Background and Info on Bosnia and vicinity in general The National 2013 We have a different kind of Muslim say Bosnia’s Muslims islam-say-bosnia-s-muslims-1.649857 State dot gov 2017 US Relations with Kosovo - US Department of State 2017- Tandf online: Cultural Survival: Producing annihilating the ethnos of Bosnian Islam. By Buturovic Amila (06/1995) and-annihilating-ethnos-bosnian-islam 9/11 Bosnian Mujahideen article The American Conservative 2007/07/16 The Bosnian Connection. By Brendan O’Neill connection/ Excerpt: The Bosnia experience had a transformative effect on both. It made some on the Left pro-interventionist, and it turned some Mujahideen from religious nationalists, as they had been in Afghanistan, into self-described cross-border warriors against evil. It is striking how many al-Qaeda attacks were facilitated or carried out by veterans of the Bosnian jihad. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, architect of the 9/11 attacks, fought in Bosnia, as did two of the hijackers. One of the main suspects in the Madrid train bombings trained in Bosnia. (He, too, was inspired to go there by Western media coverage.) The foiled “millennium plot” to blow up the Los Angeles airport in 2000 was overseen by individuals with connections to Bosnia, as were the 1998 African embassy bombings. 2007/07/16-- bosnian-connection/ But no matter who was ultimately responsible, the fact is we had enough information to stop 9/11, but since we did not, something was off. Part of the reason is likely the overall mindset of the country itself in dealing with perceived abnormalities. BOSNIAN WAR GREECE Unholy Alliance Greece and Milosevic’s Serbia greece-and-milosevic-s-serbia Greek Complicity in Bosnian War Crimes (2002) http //www Courts Corruption World War II - Crete and Greek Main Land Fronts - Nazis/Axis Occuption - Greek REsistance Greek Resistance - Jewish Connection. By Steven Bowman American Center for Democracy world-trade-center-attacks-an-acd-exclusive/ Names in article: Kosovo jihadi Lavdrim Muhaxheri Bosnian jihad veteran Omar Saeed Sheik Kosovo jihadi Blerim Heta, “the Balkans first suicide bomber,” killed over twenty people in Baghdad in March 2014 endorsing suicide terrorism—Bosnian Wahhabi leader Sheik Nusret Imamović Alija Izetbegović/Bosnia under the Izetbegović, regime Excerpt: …With respect to the Balkans, for instance, by one estimate the Saudis alone spent $1 billion (US) on “Islamic activities” in Bosnia between 1992-98.[1]…As we have seen in the case of the Balkans, when these elements converge, the outcome is an intelligence and security debacle, as is clear from reviewing the numerous Bosnian connections to the World Trade Center attacks in 1993 and 2001. In April 2008, Richard Holbrooke claimed that “If it had not been for the Dayton Peace Accords, 9/11 would probably have been planned in Bosnia, not in Afghanistan.”[2] The numerous Bosnian connections to both World Trade Center attacks suggest that the situation was probably even more serious than Holbrooke realized. Although no evidence has yet emerged that Izetbegov ić, or his associates had prior knowledge of or approved of the two World Trade Center attacks, what is clear is that they directly associated and collaborated with the individuals and groups that did. As former Al Qaeda operative Ali Hamad testified, during the Izetbegović, period Al Qaeda operatives came to Bosnia with “state protection,” [3] and both the U.S. and Saudi governments accused the Izetbegović, regime of providing travel documents to known terrorists.[4] In just one telling example of the extent to which international terrorists could obtain new identities in Bosnia, in September 1997 Italian police uncovered a plot to assassinate the late Pope John Paul II during a pastoral visit to Bologna—and all of the fourteen men arrested were travelling on Bosnian passports. [5] Indeed, Izetbegović, could probably boast hosting more international terrorists per square kilometer of territory he controlled than could Mullah Omar and the Taliban in Afghanistan.[6] As Richard Clarke, former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and National Security noted, “Many of the names we first encountered in Bosnia showed up later in other roles, working for Al Qaeda . . .. Although Western intelligence agencies never labeled [the mujahedin activities] in Bosnia an al Qaeda jihad, it is now clear that is exactly what it was.”[7] How and why Bosnia became what is probably Al Qaeda’s main safe haven and operational base in Europe is a complicated story, of which the war in Bosnia in the 1990s certainly plays a large part. Outmanned and outgunned, it was predictable that the Izetbegović, regime would accept help from where it could get it. Yet to reduce Al Qaeda’s presence in the region to the exigencies of war ignores the many other factors involved in this phenomenon. Here a comparison of the different trajectories Bosnia and Kosovo have taken with respect to Islamist militancy is instructive, for it reveals the vital importance local leadership choices play in determining whether or not Al Qaeda establishes a prominent presence in a specific country. Both Bosnia and Kosovo (together with Albania) can be said to have the most secular and pro-Western Muslim populations in the world. Yet although Kosovo is fighting its own battle against Islamist extremism, Kosovo’s dominant elites never showed any express interest in militant political Islamism. Bosnia provides a substantially different example. Support and enthusiasm for extreme Islamist movements is a demonstrable constant in Alija Izetbegović,’s political career. From the 1940s, when Izetbegović’s “Young Muslim” movement swore an oath asking Allah to grant them perseverance on their “path of jihad,” their “uncompromising struggle against everything non-Islamic” and their self- confessed goal of creating a “great Islamic state,” to the 1970s when Izetbegović, would claim that “There is no peace or coexistence between Islamic faith and non- Islamic social and political institutions,” to the early 1980s when Izetbegović, and his colleagues were building relationships with the Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic Republic,[8] what remained consistent in Izetbegović’s political outlook was a preference for more extreme Islamic states such as Pakistan and Iran and a pronounced distaste for moderate, secularly-oriented Muslim states such as Kemalist Turkey.