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Transporting Migrants Across Country (BORDERS-14)
CBS News 2022/09/23 The facts behind the Republican effort to send migrants to Democratic-led cities. BY CAMILO MONTOYA-GALVEZ abbott-marthas-vineyard-dc/ AP News 2022/09/15 Florida, Texas escalate flights, buses to move migrants By RODRIQUE NGOWI 4fe96d293de4b189299a372b85c95add [PF Note: It strikes me that AP is anti-Republican and pro-immigrant; however I don’t agree with Rep. migrant transporting either, my motto is DEPORT not TRANSPORT] NBC 2022/09/17 DeSantis choosing Martha's Vineyard to send migrants just upped the ante. Unlike New York City or D.C., the island is isolated. It's not easy to jump on public transportation and leave, making it more difficult for a marginalized community. By Susanne Ramírez de Arellano vineyard-evil-version-gop-scheme-rcna48162 migrants-marthas-vineyard [PF Note: Again, it strikes me The Guardian is anti-Republican and pro- Democrat and pro-immigrant; I suspect a Muslim connection] NY Post 2022/09/15 With Martha’s Vineyard meltdown, maybe Dems will FINALLY understand illegal immigration problems By Douglas Murray dems-finally-get-immigration-problems/ PF Note: New York Post is a pro-Republican site and is biased toward transporting migrants to Democrat cities]
USA Today 2023/01/23 Arizona will keep sending migrants where 'they actually need to go,' says Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs. Mary Jo Pitzl Arizona Republic border/11096504002/ [PF Note: Gov. Katie Hobbs seems part of a governor-linked conspiracy with a hidden tier doing the actual planning of these cross-country transportations/migrations. She seems likely linked to leftist groups more than De Santis and Abbott, but they are all doing the bad thing. Who are the brains/movers behind these illicit tranpos?] Page Started-Borders/Transpos: 2023/02/15
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