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TWA 800 9/11 1-General Port Authority Labs o Los Alamos Labs o Sandia Labs Lockheed, Honeywell ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHINA AND BOEING Biz Journals 2017/03/21 Bank of China affiliate BOC Aviation orders 13 Boeing 737 Max 8 jets. By Andrew McIntosh 2017/03/21--https //www bizjournals com/seattle/news/2017/03/21/bank-of-china-affiliate-boc-aviation- orders-13 html 2017/03/10 Why Boeing thinks China's aircraft market is primed to boom. By Andrew McIntosh 2017/03/10--https //www bizjournals com/seattle/news/2017/03/10/boeing-china-aircraft-market-boom html Bloomberg 2016/09/13 Boeing China plane demand outlook as middle class grows: Boeing Expects to Sell More Planes to China 2016/09/13--https //www bloomberg com/news/articles/2016-09-13/boeing-boosts-china-plane-demand- outlook-as-middle-class-grows Excerpt: The planemaker projects demand in China for 6,810 aircraft valued at $1.025 trillion, making the nation the first trillion-dollar aviation market in its forecast, Boeing said in a statement distributed in Beijing Tuesday. The aircraft maker last year predicted China would need 6,330 new planes worth $950 billion in the next two decades. In China, “we continue to see very strong passenger traffic growth. We’ve seen a very strong consumer segment of the market,” Randy Tinseth, vice president of marketing at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said at a briefing in Beijing. “The good news for aviation is that is the segment of the economy that services the aircraft market. https //www bloomberg com/news/articles/2016-09-13/boeing-boosts-china-plane-demand-outlook-as- middle-class-grows The Motley Fool 2015/09/27/Did Boeing just sell out to China? A lot of union folks seem to think so. By Rich Smith 2015/09/27--https //www fool com/investing/general/2015/09/27/did-boeing-just-sell-out-to-china aspx Excerpt: Boeing is going to [...] set up a massive plant in a big section of China. That will end up taking a tremendous number of jobs away from the United States. -- Donald Trump. I think we're making a mistake giving up manufacturing jobs in the U.S. -- Boeing employee Steve Hunt. We understand the need to sell airplanes, but when Boeing uses our jobs as bargaining chips, that's something we can't support [...] We've earned the right to do this work. -- International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers District Lodge 751 President Jon Holden Excerpt: On Wednesday, Boeing hosted Chinese President Xi Jinping at a tour of its widebody commercial plane factory in Everett, Wash. Concurrent with the visit, Boeing announced that it has finalized agreements to sell 300 aircraft to various Chinese customers -- and to open its first factory in China to complete assembly of 737 airliners in particular. The planes: Regarding the airplane sales, Boeing announced the finalization of orders for $38 billion worth of airplanes (at list prices), including: 50 widebody jets, of models not named, to be bought by Chinese airlines (also unnamed). 190 single-aisle 737s to be bought by the same group of airlines. 60 more 737s to be bought by the leasing arm of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and by CDB Leasing. https //www fool com/investing/general/2015/09/27/did-boeing-just-sell-out-to-china aspx Forbes 2015/09/15 Why Is A China Plant Important For Boeing?Great SpeculationsTrefis TeamContributor Great SpeculationsContributor Group Markets https //www forbes com/sites/greatspeculations/2015/09/25/why-is-china-plant-important-for- boeing/?sh=7b9295cf65ef Excerpt: Boeing will build an aircraft completion center in China for 737 aircraft, marking the company's first plant outside the U.S., and a rather important one. Boeing's key rival - Airbus - already has a final assembly line operational in China and it has helped it gain market share in the region. China will need airplanes worth $1 trillion, reflecting nearly half of the total airplane deliveries in Asia-Pacific region in next two decades. Boeing wants to grab a significant share in such huge market and this new plant will help it scale up airplane deliveries in the region. On that note, we discuss the China airplane market and why is it important for Boeing. 