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NAMES A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 E F G1 G2 H1 H2 IJK L M1 M2 M3 N O P R S T W QUV-XYZ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Utley Shane, Farmington Valdez Derrick, Espanola Valencia Jose, Santa Fe Vasquez Mario, Santa Fe Valtierra Robert, Albuquerque Varela Javier, Socorro ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARIES U-V-XYZ BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE Utley, Shane Farmington, Captain. San Juan County. Charged with using Sheriff Office Ammunition as trade for off-road vehicle. Utley sued in response, claiming retaliation by Sheriff Christesen over his re-election campaign. (2014, Lawsuit by Utley 2015) Cases and Complaints 2015/08/15 UTLEY v. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF SAN JUAN COUNTY Civ. No. 14-357 JCH/KKK. 2014/09/29 Amended Complaint Filed Case Amended Complaint 1:14-cv-00357-JCH-KK Document 38 Sheriff-s-Office 2014/04/16 Complaint Filed Case file: Complaint against San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen Farmington Daily Times 2015/11/08 Academy Revokes Former Captain’s Certification http //www daily-times com/story/news/local/four-corners/2015/11/08/academy-revokes-former- captains-certification/75235774 Excerpt from Farmington Daily Times. By Dan Schwartz (11/08/2015): Utley, who worked in law enforcement for 25 years before retiring last year, did not return a phone call seeking comment for this story. “It’s unfortunate that he worked that long in law enforcement and ended up this way, but this says a lot about character,” San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen said. San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen (photo is in article) Utley and three other former employees of the Sheriff’s Office filed a lawsuit last year against Christesen claiming he retaliated against them with unjust demotions and work-place harassment because they wouldn’t support his re-election campaign. In early October, the county settled the lawsuit for $500,000. Sheriff’s Office Capt. Brice Current, former Undersheriff Ron Anderson, the Sheriff’s Office, the county and its commissioners were also defendants. Lisa Haws, Matt Wilcox and Utley’s wife, Beth Utley, were the other plaintiffs. The lawsuit claimed the accusations against Shane Utley were “bogus” and “nothing more than retaliation.” But Christesen says the academy determined Shane Utley is deceptive and lied. Christesen described the lawsuit as a political torpedo aimed at his 2014 reelection campaign. He said the half-million-dollar settlement, a business decision by the county’s insurance company, has no bearing on accuracy of the claims made against him in the lawsuit. “Everything we do is based on integrity,” he said. http //www daily-times com/story/news/local/four-corners/2015/11/08/academy-revokes-former- captains-certification/75235774 2015/10/07 Lawsuit against Christesen: County Pays $500K Settlement. By Dan Schwartz Case against this Sheriff by Shane Utley: 2015/10/07-https //www daily-times com/story/news/local/farmington/2015/10/07/county-pays-500k- settle-lawsuit/73523316/ Lawsuit against Christesen: County pays $500K to settle lawsuit Excerpt: Former San Juan County Sheriff’s Office employees who filed a lawsuit more than a year ago against Sheriff Ken Christesen and others alleging retaliation have settled for $500,000, according to court documents (see Farmington Daily Times, by Dan Schwartz, 2015/10/07) 2015/08/26 Lawsuit against San Juan County Sheriff Ken Christesen. https //www daily-times com/story/san-juan-county/2015/08/26/lawsuit-against-san-juan-county- sheriff-ken-christesen/73052752/ Albuquerque Journal 2015/08/31 State Law enforcement academy finds former sheriffs office captain lied. By Dan Schwartz https //www abqjournal com/636929/state-law-enforcement-academy-finds-former-sheriffs-office- captain-lied html Excerpt: FARMINGTON — A New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy official has determined that a former San Juan County Sheriff’s Office captain lied in investigations of his alleged use of department-issued ammunition in a trade for an off-road motorcycle. The ammunition — four boxes of Black