news/abq-4ward-point-system-determines-whether- youthful-offenders-are-locked-up/5625128/ Excerpt: "Often when youth get involved in the juvenile justice system for the minor crimes, the chance of them re-offending goes up dramatically, said Lieutenant Roger Legendre, who is part of APD's Youth Engagement and Education Division. Legendre said the department is researching programs in other states. https //www kob com/albuquerque-news/abq-4ward-point-system-determines-whether- youthful-offenders-are-locked-up/5625128/ Albuq Jrnl APD Under Fire Incident Summaries 2010/03/04 Shooting Incident Officer Roger Legendre fired a single shot that missed unarmed Jose Castillo and other occupants of a brown car after they fled from the Giant . Facebook the-nmyafl-sophomore-su/1944451702259348/ KOB 2019/05/30 First Responders hosting summer camp ““As they're engaging with law enforcement or any other public safety personnel, they're getting to see the human behind the badge,” said APD Lt. Roger Legendre.We also get into the education,” Lt. Legendre said. “While they’re at the Albuquerque Fire Rescue, they’re going to learn CPR, first aid, fire extinguisher use.” Lt. Legendre said there are still spots open for the camp. LeHocky, Andrew Albuquerque, APD/Officer, (1990s) Multiple dog biting lawsuits; there are a strange number of cases associated with this man probably need to be double-checked; Victims multiple: David Chamberlin; Kenneth Wayne Tortolita; Sheldon Waddles; Isaac Ortiz; Marlo Marquez; Moriah Smith, Real Crimes-1992/01/29 & 1992/09/10 & 1996/03/27 & 1999/02/26; Albuq Jrnl-2014/12/21; Casetext-2003/12/03 Cases David Chamberlin Case Casetext dot com 2003/12/03 Chamberlin v. City of Albuquerque No. CIV 02-603 JB/ACT Dennis W. Montoya, Montoya Law, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico, for Plaintiff Kathryn C. Levy, Albuquerque, New Mexico, for Defendant City of Albuquerque Robert Becker, Luis Robles, French Associates, PA, Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the Defendant Andrew Lehocky On May 24, 2002, Plaintiff David Chamberlin ("Chamberlin") filed his pro se Complaint against Defendant City of Albuquerque ("City") and Defendant Police Officer Andrew Lehocky ("Lehocky") Chamberlin's Amended Complaint arises from his treatment by Lehocky before and during his arrest by Lehocky. After Lehocky arrested Chamberlin, Lehocky charged Chamberlin with resisting arrest and battery on a peace officer. In his Amended Complaint, Chamberlin alleges that he was the innocent victim of police brutality. Chamberlin does not allege that Lehocky falsely arrested him. Chamberlin instead alleges that the force used on him was grossly and shockingly disproportionate to any offenses that he may have committed. Chamberlin alleges that Lehocky used excessive force against him by ordering a police service attack dog, Bart ("PSD Bart"), to bite Chamberlin repeatedly, after Chamberlin posed no threat to the safety of Lehocky or anyone else. Marlo Marquez Case Justia dot com 2005/02/25 Appeal of 1983 case involving dog bites Marlo Marquez, Plaintiff-appellant, v. the City of Albuquerque and Officer Andrew Lehocky, Both in His Official Capacity As a Police Officer and Individually, Defendants-appellees, 399 F.3d 1216 (10th Cir. 2005) U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit - 399 F.3d 1216 (10th Cir. 2005) This is an appeal of a judgment on a jury verdict for the Defendants in a § 1983 case alleging the use of excessive force to effectuate an arrest following a high-speed chase. Plaintiff, Marlo Marquez, was a passenger in a car that was involved in a high-speed police chase that started because the police believed the car contained burglary suspects. At the conclusion of the chase, Plaintiff was apprehended by Defendant Lehocky's police dog. Plaintiff sued, claiming the use of the dog constituted excessive force in violation of Plaintiff's constitutional rights. Articles From Real Crimes: APD Officer “sicced his 80-pound attack dog on a homeless woman who was asleep at the time. This was the same Andrew LeHocky who had just been named “Officer of the Month.” (1992/01/29) “APD Officer