2015/09/15--https //www forbes com/sites/greatspeculations/2015/09/25/why-is-china-plant-important-for- boeing/?sh=7b9295cf65ef Investor Place 2017/05/23 Boeing Danger losing market share China. BA stock could face a new adversary -- Chinese- owned COMAC. By Lucas Hahn http //investorplace com/2017/05/boeing-co-ba-danger-losing-market-share-china/#.WWd83IjyvtQ Excerpt: Airbus and Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) have dominated the market for large passenger jets for so long that investors may have gotten complacent. Few things are more difficult than building a Boeing 747 or an Airbus A380. It’s a very capital-intensive industry, and few firms have the scale to compete with Boeing and Airbus. Boeing Co (BA) in Danger of Losing Market Share to … China? High entry barriers make it difficult to break the Boeing-Airbus duopoly. Boeing and Airbus must spend billions on fixed costs, such as R&D, for years before they even sell a single passenger jet, so just breaking even can be difficult. Earning a profit is even harder. Boeing’s competitor, Airbus, is partially owned by European governments, whom Boeing has accused of subsidizing Airbus for years. But, difficult does not mean impossible, especially when China is involved. China is projected to become the world’s largest market for aviation by 2024, and Boeing estimated that Chinese airlines would spend $1 trillion on planes by 2035. In China, the state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) has the home-court advantage, and this could pose a threat to Boeing and Airbus. COMAC produces a twin-engine regional jet, the ARJ21, which first flew in 2008. The ARJ21 began service with Chengdu Airlines last year. Admittedly, COMAC owns shares in Chengdu Airlines, so this may not be too impressive. In 2016, Reuters reported that COMAC received 350 orders, again mostly from Chinese firms. But, COMAC has further plans. The COMAC C919 completed its first flight earlier this month. The C919 is a medium-range passenger jet that seats about 150 and competes with the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320. COMAC also plans to build the C929, which seats 250 to 280 and could challenge the Airbus A330 and Boeing 787. 2017/05/23--https //investorplace com/2017/05/boeing-co-ba-danger-losing-market-share-china/ Investors dot com Boeing reports fourth quarter earnings http //www investors com/news/boeing-reports-fourth-quarter-earnings/ These companies are pawns in Trump China trade spat http://www investors com/news/these-companies-are-pawns-in-trump-china-trade-spat/ Reuters 2017/04/24 Business Insider/Reuters Ready for take-off China’s answer to Boeing now just needs to sell. By Brenda Goh and Tim Hepher 2017/04/24--reuters-http //www businessinsider com/r-ready-for-take-off-chinas-answer-to-boeing-now-just- needs-to-sell-2017-4 Excerpt: When China unveiled an historic order for its first large commercial jetliner at a national air show in 2010, Western journalists were kept away, and only local media were allowed to witness a major turning point in China's aviation ambitions. The COMAC C919 jet is expected to stage its maiden flight in the coming weeks, and foreign media and potential buyers will be invited in force - illustrating how Beijing is adjusting to competition for a slice of global jet sales worth $2 trillion over the next 20 years. But after three years of delays and almost a decade in development, China's answer to the Boeing 737 and its state-owned designers face a daunting phase: selling the jet abroad in a market dominated by Boeing and Airbus . "They will be trying to compete on price against people who are building aircraft at a much faster pace and with more experience, so there's a risk of getting bled dry," said Richard Aboulafia, aerospace analyst at Virginia-based Teal Group. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) has some cards to play: its plane has Western engines and avionics coupled with a new design; it's rolling out a pilot training program, expanding international staff and has strong, behind-the-scenes backing from Beijing, industry executives say. http //www businessinsider com/r-ready-for-take-off-chinas-answer-to-boeing-now-just-needs-to-sell-2017-4 2015/09/23 Boeing to sell 300 jets to China firms, set up China plant: Xinhua. By Fang Yan and Matthew Miller http //www reuters com/article/us-icbc-leasing-boeing-idUSKCN0RN16120150923 Excerpt: Boeing Co has signed deals to sell 300 aircraft to three Chinese firms and set up an aircraft plant in China, becoming the first U.S. firm to clinch a business tie-up in the country since Chinese president Xi Jinping began a U.S. state visit, the official Xinhua news agency said. The aircraft deals, potentially worth tens of billions of dollars in total, are collectively the largest order the aerospace firm has received from Chinese companies. China's ICBC Financial Leasing Co, a unit of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, on Wednesday separately confirmed it will buy 30 of Boeing's 737-800 jets, worth $2.88 billion at list prices. China Aviation Supplies Holding Company and China Development Bank Leasing are the other two customers for the aircraft, said Xinhua. 