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M2: McAllister-McPeak (Police Names- New Mexico/Abuse-Information)
NAMES A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 E F G1 G2 H1 H2 IJK L M1 M2 M3 N O P R S T W QUV-XYZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- McAllister Bruce, Albuquerque McCabe, Kevin, Albuquerque McClaskey Skyler, Albuquerque McCormick James, Carlsbad McCoy Terry, Farmington McCracken Mark, Rio Rancho -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARIES M2: BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE McAllister, Bruce Albuquerque, APD/Detective, 1995 article indicates he was fired, Legal Settlement $450,000 - city at least at first was not saying why ) Possible set-up, -, Real Crimes-1995/07/21 Articles Real Crimes Excerpt from Real Crimes: “07/21/1995-Albuquerque Journal: CITY TO PAY FIRED COP $450,000, BUT WON’T SAY WHY-- A legal settlement by the City of Albuquerque awarded Bruce McAllister, fired APD narcotics detective accused of robbing drug dealers and raping a prostitute, $450,000.00. McAllister said he was set up.” Real Crimes: McCabe, Kevin Albuquerque, UNM/Police Chief/Retired from APD where he served 24 years, Article-2020/03/10 says he will retire from UNM Police,-, The Hour dot com-2020/03/10 Articles The Hour dot com 2020/03/10 University of NM police chief to retire 15118822.php University of New Mexico Police Chief Kevin McCabe has announced plans to retire. McCabe said last week he will step down from his role as police chief of the state's largest university at the end of June. He has been with the university's police department since 2010 and served as chief since 2014. McCabe, who holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, came to the University of New Mexico after retiring from the Albuquerque Police Department where he served for 24 years. During his tenure, the university's police department replaced aging apparatus and upgraded radios and dispatch equipment. McClaskey, Skyler Albuquerque, APD/Officer, 2015 Child abuse/fired/prison, his own child, KOAT-2016/06/02 & 2015/02/16; KFOXTV-2016/02/15; KRQE-2015/02/14 Articles KOAT 2016/06/02-- son/5064407 2015/02/16 An Albuquerque Police Officer is on paid leave after he and his wife Jodie were arrested for child abuse Saturday. By Megan Cruz 2015/02/16-- stepson/5062197 KFOXTV 2016/02/15 New background procedure for Albuquerque police after officer is fired. 2016/02/15-- after-officer-is-fired KRQE (2015/02/14) APD Officer arrested on child abuse charges 2015/02/14-- McCormick, James Carlsbad/Artesia, Commander. Carlsbad, Artesia, Eddy County. (2017) [INFO] Anti-cop plot, victims potentially police-warning by fellow officer, LCSUN-2017/02/07 Articles LCSUN-News (Informational) (2017/02/07) Several officers targeted revenge plot 2017/02/07-- plot/97620692/ Excerpt from LCSUN-News-2017/02/07: The plot targeted specific personnel within the Carlsbad Police Department, Artesia Police Department and the Eddy County Sheriff's Office, according to a news release from the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force…Commander James McCormick with the PVDTF said the suspects planned to use firearms and explosives to carry out their plans on the targeted officers….An ‘intensive, multi-agency investigation’ began once the plot was discovered, police said, and led law enforcement to believe suspects had already taken steps to further the plan. McCormick said it appears the suspects intended to hire assailants to target the officers. Excerpt from Police One-2017/02/09: Commander James McCormick with the PVDTF said the suspects planned to use firearms and explosives to carry out their plans on the targeted officers. Excerpt from Artesia News-2016/06/04: “Albuquerque is the hub right now,” Cmdr. James McCormick of the PVDTF said Saturday. “Cubans traditionally only dealt with cocaine and crack cocaine, but they have now expanded their horizons to include heroin and meth. And they have lots of it, and it’s cheap.” 