Hills .223 match grade bullets and 50 rounds of Federal 12-gauge buckshot — was valued at between $180 and $250, according to the records. The ammunition boxes were also stamped with an identification number that matched rounds kept in the Sheriff’s Office SWAT truck, according to the records. Utley testified in the hearing that he didn’t know the ammunition belonged to the Sheriff’s Office and that Capt. Brice Current had given it to him, according to the records. But Hearing Officer Peter Camacho stated in the records that Utley “knew or should have known”the ammunition belonged to the Sheriff’s Office. Current also denies he gave Utley the ammunition, according to the records. Current, former-Undersheriff Ron Anderson, the sheriff’s office, and the county and its board of commissioners are also named as defendants in the lawsuit against Christesen. https //www abqjournal com/636929/state-law-enforcement-academy-finds-former-sheriffs-office- captain-lied html INFORMATIONAL ONLY - Beth Utley mentioned in articles See also Beth Utley, Sheriff’s spokesperson and Shane Utley’s wife, found mentioned here: Navajo Times http //www.navajotimes com/news/2011/0411/041411beating php Albuquerque Journal https //www abqjournal com/59499/farmington-police-sergeant-accused-of-rape html Ninja Cops http //site ninjacops com/blog/tag/sheriffs-spokeswoman-beth-utley/ Valdez, Derrick Espanola, Espanola PD/Officer as of 2020 Padilla incident, 2020/Valdez/Padilla - excessive force and Padilla's lawsuit; see also Gabriel Wadt, also involved 2020/Padilla v. Espanolacity government, Sgt. Cody Martinez, and Officers Derrick Valdez and Gabriel Wadt 2020/02/06 -- proposed/article_a31d092c-484e-11ea-9c76-7b70427388d6.html Isodorio Padilla 339 Valencia Jose, Santa Fe, SFPD/Detective; Ex-Police Union President, Pecos related incident. Video of gun sale to drug dealer: Guns/drug dealer/revealing undercover agent. Possible retaliation by higher ups for reporting corruption as whistleblower and not participating in cover-ups. Articles Albuquerque (ABQ) Journal 2012 Detective sues over firing https //www abqjournal com/87650/former-detective-sues-over-firing html 2010/02/03 https //www abqjournal com/news/state/03232436934newsmetro02-03-10 htm Excerpt from Abq Journal (2010): SANTA FE — A Santa Fe cop may end up losing his badge after he was caught on an FBI tape promising a gun to a drug dealer "who clearly conveyed his intent to commit murder," according to police documents. Santa Fe police Detective Jose Valencia — who was the police union president at the time the conversation was caught on tape two years ago — was recommended for termination by Chief Aric Wheeler last week, the Journal has learned. The alleged drug dealer is Maximiliano Gonzales of Pecos, whom Valencia has known on some level for years. Valencia has been on administrative leave since October. He also is accused of providing the description of an undercover officer to Gonzales and with making disparaging remarks about fellow officers to the drug suspect, according to state Department of Public Safety documents….But a lawsuit against the city of Santa Fe is in the works, according to an attorney for Valencia who claims his client was the victim of entrapment on the part of "administration higher-ups." Albuquerque attorney Alvin Garcia told the Journal the actions taken against Valencia were a product of a "retaliation" against his client "for reporting corruption (within the department) and not participating in cover- ups." "He was warned that things would come back to bite him," Garcia said. "And they have." https //www abqjournal com/news/state/03232436934newsmetro02-03-10 htm Valtierra, Robert Albuquerque. Victim Klunck Articles Real Crimes (1989) http //www realcrimes com/Corruption_Overview htm www kaitarquette arquettes com/corruption%20overview htm Varela, Javier Socorro. Socorro PD. Detective. Bust involving police corruption. Articles KVIA http //www kvia com/news/names-of-socorro-police-officers-arrested-have-been-released/55619331 [2020/02/22 page no longer found using this link] Vasquez Mario Santa Fe. SFPD. Officer. 