SOCIO SECTION Other Countries or Peoples Sociological, Political, Ideological, Ethnic, or select aspects of country of origin Culture Reverse-Racism Fascists Nazis Roots Fourth Theory Far Left Latin America La Raza Modern Slavery Fatwa (Also in Islam) ACLU, Americans United Jews, Israel o Jews or Jewish Ties o Mossad Did It (911) Spain Irish Russians North Korea Greek Terrorism Music Univ. Language
See also AFDI Points (how to stop infiltrations) Islam o 1 Why We Counter Islamic Extremism o 2 Jihad Attacks US Soil o 4 Muslim Mafia o Iraq ”The Perfect Storm” o Chinese Infiltr. into USA o BLM3a Funding-Groups of o Concern COMMENTS INTRODUCTION BRIEF Differentiate between pro-white Aryan Brotherhood/KKK types of clustering and racial preference (a mix of offense and defense) with a mostly anti-reverse-racism stance (defense/self-protective). The latter is the main idea of this Reverse- Racism section. It’s an assessment and evaluation analysis of reverse-racism in our day-to-day lives as it actually exists in today’s modern world. ARTICLES American Conservative Movement in Natural News-Cultural Marxism. By S.D. Wells 2021/04/16 White people the only race you can legally discriminate against in the USA against-in-the-usa/ Excerpt: Now, public schools in the USA, including from elementary grades through college, are teaching that all white people are born racist, ego-centric, arrogant, privileged, spoon-fed and you get the message. Crisis Magazine 2020 Racism against whites is a sin too Law Enforcement Today Barr Public Education a racist system maintained by the Democrat Party party/ Spectator dot org 2020/12/23 The Reign of Reverse Racism: It just results in new injustices. By George Neumayr Excerpt: They prefer an intensely color-conscious society in which those who did not commit racial injustice must submit to those who didn’t suffer it. Virginia: Robert E. Lee Statue removed under the auspices of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam California: San Francisco. Statue of Abraham Lincoln - they are trying to remove it because he did not show enough support for blacks Washington Times 2021/06/17 Biden Administration faces record pace lawsuits COMMENTS-MPM Overview 2021/12/20-22-23 THE MPM is a major national security threat; many Americans still do not realize how dangerous it is; some groups of minorities are sour; the MPM is and has been undermining our military; white enablers are some of the most dangerous people we have to deal with; the idea set and speech might be subliminally manipulated using hidden tech or advanced psychic activity. Notes like this keep coming up as I keep running into signs of severe reverse-racism in my daily life. I will create an ongoing comments section in Reverse-Racism section. Key Points Turfing as an MPM is across large corporate Big Brother stores (Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.); Minority preference in hiring, excusionary attitudes toward white shoppers (eg, prefer to see minorities get the better deals) Medical Exploitation: Turfing as an MPM is in the medical world; illegal immigrants might be part of this; an example is a Hispanic driven enterprise to include illegal immigrants first and to exclude whites; you might only be hearing blacks answering the phones - examples medical billing and health insurance; it can mean white American citizens are not getting equal and full-range of services; in addition, it can mean rude, dishonest or “squirrely undercurrents - you can sense you are being given an attitude or the run-around; the sense they are reserving limited or better quality COVID tests for their own cliques (including illegal immigrants); possible fraud and deception over a white’s need for medical care - might be trying to make someone sick to get them in/back in the specialist’s medical system and/pr hospital for high cost medical treatments in order to give Hispanics/blacks/illegal immigrants the business; Whites might be targeted (identified and applied to separately and secretly) given bad medications or vaccines in one way or another; eg, two or more sets of COVID vaccines in back room - they might privately give the white person an outdated one, or one known to be experimental, or not the one requested; there also could be age discrimination against older people in general by young staff, or older whites in particular Whites might be being left isolated and alone in old people’s homes and hospitals manned by minority cliques - low-grade to very bad treatment - no real oversight Minorities might be giving themselves permission to provide low-grade, dishonest and rude services across the board because they feel sorry for themselves in society, because they were not raised in high quality homes or environments in which ethics and proper protocols were taught, and because they see others doing it (following along with crowd) Whites might be putting out bad performance because they have lowered self-worth after years mind-messing behaviors from minority cliques, close contact with minorities, or their own family/cultural issues Cynicism and lack of higher up oversight are major contributors to unfair and dishonest practices in any system -- police, medicine, military, retail jobs, etc. ------------------------------- (MPM, includes LGBTq) might be doing the following: 1) divide and conquer 2) using psychic and/or psychotronic attacks on whites and others who challenge their position; these attacks might include Voice to Skull and channeling with unsuspecting whites or others becoming unwitting enablers and spokespersons for Black Lives Matter types of ideation and speech might be cooperating with any entity that helps them win over the USA, white Americans, moderates 3) outspoken whites could be targeted in a variety of ways; whites with a certain look or feel might be targeted 4) illegal immigrants often have an attitude of entitlement inside the USA and in demanding to enter 5) illegal immigrants and MPM could be discriminating against whites about COVID-19 help (tests and vaccines) 6) some government offices might be infiltrated with