[9] As Robert Baer, a CIA agent stationed in Bosnia during the war noted, “In Sarajevo, the Bosnian Muslim government is a client of the Iranians . . . If it’s a choice between the CIA and the Iranians, they’ll take the Iranians any day.”[10] Dangerous evidence of this was seen when Izetbegović’s intelligence service betrayed the incoming CIA station chief to the Iranians in Bosnia, who quickly beginning planning his assassination.[11] Apart from leadership choices, another factor playing a large role in how Bosnia became such an important element in Al Qaeda’s global strategy was financial. The hundreds of millions of dollars states such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and other hardline Islamic countries put into Bosnia bought considerable loyalty, or at the very least a willingness on the part of Izetbegov ić’s officials to ignore the activities of the numerous “charities” and “humanitarian organizations” operating as Al Qaeda front operations in Bosnia. In 1996, the CIA determined that Izetbegović, himself was “literally on the [Iranian] payroll,” receiving on just one occasion $500,000 (US) in cash from Iranian agents.[12] world-trade-center-attacks-an-acd-exclusive/ Other Political Mavens: Bosna helped fund the 9/11 attacks on America By Julia Gorin http //politicalmavens com/index.php/2008/06/24/bosnia-helped-fund-the-911- attacks-on-america/?print=1 Excerpt: Bosnia Helped Fund the 9/11 Attacks on America By Julia Gorin (bio) Comment by Julia: On the website of Andy Wilcoxson, the only American to cover the Milosevic trial (which was billed as the Second Nuremberg and prosecuting supposedly the biggest atrocity since World War II), we have a report from a predominantly Muslim Sarajevo TV station. Bosnian TV alleges Muslim official linked to 9/11 attacks BBC Monitoring European. London: May 9, 2008. Excerpt from report by Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation public TV, on 5 May [Host Bakir Hadziomerovic] On last nights [Bosnian] Federation Television prime- time news, it was reported that the OHR [Office of the High Representative] anti- corruption team was completing an extensive investigation against several individuals involved in economic crime, aiding war criminals and terrorist activities worldwide as well as individuals involved in the wide network of construction mafia. Based on reliable information, tonight we are revealing the names of the people whose illegal, criminal and terrorist activities have already been proven by the anti-corruption team. According to exclusive confirmations [that we have received], the investigation conducted by OHR experts concerns Hasan Cengic, member of the SDA [Party of Democratic Action] Main Board and a person who during the aggression against our country was the master of the TWRA [Vienna-based Muslim charity suspected of helping smuggle arms into Bosnia and channelling funds to radical Islamists] donor chest. In addition to Cengics criminal undertakings involving donated funds worth several million, which 60 Minutes has repeatedly reported on in detail, the anti- corruption team has allegedly come into possession of a document in which Hasan Cengic personally signed a money transfer intended for the Al-Qaidah 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. […] According to reliable and confirmed information from diplomatic quarters, the anti- corruption team will soon submit all the gathered documentation proving brutal criminality as well as involvement in terrorist activities and in the hiding of war criminals to the B-H [Bosnia-Hercegovina] prosecutors office special department for organized crime, after which arrests and trials of those responsible will ensue. So lets understand what is happening here: While Western powers continue to deny that Bosnia and Kosovo have become terror havens, transit points, and bases of operations, some Bosnian Muslims themselves (and this isnt the first time) are calling their government out (though most are still in a Western-encouraged denial). Similarly, while Western governments continue to inflate the true number of people killed during the Bosnian war and want us to keep thinking the deaths were almost exclusively Muslim something called The Bosnia Association (again, made up mostly of Muslims) is trying to get the real numbers and victims, even if theyre Serb and Christian. As to the Muslim report above calling the secessionist war THEY started an aggression against [their] country, we must be content with baby steps when it comes to dealing with the Middle East, even if its in Europe. Moral of the story: It was OK with our government that the Bosnian embassy in Austria, which issued a passport to Osama bin Laden in 1992, was issuing passports to mujahedin streaming into Bosnia, but as to the no-brainer that while the Bosnian officials were doing this they were also funding and facilitating future attacks against the West, well dont expect to hear any word from our government anytime soon. Last summer a U.S. official tried to broach the subject of Bosnia as a fundamentalist/terrorist breeding ground: Al-Qaidah has helpers in Bosnia, deputy peace envoy says (Excerpt from report by Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA) Sarajevo, 18 August: Bosnia-Hercegovina [B-H] Principal Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian has underlined that Al-Qaidah has its helpers in B-H who are ready to assist in hiding agents, giving financial assistance or false documents. Gregorian said that over the past few years the international community has continuously pointed out the problem of the mujahidin presence in B-H, assessing that it was time for this issue to be resolved. He emphasized that foreign fighters should have left B-H long ago, while some of them have been declared as a threat to the national security of B-H. Asked whether a few dozen dangerous [persons] had links with Al-Qaidah, Gregorian said that some of them did and that there were people who fought in B-H who in some way were directly linked to Al-Qaidah. There are definite indications that some of those who were detected had links with Al-Qaidah, he said, adding that some intelligence agencies consider B-H as one of Al- Qaidahs transit points. He confirmed that hundreds of people were granted B-H citizenship under suspicious circumstances or in an unlawful way http //politicalmavens com/index.php/2008/06/24/bosnia-helped-fund-the-911- attacks-on-america/?print=1
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