2015/09/23--http //www reuters com/article/us-icbc-leasing-boeing-idUSKCN0RN16120150923 Seeking Alpha 2017/05/10 Boeing feel threatened Chinas first rival plane. (No author visible) https //seekingalpha com/article/4071792-boeing-feel-threatened-chinas-1st-rival-plane Excerpt: Summary First large Chinese jet plane flies. Lucrative market- but for whom? Long-term impact- BA and suppliers. The first large Chinese jet plane has finally hit the skies for a successful 80-minute test flight, thanks to state plane manufacturer Comac (or in other words the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China). Good news for China and its plans to upgrade to higher-level manufacturing, but what about for the world's biggest plane maker Boeing (NYSE:BA)? The C919 is the fruit of 9 years of labor beset by technical difficulties and delays (the first flight was supposed to be in 2014). Officially, the plane had a developmental budget of 58 billion yuan ($9.5 billion) but the real figure could be as much as 50% higher an industry official told Aviation Week. This new jet, which Comac says will fit 158 to 174 people in rows of six, has been purposefully designed to compete with other single-aisle double-engine jets most notably the Boeing 737 as well as the Airbus (OTCPK:EADSY) A320. Already China's Xinhua News Agency has stated that China is "one of the world's top makers of jumbo aircraft,'' after the U.S., Europe and Russia. A lucrative opportunity: One of China's big-three state-owned airlines, China Eastern Airlines (NYSE:CEA), is the launch customer for the plane, which Comac's website reveals already has 570 orders from 23 different customers, with the majority of these orders from domestic airlines. As a state-run company Comac is likely to benefit from government pressure on other state-owned airline companies to buy the C919 instead of the currently ubiquitous Boeing and Airbus models. 2017/05/10--https //seekingalpha com/article/4071792-boeing-feel-threatened-chinas-1st-rival-plane The Street 2017/06/15 Boeing Will Score $5.8 Billion For Shipping 50 Planes to China. By Giovanni Bruno https //www thestreet com/story/14180738/1/boeing-captures-5-8-billion-order-for-737-max-from-china html Excerpt: Airline manufacturer Boeing ( BA) has won a $5.8 billion order for its 737 Max aircraft from China Aircraft Leasing Group, an aircraft operating lessor, Bloomberg reports. The Chinese lessor's purchase comes at a time of surging demand for planes across Asia. Its order from Boeing is for 50 single-aisle jets to be delivered through 2023. It is the company's first transaction with Boeing. Boeing's Max is the fastest-selling plane in the company's history, and it delivered the first of its upgraded 737 to Malaysia's Malindo Airways last month. 2017/06/15--https //www thestreet com/story/14180738/1/boeing-captures-5-8-billion-order-for-737-max- from-china html St. Louis Public Radio 2011/01/19 Boeing, Peabody Energy to benefit from China deals. By Kelsey Proud and Associated Press [also listed under Boeing and Peabody] http //news stlpublicradio org/post/boeing-peabody-energy-benefit-china-deals#stream/0 Excerpt: A senior administration official says China will announce deals Wednesday to purchase $45 billion in U.S. exports, including a $19 billion agreement to buy 200 Boeing airplanes, according to the Associated Press. The official says the deal will create 235,000 jobs in the U.S. It is important to note, however, that these planes will be commercial aircraft. Moreover, the St. Louis division of Boeing, which produces military aircraft, is unlikely to benefit directly from today's deal. China will also invest in U.S. exports from agriculture, telecommunications and computer companies. China and the U.S. are to announce the deals during Chinese president Hu Jintao's state visit to Washington. CEOs from several of the companies China is striking deals with, including Boeing and General Electric, will meet with Hu and President Barack Obama at the White House Wednesday. 