Weapons, Battles, US Invasion (IRAQ-1a)
US Invasion of Iraq and Beyond Weapons, Battles, US Invasion BOOKS-moved to Iraq-4 Resources-Links, Books Terminology (BRIEF) Common Weapons and Equipment at least up through Operation Iraqi Freedom Bombs, Explosives Road and Related Bombs moved to Road Bombs RPGs Air Vehicles Apaches Chinooks Black Hawks (also see UAVs like RQ-7 Shadow) Kiowa Light Helicopters Tanks, Vehicles Abrams Armored Security Vehicles Bradleys Humvees MRAPS Strykers Tech Assisted Reconnaisance, Insurgent/Bomb Deterrence Unmanned Tech UAVs EODs Army Levels Top to Bottom: Corps Division Brigade or Regiment Battalion Company or Battery or Troop Squad 4a Case Study - “The Perfect Storm” Chapter in book Endgame [has been moved to Iraq-4] incl. Takeaways/Lessons ie, on Airport Infiltrations Books from Iraq-q moved to Iraq-5 Resources
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