Co-Opting (PSY-21)
Resources and Input Policing, Borders, Drugs, Cartels and System Corruption
Related Concepts Definition Contextual, Meaning Opinion ----------------------------------------------------------------------- RELATED CONCEPTS Switching, The Zone (Psy section) DEFINITION verb (used with object)to elect into a body by the votes of the existing members. to assimilate, take, or win over into a larger or established group: The fledgling Labor party was coopted by the Socialist party. to appropriate as one's own; preempt: The dissidents have coopted the title of her novel for their slogan. https //www dictionary com/browse/coopt CONTEXTUAL, MEANING (PSY) Co-Opting indicates a bad group has taken over a good group, and has pretended to be the same old good group. Related concepts:Paralleling - Setting up operations and running them next to legitimate and important governmental operations. An example is setting up Islamic facilities next to American military operations. Co-opting can mean replacing the original people but keeping the store front. The new operation is a facade and shell of the former original one.In addition, a person might be co-opted. An example is an American president who was killed on a ship in an enemy war zone and a similarly looking double has been used ever since
(cont.) Examples include a mafia, Islamic terrorist, La Raza, Chinese or Russian group have taken over an American government office and are pretending to be the same entity. Another example is a Navajo person, tied to Mexican cartels, La Raza and Russia, is working in a US post office or birth certificates office - both government agencies. Another example is a bad group takes over American banks and pretends to be the same old banks while putting out “social justice” messages and showing a lot of (or entirely) black ads. PF OPINION An environment of co-optedness could have certain types of negative activity. Signs of certain kinds of problems might trace back to a fake government using the old outer form of the previous legitimate government.As an example, the Navajo Tribe is depcited here as a tribal entity which wants wants to take over a city previously more American in approach. Although technically Navajos are Americans, in this example they are exerting warfare against the United States over past grievances involving European colonists taking over lands 500 years ago. They place people in banks/credit unions, the police department, major government offices and in major department stores. They run strings using large family networks, including tribal and white supporters via religious affiliation, like Mormons or Protestant religious fundamentalists. They also run strings using campus, bank and departmental private security. Navajo cops and their white affiliates might have certain quirks exposing their activities and agenda, like helping other Navajos they are called in on get money from a white person. If you look more carefully at police antics, in a way each time they have their eye on controlling the flow of money in such a way it goes from white people they don’t like (and are countering) and into the hands of the tribe. Supposedly the Navajo cop is helping the white who called the police for support, and maybe in some ways he does, but he is also maneuvering things at the same time to make sure the Navajos in the situation on the other side of the issue get the money. In other words, the Navajo cop spots Navajos working at the scene of the auto mechanic who has been called about, and decides to favor them in some way financially so at least some of the caller’s money gets to them. When you start looking at repeated call-ins to the police from either this particular white individual seeking help from the police, or other white callers, you might pick up a trail of repeated pro-Navajo (or Navajo white affiliates, because white cops with Navajo ties can be in on it, too) financial benefits in some way - even letting a Navajo hit-and-run off the hook. In that case, they might do a double whammy - take bribes from him and also keep the white they don’t like from getting proof of the incident to keep from having to pay the deductible on the repair. There is a planned form of vindictiveness here, in other words. There can be an added element of accepting bribes when cops get money on the side. But also they can be trying to obfuscate or block progress (stonewall) against a white they don’t like even if the cops don’t themselves get money. This is an example of a shadow government in operation using co-opting of a once more legitimate American system. A similar example was provided in Gatekeeping but in the sense of the process of the activity and in general about how civil rights militant power movement groups could be doing it, not just Navajos. This example could just as easily use a religious network (like fundamentalists) across town as an example of a shadow government, or a network of men inside a military branch, or among veterans formally from various branches. These networks could co-opt a location and weave activities around the public for their own gain and for those they tell themselves are more deserving. In some cases, Noble Causes could be part or most of the motive, a personal sense of doing something right in a way that is off the charts and not following legal protocols, and as such is vigilante activity. People might co-opt and run operations because of what they personally feel is justified for one reason or another. If you look carefully, however, things are actually sinister and hurting innocent people unnecessarily. The system they are using is vindictive and unfair. Large Corporations The way all the large corporations and banks presented themselves as supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement was a strong indicator of a widespread co-opted space spanning various companies. People suggest China, George Soros and others could be major players behind that, or “leftists” in general. All of the companies seem to be co-opted, using similar language, advertising photos and website layouts, as if under the thumb of one entity, A “Big Brother” type. People can recall that the Nazis invaded older systems and reworked them to a nearly identical framework across the board. However, examples also include Shiite takeovers of the airport and government ministries in Iraq while the American troops were there trying to gain control of the country to hand over to more responsible and democratic Iraqi leaders. The Shiites were working with Iran in creating a shadow government in and around the Americans and the more normalcy- seeking and even often more secular Iraqi public. A Certain Quality to the Co-Opting To the wise observer and investigator, the co-opting has a kind of rhythm to it, a feeling-quality, and a pattern. But the most important thing is people have to care enough to not only see the co-opting, but to do something real about it. The problem is, if people are doing drugs and illegal actions at a co-opted location, they might feel more in tune with the bad guys who deal the drugs, or they might be afraid to speak out for fear of getting in trouble. Also there might be a civil rights, political or religious thing going on. So everything from a bank to a town could be co-opted because few people are willing to go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd and say something. One of the first questions we need to ask at a co-opted location are: are the managers sleeping with the cartels, and are people dealing dope there? Updates: 2023/03/14; 2023/02/06 Navajo co-opting in police department example given; 2021/05/12 PAGE STARTED-Co-Opting
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