2011/01/19--http //news stlpublicradio org/post/boeing-peabody-energy-benefit-china-deals#stream/0 WSJ/The Wall Street Journal 2015/09/23 Boeing in deal to sell 300 jets to China. By Doug Cameron Excerpt: Boeing Co. has agreed on terms to sell 300 planes to China and plans to open a facility there to finish work on its 737 jetliner that would allow it to boost production of the best-selling jet in the U.S. 2015/09/23--https //www wsj com/articles/boeing-in-deal-to-sell-300-jets-to-china-1443016009 USA Today 2015/09/24 China buy 300 Boeing planes. By Elizabeth Weise and Bart Jansen https //www usatoday com/story/news/2015/09/23/china-buy-300-boeing-planes/72681578/ Excerpt: SEATTLE — Boeing also signed an agreement with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. to build an aircraft completion center in China for Boeing 737s. On Chinese President Xi Jinping's first state visit to the USA, he brought gifts — big business ones — to help foster relations between the two countries. Wednesday, Boeing said China will buy 300 Boeing aircraft for $38 billion and build the first aircraft completion plant in that country. Earlier, Inspur, a Chinese cloud computing and data-center company, said it will team with Cisco Systems to sell networking technologies and products in China.The massive Boeing order includes 190 of the 737 model aircraft and 50 wide-body planes for Chinese airlines and 60 single-aisle planes for leasing companies. China Aviation Supplies, ICBC Financial Leasing and China Development Bank Leasing with Boeing will purchase the planes.Hours after the Boeing deal was announced, Xi toured the company's Everett, Wash., plant where the Dreamliner 787 is built. Long-haul flights for the 787 and 777-300ER are expanding at a double-digit rate for China, which has opened 30 routes of at least 3,500 miles since 2013, according to Boeing. 2015/09/24--https //www usatoday com/story/news/2015/09/23/china-buy-300-boeing-planes/72681578/ ATC (Turkey) Boeing and ATC (American Turkey Council), Turkey Issues Sibel Edmonds. FBI language division whistleblower around 9/11. John Ashcroft revoked State Secrets Privilege from 1950s, blocked Sibil’s lawsuits. American Turkey Council, Boeing and other major corps. youtube https[colon]//www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=kn10itGL5iM Defense Turkey dot com American Turkey Council and Boeing defenceturkey dot com/en/content/boeing-receives-american-turkish-council-award-for-citizenship- 370#.WWKzqIjyvtQ Daily Sabah dot com Success of home grown Bayraktar compels Boeing to seek turkish suppliers (02/28/2017) dailysabah dot com/defense/2017/02/28/success-of-turkeys-home-grown-bayraktar-compels-boeing-to-seek- turkish-suppliers Consortium News 2017/05/23 Turkey’s Varied Tactics of US Lobbying 2017/05/23--https //consortiumnews com/2017/05/23/turkeys-varied-tactics-of-us-lobbying/ Excerpt: In the past few years, the article noted, “the country’s increasingly autocratic government has employed an army of lobbyists, including [former Missouri Democrat and House Minority Leader Richard] Gephardt, [former Mississippi Republican and Senate Majority Leader Trent] Lott, [former Louisiana Democrat and Senator John] Breaux, former House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston (R-La.), the late Rep. Stephen Solarz (D- N.Y.), former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), former CIA director and longtime House member Porter Goss (R-Fla.) and former Reps. Albert Wynn (D-Md.) and Jim McCrery (R-La.).” Turkey has also multiplied its lobbying clout by allying with various “defense contractors, finance and energy corporations, trade groups . . . and a well-financed network of domestic advocacy nonprofits,” according to the Sunlight Foundation. Cognizant of Turkey’s importance as a major NATO arms market, for example, the Aerospace Industries Association helped coordinate lobbying by major military contractors such as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Textron on issues important to Turkey. The American Turkish Council, which promotes “stronger U.S.