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Weapons - Tasers (TECH-2)
DEFINITION Noun TRADEMARK. A weapon firing barbs attached by wires to batteries, causing temporary paralysis. Verb. Fire a taser at (someone) in order to incapacitate them temporarily. LINKS LIST 2019--https //www abc15 com/news/local-news/investigations/abuse-of-force-body-camera-video-shows-man-tased-11- times-by-glendale-officers 2005/08/20--https //www abqjournal com/news/state/apstungun08-20-05 htm 2019/09/26--https //www abqjournal com/1370714/rio-arriba-county-deputy-charged-for-tasing-student htm 2019/11/09--https //www msn com/en-us/video/t/colorado-police-restrain-and-taser-woman-who-was-smoking-and-had- dog-off-leash/vp-BBWudPB daunte-wright/7221153002/ HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS OF DEATHS USA TODAY 2021/04/23 Lethal force? Tasers are meant to save lives, yet hundreds die after their use by policeThe April 11 shooting death of Daunte Wright highlights problems with police use of Tasers that have contributed to at least 500 deaths since 2010. Jo Ciavaglia Josh Salman Katie Wedell deaths-like-daunte-wright/7221153002/ Reuters 2017 The Taser Cases: Explore 1,005 fatalities documented [Note from PF: a very thorough and well laid out study] ARIZONA ABC 15 2019 Man tased 11 times by Glendale [Arizona] officers 2019--https //www abc15 com/news/local-news/investigations/abuse-of-force-body-camera-video-shows- man-tased-11-times-by-glendale-officers Arizona-based Taser International, Inc. - Lawsuit Against in 2005 - Four States involved: AZ, NM, KS, OH, FL Albuquerque Journal 2005/08/20 Police Officers in N.M., 4 Other States Sue Stun-Gun Maker Over Injuries https //www abqjournal com/news/state/apstungun08-20-05 htm Excerpt: Police officers in New Mexico and four other states have filed lawsuits against Arizona-based Taser International Inc., claiming they were seriously injured after being shocked with the electronic stun gun during training classes. All of the lawsuits have been filed in the past two week including four in Maricopa County Superior Court here on behalf of officers in Florida, Kansas, New Mexico and Ohio. The officers allege they suffered "severe and permanent'' injuries including multiple spinal fractures, burns, a shoulder dislocation and soft-tissue injuries. The lawsuits challenge Taser's principal safety claim and accuse the company of misleading law enforcement about the extent of potential injuries. They also accuse company officials of concealing reports of injuries to at least a dozen other law enforcement officers. Taser, based in Scottsdale, has marketed the weapons to 7,000 law enforcement agencies and promoted the gun's safety. The devices temporarily paralyze people with a 50,000-volt jolt delivered by two barbed darts that can penetrate clothing. The American Civil Liberties Union reports more than 130 deaths in the United States related to Tasers, while Amnesty International reports more than 120 deaths in the U.S. and Canada — both figures since June 2001. 2005/08/20--https //www abqjournal com/news/state/apstungun08-20-05 htm CALIFORNIA CBS 2019/02/07 Calls for video release mount after California county's third Taser-related death BY ERIN DONAGHUE video-release/ Fox News 2016/10/7 California Taser death victim went 14 minutes with no care COLORADO MSN (Youtube video) 2019/11/09 Colorado police restrain and taser woman who was smoking and had dog off leash 2019/11/09--https //www msn com/en-us/video/t/colorado-police-restrain-and-taser-woman-who-was- smoking-and-had-dog-off-leash/vp-BBWudPB NEW MEXICO Albuquerque Journal 2019/09/26 Rio Arriba County Deputy charged for tasing student 2019/09/26--https //www abqjournal com/1370714/rio-arriba-county-deputy-charged-for-tasing-student html TASER TOPICS Greater Distance Like all Tasers, the new models fire metal hooks into a suspect's clothing or skin, delivering a 600 volt pulse. The charge causes the muscles to contract, temporarily paralyzing them. This new model, the X3 handgun- style Taser, has three cartridges. The company says it's capable of subduing three suspects at once. But it would also allow an officer, in theory, to deliver a triple hit to one suspect. The new models are making the debate over their safety and potential misuse even more urgent. --Lawyers and Settlements (see below) The main advantage of this design is that you can stun attackers from a greater distance (typically 15 to 20 feet / 4 to 6 meters. The disadvantage is that you only get one shot -- you have to wind up and re-pack the electrode wires, as well as load a new gas cartridge, each time you fire. Most Taser models also have ordinary stun-gun electrodes, in case the Taser electrodes miss the target. --From How Stuff Works TBP Tech Difference between stun and taser ttps:// “Best Stun Gun”An Advertisement showing taser capabilities http //www beststungun com/product/taser/taser-gun-pistol-m26c Excerpt: The TASER M26C Gun Pistol is a legal open carry / concealable self defense weapon. It has the power to incapacitate even the strongest and most aggressive attackers. Built on the same technology that the military and law enforcement officers use, the M26C is an extremely powerful self defense weapon that puts the power in your hands. It shoots a 15 foot electrical shock cord to freeze your attacker in the spot. This cord can pierce skin, clothing, and thick materials. Once activated the bad guy won’t be able to move and most likely will fall down in place – giving you plenty of time to get to safety and call the police. The M26C is a serious self defense tool that can save your life and your families. If you are ready to take control of your protection – the M26 is a great start! 15 foot range keeps attacker at bay EMD Technology makes attacker go limp Recognizable shape can deter assailants http //www beststungun com/product/taser/taser-gun-pistol-m26c [Note from PF: this website was still up as of Jan 2021] How stun guns and tasers work Electronics/How Stuff Works Stun Gun, Tasers http //electronics howstuffworks com/gadgets/other-gadgets/stun-gun5 htm Excerpt: The companies that make stun guns specify that the weapons should be used conservatively, only for self-defense or incapacitating an unruly person. Unfortunately, stun guns are commonly used as torture devices in many parts of the world. Amnesty International reports that a number of governments routinely use stun weapons to extract confessions from political prisoners. These officials know that electrical torture leaves less evidence than many other methods. The shock from a stun weapon is extremely painful, but it doesn't leave an obvious wound. So, while stun guns might be relatively safe weapons when used correctly, they can be quite dangerous in the wrong hands http //electronics howstuffworks com/gadgets/other-gadgets/stun-gun5 htm Lawyers and Settlements Taser abuse https //www lawyersandsettlements com/articles/taser_abuse/taser-abuse-heart-injury-stun-guns-4-15755 html Excerpt: Since 2004, Amnesty Interna ional has stated that taser electro-shock weapons are contributing to widespread human rights abuses and that tasers are being used as tools of routine force instead of their original purpose—an alternative to firearms. https //www lawyersandsettlements com/articles/taser_abuse/taser-abuse-heart-injury-stun-guns-4-15755 html Progressive dot org Versions of tasers http //www progressive org/mag_amctaser Excerpt: In 2003, Taser International started selling an additional version of the twenty-six-watt taser, called the X26, which is light enough for police officers to carry at all times….In Portland, Oregon, police used a taser to shock a seventy-one-year-old blind woman four times on her back and once on the right breast. They also pepper-sprayed her and beat her. http //www progressive org/mag_amctaser Updates: 2022/05/29 added California section and some news articles; aslo hundreds of deaths section/article; 2021/01/20 editing, some fusing from rivergold dot net material; 2020/12/06 some editing; 2020/01/01 MSN/2019; 2019/12/30 Aclu stingray tracking devices whos got them added; 2019 Rio Arribo County deputy charged added. Updates from rivergold dot net: Tasers section updated 12/21/2016
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