2011/10-incident of shooting of Samuel Pauly-see also Officers Ray White and Officer Michael Mariscal; Vasquez sued for taking photos of Pauly and sending to friends; Pauly's brother Daniel involved in road-rage Articles RT (2015/09/10)Cop texted pics of dead man’s body after officer-involved shooting – lawsuit https //www rt com/usa/314874-police-texting-body-pictures/ Excerpt: The family of a man shot and killed by New Mexico police is suing the state’s Department of Public Safety and one of its officers for taking cellphone pictures of Samuel Pauly, the deceased victim, and texting them to friends. Officer Mario Vasquez, who was assigned to manage the crime scene but was not involved in the shooting, “took multiple pictures of Samuel Pauly’s dead body on his personal cell phone,” which he later texted to his friends, the complaint, filed in District Court, said.The incident, which took place in October 2011, began when Pauly’s brother, Daniel, was involved in a road-rage incident with two women in another car on an interstate highway outside of Santa Fe https //www rt com/usa/314874-police-texting-body-pictures/ Vega, Angelo (2011) Columbus. Former police chief. Extortion and trafficking arms. Articles Eideard 2011/07/12 NM town swamped in corruption abolishes police department Excerpt: …incarcerated former trustee Blas …Guitierrez submitted his letter of resignation on Friday, July 8. He is one of 12, including former Mayor Eddie Espinoza and former police chief Angelo Vega, who were arrested for their alleged roles in a gun smuggling ring… NBC 2009 Drug smugglers allegedly move into town http //www nbcnews com/id/30522251/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/t/drug-smugglers- allegedly-move-nm-town/ Excerpt: The source of this sudden wealth? An influx of Mexican drug smugglers, investigators say. The smugglers are fleeing the Mexican army's occupation of the town of Palomas, on the other side of the U.S.-Mexico border fence, and settling in Columbus, where there has been a law-enforcement vacuum. The four-man police force in Columbus has turned over seven times in three years because of scandal or apathy. "We know the names of the people," said Luna County Sheriff Raymond Cobos, who is based in Deming, 35 miles away. "I know that if I were a person involved in criminal activity, whether it's drug-related, human-smuggling related, I certainly would welcome the absence of police." Reuters 2011/08/26 Border police chief pleads guilty to running guns to Mexico. By Ashley Meeks. https //www reuters com/article/us-crime-newmexico-gunrunning-idUSTRE77O7XG20110825 Excerpt: LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (Reuters) - The ousted police chief of a tiny New Mexico border town pleaded guilty on Thursday to conspiracy to run guns to a brutal Mexico drug cartel. Former Columbus Police Chief Angelo Vega pleaded guilty in federal court in Las Cruces to conspiracy and new charges filed on Thursday of aiding in the smuggling of firearms and extortion under color of law. Vega, who appeared in court in shackles and a red jumpsuit, faces up to 35 years in federal prison and $750,000 in fines at sentencing, which has yet to be scheduled. https //www reuters com/article/us-crime-newmexico-gunrunning-idUSTRE77O7XG20110825 Cutting Edge News Vigil Isaac (2014) Tucumcari. NMSP Officer. Domestic Violence. Articles KRQE Vigil, Robert Espanola, previously of Cuba. Multiple Issues, History of Problems Santa Fe New Mexican 2015/06/04) Espanola Police Chief to probe missing records in drug 2015/06/04--http //www santafenewmexican com/news/local_news/espa-ola-police-chief-to-probe- missing-records-in-drug/article_e4bac0b3-b339-5247-8a7c-28590a58c9de html Excerpt from Santa Fe New Mexican-2015-06/04: The family that was the subject of the raid is suing the city of Española and several police officers, claiming they lied in a 2010 affidavit to obtain a search warrant on the family’s double-wide mobile home. The affidavit, citing information from a confidential informant, said the home was being used to manufacture methamphetamine. Some 40 officers, including a New Mexico State Police SWAT team, surrounded the home in the early morning hours of May 12, 2010, and pulled the family out at gunpoint. But police found nothing illegal. The family claims Robert Vigil, the officer who obtained the search warrant, made up the informant. Vigil had a documented history of unprofessional conduct — including complaints from the public — when he was an officer in Cuba, N.M…. 