Andrew Lehocky was sued for violating the civil rights of Kenneth Wayne Tortolita. Although no further information regarding this case is available, the case was settled for an undisclosed sum of money on 1992/09/10 “ …05/13/1992: APD Officer Andrew Lehocky was sued when his police dog attacked Sheldon Waddles, a peaceful demonstrator at a rally (and the son of a local fire chief). The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum of money…”1996/03/27: APD Officer Andrew Lehocky was sued for allowing or ordering an attack dog to bite and maul Isaac Ortiz. As with the two previous suits, this lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum of money.”… “1999/02/26: APD Officer Andrew Lehocky released his police dog, Bart, on an unarmed teenager, Moriah Smith, who was hiding in a school yard after a boy she met at a party fired a gun and frightened her. Bart was supposedly sent in to locate Moriah and “guard and bark” to let Officers know where she was hiding. Instead, Bart ran into the schoolyard, located Moriah and immediately attacked her. Bart never bothered—or was ordered not—to bark. The attack left Moriah with four deep wounds that required three surgeries and a skin graft. Lehocky stated his supervisor, Sgt. Tom Garduno, told him, "Good job. I'm glad nobody died." A federal jury subsequently found Lehocky liable for the Moriah Smith attack. Lehocky was ordered to pay the $50,000 necessary to partially remove scars. Lehocky contended that Moriah must be a “bad” girl because his dog, Bart, would only bite “bad” people. Real Crimes: Albuq Jrnl 2014/12/21 Principal unfairly targeted in abuse case. BY Scott Sandlin A civil jury in state District Court on Friday vindicated a public school principal’s contention that she’d been unfairly targeted by an Albuquerque Police officer working in the schools. School resource officer Andrew Lehocky charged the principal with obstructing a child abuse investigation, though the charge was ultimately dropped. The jury that heard the testimony, however, despite finding an improper motive, decided there had been only $1 in damages to Del Norte High School Principal Sandra Jo Sloan. Lillywhite, Jon Farmington, FPD/Officer at time of Winterhawk incident, 2015-Seems to be a wronged burglary suspect, 2015-Suit Christopher Winterhawk, Daily Times-2015/11/16; Casetext-2015/02/16 Cases Casetext dot com 2015/02/16 Winterhawk v. City of Farmington UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF NEW MEXICO No. 1:15-cv-01074-PJK-LF (D.N.M. Feb. 16, 2016) Articles Daily Times 2015/11/16 Man sues Farmington police chief for negligence. DA change policy after man's questionable arrest. By Steve Garrison. negligence/75889800/ ARMINGTON — The questionable arrest earlier this year of a 46-year-old Ignacio, Colo., man has resulted in a lawsuit against the city of Farmington and a change of procedure at the San Juan County District Attorney's Office. Christopher Winterhawk states in the lawsuit filed on Nov. 9 that he was arrested on unfounded allegations that he burglarized a residence in Aztec earlier this year.Winterhawk claims the officer who investigated the case, Jon Lillywhite, failed to contact him before seeking a warrant for his arrest and did not follow up on key pieces of evidence in the case, according to the lawsuit. Lopez, Bert Santa Fe area, Department of Public Safety (DPS)/Officer in 2011 at time of sex scandal/firing incident; 2015 Valencia County,Caught on camera having sex with woman on hood of car; also propositioned another woman during a traffic stop involving DWI, Victim woman Elizabeth Enriquez who testified against him as having been propositioned by him, CBS-2011/09/01; Snta Fe NM-2011/09/02; Daily Mail; The Smoking Gun 2019/04/10; Gawker Articles CBS 2011/09/01 No charges for N.M. cop caught having sex on car SANTA FE, N.M.