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Rubbing It In (PSY-29)
Definition Related Concepts Contextual ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION (Site-Specific Term) It means Turning the Tables, but to an nth degree to drive home the perpetrator’s point in radical and militaristic ways. In addition, it happens over an extended period in a repeated manner It is a type of retaliation with a certain sense of victimhood, either as an actual victim or as a past perpetrator group that feels it was judged too harshly and for too long so that now it must drive home a point in a certain way. This certain way could include making things so crazy and hard that people start acting like those old perpetrators. Can include planned or instinctive provocation. RELATED CONCEPTS Turning the Tables, Psychological OPerations, Making Otehrs Look Bad, Switching (Psy Section) CONTEXTUAL Some examples: Old Nazis or their descendants, Holocaust Jews and Israelis, Hispanics and Latinos in La Raza or blacks - all sort of teasing a response out of whites (provocation) so they lose their temper and become violent. Examples Jewish Holocaust Vengeance Jews in the 1930s tried to get into the US as refugees but were spurned and sent back into the Nazi zone where many perished in the Holocaust. The idea here is the border surges are happening partly because of Open Borders promulgated by the likes of Alejandro Mayorkas DHS Secretary, or Schumer or Kamala Harris’ Jewish husband