2015/06/04--http //www santafenewmexican com/news/local_news/espa-ola-police-chief-to-probe- missing-records-in-drug/article_e4bac0b3-b339-5247-8a7c-28590a58c9de html Vigil, Matthew (2017) Espanola. Chief. Domestic/Child Abuse, Witness Intimidation. Felony Acquitted 2019 Santa Fe New Mexican 2019/04/11 Ex-Española police chief acquitted in child abuse case. By John Miller. https //www santafenewmexican com/news/local_news/ex-espa-ola-police-chief-acquitted-in-child- abuse-case/article_84d0136f-3f6c-5edc-988a-97a45c858e37 html Excerpt: A former Española police chief accused in 2017 of striking his 13-year-old daughter in the face with a pair of shoes and taking away her cellphone at Big 5 Sporting Goods in Taos was acquitted this week in state District Court in Taos. https //www santafenewmexican com/news/local_news/ex-espa-ola-police-chief-acquitted-in-child- abuse-case/article_84d0136f-3f6c-5edc-988a-97a45c858e37 html US News 2017/08/21 Espanola Police On Leave After Child Abuse Indictment 2017/08/21--https //www usnews com/news/best-states/new-mexico/articles/espanola-police-chief- on-leave-after-child-abuse-indictment Excerpt: Espanola Police Chief on Leave After Child Abuse Indictment. The police chief of a troubled northern New Mexico city has been placed on leave following grand jury indictments on child abuse and witness intimidation. 2017/08/21--https //www usnews com/news/best-states/new- mexico/articles/espanola-police-chief-on-leave-after-child-abuse-indictment Rio Grande Sun 2017/08/18 Taos Grand Jury Indicts Police Chief. By Wheeler Cowperthwaite 2017/08/18--http //www riograndesun com/news/taos-grand-jury-indicts-police- chief/article_f06979cc-8474-11e7-b112-775cdcb08120 html Excerpt: With the exception of the battery and interference with communication, all charges are third-degree felonies, which each carry maximum sentences of three years. He faces a maximum sentence, across both cases, of 14 years in prison. He allegedly threatened his wife, Vicki Vigil, and one of her children to not talk to police and to refuse to testify at court proceedings, following the incident on Oct. 30, 2016. 2017/08/18--http //www riograndesun com/news/taos-grand-jury-indicts-police- chief/article_f06979cc-8474-11e7-b112-775cdcb08120 html 2017/08/03 Police Chief Faces More Allegations Rio Grande Sun 2017/08/03--http //www riograndesun com/news/police-chief-faces-more- allegations/article_18bda434-786d-11e7-a971-3fde46d516cb html 2017/07/20: City Police Chief Under Investigation 2017/07/20--http //www riograndesun com/news/city-police-chief-under- investigation/article_b003b42c-6d56-11e7-9635-c7bbfcb65b28 html Zapater, Blanca Bernalillo County. Corrections. Officer. Excessive force-Mace to vagina/search. ACLU In connection with Marlene Tapia lawsuit over pepper spray to vagina during routine strip search. See also Victim Incidents/Cases Case(s) (2013/11/20-Filed) Case 1:13-cv-01116-JB-RHS MARLENE TAPIA Plaintiff, v. BLANCA ZAPATER, a Bernalillo County, New Mexico Corrections Officer in her individual capacity, Defendant New Mexico Federal Court United District Court for the District of New Mexico Articles Rinf dot com 2013/11/26 New Mexico police spray woman’s vagina with mace after drug arrest. By Alex Kane. http //rinf com/alt-news/breaking-news/new-mexico-police-spray-womans-vagina-with-mace-after- drug-arrest/ The Blaze 2013/11/26 After anal probing controversy yet another lawsuit in New Mexico alleges shocking police abuse tantamount to torture. http //www theblaze com/news/2013/11/26/after-anal-probing-controversy-yet-another-lawsuit-in- new-mexico-alleges-shocking-police-abuse-tantamount-to-torture/ Excerpt: The American Civil Liberties Union last week filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a New Mexico woman who alleges that a corrections officer sprayed mace on her vagina during a routine 2011 strip search. http //www theblaze com/news/2013/11/26/after-anal-probing-controversy-yet-another-lawsuit-in- new-mexico-alleges-shocking-police-abuse-tantamount-to-torture/ Other Links https //www ibtimes com/marlene-tapia-new-mexico-woman-maced-vagina-files-civil-rights-suit- against-bernalillo-county [retrieved 2019/06/06] https //freedomoutpost com/marlene-tapia-new-mexico-cop-blanca-zapater-sprayed-vagina-with- mace-punish/ [retrieved 2019/06/06] Zavala, Cruz Roswell. Roswell PD. Sergeant. 