(Contextual, cont.) The barrage can be, and often is, a multiply staged front as an overall Zone of Influence which is kept up constantly so that people feel that it is like mowing the lawn to fight them. You no sooner get through one battle and feeling you have cleared, held and built only to find some kind of return. For example, the battle showed a lot of killed insurgents, but a lot more came in to replace them. Or another battle just like it starts up somewhere else. Or you win a city, feel you leave it OK, but find that when you come back a few years down the road, it’s the same old mess back again…or much, much worse. When you look at the long-term attrition, such as the infowars, the warfare has a charge to it being directed toward a certain bang. If the charge has an attrition-based energy, one that wants to have a wide scope to wear the USA down as their enemy, it is important to identify the source of the pulse in order to counter the enemy’s thrust or momentum. To break up the barrage, one needs to identify the source of the thought process and emotion behind the ongoing thrusting. There is a reason people are fighting this way. One way perhaps to break up the heated drive and elation is to reconvert the images of expectation to a flat zone. More on that in a minute. As for the almost orgasmic-like bang, part of it could be the belief Americans are soft and don’t have holding power. The other is the hope the scope of the barrage will wear out various systems with an implosion like a “Poof” being the objective. This scope might be multiple fronts designed both to wear out and usurp, with usurpation being money drain and redirect. If funds are redirected from primary legitimate American operations toward “social justice”/Mexican/Latino ones, for example, this is a form of drain. It could be going on at the same time as multiple attacks at the physical level, like pre-arranged riots against American cities and their governmental buildings. The barrage can also include attacks like those that were maintained against Trump. One thing to do is identify the true source(s) behind the constant flow of manpower and bombs used as hammering to create attrition. We might think it is Iran, only to find two other culprits are, say, Turkey and China, which tend to stay off the radar. It also might be oil and gas conglomerates thinking and operating like their own entities like a mix between kingship and country, when it spans various countries, even some of us. So in all of this, one of the first steps is to find the pulse that engenders these tendencies and their manifestations. We also might try to line up the pulse to the end result of an “orgasm” as “Trophyism.” Trophyism would be the flashing excitement and flag waving to show dominance over the American system. Here are some examples: standing over an American tank that has been bombed and burned out with an Iraqi flag and arm raised putting up a Muslim mosque over the 9/11 site providing self-proclaiming chatter throughout all controlled sources of American and global media To convert the high zeal in its expectation of a victorious bang and post-bang triumphism or trophyism, we might consider the way the enemy has been applying information warfare on us to attempt to replay that on them in such away the elation thrust goes flat, like soda pop losing its fizz. In order to win at this sort of visual and emotion/word domain warfare, it seems likely the following needs to occur: our info warfare media must be more accurate than their media; we tell the truth, and we mean it our info warfare must mean business and it must send an irrefutable message that the games of the enemy are over Here is one example of how to use this type of info warfare on the enemy: First, in this scenario, the enemy is sending large numbers of unattended children and other illegal aliens across the American border using coyotes from cartels and stealth across un-patrolled areas. These people are unwanted; they do not have our permission to come or to stay. They are using children as weapons in the sense honor dictates we should not be cruel to any child by leaving them to the mercy of cartels, the elements or any harsh population or environment. The US is doomed if they do or they don’t. There might be an info warfare related way to fight this battle that sends the children home, but in the custody of Fair Play experts back at their home ports. Fair Play experts would be the parallel of what La Raza and other pro- minority/pro-immigrant groups are trying to do here in the USA - create safe repositories for migrants with shelter and services. The difference these will be in the home territory. The info warfare will be to show clearly prime time media coverage of all illegal migrants being sent back by plane to their home territory. The news stories will be consistent, truthful and ongoing until such time the migrants give up, realizing there is no point in trying to force themselves on the United States. Another way to combat the info warfare is to grab hold of the leftist/minority US repository and benefits groups by the horns and take back American control, while displaying this consistently on the news, as well. La Raza and its various allies will learn that the US will not be dominated nor manipulated by their tactics, and that American monies go toward American citizens, not citizens-in-the-making nor illegal aliens granted illegal and phony amnesty by corrupt government allies. These two examples show a couple of ways the media can be used to counter the enemy’s media propaganda by re-applying that toward the American position. We can learn from the enemy and use some of their games against them in “right back at you, dude: Americans first, get out of here. Go home, stay home, don’t try it again. We Americans mean business.” Updates: 2023/03/21; 2021/05/01 updates include rewording, editing and giving examples of info warfare “right back at you.” 2021/04/29 PAGE STARTED-Psyops/Mowing the Grass
Like Cutting the Grass (Psy-17)
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Definition Related Concepts Contextual ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION You get rid of it only to have it pop back up again. Key points: Attrition, Barrage, Keep Coming Back (Like mowing grass, it comes back), Deluge, Hammering, Drilling, “Like Vietnam.” Examples: using up our manpower and resources; using up our attention and focus on certain things to distract from their other fronts Sucking, Draining, like redirecting funds from us to them; using up our money on wasteful projects to leave less reserves for better and high crisis ones The concept here, as outlined in the points above, is that the enemy seeks to use an ongoing and repetitive onslaught program against the United States and its allies in order to win battles, arguments, funds and publicity. RELATED CONCEPTS Softening, Deep State (Psy section) CONTEXTUAL The concept of a “pulse” was discussed in other psyops sections, but needs to be reviewed here in its applicability to the hammering, constant regrowth, return, resupply concept.
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