- He's in uniform, in public, and definitely caught in flagrante. But investigators said the state police officer caught on camera having sex on the hood of a car did not commit a crime, CBS News affiliate KRQE-TV in Albuquerque reports.NM cop caught on camera having sex on carThe pictures show a state cop wrapped up in an inappropriate position, having sex on the top of a car in public. [Accessed 2020/04/04] Santa Fe New Mexican 2011/09/02 State cop gets ax over sex scandal Once-celebrated officer has 30 days to file appeal. By Geoff Grammer 76f8-53ab-bc13-9da1ade95982.html The New Mexico State Police officer who was photographed having sex on the hood of a Honda is no longer a cop. Bert Lopez was informed late this week that the Department of Public Safety has fired him, The New Mexican has learned.It is unclear when that decision was made as agency spokesman Sgt. Tim Johnson has declined to comment until all appeals have been exhausted."It is an embarrassing situation for the department, but we have to remember the rights of the employee afford him due process we must follow so we won't be commenting further," Johnson said. But when asked Friday evening if Lopez was still employed with the New Mexico State Police, Johnson said, "No." [Accessed 2020/04/04] Daily Mail Policeman caught having sex on car propositioned ANOTHER woman while on duty, court told…By Daily Mail Reporter ANOTHER-woman-duty-court-told.html New Mexico state police officer, caught on video having sex on the front of a car, propositioned a woman in April during her drunken-driving arrest. Elizabeth Enriquez testified on Wednesday in a Santa Fe court that officer Bert Lopez told her she made his car smell good. And the married woman said the officer asked if she ever [extrated 2020/04/04] Guns dot com job-caught-on-camera [Accessed 2020/04/04] Gawker Newspaper Uses Wrong Officer's Pic for Car Hood Sex Cop Article Lauri Apple · 09/04/11 01:09PM To illustrate its coverage on fired New Mexico sex cop Bert Lopez, the UK's Daily Mail uses a picture of a different—and deceased—Burt Lopez. How embarrassing! (Still not as embarrassing as being caught by surveillance cameras sexing ladies while still wearing your police uniform, though.) [Accessed 2020/04/04] The Smoking Gun 2019/04/10 Car cop rises Excerpt: APRIL 10--In an unlikely comeback story, the New Mexico patrolman fired after being caught on camera having sex on the hood of a car while in uniform has risen to the rank of detective in another police agency. Bert Lopez was an officer with the State Police when, in 2011, a surveillance camera captured him trysting with a woman splayed out on the hood of a gray Honda sedan parked adjacent to county-owned ranchland in Santa Fe. Lopez, who had been a State Police officer of the year, was identified as the uniformed man after the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office released a pair of photos (seen above and below) showing the couple in action. Lopez, now 44, was initially placed on administrative leave while an internal affairs probe commenced. While Lopez was eventually fired, investigators concluded he had not committed a crime since no victim/witness observed the daytime encounter. The woman in the photos was not identified, but police said that she was not connected to any of Lopez’s cases. Seen at right, Lopez was hired in mid-2015 by the sheriff’s office in Valencia County, about 90 miles southwest of Santa Fe. Lopez worked as a deputy until his promotion last year to detective. He now investigates homicides and other assorted felonious activity. Yesterday, the sheriff’s office directed county residents to call Lopez if they were contacted by a telephone scammer claiming to work for the department. Lopez was eligible to seek employment with a police agency after the conclusion of a brief suspension ordered by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy. Additionally, the state agency placed Lopez on probation for a year and directed him to complete an ethics training course. According to a hearing transcript, a remorseful Lopez told board members that he was attending marriage counseling sessions with his wife and “other counseling...regarding his behavior.” Lopez’s wife subsequently filed Lopez, Lee Espanola, Espanola PD/Officer; Retired-2018, 2018/03 Complaint about this officer’s rudeness; Please note that the retirement came the same year as a complaint, - , Rio Grande Sun-2018/03/29; Facebook-2018/07/27 Rio Grande Sun (2018/03/29) Residents Lodge 17 Complaints Against Police Dept dept/article_73a09d2c-3382-11e8-b6cf-1bd24046c927.html Excerpt: Officer Lee Lopez is named in one complaint as being rude Facebook 2018/07/27 Retirement noted in Facebook Excerpt: at Espanola Police Department. July 27, 2018 · Espanola · Officer Lee Lopez' last call. Thank you Officer Lopez for five amazing years of service to the beautiful Española Valley. Enjoy your retirement, that's an Order! Lee Lopez noted in this article: Please note that Deputy Cody Lattin also mentioned in this article. Both Grossete and Lattin are listed on Police Factor elsewhere. 5c12-993a-b7b49cbda1f2.html Thomas interviewed Grossetete, Officer Lee Lopez, former Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s deputy Juan Arellano, Perez and Drapeau. Deputy Cody Lattin refused to be interviewed and Sheriff James Luján did not order him to consent to an interview. Lopez, Stephanie Albuquerque, APD/Officer-Police Union, Child abuse related issue; in 2016found not guilty, Victim Christina Rodda, Albuq Jrnal-2016/03/28; Wash. Post-2014/04/14 Articles Albuquerque Journal 2016/03/28 Child abuse charges dismissed against former police union president By Scott Sandlin president.html Felony charges of child abuse against Albuquerque Police Department officer and former police union president Stephanie Lopez were dismissed in court Monday by prosecutors with the 2nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office, but they could be refiled. Former Albuquerque Police Officers Association president Stephanie LopezLOPEZ: Was charged with hitting teen daughter The state “is still reviewing the case for prosecution” and conducting further investigation, according to the filing by Deputy District Attorney Lisa Trabaudo, who heads the Crimes Against Children division. president.html Washington Post 2014/04/14 Albuquerques long history of police abuse coverup and scandal police-abuse-cover-up-and-scandal/?utm_term=.64fe519d7302 Excerpt from Washington Post: One particularly poignant example concerns the city’s police union. In 2012, TV reporter Christina Rodda filed a lawsuit against the city and against Officer Stephanie Lopez. According to Rodda’s lawsuit, she was covering a rave at a club called Tumbleweeds when she caught Lopez on tape getting rough with a teenager. Lopez then demanded that Rodda hand over the tape. Rodda initially objected. Lopez then confiscated the entire camera. If she had taken the camera because the video was evidence of some kind, she should have tagged the camera and taken it to the police station. Instead, according to Rodda’s lawsuit, Lopez took the camera home. Three days later, the camera was returned to Rodda’s employer, KOB. The incriminating video had been deleted. Rodda was able to recover the file with the assistance of a specialist. Lopez then had Rodda arrested. The charge — “criminal trespass” — was summarily dismissed by a judge police-abuse-cover-up-and-scandal/?utm_term=.64fe519d7302 Luján, Damian Albuquerque, APD/Officer, Victim Wood, ABQ Jrnl-2019/12/06 Articles ABQ Jrnl 2019/12/06 APD releases details of recent police shootings. By Matthew Reisen When police went inside, Norris said, Wood pointed a gun at them but never fired it, before officers Justin Jones and Damian Luján shot him nine times. Both officers joined APD in 2007. Jones had been involved in two previous shootings, and Luján had been involved in one. Wood had a lengthy criminal history, including previous charges of criminal sexual penetration of a child under 13, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and sexual exploitation of children. Lund, Jennifer Albuquerque, APD/Former Officer, Sued the department claiming it wasn’t responding appropriately to her breast pumping needs (Settlement $95,000), Victim is officer in Lawsuit over breast pumping issue, KRQE-2020/03/02 KRQE 2020/03/02 By Francesca Washington settlements/ Excerpt: Civil rights attorney Tom Grover represents now-former Albuquerque Police Department officer Jennifer Lund. She filed a lawsuit against APD after having a child claiming the department wasn’t accomodating her breast