The Arabian Nights Effect (PSY-9)
The extravagant acrobatics and vertiginous flights of language and metaphor, the ingenious plying of action and reversal, does not so much suspend disbelief as bring the impossible into embodied life, and - the tales persuade us - the fantastic appears before our minds eye.” “Spells and enchantments, soul and body migration, possession and disorientation give the tales their fantastic character, but also represent a vision of psychology, human volition and interdependency.” “If rewards fall at random, so do punishments. Curses work. Luck holds, sometimes. Lessons are hard to draw, and often dubious. Cruelty and violence erupt at every turn, heads are lopped off, the earth opens and reveals buried treasure or swallows the unwary; kings practice summary justice, viziers [a high official in some Muslim countries, especially in Turkey under Ottoman rule] plt and deceive, sinister ‘magicians’ - the alchemists and sorcerers of the Nights - have designs on innocent young heroes, beggars become kings and dewy young brides turn out to be deep-dyed in the dark arts of sorcery.” from Introduction, page 9: Stranger Magic Re: Arabian Nights, Tales of 1001 Nights - ancient anthology of stories which started out as oral stories before being written down, several different versions, Arab in nature but with various influences Key words: cartel cruelty; 9/11; NWO; curved ball realities; nihilism; The Disney Effect Free Ebook, a copy of Arabian Nights: Stories include: The Story of the Fisherman and the Genie; Aladdin, or The Wonderful Lamp; Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (story with famous expression “Open Sesame” in it) Refer to Book Stranger Magic: Charmed States and the Arabian Nights (2012) By Marina Warner Update 2021/01/11 Well, it has been a few years since first bringing out the notion of “The Arabian Nights Effect.” It’s needed a good fleshing out, but there always seemed to be something else to focus on first. So, finally, let’s get to it. Really, this idea of an Arabian effect has more to do with the occult and the conscious focus or intent of human bioenergy on people and events. It’s the land of “anything is possible” and also, as mentioned previously, “curveball effects.” During 2016 and especially 2020, we have seen these “pushing the envelope” mentalities and manifestations in the Black Lives Matter movement and its corporation-gobbling co-conspirators. If it can be imagined in Disney World, it can be played out on American and western country public streets and governmental centers. Not so wild and hairy when staged effects become second-rate reality, repeated across various cities. But the “Arabian” part is not so far off the mark, as an Islamic contigency is unquestionably part of the antics. alongside Marxism and a black-centered power movement. The point is to make the connection between the fantastical and day-to-day life in the sense that if people can think it while on a drug trip or otherwise, look for it along certain trajectories of political, ideological, religious and racial tendencies, rather like identifying an MO (modus operandi) in a crime case. In one sense, you might indeed look for players among Disney World, as the chain of conglomerates wind up looking more and more like a NWO (New World Order). Closely ties to arts and entertainment, the often stale attempts at the fantastical in box offices and home theater might indicate that “show biz” and “Black Lives Matter” public street theater hail from the same sources. Whereas they previously brow-beat Israel as part of an overall plan, it is likely they now browbeat white America as racists in the same manner - the point is, it’s a plan. What has happened since 2017 when the earlier version was written is gaining a better feeling for billionaires buying up companies and attacking our privacy and freedom of choice. With only a handful of cell phone and internet companies to choose from, with the US Postal Office under questionable sway of minority power movements and other things, with governmental entities supporting Black Lives Matter riots, 2020 has brought the rabbit out of the hat. What we suspected all along has been given new language of description. For example, various conservative groups have called BLM “Marxists and Muslim extremists.” We are also told fake news is everywhere. We have to be careful that there is not a yet further out there “higher up” orchestrating the clashing of so-called left and right in order to create both an explosion and implosion like chess pawns. Earlier input: The Arabian Nights Effect is mentioned several times on this website, having been originated in the spring to early summer of 2017 while working on various subjects. After covering the topics of police abuses, terrorism (including 9/11), plane bombings, cartel cruelty, so-called natural disasters and more, the feeling is that we are dealing with either a central corporate fascism (ie, New World Order)….or a limited number of groups. In either or both, it seems we could be dealing with people who are applying behaviors which defy normalcy by western freedom loving countries. We are given non-logical and unlikely explanations for 9/11, for example. 9/11 is a prime example of The Arabian Nights Effect and in fact, this section is created with it primarily in mind. The effect described here has to do with shape shifting, malleability, mockery of notions, defiance, black arts, dark humor, cynicism, nihilism and a twisting and turning of events and people as if the stories in real life are written from the antics of The Arabian Nights. The Disney Effect This is only conjecture, but the ideas is that Walt Disney films are connected to corporate fascism and that stories used for them are both parodies and hard-wired traps. The more fantasy-based ones have become increasingly fake/superficial, cynical and manipulative. They are probably black-webbed, meaning they have hooks and barbs of various kinds (strobe light/musical note subliminals, etc.) and that money made off them goes toward global takeovers and terrorism. The movies are a type of mirror reflecting planned or past actual terrorist events. Subconscious: I suspect the tales help open up the subconscious and take us to deeper core truths, and might have an ancient shamanic link. Updates: 2023/03/25
Definition Related Concepts Contextual o Discussion o Books o Disney Effect --------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION (Site-Specific Phrase and Concept) An opponent’s attacks fit partly or fuly outside the ken of the victim. An outlandish, wild and curvy, fourth-dimensional, or coyote craft aspect to the attacks. There might be dark humor (ie, poking fun), including an in your face,or down your throat aspect, or “here’s to your moral majority and high n’ mighty rules. Even the brazen treatment of human life (ie, suicide bombings, use of infants as shields, estc.) can be included. These things together or separately can work outside normal American western culture so that the attackers are often on the edge of awareness or one step ahead of expected trajectories. RELATED CONCEPTS Making the Other Guy Look Bad, Invisible Fingers, Running Strings (Psy section) CONTEXTUAL 9/11, World Terror, Cartels, Global Disasters The stories [of The Arabian Nights] do not obey internal rules about character, motive, verisimilitude or plot structure; they do not easily fit existing theories about fiction, history or psychology. Their excesses of emotion, desultory and extreme violence, twists of fate and improbable outcomes, seem to flout the general accepted order of things.” Introduction, page 10: (from Stranger Magic)
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