-Turkey relations,” is chaired by retired Gen. James L. Jones, former U.S. national security adviser and commander of NATO. Its board members have included representatives of Lockheed Martin, PepsiCo., Pfizer, Boeing, General Electric, Raytheon, and Bechtel. Another friend in Washington is the Atlantic Council, a widely quoted, pro-NATO think tank, whose vice chairman, Stephen Hadley, was national security adviser to President George W. Bush. The Atlantic Council’s top financial supporters include no fewer than five major Turkish government and business organizations, along with Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and other large military contractors. The Atlantic Council’s annual Istanbul Summit drew fire this year for allegedly excluding critical journalists and opposition politicians, at the request of the Erdogan regime. The council’s CEO said that it supported Turkey in today’s turbulent times, adding, “the Atlantic Council is not a fair weather friend.” https //consortiumnews com/2017/05/23/turkeys-varied-tactics-of-us-lobbying/ IRAN AND BOEING CNBC 2017/04/10 IranAir may receive first Boeing Jet sooner than planned 2017/04/10--http //www cnbc com/2017/04/10/iranair-may-receive-first-boeing-jet-sooner-than-planned html SAUDI ARABIA AND BOEING Reuters 2017/05/21 Boeing signs defense, commercial deals with Saudi Arabia. By Alexander Cornwell 2017/05/21--http //www reuters com/article/us-usa-trump-saudi-boeing-idUSKBN18H0OK Excerpt: DUBAI (Reuters) - Boeing Co has signed several defense and commercial deals with Saudi Arabia including for the sale of military and passenger aircraft, the company said on Sunday during a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump to the kingdom. Boeing said Saudi Arabia agreed to buy Chinook helicopters, associated support services and guided weapons systems, and intends to purchase P-8 surveillance aircraft. The U.S State Department in December announced plans to sell Saudi Arabia CH-47F Chinook cargo helicopters and related equipment, training and support worth $3.51 billion. Congress was informed last year that a sale to Saudi Arabia would involve 48 of the helicopters. Saudi Arabia is seeking closer defense and commercial ties with the United States under Trump, as it seeks to develop its economy beyond oil and leads a coalition that is fighting a war in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is seeking to end Iran-allied Houthi control over most of Yemen's main population centers and restore its internationally recognized government to power. The total value of the deals was not disclosed in a statement announcing the agreements. The Boeing announcement is the latest in business deals worth tens of billions of dollars signed between U.S. and Saudi companies since Trump arrived in Riyadh on Saturday. "These announcements reaffirm our commitment to the economic growth, prosperity and national security of both Saudi Arabia and the United States, helping to create or sustain thousands of jobs in our two countries," said Boeing Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg. http //www reuters com/article/us-usa-trump-saudi-boeing-idUSKBN18H0OK OLD CORRUPTION ISSUES Corpwatch 1999/01/01 Boeing Published by 1991/01/01-- Excerpt: Accountability overview: Former CEO Harry Stonecipher was ousted on March 6, 2006, after it was revealed that he had a relationship with a female vice-president at Boeing. The "Palm Springs fling," as it became known at the company, followed a three-year stretch of widely publicized corporate misbehavior highlighted by the jailing of Boeing's former CFO, for holding illegal job negotiations with Darlene Druyun, a senior Pentagon official; the indictment of a Boeing manager for allegedly stealing 25,000 pages of proprietary documents from his Lockheed Martin (his former employer), and a judicial finding that Boeing had abused attorney-client privilege to help cover up internal studies showing that female employees were paid less than men. As Business Week put it, "Scandals involving multiple forms of misconduct in geographically scattered lcoations enveloped nearly every division at Boeing, leaving little doubt that the legendary company, even as it began to enjoy a cyclical boom, was plagued by a poisonous culture." https //corpwatch org/article/boeing [Accessed from Internet on 2021/02/15; Found on Corpwatch, from By Charlie Cray; notice the time proximity before 9/11] 737 MAX BBC 2021/01/25 Boeing 737 Max cleared to fly again 'too early'. By Theo Leggett 2021/01/25-- Updates: 2021/10/16 editing across aviation section mostly font work; 2021/02/05 this page, along with others in the Aviation topic group, was moved from rivergold dot in the past 30 to 60 days. Here are previous updates that were done on rivergold dot net-- 08/03/2017: Saudi subsection created; fleshing out of articles on China/Boeing 08/02/2017: International page created off main Boeing corruption page
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