an illegal immigrant/Hispanic/Latino mindset in San Diego - this is one border city exemplified here, but there are others in all border states 7) a sour MPM mindset causes backstabbing in the military; weakens morale, undermines authority; causes a rabble mindset; cheapens the US image internally and abroad; let’s sexual and physical abuse happen; erodes white self-worth and effectiveness;does not adequately protect and support the United States; let’s dangerous groups in; does not adequately address international threats; minorities spend more time fussing over civil rights issues and prestige in promotions and getting leadership positions once held by whites while not doing their jobs right - an example is Austin spent more time after the Afghanistan pullout fiasco/tragedy worrying about civil rights and not about what went wrong Shallow ideas about power, image, promotions, prestige, being the first black in such and such a position, etc. it increases bureaucratic red tape; it gives too many bureaucracy jobs to minorities and not to whites; there is a growing meanness toward white people in the military which is destroying us from within; the hatefulness and bullying of the minority groups does not allow full equal opportunity for all peoples and is disproportionate unkind and unfair to whites now in today’s world; there is severe reverse-racism which has become popular, a habit and a cliquish way of thinking; the behaviors demand one-sided discourse and bullying if they don’t hear or get what they want; it creates a bunch of bullying thugs which lowers the standards of everything it encounters; many whites are still being airheads about this problem and egg it on - they are “white enablers” who support the MPM mindset and approach, and then some - these white enablers are extremely dangerous because they increase the impact of the MPM bullying process; however, the white enablers also might be being manipulated by psychic and/or psychotronic mind and speech control attacks; the sour minority position is one of undermining the United States; replacing it with a set of lower standards; increasing violence and rough sexual activity; keeping whites out of the picture; showing a cliquish preference for minorities and keeping whites from getting goods and services; stealing from white Americans as much as possible; being mean to whites in one way or another given the opportunity; undermining self- confidence is a big one SUMMARY of Reverse Racism - MPM Day-to-Day Life in the southwestern states or other cities with a lot of non-white people* etc; it is an undercurrent, and most whites probably can’t pick it up. The main thing to think is “gangs or gang-like”, “zone of influence” and “running strings” when you step into a likely largely Hispania-oriented ZOI complex. Hispania in this regard means “of Spanish descent” and can fan out into various types like a more generic Hispanic, Latino, Chicano, etc. A zone of influence (ZOI) complex here means a set of cohesive or identifiably interconnected human associations, like a shopping store, center, mall, medical department, medical arena, or corporate entity. The people involved are cliquish along certain racial, religious or ideological lines, and some groups are being hired more than others and there is a differential in how members of the public are treated or receive services. As a white, you might be entering a ZOI which could interfere with your need for proper services or goods. There might be a strong Hispania Catholic presence at the core, but divergent offshoots on the fringes, or cult offshoots at the core, of a given area. There might be blacks in the MPM fold in satellite operations, like customer service phone answering in various departments, agencies and companies, but not necessarily so much physically present in a Hispania complex. *WHO Blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, people with Native American or indigenous Mexico/Latin American roots; Asians, Eastern Indians, Muslims following certain trajectories might be linked to a MPM but doing their own thing, too; homosexual and transgender people; so white gays and Antifa show up in the MPM; we always need to be asking if anyone (eg, China) is paying them off; sometimes there is a Communist link; other times there might be a radical Islamic link; yet others, an African continent black power link; sometimes it is about black transgenders; we might be able to find coordination across lines (strands of interconnection in an overall MPM stance). HOW Watch for mind control, emotional or psychological driving, hypnotic effect, subliminal warfare Techniques, Tendencies Gangstalking Gaslighting Voice to Skull and Channeling Messages (psychic and/or psychotronic) Provocation Divide and Conquer Hidden Illegal Aliens in Work Force Old Historic Hispanic Roots in Area Attributes Network Mazes Bullying Spying Targeting So-Called Security could be part of the Theft Rings and/or Racial Turfing/Racial Targeting --the racial targeting can be MPM or white; all-white stores might be artificially higher cost than the Big Brother stores, making it harder for them to compete, which can encourage desperation and a tendency to try to steal for every drop-competing against the MPM/Big Brother monopolies can end up being another form of fear/desperation crime-each group can have its own type of crime Ethno-Religious/Nationalism/Royaltyism - example, Hispania Catholics want to be the “hosts” in presenting Jesus to the uneducated masses as a form of ethnic pride, a way of showing who is more enlightened, who is boss, to show certain kinds of religious men are more in tune with God and conduits or channels of divine will - an old Spanish Royalty/Catholicism blend used in the late 1400s and early 1500s in Colonialism of the New World and elsewhere WHAT What is happening in these places is the following: ostracizing refusing to provide real or full service; reluctance or refusal to sell products at normal sales prices or cheaply to whites reluctance or refusing to provide real medical help; it can include drugs and health