DISCLOSURE OF POLITICAL & SPIRITUAL ORIENTATION NO HONOR NO COUNTRY Wanton violence does not solve life’s problems. An ideology, religion or pact among the world’s wealthiest groups should not be used to control other people. Self-defense is a way of honoring self, family and nation against tyranny and cruel acts. Border defense is central to safety and life quality. Awareness of religious indoctrination and other issues related to inflexible mindsets, conformity and The Wall of Silence help us to look past illusions and press in on the expected. Added 12-5-23 ; I think if many of us can agree to a higher power that is Love, and to the importance and vitality of the more compassionate side of Christianity, we will do better together. I am not a Christian myself, as I don't believe in Jesus the way he is often presented by Christians, but I do believe Christians often, although not always, are tapping into "the real deal" of spiritual compassionate more eternal love through healthy relations between brothers and sisters, with a sense of cleanliness, order, family, home and consistency. I don't agree with everything Christians say and do and think some of them go off on a dark tangent here and there. I don't agree with strict scripts and ostracizing of non-believers, ego and retaliation in the name of one's religion, or Christian nationalism. Added from Notes-News-Updates (above month and day section; moved here on 10-19-23] This website stands with Texas on border protection; it also supports border states Arizona and California Republicans and centrist Democrats on that. It also stands with Florida Gov. DeSantis’ approach in breaking up DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and protecting Florida/USA ocean waters/borders; Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin and Michael McCaul of Texas in their work on China in terms of protecting US Not outrage and clickbait here at PF Project Dynamo is run by military veterans and first responders, and since 2021 has evacuated 6,075 people from places of conflict or natural disaster around the world, including Ukraine, Haiti and Sudan. https://www.projectdynamo.org/ Note from PF: As mentioned elsewhere, Police Factor is not an expert on police, national security, gangs or cartels, psychology, sociology or social work related subjects Church and State Separation Republican - open to bipartisan cooperation on key points o Does not support religious wording (ie, “Ten Commandments”) or iconography on government grounds Discourages religious proselytizing on government grounds Does not support using public tax dollars for religious education, this includes Islam, Christian, Judaism and others Not evangelical: Does not take the Christian bible literally, nor any other religious group’s main texts On abortion: Not strongly engaged in anti-abortion or pro-abortion controversies - my focuses are elsewhere. See my stand against taxpayer funded abortions below. Realizing the moral issues around pro-life, it is felt setting the stage for healthy, balanced, stable and safe lives is a more important political focus than anti-abortion measures at this time; I would like to see Christians with strong pro-life stances to feel free to continue to engage through civic action (within the bounds of American laws) to choose and decide for themselves and their families, but to politically spend more time on battling crime and protecting national security. In addition, controlling, prescriptive behaviors toward women’s roles should not go alongside anti-abortion tendencies o Recognizes Christian and other religious beliefs, orientations and approaches can and often do enhance personal and national security, economic stability, crime-free zones, and the continuity of higher end life experiences (ie, compassion) includes family centrality, church relations and spiritual connections to something higher o Recognizes some political or ideological movements act like religious authoritarian systems in their own right Marxism in its most militant forms Communism and Socialism - extant forms, as well as old revolutionary pulse Theory: Communism as equal access to goods and power for all, Reality: few tyrants in control, no equal access to goods and power- ie, China, old Soviet system Egalitarian approach for women’s rights, using common sense in terms of best person for the job and with eye on maximum outcomes and efficiency, as well as ethical professionalism, not forced civil rights just to put a “protected class” into a job, etc. Very strongly opposed to taxpayer funded abortions Very strongly opposed to transgender funded sex changes and therapy: transition medical work at public tax dollar expense, particularly involving veteran or activity duty medical care - medical care must go to health care and psychological needs of the general public, and referencing the military, to active duty and combat veterans, not to special interest groups involving controversial social, political and socio-political issues like transgenderism or abortion; and transgender transition work must be on that person’s own dime and time; battle wounds current or old must be taken care of first and foremost and hired leaders must have this tendency, approach or primary instinct or not be VA or military leaders Strong approach for national security o Border Protections, Stopping Amnesty for large numbers of illegal immigrants who broke our laws coming in Very strongly opposed to bulk amnesty for illegal aliens, including children of illegal immigrants o I feel farm work amnesty for illegal immigrants should be replaced with incentive plans and actions for getting the homeless and unemployed American citizens excited and happy to work on American agricultural pursuits; this