2016-some jail time for domestic violence of wife. Case(s) (2018/10/28-Filed) RICHARD WAYNE JOHNSON, Plaintiff - Appellant, and TANYA JOHNSON, Plaintiff, v. CITY OF ROSWELL; ROSWELL POLICE DEPARTMENT; JOSEPH LANNOYE, in his individual capacity; CRUZ ZAVALA, in his individual capacity; ROBERT SWANTEK, in his individual capacity; PHIL SMITH, Chief of Police for the City of Roswell, in his individual and official capacities, Defendants - Appellees. No. 17-2176 (D.C. No. 2:15-CV-01071-GBW-CG) (D. N.M.) https //www ca10 uscourts gov/opinions/17/17-2176 pdf Articles KRQE 2016/05/16 Roswell police officer arrested after domestic dispute with wife. By Cheyenne Cope http //krqe com/2016/05/16/roswell-police-officer-arrested-after-domestic-dispute-with-wife/ Excerpt: A New Mexico police officer who has been shot in the line of duty could ruin his career. He was arrested, accused of roughing up his young wife. Sergeant Cruz Zavala with the Roswell Police Department found himself on the other side of the jail bars over the weekend. The 41-year-old was arrested for a domestic dispute with his wife. According to the criminal complaint, Cruz's 23-year- old wife tried to leave the house after an argument over dinner at their home just outside of Roswell. She claims Zavala tackled her then twisted her arm behind her and took her cell phone and keys away from her. She says he then picked her up and threw her out the front door. Deputies say she had red marks on her arms and neck….If Cruz is convicted of the charge, he won't be able to work as a police officer in New Mexico. That's because people convicted of domestic violence cannot carry a gun. Updates: 2020/04/17 Derrick Valdez/Espanola added to list, 2020/02/22 Vasquez Mario material filled in; deleted separate xyz section; xyz section moved here with the v’s; 2020/02/20 Vega Angelo material added from eideard-2011; Reuters-2011; NBC; 2019/04/29: Various editing; Matthew Vigil update on acquittal/article Santa Fe New Mexican-2019/04/11; Valencia, Jose 2019/04/8 added 2012 article about his lawsuit over his firing-Albuq. Jrnl-2012. Updates from the deleted Z section. Updates: 2022/11/14 this section “UVXYZ”, along with rest of current website Police Factor-New Mexico, was moved from Police Factor dot com to give the NM material its own space; 2019/06/06 Zapater 2013 court case added;KRQE-edited and added previous article material; added court case filed 2018 Johnson et al v. Cruz; 01/31/2018 Robinson, Vasshawn OFC-HOB discrimination lawsuit; 01/21/2018 Warman, Brandt-TAOS added; 01/16/2018 Wilson, Oliver added Santa Fe New Mexican 2014/04/30; 01/20/2018-Vigil, Robert-TAOS added; 01/15/2018 Wilson, Oliver NMSP SNTA FE (shot J. Anaya)NM In Depth-2016/03/23; Santa Fe New Mexican 1/09/2018 Schultz, Ray NM Political Report-2015/04/30, NM In Depth-2017/03/24, 2016/01/14; 01/08/2018 Sandy, Keith 5 Articles added-Albq Jrnl, Public Hlth-10/13/2016, KRQE; Palombi, Valerie added, krqe-2016/07/01; 01/07/2018 Salazar, Martin VEG find a case-2011; ODonnell, Kent 2 GPO filings 2006, 2009; 12/26/2017 Oskins, Chris added to list along with two links. 12/15/2017 Gigante, Brandon; 11/27/2017 Page 3 started - earlier updates: _(Odonnell-02-17-2017); (Porter, R; Pestak, Noah 02/20/2017); _updates_ 11/24/2017 Simpson, Dwayne. (Scott, Carroll- 02/20/2017)(Salazar, Martin; Sandoval, Vidal-02/22/2017); (Rodriguez, Robert update-02/20/2017)(Ramsdale, Rick-Reynolds, Ed-02/21/2017)(Rodella Jr., Thomas_02/26/2017); 11/05/2017 Threlkeld, Eric/on domestic violence issues/reforms; 11/05/2017-vigil, matthew/espanola/child abuse. 02/20/2017- cruz, zavala. 02/21/2017-Varela, Javier-02. Valencia, Jose-02/23/2017; utley02_17-18_2017; _updates_11/26/2017 Wilson, Dusty; Wallace ,Edmund added to list U-V-XYZ SECTION, Tables and Related Information Table all New Mexico Police Names on this website: 1 See also Victim Incidents/Cases Police - Blue Lives Matter Locations by City and Names A to Z Indexes
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