2017/02/07--http //www lcsun-news com/story/news/several-officers-targeted-revenge- plot/97620692/ Other Links 2017/10/05--https //www justice gov/usao-nm/pr/multi-agency-investigation-targets- methamphetamine-and-firearm-trafficking-southeastern 2017/02/09--https //www policeone com/Officer-Safety/articles/288965006-Several-NM-officers- targeted-in-revenge-plot/ 2017/02/07--https //www themaven net/bluelivesmatter/fallen-heroes/assassination-plot- uncovered-targeting-8-specific-police-officers-in-pecos-valley-drug-task-force- xsi_mJbfQ0muZZ3KiAtSQA?full=1 2017/02/23--http //www currentargus com/story/news/crime/2017/02/23/15-arrested-during- investigation-police-revenge-plot/98305978/ 2016/06/04--http //www artesianews com/1303602/31-charged-in-pecos-valley-drug-task-force- bust html McCoy, Terry Farmington, San Juan County Sheriffs Office/Sheriff’s Deputy. (2012) Force, In connection with William Mike, Tanner cases, LA Times-2012/07/03 Articles LA Times 2012/07/03 Excerpt from ALBJ JRNL-2012/07/03-updated former sjc deputy [frazier] indicted: Tanner filed a civil lawsuit April 21 against the county, Frazier, Deputy Terry McCoy and Farmington Police Officer Misty Taylor, in which he cited numerous civil rights violations that were motivated largely by race.The county settled with Tanner for $250,000 filed 2016/02/19--https //www gpo gov/fdsys/pkg/USCOURTS-nmd-1_12-cv-01215/pdf/USCOURTS-nmd- 1_12-cv-01215-1 pdf Fire Rescue 1 2014/01/28--https //www firerescue1 com/fire-department-management/articles/1658821-NM- firefighter-and-deputy-take-aim-at-each-other/ Albuquerque Journal 2012/07/03 2012/07/03--https //www abqjournal com/116283/updated-former-san-juan-co-deputy[frazier]- indicted html Navajo Times 2011/04/11 Beating 2011/04/11--http //www navajotimes com/news/2011/0411/042811beating php 2011/04/14--http //www navajotimes com/news/1411beating php Topix (2012/11/29) Lawsuit filed against local law enforcement blog sitehttp //www topix com/forum/prisons/T4O8SUF0ALOKHMM5G/lawsuit-filed-against-local- law-enforcement 2012/11/29--http //articles latimes com/2012/nov/29/nation/la-na-nn-police-abuse-new-mexico-20121129 McCracken, Mark (Deceased) Los Lunas/Rio Rancho, Lieutenant-Deceased 2017/09/09, 1995/08/05/1995 - Melanie’s death; Death by apparent car accident near there. Albuquerque - case tried. Victim possibly Melanie McCracken; Mark McCracken deceased 2017; Real Crimes Real Crimes See Real Crimes: A New Mexico State Police sergeant suspected of murdering his wife, Melanie McCracken. Behind the Blue Wall: There seem to be holes in the investigation. Alb. Journal: A district judge has cleared retired State Police officer Mark McCracken of murder charges stemming from his wife Melanie's death in a 1995 car crash near Los Lunas. Retired District Judge David Bonem of Clovis was critical of State Police for not involving an independent agency early on when investigating one of their own….McCracken was charged with first-degree murder and tampering with evidence by a Valencia County grand jury in 2003, but the charges were dismissed because an investigator for the prosecution was in the grand jury room during testimony. Other Links http //behindthebluewall blogspot com/2011/12/nm-remembering-state-police-sgts-wife html https //www abqjournal com/news/metro/280895metro12-31-04 htm http //www nbcnews com/video/dateline/53066500 http //www realcrimes com/Corruption_Overview htm see additional material on McCracken case in Notes - 2017-13 http //www legacy com/obituaries/abqjournal/obituary aspx?pid=186635255 McDowell Sr., John “Jack” Rio Rancho, State/Officer, (2011) Former police officer found guilty of stabbing murder, 30+ yrs prison, ABQ Jrnl-2014/12/06 Articles Albuquerque Journal (2014/12/06) By Argen Duncan. Excerpt: Ex-State Police officer found guilty of murder. One of the men charged with stabbing a Rio Rancho man to death in July 2011 faces more than 30 years in prison after a Sandoval County jury convicted him in the homicide. Jurors found 58-year-old John “Jack” McDowell Sr., a former State Police officer, guilty of first-degree murder and tampering with evidence in the slaying of James Chavez…McDowell’s son, John McDowell Jr., also is charged with murder in the case. His trial is pending. McGrane, Jr Francis (Deceased) Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department,Deputy Sheriff James NM EOW: Wednesday, Victim Officer KOD from gunfire at traffic stop killed 2006/03/22 https //www odmp org/agency/303-bernalillo-county-sheriffs-department-new-mexico McGuire, Shannon Albuquerque, APD/Detective, lawsuit, Case 2003/07/18; ABQ Jrnl-2011/07/16 Case(s) 2003/07/18-Phillip R. Hatheway, Plaintiff-appellee, v. John P. Thies and Shannon Mcguire, Defendants- appellants, 335 F.3d 1199 (10th Cir. 2003) US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit - 335 F.3d 1199 Articles Albuquerque Journal 2011/07/16 Ex-cop pleads guilty in robbery. Rozanna Martinez https //www abqjournal com/43739/ex-cop-pleads-guilty-in-robbery html Excerpt: RIO RANCHO, N.M. — A former Albuquerque police officer faces up to 4 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty on Monday to holding up a Rio Rancho drugstore and stealing oxycodone. Shannon McGuire, a 15-year APD veteran who left the force in 2009, also has been charged in a similar robbery at a West Side Albuquerque drugstore. McGuire pleaded