TCO’s-Transcontinental Criminal Organizations (CARTELS-8)
From Legislation Section Cartels, TCOs (Transcontinental Criminal Org), Gangs o H.R.1687-2021/03/09/Gallagher Significant Transnational Criminal Organization Designation Act Introduced 2021/03/09; Mike Gallagher; Wisconsin; Republican o HR71-2021/01/04-Buchanan Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act amend the Immigration and Nationality Act with respect to aliens associated with criminal gangs, and for other purposes. 2021/01/04 Introduced; Rep. Vern Buchanan; Florida 16th District; Republican From Notes News Current commentary 1/14/23 H.R.334 - To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to add membership in a significant transnational criminal organization to the list of grounds of inadmissibility and to prohibit the provision of material support or resources to such organizations. Sponsor: Rep. Gallagher, Mike [R-WI-8] (Introduced 01/12/2023) Seapower Magazine dot org 2021/04/15 China and International Crime Cartels Threaten U.S. Influence in the Americas, Commanders Say. John M. Doyle threaten-u-s-influence-in-the-americas-commanders-say/ Excerpt: “Two of the most significant threats are China and transnational criminal organizations,” Navy Adm. Craig S. Faller told a House Armed Services Committee hearing April 14. China is the “Number One strategic threat of the 21st century,” said Faller, the commander of U.S. Southern Command (Southcom), adding “the Chinese Communist Party with its insidious, corrosive and corrupt influence seeks global dominance.” Faller said China was increasing its influence in the Western Hemisphere with more than 40 commercial port deals, making significant loans for political and economic leverage, pushing its IT structure and “engaging in predatory practices” like illegal fishing by industrial fleets. Older Article Still Applicable 105052779/1482097.html Other contexts Forbidden Knowledge 2020/06/10 SPEC OPS EXPERT JEFFREY PRATHER ON ANTIFA INSURGENCY insurgency/ Excerpt: George Webb has been reporting that Antifa is being organized by the same transnational DNC network behind the Muslim Brotherhood and now through the auspices of Minnesota State Attorney General, Keith Ellison, it is also allied with the extreme La Raza movement (also funded by George Soros). La Raza teaches that the territory that was ceded to the US by Mexico in 1848 (most of the Western US states) belongs to them and that once enough Latino immigrants, legal or illegal claim a majority, the current borders of the United States will be extinguished. Webb says we should keep our eyes on Ellison, who has publicly supported both Antifa and the Muslim Brotherhood and who he believes is a major coordinator of these and other extremist groups – and their gun-running activities. He says they’re getting their insurgency/ Illegal gold trade/mining, money laundering, human trafficking, drug trafficking-foreign- cocaine Known trafficking: Colombia, Mexico, Europe, Asia, The US, other countries Gangs: Brazil, ‘Ndrangheta, Insight Crime dot org Excerpt: The Shining Path guerrilla group launched its war against the state in 1980, and is now deeply involved in organized crime. While the drug trade helped strengthen the group, in recent years it has been severely weakened by the deaths and arrests of a number of its top leaders. The rebels are thought to work with traffickers in the VRAEM region. This is the group’s last remaining stronghold after it was pushed out of the Alto Huallaga region following the 2012 capture of Florindo Eleuterio Flores, alias “Comrade Artemio.” Local Peruvian trafficking groups share their territory with foreign drug trafficking organizations, including Colombian and Mexican criminal groups. These maintain sophisticated cocaine trafficking networks to Europe, Asia, the United States and other countries. Local traffickers are also known to have links with other transnational criminal groups, including Brazilian gangs and Italy’s ‘Ndrangheta…Mining regions are also a hub of human trafficking, for both forced labor and sexual exploitation. The illegal gold trade has also been tied to money laundering involving a US-based company with offices in Miami and Dallas. In 2017, Peru officially declared illegal mining an organized crime activity and launched a program to tackle it, including through massive police operations.
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