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See also Bolshevism GR Reporter: Golden Dawn and Russian Neonazism (04/15/2014) Note: there is a photo in this article with an insert that reads: To Vima newspaper, Russian far-right members demonstrate in Moscow using the Nazi salute Excerpt: His credo is "we, the Russians, are indebted to the Greeks" and in an interview for "Epikera" magazine issued by "Livanis" publishing house about a year ago, he notes that "the Russian people would probably support Putin’s firm stance if Greece revolts against the world order and its financial strategies." In another article again, when talking about Russia in the 21st century, Dugin emphasizes, "I ​​hope that Orthodox Greece as well as some societies of Eastern Europe will one day enter the zone of Eurasian prosperity." Dugin, who speaks about a new world order, supports in his book "The Fourth Political Theory" the return of Russia as a global superpower that will act as a counterweight against the U.S. domination. The solution, according to Dugin, is turning to the past and the eternal values ​​of human communities, unequivocally condemning the myth of progress. For Dugin "social justice, national sovereignty and traditional values, spirituality, are the three basic principles of the fourth political theory", but then he states, "The only thing on which we insist in the creation of such an agreement for cooperation is to set aside our anti-communist and anti-fascist prejudices. These prejudices are tools in the hands of liberals and globalists with which they keep their enemies divided. Therefore, we must reject both anti-communism and anti- fascism. Both are counter-revolutionary tools in the hands of the global liberal elite." Liberalism, according to Dugin, is the main enemy of the fourth political theory. He speaks strongly against the Nazis, defines the extermination of entire national groups as a criminal act, rejects racism in all its forms, supports a complex, diverse world, but stresses that without racism national socialism is not national socialism. According to the fourth political theory, the highest value is the nation (ethnocentrism) and Dugin says that "if Russia chooses to live then it will automatically trigger the creation of a fourth political theory ", which is neither fascism nor communism nor liberalism."Russia has no place in the new world of globalization, postmodernism and postliberalism", notes Dugin. Alexandr Dugin - Hour 1 - The Fourth Political Theory & Blind Western Liberalism March 27, 2015 Aleksandr Dugin is one of the best-known writers and political commentators in post-Soviet Russia. In addition to the many books he has authored on political, philosophical and spiritual topics, he currently serves on the staff of Moscow State University, and is the intellectual leader of the Eurasia Movement. For more than a decade, he has also been an advisor to Vladimir Putin and others in the Kremlin on geopolitical matters, being a vocal advocate of a return of Russian power to the global stage, to act as a counterweight to American domination. Dugin joins us to speak about the subject of his book, The Fourth Political Theory. He begins with an overview of this political vision, one that is a fundamental criticism of liberalism in all forms, but does not fall into communism, nationalism or fascism. Dugin explains the need for critically thinking people in the world to imagine an alternative to liberalism, and how this very confusing and destructive ideology is truly a totalitarian way of thinking. We consider the key liberalist issues as being tests to see how far people are willing to go to completely give up traditional values, and we look at the globalist capital system that is exacerbating the identity crisis of the west. In the second half, Dugin details the fine points of Eurasianism, a vision of world history based on geopolitics and the virility of diverse civilizations. We look at Russia’s place amongst the global elite, her unwavering sovereignty that will ultimately resist globalization, and a deeply rooted cultural dimension that cannot be divided from Europe. Dugin speaks of the US’s constant meddling and manufacturing of conflicts between Russia and Europe, and we discuss the importance of creating a strong European cooperative to balance the liberalist power monopoly. In conclusion, Dugin notes his contributions to Putin’s current ideology and the rising influence of the Forth Political Theory in liberating Russia from the globalist grip. Updates: Page started 10/02/2017 - brief insert moved here from Bolshevism
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4 Pt: The Fourth Political Theory: “ “National-bolshevism”: “If the First Reich was Catholic, and the Second Reich was Protestant, the Third Reich should be orthodox”. Orthodox and Soviet at the same time.”
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