insurance turfing along racial lines putting someone on a blacklist, gangstalking, using text messaging to warn a turfed area a blacklisted person is coming in trying to play king/queen with a white person might trying to get them to be demure, humble, obeisant, apologetic, retaliative - ie, you insult my family member, she/he gets upset, they complain and say you are rude, etc., I will come after you (gang-style) WHERE In chain stores - clerks and store managers At hospital ER’s, Urgent Cares, etc. Via Hispanics in he person’s health insurance company In Phone Customer Service Verizon or other cell phone companies Banks Health Insurance (like Blue Cross Blue Sh Car Insurance (like State Farm) Triple A Roadside Shopping Malls - external and internal Cop Networks across town - legitimate anti-theft work can degrade to gangstalking Cops wind up working for Big Brother like personal franchise security-stores become surveillance quagmires etc… PSYCHOLOGICAL Intimidation; Bullying Using Guilt to Justify Meanness to Whites --like over past history (Slavery, Colonialism, Jim Crow Era laws, Nazis, etc.) --Sneers, Ridicule, Beatings, Rape Undermining Self-Confidence, a Sense of Self-Value, Second-Guessing Depression High Competition Atmosphere Possible High Theft Environment We could be dealing with cults RIGGED ENVIRONMENT Nowhere to turn to for help Social services run for and by non-whites, few whites in sight, the few white managers around might be low-grade, some religious or secular whites might be strict in the wrong ways and too easy in the other ways; blacks or Hispanics working in these places might be mean to whites in one way or another; for example, Navajos in San Juan County, New Mexico might try to act like whites don’t have real problems, compared to Navajos, they might be harder on whites in screening Cops might be working for the bad guys People afraid to help each other out People not awake to network violence and control games People who work for the networks might tell themselves they are patriots for a cause (ie, squeezing out and intimidating whites is about getting what they feel are their historic lands and power back) Unreasonable expectations for responses from whites, if the non-whites don’t get them they respond negatively in some way Networks plan in advance to have the upper hand Self-discipline (it’s in people’s heads adn habits): Getting Whites to do their own Discipline against other whites if they fall short of “proper non-racist” behavior-this is part of “White Enablers” discussed elsewhere. White Enablers are often in relationships with minorities sexually or as friends and family; they have taken on the ideas and speech of the MPM; they are determined not to be or seem racist; they might use a pecking order among themselves as the non-racists up on top, the real or so-called racists on the bottom; they also might use exclusion or ostracizing; behind some of this could be subliminal warfare from Communists (Chinese or Russians); Radical Islam (ie, so-called civil rights and “soft or moderate” Muslim groups like CAIR or MSA (Muslim Students Association) or La Raza/Unidos (Hispanic, Latino, Chicano) or Native Americans. A Tendency to Use Sex as a way to make whites “Prove it” (that they are not racist) If-then clauses (this is in many ways like the list for male Hispanic machismo): If you smile and are nice, then maybe I will give you what you want or help you out (but maybe I won’t); if you show sexual interest, I will figure you are not racist (show me it in your face, intonation, body language, or show me some “action” (sexual); etc… You as a white could be talking to someone who is “connected” - a cell phone text or call away could be a violent gangster type or domestic violence perpetrator who would be happy to take his or her domination-submission tendencies off on you if you upset their family member or friend (even if this same person deals with abuse from this guy or gal otherwise); people could be running strings around you in that shopping center (it might include a Hispanic private property security guard or an anti- store theft municipal SWAT team member; it could be someone sitting in his car out in the parking lot, or someone working in a nearby store, or someone at a residence nearby, or someone who is a mobile plumber, mechanic, etc driving around nearby) - try to develop a second sense for how people have active channels for human networking (running strings) and how they think and operate; try to identify if the stores are using face recognition; their surveillance could be picking up your license plate or card chips the minute you drive up to their parking lot so they are already on alert as to who you are (they might be targeting you because you are white with a certain look, or because you are on a MPM blacklist) Always remember: some of the civil rights groups who have been advising, teaching and litigating for American minorities, women and LGBTq for many decades might have direct ties to anti-American groups like China, Radical Islam, African nation power movements, and old Soviet/Russian Communism/Socialism. One of the objectives from raised awareness of reverse-racism is to help Americans get back their department stores and medical fields. It will likely require de-monopolizing Big Brother corporations and unhooking China from America’s infrastructure. Eastern European as well as Middle Eastern influences also need to be studied. The public domain versus the private domain: an ancient tendency to separate the private life of family from the world at large, and includes the notion of keeping one’s secrets to the family domain and saving face; people who are not genetic family but enter the fold and its private business can become part of the private domain; there can be a wall of silence around the fold that controls entering and leaving the domain. It’s kind of like cloistering of a clam shell. Updates: 2021/12/26; 2021/12/25-Summary added; 2021/12/23;2021/10/17 added articles; 2021/07/28 PAGE STARTED-Reverse Racism
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