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Turning the Table (PSY-23)
Definition Related Concepts Contextual ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION Free Dictionary turn the tables, to To reverse the situation between two persons or groups, especially so as to gain the upper hand. This term comes from the custom of reversing the table or board in games like chess and draughts, so that the opponents’ relative positions are switched. 0tables%2C%20to%20To%20reverse%20the%20situation,so%20that%20the% 20opponents%E2%80%99%20relative%20positions%20are%20switched RELATED CONCEPTS Making Others Look Bad, Misery Loves Company, Trophyism, Sending in the Crows, Arabian Nights Effect (Psy Section) CONTEXTUAL (PSY) A good deal of the antics linked to illegal trespassers into the United States and also the Sccial Justice, DEI operations seen ubiquitously across the board have a motivation and ongoing issue linked to retaliation and punishment modalities, summed up here simply as Turning the Tables. Some of these groups and others might use a form of witchcraft which has a retaliative streak.
Certain Holocaust Jews might be involved in a conspiracy of payback which includes certain key issues related to what happened during the 1930s and 1940s. We must be clear this seems to be certain Jews, not all Jews. This strain of Jewishness seems to include far left and race grievance industry types. It can include open border issues. The retaliation can from mafia-like groups with the conscious, deliberate intention of running a shadow government which exacts justice in its own way. They pride themselves on ignoring governments as if they don’t exist. Some of these groups seem to have a metaphysical-occult aspect perhaps with an old or even ancient set of procedures or rules so when you do your investigations as American or wester democracy/republic types, you need to look for that outer edge as extraordinary aspect as described in the Arabian Nights Effect. One aspect can be akin to the generally considered negative aspect of the Upside Down Cup in Tarot as related to magic.* The interpretation here follows the general conception, even if a misguided one - the idea of trying to turn one’s fortunes upside down as a form of psychic attack. * However, apparently there is a potential positive side: “Turned upside down, Tarot cards can have an entirely different meaning from their upright interpretations. Some people think a reversed Tarot card guarantees bad news, but that's not the case at all. Often reversed Tarot cards deliver good news, or simply strengthen, weaken, or redirect the primary message of the upright card.” Tarot Card Reversals |