guilty to robbery and aggravated fleeing from a police officer in the Rio Rancho case. Last October, McGuire went to a Walgreens near Northern and Unser in Rio Rancho, showed a gun and fled with a supply of oxycodone, a narcotic painkiller. The weapon was later found to be a BB gun. Albuquerque police were later able to connect McGuire McKinney, Roshern Grants, Sergeant, (2016) Arrested. Drugs/Marijuana. Arrested after lapel camera investigation. Accused of stealing/distributing drugs/marijuana taken from Grants Police Station and given to girlfriend,-, KRQE-2016/08/24 Articles KRQE 2016/08/24 New Mexico sergeant arrested after lapel camera investigation Excerpt from KRQE: New Mexico sergeant arrested after lapel camera investigation http //krqe com/2016/08/24/new-mexico-sergeant-arrested-after-lapel-camera-investigation/ Lapel video appears to show officer’s illegal activity. By Haley Rush. 08/24-25-2016.GRANTS, N.M. (KRQE) – A police sergeant in New Mexico was arrested Wednesday, accused of stealing and distributing drugs. The Sergeant, 33-year-old Roshern McKinney, is accused of giving his girlfriend, 23-year-old Tanicka Gallegos-Gonzales, marijuana he took from the Grants Police Station. http //krqe com/2016/08/24/new-mexico-sergeant-arrested-after-lapel-camera-investigation/ McPeak, Luke Albuq, APD/Officer as of 2013, 2013-Shooting incident involving Sherrill with officers David Munoz and Jim Edison, Victim Shaine Sherrill (2013/11 shot/seriously injured by officers), Alb Jrnl-2013/12/06; Santa Fe New Mexican-2014/01/11; KRQE-2016/07/15 Shaine Sherrill incident: pulled item from pocket or waistband and pointed it, McPeek thought it was gun, Sherrill did not respond to warnings to put hands on head, McPeek then fired, Munoz and Edison, joining scene later, also fired, brake pad found in parking lot, knife found near suspect’s hands, not sure if suspect was wielding either or both. Articles Alb Jrnl 2013/12/06 Man shot by police did not have gun. By Patrick Lohmann 2013 - Officer Luke McPeek…got out of his vehicle. That’s when Sherrill pulled an item out of his pocket or waistband and pointed it at the officer, Banks said. McPeek radioed in that Sherrill had a gun, retreated toward his vehicle and shouted at Sherrill to put his hands on his head, Banks said. Sherrill did not comply with the officer’s commands, Banks said, and that’s when McPeek fired at him. By then, officers David Muñoz, who joined APD in April 2012, and Jim Edison, who joined in 2007, also had arrived at the scene. They also fired at Sherrill…Banks said the brake pad was found in the parking lot near Wyoming and Northeastern, where the shooting occurred. A large folding knife with a thick black handle was also found “next to the suspect’s hands,” an APD spokeswoman said later. Banks said it’s not clear whether Sherrill was wielding the brake pad, the knife, or both items when officers shot him Santa Fe New Mexican 2014/01/11 Father of man shot by Albuquerque police sues. By Assoc Press. https //www santafenewmexican com/news/local_news/father-of-man-shot-by-albuquerque-police- sues/article_be375b46-75d1-57e1-866b-e0a8096e6aa2 html KRQE 2016/07/15 Albuquerque police shooting from 2013 ruled justified https //www krqe com/news/albuquerque-police-shooting-from-2013-ruled-justified/ McWethy, Kenneth Shawn (Deceased) Albuquerque, APD, Victim of gunfire 1986/02/01 https //www odmp org/agency/54-albuquerque-police-department-new-mexico Updates: 2020/03/27 McWethy KOD added to list; 2020/03/18 technical editing; 2019/07/25 page MN divided to M1 and M2-N; 2019/07/09 and07/12: McQuire Shannon and Mills Scott added to list. 2019/06/24 Cody Martinez added to list. 2019/06/06 Monfils David added; 2019/05/19 Molinas Sonny articles Alb Jrnl, Indepth. 01/23/2018 Montoya, Shawn VEG/SPRNGR (FEL) added; 01/07/2018 Montoya, Pete RNCH acquittal info in Albq Jrnl 2003/11/12; McClaskey, Skyler several articles added, spelling correction first name; McCormick,James ART/CARLS info from several articles on area drug issues, drug bust, retaliation/assassination plot against cops; 01/06/2018 McCoy, Terry (FMN) several articles added; McCracken, Mark deceased status, obituary added; Page started as L to N ; (Najar, Gilbert-02/21/2017); updates (Lytle, John - updated 02/20/2017); updates_11/05/2017 Malone, Casey/Farmington. (McCracken, Mark 05/30/2017); (MckinneyR-update02/20/2017)(McDowell Sr, John “Jack”- 02/21/2017)(Montoya, Clayton; McClaskey, Skylar-02/22/2017) (Martin, Jeremy. - 02/26/2017) M SECTION, Tables and Related Information Table all New Mexico Police Names on this website: 1 See also Victim Incidents/Cases Police - Blue Lives Matter Locations by City and Names A to Z Indexes