pumping needs. The city paid her $95,000. “She was grateful that the city recognized really in everybody’s best interest to avoid going to trial,” Grover says. settlements/ Lytle, John Belen, Belen PD/Detective, 2015 convicted of Excessive Force against arrestee; Guilty plea in 2014 and at that point faced up to 10 yrs in prison, Victim R.A. in 2012 was repeatedly struck by Detective Lytle while handcuffed and compliant, Justice dot gov-2015/06/23; KRQE-2014/10/20; Albuq Jrnl-2015/06/23 Articles Justice dot gov 2015/06/23 Former Belen police department detective sentenced using excessive force against arrestee using-excessive-force-against-arrestee Excerpt: During his guilty plea in April 2014, Lytle admitted that on March 15, 2012, while working in his capacity as a Belen Police Department detective, he repeatedly struck the victim, identified by the initials R.A., who was handcuffed and compliant during the entire course of the investigative stop. Lytle further admitted that, at one point during the stop, he pulled the handcuffed victim from the back of a police squad car, threw him to the ground, and struck him again. The victim suffered injuries to his face and torso as a result of Lytle’s assault. using-excessive-force-against-arrestee KRQE 2014/10/20 Former cop asks for probation in assault case. By Tina Jensen Excerpt: Lytle admits, while the young man was handcuffed, he hit him on the head with his open hand, threw him on the ground and kicked dirt on him, saying, “If I see you break into my house again, I will bury you.” Lytle pleaded guilty in April and faces up to 10 years in prison. Albuquerque Journal 2015/06/23 Former Belen cop sentenced for assault During his guilty plea in April 2014, Lytle admitted that on March 15, 2012, he repeatedly struck the victim, identified by the initials R.A., who was handcuffed and compliant during the entire course of the investigative stop. Lytle further admitted that, at one point during the stop, he pulled the handcuffed victim from the back of a police squad car, threw him to the ground, and struck him again, authorities said in a news release.The victim suffered injuries to his face and torso as a result of Lytle’s assault. Updates: 2020/04/05 Edward Lucero has been removed from the list because the material I had on file was a long time ago and was vague, it came from Real Crimes; 2020/04/04 Andrew LeHockey two cases added and article added-Albuq Jrnl-2014/12/21; Lattin Cody articles added or clarified-Rio Grande Sun-2019/06/08 & 2015/08/27; Santa Fe New Mexico-2018/12/14 Largo Houston Fox News-2017/03/14; ABC 13- 2017/03/13 Lampirs-Tremba article added-KRQE 2017/08/31;UNM-By DAVID CORREIA; Abl Jrnl-2013/03/11-12; 2014/02/03 2020/03/10-11 John Lytle section fleshed out; Jennifer Lund section create w/material added; 2020/02/11 Lee Lopez retirement and link to Grossetete case added; John Lytle 2015 arrest for excessive force added; 2019/06/06 Lampiris-Tremba articles added incl KRQE-2016/01/12; ; 01/23/2018 Montoya, Shawn VEG/SPRNGR (FEL) added; 01/07/2018 Montoya, Pete RNCH acquittal info in Albq Jrnl 2003/11/12; McClaskey, Skyler several articles added, spelling correction first name; McCormick,James ART/CARLS info from several articles on area drug issues, drug bust, retaliation/assassination plot against cops; 01/06/2018 McCoy, Terry (FMN) several articles added; McCracken, Mark deceased status, obituary added; Page started as L to N ; (Najar, Gilbert-02/21/2017); updates (Lytle, John - updated 02/20/2017); updates_11/05/2017 Malone, Casey/Farmington. (McCracken, Mark 05/30/2017); (MckinneyR-update02/20/2017)(McDowell Sr, John “Jack”-02/21/2017)(Montoya, Clayton; McClaskey, Skylar-02/22/2017) (Martin, Jeremy. - 02/26/2017) Updates:2020/02/29 Table view page created Quick Table of New Mexico Police Names: 1 See also Victim Incidents/Cases Police - Blue Lives Matter Locations by City and Names A to Z Indexes L SECTION, Tables and Related Information Table L Lampiris-Tremba, Brett to Lytle, John Table all New Mexico Police Names on this website: 1 See also Victim Incidents/Cases Police - Blue Lives Matter
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