will require innovative and high energy approaches to re-engage the poor of America to take the jobs the illegal immigrants are taking Strong approach for anti-crime activities o a firm and tenacious response to gangs and cartels, illegal addictive substances, human trafficking, etc. Recognizes various so-called civil rights groups went over the line into full-blown anti-American warfare and these groups need to be called out and rebuffed o there is a balance between authentic free speech, protests and civil rights and groups and making things go too far BLM and others: links to countries who do not have civil rights like USA. They try to make a mockery of American freedoms by exaggerating our rights to the point of the ridiculous to make the whole system seem impossible and to make people want to clamp down and increase policing controls like they do in their own country o Organized approach to what they have been doing: seeing itemizing responding through action barriers against them starting up again - prepare for “mowing the grass” antics o Some later added notes 2021/09/29 Very strongly opposed to CRT (Critical Race Theory) in the early public schools; needs parental consent in later public schools like starting in junior or senior levels; CRT should not be accompanied with society-changing activism, but should be taught consistent with any introductory compare and contrast of theoretical subject matter Schools, board members, parents and general members of the public need to be given fully transparent information on upcoming meetings on CRT, curriculum changes involving CRT, voting elections, etc. No dodging, no secrecy, no blocking of people with alternative views Americans must not be dictated to regarding CRT; no forced curricula Very strongly oppose taxpayer dollars going to sectarian education; taxpayer dollars should go to public schools, not churches, home schooling, religious education, or private interest education; remember, if you open the door for Protestant fundamentalists, you do the same for sharia law radical Islam and any number of radical groups, as well Policing persons with known strong religious values including but not limited to those of anti-abortion need to be monitored when they handle cases involving females with any level of pro-abortion sentiments (early, mid, late term) in small towns or heavy with heavy religious fundamentalist beliefs; policing persons with strong sharia law radical Islamic beliefs should also be monitored thusly Definition of “militant transgenderism” used here includes radical activism in such a way that the activists involved are seeking special privileges at the expense of the majority, seek changes that hinder the success, safety or peace of mind of mainstream majority groups, beliefs and practices; take away from the storehouse of public (including military) funds meant previously for the mainstream in those groups; and seek to change the way society thinks, acts or operates not only regarding transgenders, but in all things sexual, societal, psychological, etc. In addition, transgenders seeking to supplant American mainstream workers with only people who believe as they do cannot be permitted; we should not be seeing transgenders or those who support their line of thinking becoming a majority in government governor positions, for example, and if such is happening, we need to look for conspiracies including but not limited to militant takeovers and treason. Transgenders should not become so common in government because they manage to manipulate the system to get a position, and any fraud in elections by a network of like-minded operators cannot be tolerated, along with conspiracy-types of changes to our governmental operations designed to favor these minority populations at the expense of the majority; Transgenderism and its way of thinking must not be forced on the public will and mindset. Updates: 2021/08/23 added the non-evangelical clause; added the strong opposition to bulk amnesty for illegal immigrants clause; 2021/08/21 anti-transgender transition medical activity at public expense clause added; 2021/08/19
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GENERAL 2021-2022: Secure our State-Side Bases! Police Factor’s Stance: …did not support large numbers of Afghan refugees coming to the United States. Too many unknown variables and potential dangers. does not support public taxpayer funding of these things: abortion or transgender sex change surgery or sex change hormone treatments; … does not support the teaching of CRT in public schools Does not support overturning Roe vs. Wade, and the Supreme Court should not be stacked to do that. Here is why: 1) it can be a move by anti- American groups seeking more and more power inside the United States by eroding our liberties - sincere anti- abortionists can be mixed in with radical Islamic males, radical Hispanic, Italian, Irish and other Catholics - as well as bible-centered white Protestants: “telling religionists what they want to hear” 2) as part of an ethno-religionist male-first, anti-American, anti- female equality domination/submission ploy; certain American men who fought in the Middle East might have picked up bad habits toward females (but other males are protective of Islamic women, hating the brutality against them); some Christians have taken on some of the more extremist aspects of Muslim beliefs. 3) Radical Muslim countries hate American freedoms, and one of the things they want to attack are the equal rights of women. China wants to increasingly get Americans to defer to authority. The way they can try to do that is to coopt Christianity. What seems “Christian” might be a cruel game afoot.
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